7 Best Wire Dog Crates – Tips, Reviews, & Buying Guide

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Wire, foldable crates are the favorite choice of dog owners around the world. Wire dog crates can be used for transporting your pet, for training, and in an emergency situation. A high-quality wire dog crate makes a safe place where your dog can sleep undisturbed at night or when you take your pet to work with you.

But what’s the best wire dog crate that you can buy?

Read this guide for our reviews and buyer’s guide to the best wire dog crates that are currently on the market.

Comparison of the 7 Best Wire Dog Crates


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


  • Includes a puppy divider panel
  • Excellent all-around ventilation
  • Available in different sizes


Petco Brand – Animaze 2-Door Folding Dog Crate


Petco Brand – Animaze 2-Door Folding Dog Crate


  • Collapsible crate for space-saving storage
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Durable and anti-corrosive materials and crate furniture
MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate


Midwest Homes For Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate 


  • Extra-large crate
  • Easily accommodates XXL breeds
  • Robust construction
Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Puppy Cage


Ellie-Bo Sloping Wire Crate For Puppies


  • Fits most cars
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
Ovation Folding Dog Crate


Ovation Folding Dog Crate


  • Excellent portable dog crate
  • Includes puppy divider panel
  • Available in sizes up to 48”
New World Folding Metal Dog Crate


New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate


  • Crate divider available for flexible crate sizes
  • Collapsible for space-saving storage
  • Easy to clean
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate


Midwest Homes For Pets iCrate


  • Excellent quality
  • Comes in several different sizes
  • Easy to assemble

7 Best Wire Dog Crates – Reviews And Buying Guide

There are dozens of crates on the market today, but if you’re looking for a wire dog crate for your canine companion, one of the examples on our list is sure to be the perfect solution for your needs.

1. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Includes a puppy divider panel

Excellent all-around ventilation

Available in different sizes

The Revol wire dog crate is inspired by the baby industry, using a wide mesh for your pet’s safety and non-corrosive materials for longevity.

The mesh used in this crate is unique in that it’s diamond-shaped. Also, the crate frame is formed from one solid piece, preventing your dog’s nose and paws from becoming trapped. There’s also a ceiling hatch for an easy escape in an emergency, and a puppy divider panel is included. The crate has a side door, too, which is ideal for a senior pet or one with mobility issues.

The Revol travel dog crate has wheels and a carrying handle for superior portability, and the whole thing can be assembled in just a few minutes. The crate folds flat for easy storage, and there’s a slide-out plastic pan for easy cleanup. See our full review here.


  • Easy to clean
  • Includes puppy divider
  • Collapsible for space-saving storage
  • Removable plastic tray included


  • Not suitable for very large dogs

2. Petco Brand – Animaze 2-Door Folding Dog Crate

Petco Brand – Animaze 2-Door Folding Dog Crate

Collapsible crate for space-saving storage

Multiple sizes available

Durable and anti-corrosive materials and crate furniture

Unlike many low-quality wire crates, the Petco Animaze 2-door folding wire dog crate boasts a combination of features that make it perfect for puppies and adult dogs, too.

The materials used are rust-proof and built to last, and the crate is fully foldable. You can choose from six different sizes, and the crate comes in both single and double-door versions. Both crate doors have two slide-bolt latches to prevent an escape artist from sneaking out of the crate while your back is turned.

Convenient features include the wire mesh gives your dog excellent airflow, as well as enables him to see out of his crate. Also, there’s a composite plastic floor tray included that’s easy to remove and clean.


  • Removable plastic waste tray
  • Quick and simple to set up and disassemble
  • Excellent value for money 


  • Doesn’t include a crate cover

3. Midwest Homes For Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

Extra-large crate

Easily accommodates XXL breeds

Robust construction

If you have a super-size canine companion, you need this giant wire dog crate option!

The Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” crate is one of the largest wire dog crates on the market, measuring 54 inches in length, 37 inches wide, and 45 inches tall. The enormous crate is made from wire metal construction reinforced with special “L” bars. That exciting feature prevents the sides of the entire crate from bowing outward if a heavy pup leans against them.

This impressive dog crate has a front door and another at the side, both being secured by three heavy-duty, escape-proof latches. As you would expect from a product of this high quality, this crate from MidwestHomes4Pets comes with a removable tray for easy cleanup.

