Best Calming Dog Beds

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If you’re in the market for a brand new dog bed, you must have noticed how many great varieties there are online. However, dogs that suffer from anxiety have special requirements for their beds.

For example, to help calm them down & make them feel more comfortable, a bed should be soft to the touch, filled with a fluffy material, and usually bolstered. 

We have compiled some of the best beds that will help your dog deal with its anxiety in an effective manner. These beds are high-quality, long-lasting, and have glowing reviews. These beds feel like a million bucks, but they won’t cost you a lot!

Comparison Table of the 10 Best Calming Dog Beds For Anxious Pets


OXS Dog Bed Calming Pet Bed




  • Soft PP Cotton Filling
  • Skid-resistant & Dirt-resistant Bottom
  • Thick bolstered edges


Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products


Majestic Pet Products


  • Multiple Color Options
  • High-quality bolsters that don’t compress
  • Comforting round bagel shape
FurHaven Snuggery Pet Bed




  • Insulating Hood with Removable Tube Design
  • Cooling Gel Foam
  • Zippered Cover
K H Thermo Snuggly Pet Bed




  • 6 Watt thermostatically controlled heated pet blanket
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • Automatic Warming
Amazon Basics Cozy Pet Cave Bed


Amazon Basics


  • Removable Nesting Cave Cover
  • Suede & sherpa lining
  • High-quality filling
Fable Bed




  • Water-resistant outer cover
  • UV & Stain Resistant
  • Filled with crushed memory foam

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FurHaven Plush and Suede Sofa Style Pet Bed




  • Multiple padding options
  • Supportive built-in bolsters
  • Good for older pets so they don’t feel left out!
Diggs Snooz Crate Pad




  • Made with CertiPUR-US® memory foam
  • Perfect fit for the Revol Crate
  • Tear-resistant washable cover
Best Friends by Sheri Calming Dog Bed


Best Friends by Sheri


  • Comforting Shag Outer Cover
  • Classic Donut Design
  • Filled with soft virgin AirLOFT fibers
Jespet Cave Covered Cat Dog Bed




  • Skid-proof, water-proof base
  • Unique cave-like design for maximum comfort
  • Lined with faux suede

Top 10 Calming Dog Beds

1. OXS Calming Pet Bed

OXS Dog Bed Calming Pet Bed

Soft PP Cotton Filling

Skid-resistant & Dirt-resistant Bottom

Thick bolstered edges

If you’re looking for a great overall pet bed for your anxious dog, we recommend this high-quality option from OXS. The OXS calming pet bed is a relaxing, plush bed that offers tons of joint & back support.

The cover is made of long, high-quality plush that won’t shed in the washing machine. It is filled with luxurious PP cotton that will hold its shape for a while without compressing. 

This classic donut design means that the bed has comfortable bolsters all around the sides. Bolsters are sort of like raised pillows on the sides of a dog bed that provide neck and head support.

Not only that, but the bolsters also invoke the denning response in younger pups, which can help them feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Dogs naturally feel at ease in constricted spaces, so they love beds with raised walls. 

If your bed ever gets dirty, it’s super easy to clean. Just toss the whole thing in the washing machine and you’re done!

This product has glowing customer reviews, and these helpful reviews have pointed out the durability, the easy cleaning, and the fluffiness of this bed.

However, some customers remarked that the bigger the dog bed, the less fluffy it is. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a bed for your XL dog. 

Also, since the top of this bed isn’t water-proof, this means that it retains smells & stains a lot more than a water-resistant bed.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable fleece cover
  • All-around bolsters for maximum security & comfort
  • Super easy to clean- completely machine washable!


  • Larger bed models are less fluffy than smaller ones
  • Isn’t water-proof- easy to stain & retains smells

2. Sherpa Bagel Bed

Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

Multiple Color Options

High-quality bolsters that don’t compress

Comforting round bagel shape

A bolstered bed is an excellent option because of how cozy it makes your pup feels. All-around bolsters help activate your dog’s burrowing response. This can help fight against anxiety in a natural way; if your dog feels surrounded, then he will likely become more calm & serene.

