Best Brush for Labradoodles (Our Top 11 Picks)

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Is your Labradoodle’s fluffy and curly hair hiding tons of dander and fur underneath, and you’re struggling to brush it off in the grooming process?

Detangling and brushing your little friend with the right brush becomes an easier task. A well-detangled coat helps keep the coat healthy and shiny.

You need to choose the best brush for your Labradoodle, and below are reviews of some of the best brushes for doodles. 

But if you’re in a hurry, quickly check out this table for a glimpse of the popular brushes.

Quick Summary: Best Brush for Labradoodles


Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush in a white background.


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


  • Self-cleaning 
  • L shaped bristles 
  • Provides massage action


PetEd Slicker Brush


PetEd Slicker Brush


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Ideal for Doodldes
  • Non-slip, easy-grip handle
FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs e1653626747210


FURminator Firm Slicker Brush


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dual head flex design 
  • Anti-microbial plastic 
Bissell FURGET IT All in One Grooming Brush


Bissell Furget Grooming Brush


  • 17 teeth for de-shedding 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • 9 teeth for dematting 
JW Pet Company GripSoft Slicker Brush in white background


JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush


  • 90 degrees angle on pins 
  • Gripsoft design
  • Metal teeth at different lengths
Lil Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush


Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush


  • Soft pins
  • Has a massage action 
  • Flexible pins
Babyliss Pro Pet Brush


Babyliss Pro Pet Brush


  • Bubble gel handle 
  • Long pins 
  • Wide pin angles 
Safari by Coastal Pin & Bristle combination Brush in a white background


Safari Combo Brush for Dogs


  • Double-sided brush
  • Widely spaced pins 
  • Unique handle
Frisco Soft Slicker Dog Brush


Frisco Soft Slicker Dog Brush


  • Baubles on the pins
  • One size brush 
  • A wider set of pins
ConairPRO Soft Dog Slicker Brush


ConairPro Soft Slicker Dog Brush


  • Small head brush
  • Gentle pins
  • Fluffs the dog’s coat
Hartz Groomers Fur Fetcher Brush


Hartz Groomers Fur Fetcher Brush


  • Three times more brushing effects
  • Blade free
  • Great dematting

To get the details of what makes each of the above picks worth using, keep reading:

Best Brush for Labradoodles: Our Top 11 Picks

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush in a white background.


L shaped bristles

Provides massage action

The Hertzko self-cleaning brush tops our list of best brushes for your labradoodle. It gently brushes off all the trapped dirt, tangles, and loose hair without hurting your furry friend.  You don’t need a brushing experience to use this quality slicker brush.

The L-shaped bristles won’t hurt your pet. Their fine and bent design allows them to penetrate your dog’s skin without causing discomfort effectively. However, to avoid hurting your dog, avoid pressing the brush too hard on the dog’s skin.

Additionally, the brush has retractable soft bristles that hasten the cleaning process, and your dog won’t get bored. You don’t have to remove the collected hair manually; press the button and toss the dirt in the trash.

Your friend will get a massage session with this brush; the bristles give a great massage that allows air circulation for a glowing and soft coat. The comfort grip handle doesn’t slip from your hand when you are cleaning.


  • Self-cleaning using the button
  • It has a massaging action
  • Very gentle on the dog’s coat


  • Not suitable for dematting

2. PetEd Slicker Brush

PetEd Slicker Brush

Automatic cleaning

Ideal for Doodldes

Non-slip, easy-grip handle

PetEd created this excellent slicker brush for Doodles and other hybrid breeds. It comes with an ergonomically designed, non-slip handle which makes it more comfortable to use and better for people who have a lot of fur to tackle.

The fine, angled metal bristles mean they glide easily through the coat without damaging the undercoat. This means your dog’s coat will stay cleaner and this reduces matting. A tidy-looking, fluffy coat is what every dog owner wants.

To clean the brush, simply push the button over a trash can!


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Ideal for Doodldes
  • Non-slip, easy-grip handle


  • Might be too large to use on very small dogs

3. FURminator Firm Slicker Brush

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs e1653626747210

Ergonomic handle

Dual head flex design

Anti-microbial plastic

FURminator developed this tool to help pet owners reduce shedding and keep their furry friends happy. The FURminator slicker brush removes fur, tangles, and dirt on curly and straight hair coats. 

Start by brushing the head and observing the direction of hair growth. One side of its bristles is straight, while the other is bent to facilitate getting deep into the dog’s coat for better cleaning. The straight side penetrates the curly hair without hurting your little one. Plus, don’t forget to be gentle with your friend.

