Are Labradoodles Good With Kids (Family Dogs)

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Are you planning to bring a labradoodle home but worried about how she will click with the kids and other family members?

Generally, Labradoodles are known to get along well with kids when trained on socialization and proper temperament at an early age.

Don’t forget that, like any other breed, the Labradoodles can get aggressive and are potential biters if not well handled.

The hypoallergenic nature of Labradoodles makes them good for kids with pet allergy-related issues. Keep reading as we get to know more about Labradoodles and kids.

What Makes Labradoodles Friendly to Kids?

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Apart from being hypoallergenic and having a fluffy or a curly coat, these dogs have other amazing characteristics that make them perfect companions for your friendly family. Let’s check them out.

Labradoodles Provide Affection

There are higher chances that a labradoodle will inherit the sweet and gentle genes from the Labrador retriever. The Doodle puppy will offer a boatload of attention and love child company and don’t be surprised when you find him licking the baby’s face.

Another way the doodle shows compassion to your child is by cuddling together when watching TV, and mostly your child will be lying on your dog. Your baby will enjoy cuddling with a fleece coat miniature poodle, and you don’t have to worry about a hypoallergenic coat. When you observe such cases, know that your child creates a great bond with your kid.

Unmatched Energy

These intelligent dogs have high energy that will match that of your toddler. Even when the kids are bored, the dog will activate them by finding new ways to keep them busy. Every active baby in the house will enjoy the dog’s companion, and you might get a pup for each kid.

The dogs can engage in activities that kids love, such as throwing balls, running around the yard, and taking walks, and they will love to spend some extra time together,

Sense of Humor

Labradoodle Lifespan

Dogs have a sense of humor, and it’s not the same with their playful nature. It’s more than playing, and it engages the kids more.

Apart from their energies, a lovable Labradoodle can add practical jokes and the most common one is when the kid or master throws something at the dog, they pick it. When the kid approaches to get it, they tend to drop it and then run away with it when the little one is very close.

The dog can also try moving their body in a funny way that will attract the kid’s attention or bumping gently on the little one. The labradoodle is entertaining with their mild temperaments, and the kids will love to spend every moment around him.

Playful in Nature

Labradoodles love human companions and get playful temperaments around them. Imagine if your doodle is playful around you; what if he is with kids whose energy is top-notch? 

The dogs will love indoor and outdoor games. The most common indoor games include plush playing, interactive rope, and other toys. Outdoor activities include jumping, running around, and swimming (Labradoodles love swimming).

Some Doodles are so calm that they allow kids to enjoy dressing them with different consumes. Plus, since the furry friends are intelligent, you can allow your kids to train them in some basics like obeying basic commands.


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Children may get dramatic, and having a compassionate labradoodle around may help them calm down. When your child is dealing with emotional distress, your dog will sit next to him and offer support that would help reduce anxiety in nervous children.

Labradoodles will try to cheer up your baby by encouraging some playtime, and when the kid responds, he will keep him busy with gaming until the kid stops focusing on the problem and shifts his mind to the fun moments.


It’s normal for toddlers to poke your dog and get extra with him, and the best thing is most Labradoodles respond calmly to such behaviors. However, always keep an eye on them as they may harm your dog or provoke him.

Considerations When Choosing a Labradoodle for Your Kids

Age of the Doodles

I prefer an older labradoodle for kids. Older Doodles are calmer than puppies, especially when around messy children. When you have puppies around kids, ensure you keep close supervision as they are playing to avoid accidents.

Preparations and Precautions


Obedience training is very important for Labradoodles that stay around playful children. First, ensure that your dog responds to basic commands such as come, go or sit. Your doodle should also be able to drop items upon command plus get in the crate when they are asked to.

Before you bring your little one home, train your doodle to adapt to a new normal where you will have some additional time commitments. Don’t fall for the trap of giving extra time or excess attention to your dog before the baby comes, as he might be resentful when the baby comes home.

Get a Decent Breeders

If you plan to bring a puppy home, your lovely breeder needs to help you determine the best puppy for a home with kids. It would help if you asked your breeder some questions about the Labradoodle puppy. 

You can ask for contacts of people who had bought the puppy before. For sincere answers, you need to get a reputable breeder. A dishonest breeder won’t give the right information.

If you plan to rescue a labradoodle, you need to rehome her before allowing her to socialize with kids to avoid accidents and negative interaction. An online training program will help you when it comes to consistent training.

Get Conversant with Behavioral Issues

Labradoodles aren’t perfect, and just like other dogs, they may exhibit some level of aggression towards children or some behavioral problems. You wouldn’t like them to act up around your family.

Fortunately, aggression isn’t common in Labradoodles, making them good companions for kids. However, it’s possible to experience behavioral issues when your dog isn’t well trained. They include:

  • Digging
  • Potty accidents
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excess barking
  • Chewing

To avoid such cases, ensure your puppy undergoes proper training. You can bring along your child when training the dog.

Teaching Your kids to Interact with Labradoodles

Teach your kids to interact well with the doodle for an easy time. Let your babies understand things that dogs don’t like.

Here are some tips to enhance a good relationship between children and Doodles.

Positive Reinforcement

When training your dog, don’t include punishment in your schedule. Use a positive approach like praising your dog and introducing yummy treats. Kids will emulate how you treat your dog. 

Learn the Canine Body Language

Your dog will never bite for no genuine reason, and that’s why you need to learn the canine body language. With this knowledge, you can tell when the dog is aggressive. Some signs include growling, licking their lips, and looking from the corner of their eyes.

Get a Safe Space for Your Doodle

Crate Training Labradoodle
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Sometimes your dog doesn’t feel like playing, or the rough gaming with kids may get out of hand, and the dog needs to stay away from the babies. It’s not easy for toddlers to tell when the game is rough; unlike dogs playing with each other, they walk away when it gets tough.

A crate can be a safe place for your dog to relax. However, the easiest way to avoid such troubles is to train your kids to play gently with your dog. Command your dog to move to the cate when necessary.

Are Labradoodles Good with Kids?

Yes. Labradoodles are great companions for your kids, provided they are well trained in socialization. It’s good to teach your kids how to handle the dog, improving child responsibility.

Adult or Puppy Labradoodle for My Children?

Puppies are good, but I wouldn’t recommend them for families with children. Raising puppies is just like raising the young ones, and it might be a burden. Older Labradoodles are calm and compassionate with kids. You can consider a rescue dog provided you offer the right home training.

How Much Training is Involved When You Bring a Labradoodle Home?

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Although Labradoodles are intelligent, it’s hard to predict how much time you will spend training your labradoodle puppy to stay with kids. You need to take your time and teach the new friend how to be calm with kids. Remember puppies are hyperactive, and you need to teach them to calm down.

Wrap Up

Labradoodles are the best companions for your playful kids. Having a dog around builds a sense of responsibility for the kid as they will engage in tasks to take care of the dog. During the first few days, ensure close supervision when the dog is around kids to avoid rough games and accidents.

Keep in mind that dogs can be aggressive, and you need to teach your kids how to be gentle and affectionate with their new friends.

Do you have experience living with a Labradoodle in your family? Please share it in the comments below.

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