33 Cute Aussiedoodle Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Aussiedoodles need a regular haircut to keep their beautiful coats in tip-top shape. There are plenty of Doodle haircuts and styles to choose from to suit every type of coat and coat length.  

For example,  if you have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, the Aussiedoodle Summer cut might be the way to go. But, if you want your Doodle to look adorably cute, the Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear clip might be your preferred choice.

To help you to decide on the perfect “do” for your dog, read this guide to discover 33 different types and styles of cute Aussieoodle haircut ideas!

Cutest Aussiedoodle Haircut Ideas

In our list of Aussiedoodle hairstyles, we’ve included some straightforward cuts that you can do yourself at home, as well as some more complicated clips that are best tackled by a professional groomer.

1. Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut Aussiedoodle e1645957823569
Image Source

The Puppy Cut is an extremely popular Aussiedoodle hairstyle that suits every type of coat.

Although this cut is described as a Puppy clip, the style works just as well on an adult Aussiedoodle. The cut is basically a ½ inch or ¾ inch all-over clip. The face and ears are trimmed, the tail is scissor trimmed into a feathered plume, and the feet are clipped into a cute round shape.

2. Tidy Trim

Tidy Trim Aussiedoodle
Image Source

This gorgeous Doodle looks very tidy now that his curly coat has been clipped into the Puppy style.

3. Shaggy Puppy

Shaggy Puppy Aussiedoodle
Image Source

The beauty of the Puppy cut is that you can choose to leave it a little longer if you prefer. That can really make the most of the Aussiedoodle’s gorgeous coat without totally losing the beauty of those tight Poodle curls.

4. Fluffy Puppy

11 Month Old Miniature Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Female Pup

This Aussiedoodle looks very smart with this neat Puppy cut. The pup’s owner has opted to leave her pet’s head hair a little longer, which is a good option for a Doodle with a wavy coat.

5. Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut is probably just about the most popular Doodle hairstyle around and the clip that lots of Aussiedoodle owners choose.

The Teddy Bear cut is essentially a ½ inch or ¾ inch clip all over the pup’s body. If you choose a shorter coat, the cut will last longer, saving you some money on grooming fees. Also, a shorter cut is more practical if you have a very active Aussiedoodle that loves to swim, as the clip is easier to keep clean and quicker to brush. 

The clip has a clipped tail, a face, and ear trim, and round feet trim and is the perfect choice for a dog that has problems with matting.

6. Mini Teddy Bear

Mini Teddy Bear Aussiedoodle
Image Source

Doesn’t this Mini Aussiedoodle look sweet with his cute Teddy Bear haircut? This puppy has a curlier coat that the groomer has left slightly longer, creating the gorgeous cuddly toy look that we all love.

7. Facial Furnishings

Facial Furnishings Aussiedoodle
Image Source

All Doodles have what’s called “furnishings” on their face. Furnishings include the eyebrows, mustache, and beard. While some Aussiedoodle owners prefer to remove the furnishings to give their dogs a clean-shaven look, others like to leave them in place.

This Doodle is rocking the full-on furnishings look that compliments his Teddy Bear cut perfectly.

8. Longer On Top

Green eyed Aussiedoodle puppy

It could be that this owner likes their pup’s hair to be left longer on top, or perhaps he’s overdue for a trim. Either way, we think he looks gorgeous!

More Aussiedoodle Haircut Ideas

9. Lion Cut

Lion Cut Aussiedoodle
Image Source

The Lion cut is designed to transform your Doodle into a cuddly, cute lion!

The dog’s coat from the shoulders backward is shaved to a length of around ¼ inch, while the face is very lightly trimmed and scissor blended into the longer fur to create a lion’s mane effect.

The fur on the dog’s feet, tail, and chest is left on.

10. Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut
Image Source

If your Aussiedoodle puppy inherits the curly fleece coat of his Poodle parent, you might want to give him a Poodle cut.

This clip generally works best on a dog that has curly fur that can be coiffed to resemble the traditional Poodle clip with its pom-poms on the back, paws, and tail.

11. All White!

All White Aussiedoodle
Image Source

This delightful white Aussiedoodle has certainly inherited plenty of his Poodle parent’s genes. And that glorious white fur looks absolutely stunning with a professionally groomed Poodle cut.

12. Aussiedoodle Summer Cut

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut
Image Source

The Aussiedoodle Summer cut is usually chosen by pet parents who live in hot climates where there’s a risk that their pet might overheat. Also, this super-short style is ideal for dogs that love to swim or get down and dirty at the dog park since it’s very easy to keep clean and tangle-free compared with a longer style.