We love the bold & plentiful color options available for this bed. There are 7 super vibrant colors that are sure to go with any style of home decor. The bed also has durable, elevated bolsters that don’t really compress.

The relaxing rounded bagel shape is also a great option for dogs with anxiety as it can help keep their uneasiness low. 

The bed is filled with high-quality polyester material and has a non-skid bottom, so it’s great for hardwood or tile floors.

However, some reviews stated that since the bed is so fluffy, it’s impossible to fit it in a washing machine. So, it’s actually really hard to clean if it gets visibly soiled.

Also, some people have said that the slip-proof bottom isn’t actually water-proof and urine can leak through.


  • High quality bolsters
  • Superior bagel shape
  • Multiple bold color options


  • The large size makes it hard to fit in the washing machine
  • Water leaks through the slip-proof bottom and can stain the floor.

3. Furhaven Faux Sheepskin Bed

FurHaven Snuggery Pet Bed

Insulating Hood with Removable Tube Design

Cooling Gel Foam

Zippered Cover

This bed has a really unique design thanks to the functional hood. The hood is made of faux sheepskin, which will trap your puppy’s body heat and create a warm sleeping environment. 

There is a tube mechanism that can convert the hood into a blanket. This is perfect if you have a larger dog that thinks the hood is a toy. 

This memory-foam bed has 2 layers. One is made of a cooling gel which ensures that your dog won’t overheat. The second layer is a memory foam cushioning layer that will protect your dog’s joints. 

This double-layered pad is going to keep your dog’s anxiety under control because it will provide maximum comfort, while also being super cooling.

The bed also comes with a removable machine washable cover. This cover is lined with faux suede & sheepskin, which will trap your dog’s body heat.

Evidently, the fabrics trap heat & the padding absorbs it. This means that your dog will always be at the perfect temperature; not too hot, and not too cold.

Some helpful reviews state that the plastic tubing is very flimsy & doesn’t have the structural integrity to stand up to make the hood. 

So, the dogs will often just sleep on top of the collapsed hood, rather than sleep in between.

Also, the colors that it comes in are pretty muted & tend to fade in the wash. 


  • 2 layers: one with cooling gel & one with memory foam
  • Unique hooded blanket that detaches
  • Removable washing-machine cover


  • Hood collapses easily due to weak plastic tubing
  • Muted colors that fade easily in the wash

4. K & H Thermo-Snuggly Pet Bed

K H Thermo Snuggly Pet Bed

6 Watt thermostatically controlled heated pet blanket

Removable Washable Cover

Automatic Warming

If you live in a super cold area and you want some additional heating for your dog’s bed, consider this heated bed by K&H. The thermo-snuggly dog bed has a 6-watt heat pad, which saves electricity while still keeping your pup warm. 

What’s unique about this heating pad is that it is thermostatically controlled. This means that the bed will only warm up if your dog’s body weight is on it. To test it, place a heavy pillow on the heating pad. After 20 minutes, the portion of the bed under the pillow should be warm to the touch. 

This unique feature of automatic warming ensures that the bed doesn’t become too hot & you don’t waste electricity. 

Pair this bed with a good-quality fleece blanket for ultimate heating capabilities.

This bed is a circular shape with side walls, which allows for optimum comfort and relaxation. 

However, pet parents have complained that the bed cover is made of subpar quality polyester. Therefore, even though the idea of the bed is super unique, their dogs still refuse to get in or they will spend hours trying to make it as comfortable as possible.

Also, they complained that the heating pad element is too small & doesn’t cover the whole base of the bed; therefore, they recommend layering a fleece blanket on top to make the cover softer & to keep the whole bed at a similar temperature.


