25 Cute Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Bernedoodles need regular grooming to keep their gorgeous double coats in good condition.

There are lots of Berneoodle haircuts and hairstyles to consider when choosing a new “do” for your Doodle. So, how on earth do you decide? For example, if you live in a warm climate, the Summer haircut might be a good choice, or you might prefer a Bernedoodle winter haircut if you live in a region where the winters are brutally cold.

To help you choose the ideal clip for your dog, read this guide to discover 25 different types and styles of cute Bernedoodle haircuts!

What Is A Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle is a designer dog that’s created by crossbreeding a Standard Poodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog, and sometimes, a Miniature Poodle is used to create a smaller dog. 

The idea behind this hybrid dog is to create a similar type to the Bernese Mountain Dog that doesn’t drool or shed as much and has a longer lifespan. These large, friendly, lovable dogs make an excellent choice of a family pet, especially for homes with allergy sufferers.

25 Cute Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas

There are lots of haircuts and hairstyles that look good on a Bernedoodle. We’ve taken time out to track down 25 clips and looks that you might want to try out on your beloved pet!

Bernedoodle Coat Types

Bernedoodles have three primary coat types that each lends themselves to different haircuts and styles:

1. Wavy (Fleece) Coat

A cute black and white bernadoodle puppy sleeping on the kitchen

The wavy coat is seen in most F1 Bernedoodles. This coat is not super curly but wavy instead. These dogs are light shedders that need brushing regularly to remove loose body hairs and keep the coat in good order.

2. Straight Coat

Straight Coat Bernedoodle
Image Source

The Straight coat of hair is generally only seen in Bernedoodle-to-Bernedoodle or Bernedoodle-to-Bernese crossbreeds. These dogs have a fluffy look, but they lack the very curly hair of the other coat types and instead have a loose wave.

Straight-coated dogs are light shedders and are generally regarded as low-maintenance, easy-care pups. That said, these dogs do require regular brushing to prevent the hair from matting.

3. Curly (Wool) Coat

Curly Wool Coat
Image Source

The curly coat is most like that of the Poodle parent. These dogs barely shed, making them the best choice for allergy sufferers and for those pet parents who don’t relish the prospect of vacuuming their home every day.

To prevent hair mats, you will still need to brush your Bernedoodle’s curly, fur-like hair every day. 

Different Colors And Coat Patterns 

Bernedoodles come in various different colors and coat patterns, depending on which parent the puppy most takes after. Generally, the more unusual coat colors and patterns are more desirable and, therefore, command a higher price.

4. Black and White

Bernadoodle Puppy

The black and white Bernedoodle is probably just about the most popular of the Bernedoodle color variants. Black is the dominant base color, and white markings adorn the chest, neck, and face. Occasionally, black and white Bernedoodles have white markings on their paws, too.

5. Brindle Pattern

Brindle Pattern Bernadoodle
Image Source

Brindle is a coat color pattern that is also sometimes referred to as “tiger-striped.” Brindles can be classified as blue-based or red-based. Brindle coloring develops more as the dog gets older. 

A brindle coat is basically a mixture of two or three colors and is a genetic feature that puppies are born with.

6. Phantom Color

Phantom Color Bernadoodle
Image Source

Phantom Bernedoodles are usually a combination of black and tan colorings. The black color is dominant across the dog’s whole body hair, while the face, paws, legs, and chest have tan markings.

Phantom is a rare color that’s much sought after, so the price of one of these beautiful puppies will be pretty high.

7. Merle Coat

Merle Bernedoodle
Image Source

The merle pattern is a very rare and beautiful Bernedoodle color. Merle Bernedoodles have a solid base-colored body coat that’s speckled with patches of faded colors throughout the fur.

This coat color is caused by a faulty gene that’s not very common in Bernese Mountain Dogs or Poodles, although the merle gene does occasionally occur in Bernedoodle puppies. Unfortunately, merle dogs are at risk of serious health problems, including deafness and blindness. For that reason, ethical dog breeders would never cross two merle Bernedoodles.

8. Sable Coat

Sable Coat Bernadoodle e1646478088839
Image Source

Sable Bernedoodles have a solid base coat color, but every hair has a black tip. 