The dual-head flex design will help you follow the body contour, and the bristles will remain in their ideal position, reducing any pressure on the dog’s skin. The brush will also remove any dead hair on the top and the undercoat, keeping it shiny. The plastic in this brush is antimicrobial and keeps bacteria and germs from your dog’s coat. 


  • Helps reduce shedding
  • Anti-microbial plastic material
  • Penetrates deep into curly hair


  • Requires manual cleaning

4. Bissell Forget Grooming Brush

Bissell FURGET IT All in One Grooming Brush

17 teeth for de-shedding

Non-slip handle

9 teeth for dematting

The all-in-one brush from Bissell will remove the mats, detangle, and effectively brush your dog’s coat. Use the nine teeth side for the tough mats and the 17 teeth side for de-shedding. The round-edged teeth are painless and won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

It works perfectly for all coat types, from the wooly to the fleece one. The soft bristle brush also works for long, straight, or curly coats. The two sides are wide, and you will spend minimal time brushing the coat. 

I used this brush, and I was amazed by the amount of hair it could remove. After brushing and removing mats from your dog, remove the hair from the brush, clean it and keep it for the next routine. 

The brush creates a positive experience for your Labradoodle, and he will be yearning for the next brushing experience. The brush will greatly help a woolly Labradoodle that requires regular grooming to keep his coat smooth and detangled for an allergy-free environment.


  • Removes mats and detangles the dog’s coat
  • Painless teeth on the brush
  • Wide top


  • Not effective for non-shedding Doodles

5. JW Pet Soft-Grip Slicker Brush

JW Pet Company GripSoft Slicker Brush in white background

90 degrees angle on pins

Gripsoft design

Metal teeth at different lengths

If your Labradoodle has sensitive skin, this is the best type of brush to purchase. The soft pin brush works well when brushing your furry friend daily for a smooth and healthy coat. The pins are angled at 90 degrees creating a parallel contact with the skin rather than a straight one to avoid hurting your dog.

The design also helps prevent chances of raking where you can scratch your pet, reducing his desire for the brushing sessions. The sturdy and non-slip handle fits well with your hand’s curvature, and you will have a comfortable time when grooming your dog.

The Gripsoft nature gives you a variety of designs to choose from to ensure that you keep the coat beautiful and shiny. Its metal teeth come in two different lengths to loosen the tightly held mats and lift the shedding hair from the dog’s undercoat.

To remove any loose hair from the dog’s skin, ensure that you brush the dog from the hair growth direction, plus you can use a comb to prevent the formation of tangles.


  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Pins have parallel contact with the skin to avoid hurting the dog
  • Gripsoft design is comfortable for the hand


  • Needs to be used with a comb

6. Li’l Pals Coated Tip Dog Slicker Brush

Lil Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

Soft pins

Has a massage action

Flexible pins

This flexible wire bristles brush from Lil Pals is one of the best grooming brushes for contouring your pet’s fleece coat. You will love how fast the brush detangles the fur and makes the hair smooth, leaving a glowing coat.

With regular brushing, the brush has a massage effect that stimulates the release of natural oils from the dog’s body, making the coat brighter and healthy. The little brush measures 4.8 inches and works well for a Labradoodle puppy.

The brush also works well for pups with sensitive skin where the plastic tips are soft enough to prevent scratching. The ergonomic handle has a perfect grip, and you will have an effortless cleaning time. 


  • Flexible wire pins
  • Detangles the fur quickly
  • Soft plastic tips


  • It’s not self-cleaning

7. Babyliss Pro Pet Brush

Babyliss Pro Pet Brush

Bubble gel handle

Long pins

Wide pin angles

The Babyliss pro pet brush is the best brush for penetrating deep into your dog’s coat. It works perfectly for medium to long hair. You will love the soft and smooth shiny coat that will reveal after frequent brushing. The stainless-steel pins on it remove mats and tough tangles effortlessly.

The long pins are gentle on your dog’s fur and get deep into the undercoat removing dead skin on your friend. The handle has bubble gel which improves the slip resistance for a comfortable hand grip even with the longest brushing session. 

The silicone pins brush comes in three sizes, and depending on the size you choose, you can effectively brush a pup or an adult Labradoodle. After brushing your dog, clean the brush and keep it in a safe and dry place with the pins facing upward to prevent bending or other damages.

The hole at the handle will help you hang the brush in a safe area. However, the brush isn’t self-cleaning, and you need to get a manual to avoid messing up with the brush angles. Not forgetting that the long steel tips are heat-treated to maintain the paw-feet making of your dog’s coat.