  • Unique heating element; bed stays in energy-saving ‘eco rest’ when not in use
  • Circular shape is perfect for puppies that curl up when they sleep
  • Raised side walls provide additional comfort


  • Low-quality cover fabric
  • Heating element doesn’t cover the whole base of the bed
  • Hard to heat up for a small dog

5. Amazon Basics Cozy Cave Bed

Amazon Basics Cozy Pet Cave Bed

Removable Nesting Cave Cover

Suede & sherpa lining

High-quality filling

If you’re on a market for a cave bed, this is definitely a budget-friendly option. This Amazon Cave Bed is a great idea for dogs with anxiety. A cave bed can help to reduce anxiety because it fulfills a dog’s natural sleeping instincts.

Plus, this cave attachment is removable. So, this is a great option if you live in a warm area and you’re worried about your dog overheating in the summer. 

Adorn this cave with blankets and you’re all set for the winter! Or, detach the nesting roof for some extra airflow in the summers. You can style it based on your pup’s preferences and body temperature.

The bed has faux suede and sherpa lining; these cuddly fabrics will comfort your dog if they feel nervous or worried. The sherpa lining can hold on to your dog’s body heat to keep them nice and toasty in bed.

The bed is filled with a high-quality eco-friendly cotton fiber filling.

However, some helpful reviews have stated that this filling has a tendency to flatten out in the middle, so this bed isn’t suitable for larger or older dogs. 

Plus, the manufacturers have stated that you can only spot clean the outer cover. This isn’t practical for incontinent dogs or pups that aren’t fully potty trained yet. 


  • Removable cave hood- perfect as a blanket as well
  • High-quality outer fabrics
  • Low cost compared to other options


  • Lack of color options
  • Low-quality filling that flattens out with usage
  • Difficult to clean- only spot cleaning the outer surface

6. Fable Dog Bed

Fable Bed

Water-resistant outer cover

UV & Stain Resistant

Filled with crushed memory foam

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This is a fantastic choice if you want to buy an indoor/outdoor bed, because of how resistant this product is to damage. The outer cover is stain-resistant, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant.

Plus, it’s also water-resistant, not water-proof. This means that water will simply slide right off, so you don’t have to worry about staining the inner layers. 

Even though the outer cover is so heavy duty, it is still really soft & breathable; since it doesn’t feel like a plastic-coated fabric, your dog will likely love this bed!

The bed is filled with crushed memory foam, which is pretty unique for a dog bed. Crushed memory foam is much more breathable than a traditional slab of memory foam, so your dog won’t feel too hot while lounging on this bed. 

A few helpful reviews have pointed out that young puppies don’t like to use this bed because the material is tougher than what they respected. So, they have fixed the problem by laying a soft blanket on top.

Moreover, some people complained that the padding sinks down in the middle when a large dog lays down on it. For such a steep price point, a few people were upset with this flaw.


  • Water-resistant, tear-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant outer cover
  • Outer cover is still breathable & not plasticky
  • Filled with airy crushed memory foam


  • High price point
  • Outer cover is too tough for younger puppies
  • Foam sinks down in the center with overweight or large dogs

7. Furhaven Sofa Style Bed

FurHaven Plush and Suede Sofa Style Pet Bed

Multiple padding options

Supportive built-in bolsters

Good for older pets so they don’t feel left out!

Do you have a dog that loves to jump up on the couch for cuddles whenever they feel worried or anxious? This is all too common; tons of dogs find comfort on the couch because they can relax & lay their head on the sofa arms.

However, the act of jumping up onto the couch can be painful or even impossible for older dogs! This is why you should buy this sofa-style bed by Furhaven.

This bed has multiple padding options to choose from, based on your dog’s needs & preferences. 

If your priority is breathability, consider the fiber-filled pillow. For arthritic joints, the convolute orthopedic foam is the best option. If you want to make sure your pup doesn’t overheat, try out the cooling gel top foam option. 

The in-built bolsters are great for pups with mobility issues because they can provide head and neck support, just like a real sofa. Plus, your pup won’t feel left out anymore with his very own couch!