The Summer clip is basically a shave with the pup’s coat being clipped very short to a length of just ½ inch or less all over. The facial hair is usually shaved, too, although some owners prefer to leave some of the furnishings in place.

Many people like to have their Doodle given a Summer clip right at the beginning of the summer when the weather gets warmer, leaving the fur to grow out so that the dog has a cozy, warm coat in fall.

13. Necktie Chic

Necktie Chic Aussiedoodle e1646020579673
Image Source

This Doodle’s smart summer clip is beautifully set off by his natty necktie. Of course, it could be that this pup is feeling the chill of that short hairdo, and his neckerchief is designed to keep out the cold.

14. Beach Babe

Aussiedoodle puppy

If you and your family like to spend time at the beach with your Aussiedoodle, a Summer cut might be the best choice of hairstyle for your pet. 

Sand trapped in your dog’s coat can cause skin irritation that might lead to an ongoing health issue. A short haircut can help to prevent that, as bathing your dog to remove the sand is much easier than it would be with a longer coat.

15. Fluffy Tail

Aussiedoodle playing on beach

This Aussiedoodle has inherited the Australian Shepherd straight coat, and his groomer has made the most of that by styling the pup’s tail as a feathered plume in this Summer cut.

16. Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut e1646021429831
Image Source

Interestingly, another hugely popular hairstyle for the Aussiedoodle is the cute, Cairn-inspired Aussiedoodle terrier cut. 

In this cut, most of the dog’s fur is shaved evenly from the neck to the tail. You can choose to have the hair left long, cut to a mid-length, or shaved short, as long as the length is consistent all over.

To finish the look, the Doodle’s face is clipped around the eyebrows, face, and muzzle to create a sharp, terrier-like look. 

17. Suits All Sizes

Aussiedoodle standing outdoor e1646022696379
Image Source

The Terrier clip suits Aussiedoodles of all sizes, as you can see from the photograph of this big guy.

Aussiedoodle Coat Types

Thanks to their mixed-breed heritage, Aussiedoodles come in a variety of coat types. 

18. Straight Coat

Straight Coat
Image Source

Straight-coated Doodles are closer in appearance to their Australian Shepherd parent. A puppy with a straight coat doesn’t usually show its true coat type until around 12 weeks of age.

It’s thought that around 89% of all F1 Aussiedoodles have a straight coat, which is not good news for professional breeders who generally want the curly-coated varieties of Doodles. These dogs are lighter shedders that are more popular with allergy sufferers.

Straight hair Aussiedoodles have smooth, wiry muzzle hair and generally don’t have the Teddy Bear look that makes Doodles so popular. However, a straight coat is generally easier to maintain since it doesn’t mat as readily as a curly coat.  

19. Wool Coat

Wool Coat Aussiedoodle
Image Source

Aussiedoodles that have wool coats are often referred to as “curly” Aussiedoodles. Wool coats are generally dense, thick, and very fluffy and soft to touch, resembling a lamb’s fur. The hair should grow in hollow spirals when it’s been groomed correctly. 

You’ll need to set aside some extra time for brushing these dogs, as a tight curl makes the fur prone to matting. To prevent that, you need to brush the hair down to the skin every day, and that can be time-consuming.

The tightness of the coat’s curl is dependant on the individual makeup of each dog. You can have a coat with tight or loose waves. That said, wool coats are all generally light shedders, making these pups the preferred choice for allergy sufferers. 

If you have a wool-coated Aussiedoodle, you will need to brush his coat every day, as those tight curls are very prone to developing tangles and mats. That’s why lots of owners choose a short haircut for their dogs, as that can save a lot of time in brushing the animal.

20. Fleece Coat

Fleece Coat
Image Source

The fleece coat is a very popular coat type, being a cross between the straight and wool coats. 

The shaggy fleece coat is generally regarded as being easy to maintain and is low-shedding, which his good news for allergy sufferers. This kind of coat need brushing once or twice a week. The soft fur is fluffy, and the hair around the face and eyes tends to be rather coarse in texture.

Before And After

It can be tricky to decide what kind of haircut to choose for your pet. So, we’ve included a few before and after photographs to help you. Of course, the best thing to do if you’re really unsure what hairdo to go for is to have a chat with an experienced pro groomer for advice.

21. Teddy Bear Choice

Teddy Bear Choice Aussiedoodle e1646023775596
Image Source

This cute Teddy Bear type haircut has created a rounded shape to the dog’s furnishings, which we think works extremely well. The haircut is quite short, too, which is ideal for this lively, active, breed.