  • Come in different sizes
  • Works well for medium and long coats
  • Can brush a Labradoodle with sensitive skin


  • The pin angles can easily be distorted

8. Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Safari by Coastal Pin & Bristle combination Brush in a white background

Double-sided brush

Widely spaced pins

Unique handle

If you have more than one Labradoodle in your house, the Safari brush is the perfect combination to keep your dog’s fur neat and healthy. The wire pins on this brush will lift any dead or loose hair from the dog’s skin, plus it doesn’t leave any debris unattended.

The double-sided brush is effective for all coat types. The soft slicker side removes tangles, while using the bristle side regularly ensures the distribution of natural oils in your dog’s body for a healthy and shiny coat. You can use a comb alongside this brush to detangle shorter hair before you start brushing.

When brushing your furry friend, start from his head to his legs and paws in the direction of hair growth. Fluffing your dog’s coat is also easier with this pin brush, where you can brush the hair against its hair growth direction. However, the brush has wide-spaced pins and may not be appropriate for de-shedding.

Lastly, you will feel comfortable gripping the uniquely made handle that allows you to control the motion of the coat. Be gentle with your pup, and the dog will respond by cooperating and yearning for more brushing moments.


  • Have a soft and bristle side
  • Stimulate natural oils with regular brushing
  • You can use it to fluff the dog’s fur


  • The widely-spaced pins don’t de-shed

9. Frisco Soft Slicker Dog Brush

Frisco Soft Slicker Dog Brush

Baubles on the pins

One size brush

A wider set of pins

Frisco soft slicker brush is an amazing brush for your low shedding Labradoodle. I can attest that this brush worked well for my Doodle. The pins have plastic baubles on their top to prevent scratching and irritating the skin. The one-size brush fits all dogs.

The brush has a wider set of plastic pins than other brushes, and it removes mats and tangles from the fur gently without hurting your Doodle. The comfortable grip handle allows you to grip it well, maintaining proper movement of your hands and giving your pup more confidence during brushing time.

The plastic pins massage your dog’s skin and enhance natural oil distribution in the skin to keep him glowing and healthy. You must take your time and clean the dirt from the brush. Remember, even when the tangles are tough, don’t apply force to avoid hurting the dog.


  • Pins have plastic baubles to prevent scratching
  • Sturdy handle grip
  • Provides massage action


  • Requires manual cleaning

10. ConairPro Soft Slicker Dog Brush

ConairPRO Soft Dog Slicker Brush

Small head brush

Gentle pins

Fluffs the dog’s coat

For an enjoyable experience when removing mats and detangling your Doodles fur, the CornairPro brush will guarantee that. The soft slicker brush is gentle on the dog’s skin, and its small head is efficient in detangling your delicate Doodle’s facial hair and paws. It’s the best brush for your Labradoodle puppy.

The ergonomic, gel-filled handle has a perfect grip on your handle, and you have control over its movement. The reinforced coated tips ensure the brush doesn’t irritate or hurt your dog when detangling and cleaning. With a steady grip, the dog remains calm throughout the brushing time.

You can use the brush to fluff your curly Poodle hair which creates an extra volume by moving the brush in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.


  • A gel-filled handle that grips perfectly
  • It has reinforced tips to prevent skin irritation
  • Helps create a good fur volume


  • It’s too small for an adult dog

11. Hartz Groomer’s Fur Fetcher Brush

Hartz Groomers Fur Fetcher Brush

Three times more brushing effects

Blade free

Great dematting

If you need a brush that will remove tangles and dirt three times more than other brushes, this one from Hartz got you covered.

Its micro comb technology ensures that the delicate parts of the topcoat are safe by not touching it. The Labradoodle skin won’t hurt since the brush is blade-free, and you can use it to control shedding. Your pet will be free from fleas and tough debris since the fine teeth don’t leave any on the fluffy hair.

You can also remove any small mats on the dog’s face or paws with this brush without worrying about hurting him. The sturdy handle is easy to grab and control when cleaning and de-shedding your pal, and with usual brushing, you will maintain the Labradoodle’s healthy and shiny coat.

It’s the best brush for a hairy, woolly Labradoodle with a shedding undercoat. Clean the brush with warm and soapy water to remove any stubborn debris. You can use this brush with other grooming tools.


  • Removes stubborn debris
  • Best for de-shedding your pal
  • It’s blade-free and cant hurt the skin


  • The collected fur needs to be removed manually

How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Labradoodle

With the above review, your only task is to decide the best that will fit your dog since the main aim of having a good brush is to maintain healthy skin.