However, there were some customer complaints about the quality of the outer cover; some reviewers wrote that it is very thin & can easily be ripped up by a dedicated chewer.

Moreover, they warn against the egg crate foam option; since it’s the cheapest, it is very easy to compress & isn’t super comfortable.


  • Mini sofa so your dog has a sense of security while they are anxious
  • Multiple foam insert options to choose from, based on your needs
  • Heavy-duty & thick bolsters for joint support


  • Some beds have a low-quality outer cover
  • Certain insert options are very poor quality

8. Diggs Snooz Crate Pad

Diggs Snooz Crate Pad

Made with CertiPUR-US® memory foam

Perfect fit for the Revol Crate

Tear-resistant washable cover

If you have the Revol Crate by Diggs or a crate of the same dimensions, you should definitely consider this Snooz Crate Pad. This bed is a perfect fit for this crate, which is super convenient & also looks great.

However, even if you don’t have this kennel are you are just looking for a crate pad, this is a fantastic option. This high-quality bed is made with CertiPUR-US® memory foam, which is what’s used in human mattresses as well. 

Therefore, you know that you are getting high-quality & comfortable padding for your pup. The price of this bed is also super economical, so you don’t have to break the bank either!

The outer cover of this crate pad is tear-resistant and waterproof, which makes it a great option for younger dogs or dogs who love to chew.

Some reviews of this product have stated that the Snooz pad isn’t actually a perfect fit. In fact, it is a few inches too small in length, which means that pups can drop smaller items in the gap & not get them back. 

Also, there are only 2 pretty similar color options, which is fairly limited for such a premium product.


  • Made of human-grade memory foam
  • Low cost for a high-quality product
  • Perfectly fits the Revol Crate


  • A few inches too small for the Revol Crate in some cases
  • Limited color options

9. Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Dog Bed

Comforting Shag Outer Cover

Classic Donut Design

Filled with soft virgin AirLOFT fibers

This is one of the best options if you are looking for that classic donut shape. The circular bed with all-around bolsters is a fantastic option for animals with anxiety because it invokes a denning response and makes them feel comforted. Beds like these give them an extra sense of security & a sense of protection.

The bed cover is made of a soft & heat-trapping shag, which can keep your dog warm in the winter months. This will also make your dog much more relaxed and calm.

However, the most unique aspect of this bed is definitely the filling. This bed is filled with virgin AirLOFT fibers, which is unique to the Best Friends by Sheri brand.

These fibers are super soft & breathable. Moreover, they also allow the bed to stay in shape 3 times longer than other materials. This unique material makes this bed one of the softest options available on the market.

So, if you would really like to buy a velvety soft bed, then we recommend this low-cost option.

Some customer reviews have pointed out that the shag tends to stick together. This could lead to matting or it could mean that your dog’s toenail gets stuck in the fibers.


  • Water-resistant nylon bottom
  • Filled with soft virgin AirLOFT fibers: breathable but also maintains shape 3x longer than other materials
  • 360º Bolsters for joint support


  • Shag sticks together
  • Shag is prone to matting & clumping

10. Jespet Cave Covered Bed

Jespet Cave Covered Cat Dog Bed

Skid-proof, water-proof base

Unique cave-like design for maximum comfort

Lined with faux suede

Dogs love warm, dark, and covered spaces. It reminds them of their time in the wild, living in caves alongside humans. Therefore, this Jespet Cave covered bed will make them feel right at home!

This bed has an interesting design of a rounded dome with a small entry hole cut into it. This isn’t detachable & it’s pretty thick, so it’s more of a permanent style. This cave design keeps your dog warm & cozy, even in the winter months.

This bed has extra thick cushions which can provide some joint pain and muscle pain relief. The polyester fill will give your pup night after night of restful sleep, thanks to the breathable and airy nature of the material. 

The water-proof, non-skid bottom prevents any liquids from leaking out & also ensures that your pup won’t slip off every time he tries to climb into the bed.