The main downside to larger crates is that it takes two people to assemble and disassemble them, simply because of the crate’s size and weight.

See our comparison article on Frisco vs Midwest crates.


  • Huge, heavy-duty crate
  • Ideal crate size for very large dogs
  • Strong crate locks to keep the crate secure
  • Sturdy, robust build


  • Assembling the crate is difficult without assistance
  • Unless you have a truck, this doesn’t make a good travel dog crate

4. Ellie-Bo Sloping Wire Crate For Puppies

Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Puppy Cage

Fits most cars

Folds flat for easy storage

Easy to clean

The Ellie-Bo slanted wire dog cage is a cool-looking crate style that’s ideal for transporting your puppy or for a small dog in your car.

You can fold the crate completely flat when you’re not using it, and there’s a carry handle included for easy portability. You get a removable metal tray that sits neatly in the base of the crate for easy cleanup. To prevent escape attempts, the crate’s single door is secured by a heavy-duty latch, so you know your furry friend won’t get loose during your journey and distract you.

As an additional bonus, you’ll get a cozy fleece liner for the crate and a detailed crate training guide.


  • Designed to fit most cars and trucks
  • Single latch fastening on the door for security
  • Folds flat for convenient storage
  • Non-chew, puppy-proof metal waste tray
  • Removable carrying handle 


  • Not available in large sizes

5. Ovation Folding Dog Crate

Ovation Folding Dog Crate

Excellent portable dog crate

Includes puppy divider panel

Available in sizes up to 48”

The Ovation wire dog crate features an innovative and patented “Up and Away Door” for easy loading and unloading. To open the door, you simply use the comfort-grip handle, lift, and rest the door flat on the top of the crate. Unlike a traditional hinged design, this door stows away, saving space and making it easier to choose the best place for your dog’s crate in your home.

The crate can be folded flat in just seconds without the need for any additional tools. You get a removable leak-proof tray for quick and hassle-free cleanup. Plastic carrying handles are included in the design, making it easy to transport the crate between locations. Your flooring is protected by rubber feet, and there’s a free puppy divider panel included so that you can use the crate for house training your furbaby.


  • Different sizes available
  • Free removable dividers included
  • Rubber feet to protect your floorings
  • ABS plastic tray included


  • Crate liner or mat must be purchased separately

6. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

Fits most cars

Folds flat for easy storage

Easy to clean

The New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate is one of the best-selling metal dog crates currently on the market, especially with first-time crate buyers, and we think this crate offers excellent value for money. 

This practical, functional crate is pretty much escape-proof, keeping most dogs securely contained inside for your peace of mind. The door is fitted with a slide latch, keeping your furry friend safely confined during car journeys and when you’re not around. You get a plastic pan to catch any accidents or spills, so cleaning up is straightforward.

You get a puppy divider panel that’s ideal for potty training your pet, and you can adjust the crate’s dimensions accordingly to create an adult crate for your pet once he’s fully grown.


  • Puppy divider included
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Single/double door options for easy access
  • Slide-bolt door latche to keep your pet contained
  • Plastic waste tray for easy cleanup


  • Rattles quite a lot when used for traveling

7. Midwest Homes For Pets iCrate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Excellent quality

Comes in several different sizes

Easy to assemble

The Midwest iCrate is definitely one of the most eye-catching crates on the market!

The pink wire crate is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble without the requirement for extra tools. Cleaning up accidents is straightforward, thanks to the included, removable leak-proof tray. You also get two plastic carry handles, so you can fold the crate and transport it just like a suitcase.

This portable dog crate comes with a free puppy divider panel, so the crate is perfect for potty training a puppy. A useful set of detachable wheels helps to protect your flooring. For peace of mind, the MidWest Homes iCrate has a one-year warranty.


  • Cute, colorful crate
  • Includes a puppy divider panel
  • ABS composite tray for straightforward cleanup
  • Lovely pastel-colored crate


  • Only available in pink

What Makes Wire Dog Crates The Best Choice?

Whether you’re about to bring home a puppy or a rescue dog from a shelter, a decent-quality dog crate for your new canine companion is an absolute must-buy item.

You can buy plastic crates, or soft-sided crates, and even decorative wooden crates. However, by far the most popular choice for dog owners is wire dog crates. Read our article comparing wire and plastic crates.

But why? 


