3 Best Aluminum Dog Crate – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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There are so many dog crates to choose from that it’s difficult to know where to start. You can find metal, fabric, plastic, and even wooden dog crates, all of which have pros and cons.

But which kind of dog crate is the best choice for you and your pet?

Aluminum dog crates are often overlooked as a good option. However, these crates are lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, making them an excellent choice.

Read this guide and product reviews to discover the best aluminum dog box for your pampered pet!

Comparison Table of the 3 Best Aluminum Dog Boxes


Impact Collapsible Durable Aluminum Dog Crate e1649995295699
Editors Choice


Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate


  • Escape-proof and secure
  • Spring-loaded carrying handles
  • Removable plastic waste tray


Revol Dog Crate


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


  • Superior quality dog crate
  • Collapsible box for convenient storage and portability
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation
Cadoca Aluminum Dog Crate e1649999876411


Cadoca Aluminum Dog Crate


  • Premium quality aluminum travel crate
  • Removable crate divider
  • Lockable double-doors 

Best Aluminum Dog Box

Now, here are our favorite aluminum dog boxes for your extra-large canine companion!

1. Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

Impact Collapsible Durable Aluminum Dog Crate e1649995295699
Editors Choice

Escape-proof and secure

Spring-loaded carrying handles

Removable plastic waste tray

The Impact Collapsible Aluminum dog crate is an extremely durable, lightweight crate that’s perfect for small to medium-sized dogs.

The crate is completely collapsible in a matter of minutes to a height of fewer than eight inches for convenient portability. Excellent ventilation is provided via the four-sided ventilation system, keeping your pet comfortable and safe throughout his journey, and the crate is slightly taller than average to provide your dog with extra headroom.

Handy drain holes make cleaning the crate quick and easy, and spring-loaded carrying handles are included for easy portability.

This crate is a long-term quality investment! The material used is high-grade powder-coated aluminum that won’t corrode or rust. The crate has crush-proof corners, welded no-rust rivets, marine-grade stainless steel slam latches, and 3/8″ bars with welded cross-bar. All those features add up to a sturdy, secure, safe box that you can use to transport your dog wherever you need to go. The crate even has airline rail storage slots and is accepted by many air carriers. These crates are often compared to the G1 Kennel by Gunner.


  • US-made
  • Sturdy, strong aluminum construction with many safety features
  • Slam-latch doors for security


  • Expensive but excellent investment

2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Revol Dog Crate

Superior quality dog crate

Collapsible box for convenient storage and portability

Excellent airflow and ventilation

The Revol dog crate from Diggs is a superb quality, versatile dog crate that makes an excellent investment.

The crate is made from a combination of reinforced plastic, strong steel, and aluminum. The diamond-shaped wire mesh is made from stainless steel, with the frame built from corrosion-resistant aluminum and plastic. The doors fasten by means of super-secure latches, so you don’t need to worry that your dog might escape in transit or when you’re not there to keep an eye on him.

The crate is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. The unique, extra-large diamond-shaped mesh feature prevents your dog from getting his feet or muzzle trapped, and an adjustable divider panel is included so you can adjust the crate size for a puppy. An emergency escape hatch means you can get to your dog in the event of an emergency, and there’s a removable plastic waste tray for easy cleanup.

The Diggs Revol crate is completely collapsible for easy storage, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport, too. Even better, the package includes detachable wheels and a carrying handle.


  • Collapsible and lightweight for easy storage and portability
  • 360-degree ventilation
  • Adjustable divider included
  • Strong carrying handles and detachable wheels for convenient portability


  • Crate cover not included

3. Cadoca Aluminum Dog Crate

Cadoca Aluminum Dog Crate e1649999876411

Premium quality aluminum travel crate

Removable crate divider

Lockable double-doors

The Cadoca Aluminum dog crate is perfect for taking your dog with you when you go on road trips. 

The crate will fit in most station wagons and SUVs, thanks to its clever trapezoidal shape. The corners of the crate are covered with sturdy plastic to minimize the risk of injury to your dog during loading and unloading and protect your car from damage, too.

The weather-resistant box is quick and simple to assemble without the need for additional tools and wipes clean easily. You also get a removable divider panel, and the crate has two lockable doors for safety and security. That means you can carry two small dogs or one large one, saving you money and the hassle of transporting two crates.

The crate is reinforced with aluminum struts that provide excellent ventilation and allow plenty of space for petting between the bars!


  • Well-designed transport crate
  • Sturdy, strong aluminum construction
  • Excellent ventilation 


  • Only suitable for use as a transport crate

What Is Aluminum?

So, what is aluminum and what properties does it have that make it such great material for making tough dog crates?

Aluminum is a silver-white metal that’s now the most widespread metal found on Earth! In fact, aluminum makes up more than 8% of the Earth’s total core mass. Who knew! However, aluminum doesn’t occur in nature and was only relatively recently produced in very small quantities in 1824. 

Aluminum has a rare combo of several valuable properties.

  • Aluminum is three times lighter than iron, making it one of the lightest metals in the world.
  • Aluminum is also incredibly strong and flexible. That makes this metal perfect for molding into different shapes and forms.
  • Unlike steel and other metals, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, thanks to a wafer-thin layer of aluminum oxide film on its surface. 
  • Aluminum isn’t magnetic.
  • Aluminum forms an alloy with most other metals and is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  • Crucially, aluminum is non-toxic and safe to use in dog crates, which is essential if you have a dog that likes to lick or chew the metal mesh of his crate.

Why Choose An Aluminum Dog Crate?

Aluminum dog crates offer several advantages over other kinds of dog crates. 