Choosing from many options may be an overwhelming task. Let’s check some of the ways you can use to choose the best brush.

The coat’s Condition

Parchment color Labradoodle

Before settling on a brush, check how often knots and tangles form on your dog’s skin. If your dog forms excess tangles, most of the brushes on the above list will work for you. A slicker brush will be the best for Labradoodles that form extra tangles and mats.

It would be best to consider how frequently you plan to brush your Labradoodle. A strong brush will serve you longer if you are doing it daily. Ensure it has strong wires and long bristles that will penetrate through the dog’s skin. 

How Do You Intend to Use the Brush?

Most slicker brushes have a pin or straight needle bristles that perfectly detangle your little one’s coat. If you notice, your dog always gets extreme knots to check the two-sided brush that helps dematting. I have a steel comb separate from my brush, and it’s very efficient in clearing knots and getting through dense layers of fur before I use the brush.

How to Brush Your Labradoodle Properly

Observe the following tips for an easy brushing session.

Don’t Use Force

F1B Labradoodle e1653492294599

Never apply force brushing your Labradoodle should be the first rule to remember when you are about to start the process. Pressing the brush hard on his skin may hurt him or create a bad impression whenever he sees the brush and give him a difficult time.

Follow the Contours

Comb the hair in its direction of growth unless you are fluffing the coat. Your angle of brushing matters a lot. Ensure you are in a position where you don’t put too much pressure on him since he has feelings.

Start by brushing the back of your Labradoodle since it’s less sensitive to make him comfortable as you move to the more sensitive parts. With the gentle scrub, your pup will be comfortable and settled by the time you reach the face.

Check the High Friction Areas

Depending on your Labradoodle coat type, check out the high friction spots around her ears or underneath the collar. These areas are likely to develop mats very quickly, and brushing the areas will save you from the extra work and keep the dog’s skin healthy.

Introduce Treats

Introduce rewards and yummy treats when your dog cooperates when brushing him, and he will look forward to the next experience.

Talk to the pup softly to create a cool environment. Cool music and a calm environment will make the brushing moments feel better. However, some Labradoodles enjoy the brushing sessions, and they will lay down when they see you with the brush. 

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Beautiful pet labradoodle at hair cutting procedure

Make it a routine to brush your Labradoodle after playtime since he will likely collect more foreign objects from outside. A quick brushing is enough to get rid of sticks, dirt clumps, and burs stuck on the dog’s coat to reduce the chances of mats and knot formation. Touching the sensitive part is also a way of bonding with your dog.

Use Multiple Brushes 

To give more attention to your Labradoodle, you can use more than one brush, have a slicker brush for the first line of defense, and a pin brush will work well for the grooming session. A comb helps in detangling before brushing.

A tangle-free shampoo will help ease the knots on your Labradoodle, and introducing regular brushing knots won’t be a problem for you. as the parent, choose the best area where your dog feels comfortable when you are brushing. Avoid brushing him in sensitive areas such as your bedroom, especially if you have dander allergies.

Can You Overbrush a Labradoodle?

When brushing your Labradoodle, make it regular at least twice a week if you can’t brush daily. The only thing that can hurt your Doodle is by using the wrong brushing technique. Don’t apply too much pressure or overbrush one spot, and it will cause skin irritation. When the Doodle’s skin irritates, he might scratch and create a wound.

You shouldn’t bathe your Labradoodle too often as it may dry up his skin and reduce the secretion of natural oils that keep his coat shiny and healthy. You will damage his coat when you brush the doodle too hard after washing him; you will damage his coat.

How Often Should You Brush Your Labradoodle?

Labradoodle Designer Dog

You can make the brushing routine daily, and if that’s not possible, make it as regular as possible. Fleece coats can do weekly or biweekly brushing, while wooly and curly coats require daily maintenance brushing.

How Do You Prevent Your Labradoodle From Matting?

Since you can’t prevent him from getting the knots and mats, make it your daily routine to brush him. Detangling dog shampoo will help for easier cleaning. An excellent pin brush will keep off excess hair.

Check out our article on Labradoodle haircut ideas and styles.

Wrap Up

After going through the above review, I believe you have an idea of which brush to choose for your Labradoodle. However, the Hertzko slicker brush wins as an excellent choice, followed by the FURminator one.

The FURminator firm slicker brush is firm enough with strong and long bristles that penetrate deep into the dog’s skin without hurting him. I love that Hertzko made a self-cleaning brush, and you don’t have to touch the dirt, and with a press of the button, you will dispose of all the dirt in the trash. I also love the L-shaped bristles that facilitate proper detangling. 

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