Wire dog crates are extremely versatile!

You can use a wire dog crate for:

  • Training your dog
  • Potty training a puppy
  • As private space where your puppy or dog can retreat for some peace and quiet in a busy home
  • Transporting your dog in your car or truck
  • To contain your dog while you’re out at work
  • Somewhere your dog can sleep if you don’t want your pet roaming loose in your home overnight
  • Confining a sick or injured dog during recovery

Although many of those features can be said to be true of most kinds of crates, only a wire crate offers them all.

Strength And Durability

Revol Dog Crate Wire Mesh
Image Source: diggs.pet

Wire dog kennels are sturdy and durable.

However, when buying wire crates for dogs, always double-check that the crate doesn’t have any rough edges or sharp pieces, especially at joints and corners. Bad crates with sharp edges might injure your pet, leaving you with a big vet’s bill!

However, for a durable crate, wire is the way to go.


Wire dog crates are made using metal mesh, which guarantees that your pet will enjoy excellent airflow and ventilation from all sides of the crate. That’s crucial for your pet’s comfort, especially if you live in a warm climate.

A Crate For Life!

If you have a puppy, he will obviously grow larger as he matures. High-quality crates are not cheap to buy, so it’s crucial that the crate you choose will last your dog for his whole life. 

Most metal dog crates come with the option to purchase a puppy divider panel, and that’s one of our favorite items! An adjustable divider panel can be moved around inside the crate to make the space smaller. As your puppy grows, simply move the divider panel to provide your pet with more space. When your furbaby has finished growing, you can remove the divider panel altogether.

Avoid buying a cheap divider that might come loose if your puppy leans against it.

Different Styles

Wire crates come in many size options and with a variety of entry and exit options. Some have single doors, whereas others feature multiple doors. Double door crates are generally very popular since they make loading a reluctant pup much easier.

Often, you can buy a complete wire crate kit that includes handy crate accessories, including a cozy crate mat. That said, wire crates are often easier to customize than other kinds of carriers, so with a little imagination and a custom cover, your dog could have the coolest crate on the block! 


Wire crates are usually completely collapsible. That means you can fold your crate flat for easy storage and to provide a handy portable option.

Easy To Clean

Usually, wire crates come with a removable tray in the bottom. That makes cleaning up after accidents quick and straightforward, which is essential if you have a puppy or a senior dog that’s developing continence issues. 

For your dog’s comfort, be sure to include a machine-washable mat or fleece in the crate bottom.

Possible Drawbacks To Wire Crates

  • The main drawback to a wire crate is that they are not completely escape-proof, especially if you have a determined Houdini dog! The most secure crate is probably a metal one that has a key lock.
  • Also, wire dog crates tend to rattle and be quite noisy, especially if you use one for transporting your dog in your vehicle.

Wire crates also leave your dog exposed on all sides, which can be a problem for nervous pups that have had a poor start in life or have come from a shelter. However, you can overcome that by buying a cover for your dog’s crate.

Are Wire Crates Safe For Puppies?

Although there are a few disadvantages of wire crates, generally, they are safe for puppies. 

However, if the wire mesh used to build the crate is too wide, it is possible for a puppy to push his paw through and become trapped. That can result in a painful injury for your pet if he struggles to try to pull his leg out of the mesh.

Another potential danger is if your pet catches a nail in the mesh. Again, that can result in your puppy tearing the nail and nailbed as he struggles to get free.

Finally, you should never leave your dog’s collar on when he’s in his crate. There’s a very real danger that your pet’s ID tags could become tangled in the crate, potentially resulting in strangulation. So, for that reason, we recommend that you take your dog’s collar off when he’s confined to his crate, especially if you’re not around to watch him.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our reviews and buyer’s guide to the best wire dog crates currently on the market. Please share the article with your dog-owning friends if you found it helpful.

Of all the products we looked at, our favorite crate is the outstanding Diggs Revol Dog Crate. This superb quality dog crate is available in three sizes and comes complete with a puppy divider and a removable plastic pan for easy cleaning. For convenient portability, the crate has wheels and a carrying handle included. The crate is collapsible for easy, space-saving storage, and you can set the whole thing up in just a few minutes without the need for extra tools.

Which of the wire dog crates we reviewed for you in this guide did you buy for your pampered pooch? Tell us in the comments box below.

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