The overall look of the sable Bernedoodle depends on how much of the hair is black.

If you go for one of these dogs, you need to bear in mind that the coat has a very high chance of “clearing” as the dog matures. Clearing refers to the phenomenon where the coat color begins to fade as a puppy reaches adulthood. Interestingly, a sable dog tends to keep a dark ear color, but the black-tipped hairs grow out.

Types Of Bernedoodle Haircut

In this section of our guide, we take a look at the various different types of Bernedoodle haircuts that you can choose.

Of course, you can have a go at clipping your Bernedoodle at home. Taking the DIY grooming route can save you a fortune in professional grooming fees in the long-run. However, we recommend that you take your pet to the groomer for a professional haircut first. Ask your groomer for haircut tips and check out some of the YouTube tutorials posted by professional grooming salons.

With that in mind, we’ve included some common hairstyles that are easy to do at home, as well as some more complicated “dos” that are best tackled at your local grooming salon.

9. Winter Cut

Winter Cut Bernadoodle e1646478229982
Image Source

One of the most popular and common hairstyles for the Bernedoodle is the Winter cut. A Winter cut is a rather generic term that can be interpreted in different ways by professional grooming salons.

 A Winter cut typically sees the fur left longer all over the dog’s body. This haircut style is ideal for your dog if you live in a region where the weather is very cold, or you prefer your dog’s coat longer. We don’t recommend this style for very active dogs that live in a mild climate or during the summer when the weather is warm.

Don’t choose the Winter haircut if you don’t want to spend ages grooming your dog. Generally, the longer you leave your Dood’s hair, the more prone it will be to matting.

10. Summer Cut

One of the most common haircuts for Bernedoodles is the Summer cut. 

This simple style is perfect for dogs that live in a warm climate or for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. Essentially, the Summer cut sees the dog’s hair clipped to less than 1 inch in length all over. 

The Summer cut helps to keep your dog cool and makes grooming less onerous. Many owners like to give their dogs a Summer cut at the beginning of the spring when the weather warms up, allowing the fur to grow back throughout the summer so that the dog has a cozy coat when fall and winter arrive.

11. Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut Bernadoodle e1646478743628
Image Source

The Kennel haircut is a very short style that’s perfect for Bernedoodles that are prone to developing knots and mats in their fur. This is another of the common haircuts that owners choose for their dogs during warm weather. Also, if you have a female Bernedoodle that’s due to whelp, the Kennel clip is a good option since nursing puppies tend to mat the mother’s hair.

If you fancy clipping your dog at home, the Kennel cut is simple to do and lasts for a while. 

12. Poodle Cut

The Poodle cut is one of the most distinctive haircuts you’ll see. As the name suggests, this style is more commonly associated with Poodles, but it does suit curly-coated Bernedoodles very well.

The Poodle cut involves clipping the hair short on the back, underbelly, and back legs. The toes and feet are shaved short, as is the tail. The dog’s chest hairs, upper back, and ankles are left long, while the head hair is also left longer but trimmed around the eyes so that the dog can see properly.

13. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Bernadoodle
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut, or trim is a perennial favorite with many Doodle owners and is definitely the style you want to go for if you want your Bernedoodle to look cute.

The Teddy Bear trim sees the dog’s body hair clipped to around 1½ inches in length all over. The feet are clipped beveled or round, while the head hair is styled into a rounded, fluffy shape on the top of the head or the whole face, depending on your preference. Some people like to have the dog’s ears scissored into a fluffy, round shape to complete the look. 

14. Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut Bernadoodle
Image Source

The Lamb haircut is another shorter style that sees the legs left longer, while the body hair is clipped short to around 1 inch long. This style is often teamed with a clean face clip. Generally, the Lamb cut works best with curly-coated Bernedoodles.

15. Mohawk Cut

The Mohawk cut is a very distinctive hairstyle that you don’t see on many Bernedoodles.

First, the groomer clips the dog to create a fluffy collar effect, boots, and long tail hairs. The body hair is shaved short so that it looks similar to a Summer cut. The head hair is clipped short, leaving a stripe of hair or Mohawk.