Wire Dog Crates

Dog inside a wire crate

Wire dog crates are the most popular form of the dog crate and are generally made from steel. These crates are usually affordable, completely collapsible, easy to clean, and fairly sturdy.

However, when compared with an aluminum metal crate, steel wire crates can be heavy to transport and often eventually rust when exposed to the weather. Wire crates are often not as strong and robust as aluminum crates, which can be a problem for you if you have an escape artist hound.

Soft-Sided Fabric Dog Crates

If you have a chewer, a fabric dog crate is not going to be the best choice for you, and an aluminum crate will undoubtedly last you much longer.

Although you can use fabric crates for traveling with your dog, an aluminum crate will provide your dog with much more protection in the event of an accident, and it’s much less likely that your dog will get loose in transit if he’s safely contained in a metal crate.

Plastic Crates

Although plastic travel crates are fairly robust and strong, aluminum crates are the safest option for your dog when traveling. Plastic crates also tend not to be as well-ventilated as aluminum crates, which is essential if you have a flat-faced brachycephalic dog.

That said, most airlines will allow approved plastic dog crates to board their airplanes in the cargo hold, and smaller crates can sometimes accompany you in the cabin. While some aluminum crates are approved for airline use, we recommend that you double-check with your proposed carrier before you make your purchase. 

Furniture Crates

Fancy Corner Dog Crate
Image Source: Foter.com

Furniture crates can be used in your home as end tables, side tables, media consoles, and such. That’s great for space-saving in small homes and apartments.

However, furniture crates are usually made from wood or wood composite materials, which are heavy and not easy to disassemble for storage. In comparison, aluminum crates are able to withstand chewers, are easier to take down and set up, and can be used for transporting your dog, whereas wooden crates cannot.

What Should You Look For In An Aluminum Dog Crate?

There are a few things that you should look watch for when shopping for an aluminum dog crate:


The most important thing to look out for is that the crate is the correct size for your dog. If the crate is too small, your dog will quickly become uncomfortable and stressed, and if the crate is too big, it won’t be safe or comfortable to travel your dog.

Your dog should be able to stand up and sit down in the crate without his head or ears touching the roof. The dog must also be able to lie down and stretch out flat without his toes touching the sides of the crate.

Secure Doors

Dogs inside the crate in the car

If you intend to use your aluminum crate for travel purposes, or if your dog is an escape artist, you’ll want to choose a crate that has a slam-latch or reinforced locking system on its doors.

Rounded Corners

Crates with square, angular corners can present a hazard to your dog and to your home furnishings or vehicle.

Ideally, you want an aluminum crate that has rounded corners. Some high-quality crates have the corners reinforced with plastic buffers to offer protection, such as the Diggs Revol crate reviewed below. 

Multiple Entrances

Most high-quality aluminum dog crates have multiple doors so that you can access your pet quickly and easily in an emergency. That’s extremely important if you intend to use your crate for transporting your pup.

Multiple entrances also offer greater flexibility when it comes to locating the crate in your home. 

Ease Of Portability

diggs revol 2

Aluminum dog crates have a big advantage over many other forms of metal crates in that they are much lighter and easier to move around.

Nonetheless, you can maximize that plus point by choosing a crate that includes detachable wheels, is easily collapsible, and includes a carrying handle.

Convenient Storage

If you intend to use your crate for transporting your pet or for taking it along with you on vacation, you’ll need one that you can fold away and store easily.

Ideally, the crate should be quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble, folding flat so that you can store the crate without taking up too much space.

Easy Cleanup

Even the best-behaved and well-trained dog can have an accident. So, you want an aluminum crate that’s easy to clean. Look for a crate that has drain holes or, ideally, a removable plastic tray that you can simply wash out. 

Crate Panel Dividers

Cadoca Aluminum Dog Crate e1649999876411
Image Source

An aluminum crate is not a cheap item of kit, so you don’t want to have to buy another one if your puppy outgrows the original. One excellent solution to that potential dilemma is to purchase a crate that comes complete with a divider panel.

As your puppy grows, simply move the divider panel to make the crate bigger. You can also use the divider when potty training your pup. Dogs won’t generally soil their sleeping area, so if you make the crate smaller, you’ll dissuade your furry friend from making one end of the crate into a potty area.

Sturdy Build

By their very nature, aluminum crates are strong and robust enough to cope with a large, boisterous dog, making this kind of crate the perfect choice for a lively puppy or larger breed.

Large dog breeds can be prone to escaping from a standard wire crate by leaning against the crate walls or bursting through weak door hinges. So, look for an aluminum crate that offers slam-latch locks, reinforced corner connectors, and strong crate hardware.

Adequate Airflow

All dog breeds can overheat on warm days, so you need to choose an aluminum crate that provides excellent ventilation and airflow throughout the crate.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

As previously mentioned, aluminum crates are not a cheap purchase, so it makes sense to choose a product that’s backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty of some kind. 

Most reputable manufacturers are happy to stand by the quality of their products and provide a 1-year warranty with their crates. That’s something we recommend you ask about when making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide and reviews of the three best aluminum dog boxes that are currently on the market. If you found the article helpful and interesting, please take a moment to share it.

Our favorite aluminum dog crate is the Impact Aluminum Dog Crate. This crate is made with your dog’s safety and comfort as a priority. The crate has a large, diamond-shaped mesh for excellent ventilation that also prevents your dog from trapping his nose and paws. There’s an emergency escape hatch, detachable wheels, a carrying handle, a divider panel, and a removable plastic waste tray for quick cleanup. 

Although this isn’t the cheapest aluminum crate we looked at, it’s definitely the best quality and does offer excellent value for money.

Also, see our post on the best crates for hunting dogs.

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