22. Shaggy To Chic

Shaggy To Chic Aussiedoodle e1646023933624
Image Source

This super-shaggy Aussiedoodle must have taken a lot of brushing to keep him tangle-free. The pup’s new hairdo has transformed this messy dog into a smart dude, and he must be much more comfortable in warmer weather, too. 

23. Puppy Love

Puppy Cut Aussiedoodle e1646025721640
Image Source

Here’s another Puppy cut that really shows the contrast between before and after. The result is a super-soft, strokable look that just begs to be cuddled and petted.

24. Handsome Doodle

Handsome Doodle e1646025845896
Image Source

This gorgeous Aussiedoodle is rocking his new Puppy cut with the addition of a jazzy neckerchief. He looks incredibly pleased with himself, and we can see why.

25. Super Smooth

Super Smooth e1646026696102
Image Source

Here’s another smooth result. This Puppy cut leaves the pup’s facial hair a little longer so that you can really appreciate the mustache and beard that’s so characteristic of this breed.

26. Teddy Bear Before And After

Teddy Bear Before And After e1646026879282
Image Source

This scruffy Doodle is transformed by a neat and tidy Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear cut. This dog appears to have a fleece coat that looks so much better with the shorter, tidy hairstyle he’s sporting.

27. Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Tidyup

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Tidyup e1646027306893
Image Source

This Teddy cut makes the most of this Doodle’s good looks, emphasizing her pretty face with a carefully scissor blended finishing touch.

28. Big Brown Eyes

Big Brown Eyes e1646027386262
Image Source

We love this absolutely gorgeous apricot colored Doodle! Her new haircut really brings out her big brown eyes and cute black button nose. The look is completed with a natty neckerchief.

29. Mohawk

Mohawk 1 e1646027490358
Image Source

The Mohawk is a fun, eye-catching look that you either love or hate. 

This haircut involves clipping the dog’s body hair to around 1 inch all over, leaving the head hair between 2 and 4 inches in length. Some owners extend the Mohawk right down their dog’s back to his tail.

It’s a matter of personal taste, but some owners go to extremes by dying their Aussiedoodle’s Mohawk with pet-safe hair colors.

30. Summer Cut Before And After

Summer Cut Before And After e1646027579225
Image Source

This shaggy Aussiedoodle must feel so much more comfortable in his gorgeous new Summer cut. The groomer hasn’t gone overboard with the hairdo, leaving just enough of the coat to keep the pup warm on cooler days.

31. Summer Love

Summer Love e1646027835909
Image Source

We love this gorgeous Aussiedoodle and his sublime Summer cut. On warm days, this Doodle is sure to be cool and comfortable without the hair being shaved down to the skin.

32. Brindle Beauty

Brindle Beauty e1646027946715
Image Source

This Aussidoodle’s gorgeous brindle coat is totally hidden by his thick shaggy coat. Who would have thought that those glorious spots spectacular markings would emerge once that thick, dense coat had been shaved down.

Of course, all that fur will grow back, but it’s likely to take the whole of the summer to do so. If the owner chooses to, she can allow the coat to gradually regrow so that her Doodle has a nice snug coat in place ready for the cooler weather in fall and winter. 

33. Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut Aussiedoodle e1646028111755
Image Source

The Kennel cut is the most basic of all the Aussiedoodle clips we’ve featured here. The Kennel cut is also the shortest style and is most popular with owners of dogs that tend to get mucky and grubby whenever they go for a walk.

The Kennel cut involves shaving the dog all over to a length of 1 inch, including the face and legs. Of course, that makes brushing and bathing the pup much quicker and easier than if the hair was left longer.

If you fancy a go at DIY clipping, the Kennel cut is a good style to go for, as there are no complicated lines to attempt. However, if you’re an amateur groomer, we recommend that you check out a few YouTube tutorials or ask an experienced dog groomer for advice before you start.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to 33 of the cutest Aussiedoodle haircut ideas we could find for you on the net.

There are so many different cuts and styles to choose from, it can be a real challenge to pick one for your Aussiedoodle. The coat style you choose will depend to a large extent on your pet’s type of coat. But if you’re not sure what would be the best clip for your dog, always ask a professional groomer for advice.

What style of haircut did you choose for your Aussiedoodle? Did you take the DIY route or do you prefer to use a professional groomer?

Tell us in the comments box below, and please take a few moments to share our guide if you enjoyed it!

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