Some adventurous Bernedoodle owners like to add a line of fur that extend down the dog’s back, and some even dye the longer tufts of hair in outrageous colors, using pet-friendly hair color.

16. Puppy Cut

Bernadoodle Puppy Cut
Image Source

The Puppy cut is a hugely popular haircut that’s perfect for adult Bernedoodles as well as puppies.

This style involves shaving the hair evenly all over the dog’s body to around 1 to 2 inches in length. The style is often modified slightly to suit the dog’s lifestyle, and the facial trim varies, depending on how you want your dog to look.

17. Lion Cut

Bernadoodle Lion Cut
Image Source

The Lion hairstyle is a cut that is best taken on by a professional groomer with experience in creating this style.

You often see the Lion cut used for Poodles, and it is a common sight in the show ring. The hair on the front of the Berndoodle’s body, chest, and legs is left long, while the head and neck are fluffed out to resemble a lion’s mane. A tuft of extra hair is left on the end of the dog’s tail.

18. Short Hair

Short Hair Bernadoodle
Image Source

Short hair is a good option for you if you have an active dog that likes to get down and dirty at the beach or dog park. A short style makes it much easier for you to keep your dog’s coat clean.

Also, if your dog’s fur is prone to matting, a short coat is much easier to brush right down to the skin to keep tangles at bay. Dogs with skin conditions often benefit from a shorter hairstyle, as it’s easier for the air to reach the dog’s skin, helping to prevent fungus and bacterial infections. It’s also much easier to apply topical creams to the skin than it would be with a longer coat.

Finally, short haircuts are much more comfortable for your dog during hot and humid weather.

20. Long Hair

Long Hair Bernadoodle
Image Source

Some owners love the look of the fluffy, thick Bernedoodle fur, so they opt to leave their pet’s coat longer.

However, a long coat can leave your pet vulnerable to heatstroke and overheating. Long fur is much more prone to matting and takes longer to brush than a shorter coat.

21. Wavy Coat

Wavy Coat Bernadoodle
Image Source

A wavy coat can look gorgeous if it’s properly maintained. Again, wavy coats can take a fair amount of grooming and brushing if you allow them to grow longer.

22. Curly Haircuts

Curly Haircuts Bernadoodle
Image Source

Curly coats are inherited from the Berndoodle’s Poodle parent. These gorgeous coats can be grown long to create a gorgeous corded look or clipped short for a more practical, everyday hairdo.

The curly coat is probably the most high-maintenance coat of all. Those delightful curls are very prone to tangling and knotting, so you must make sure you have enough time every day to brush and comb your Bernedoodle, regardless of what hairstyle you choose for him.

23. Short Tail Style

Short Tail Style Bernadoodle
Image Source

There are lots of different tail styles that you can choose for your Bernedoodle. In this photograph, you can see a short tail that’s almost a bobtail. This particular tail style suits a Berndoodle with short hair. A long hairstyle would probably not look quite right with this tail cut.

24. Topknot

The topknot is a popular finishing touch that’s very popular with longer-haired Doodles.

In the topknot, the dog’s hair is left to grow long on the top of its head and is pulled back into a paintbrush or ponytail and fastened with a hair clip or ribbon. This style tends to suit smaller dogs rather than large ones.

25. Clean Face

Clean Face e1646541629804
Image Source

The clean face cut can be used with any of the popular hairstyles that we’ve mentioned in this guide. This cut sees the dog’s facial hair cut to a short length, and the furnishings are removed. 

The clean face trim is very popular with dogs that have inherited the sharper facial shape of the Poodle parent, but it does suit pretty much all the styles of haircut that you can choose.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide to all the different styles of Bernedoodle haircuts that you can choose from. If you got some inspiration for your dog’s hairdo, please share the article.

If you fancy learning to clip your Bernedoodle at home, you can look forward to saving from $40 to $80 on pro grooming fees. However, if you prefer to have a proper haircut for your pet, you might want to go to a reputable salon with experience in clipping Doodles.

What haircut did you choose for your Bernedoodle? Did you take the DIY route, or did you stick with the salon? Tell us what you finally decide in the comments box below.

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