Helpful reviews have highlighted how sturdy the design is and how high-quality the fabric seems. The chief complaints were about the rolling.

Since the bed is almost cylindrical in shape, it is prone to rolling when your animal gets in. This happens for a few days until the bed is fully flattened. 

While this isn’t a permanent issue, this could scare your pup into not using the bed again. Therefore, this is something to note and you may not want to introduce the bed to your pet until it is fully flattened down.


  • Unique cave design provides comfort & security
  • Extra thick polyester-filled cushions
  • Waterproof nylon non-slip bottom 


  • Not ideal for pups with joint issues because of how high the step-in is
  •  The bed is prone to rolling when it isn’t fully flattened

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Anxious?

There are tons of ways to tell if your dog is anxious.

Firstly, they could be only suffering from separation anxiety; so, they display these behaviors when you aren’t present.

Or, they may be suffering from long-term anxiety where they are excessively worried about everything in their lives.

They may also suffer from anxiety surrounding loud or sudden noises. Some dogs that have trauma may find certain noises, sounds, or behaviors very triggering and may become excessively worried about them.

Closeup Shot of a Cute Adorable Sad Looking Domestic Shih Poo

These are a few behavioral tendencies of anxious dogs.

  • Incontinence: If your dog seems like they are unable to hold its urine, then chances are they are struggling with anxiety. When you come home, do you notice urine spots in the corners of your home, even though your dog is fully potty trained? This is a telltale sign of separation anxiety, as they work themselves up to a point where they can’t hold their urine anymore.
  • Not eating: If you notice a lack of interest in food or an inability to eat, your pup may be suffering from generalized anxiety.
  • Negative Behaviors: Some dogs partake in negative behaviors when they are faced with excessive stress. These behaviors include howling, destroying furniture, barking, pacing, and shivering. No matter how much you train your dog, he will never stop barking so long as you don’t address the main issue of anxiety. The longer your dog struggles with anxiety, the more destructive these behaviorswill become.
  • Self Harm: Unfortunately, dogs can partake in self-harming behaviors if their anxiety remains unchecked for a long time. These include excessive licking, self-biting, or flank-sucking.
  • Panting & Pacing: Panting, pacing, and a generally increased heart rate are all signs of an anxious dog.
  • Changed Body Language: If you notice that your dog is always looking away from you or displaying a whale eye, then they are likely very worried at that moment. Other behaviors include licking their lips and slightly lifting one paw.

The good thing is that anxiety in dogs is much easier to treat than anxiety in humans. Simply try to find the root cause of their anxiety & reward them for facing their fears.

For example, if they have a fear of the vacuum. Bring them close to the vacuum and give your pup a treat each time he goes to explore it. 

The next day, reward him when he doesn’t bark as the vacuum is on.

You can also avoid any stimulus that will set off your dog’s anxiety. If all else fails and your dog is still struggling with heightened anxiety, then take him to a vet and see if there is a pharmacological solution.

Calming Qualities Of A Dog Bed 

a dog sleeping in a white cozy dog bed

Here are some features you should definitely look out for in a calming dog bed.

  • Soft Filling: A soft yet breathable filling, like material with quality cotton, will help alleviate joint pain & provide your dog with some extra comfort. You can also add a plush pillow or a thick blanket to the bed for complete comfort.
  • Non-skid bottom: Look for a bed with a non-skid bottom so your dog doesn’t fall while entering and exiting the bed. This can traumatize your dog and he may never want to enter the bed again.
  • Cover material: The outer fabric of the bed should be soft & comforting, like faux shag fur or suede. These fabrics will remind your pup of his mother’s fur, which will automatically bring his heart rate down & keep him relaxed.
  • Perfect Size: Although dog beds come in an array of sizes nowadays, you still need to choose the perfect size for your pup. Choosing the largest size isn’t always the best option because a medium size bed that perfectly fits your dog will be a much more cozy option than the extra-large size. The largest length of the bed should be a few inches longer than the length of your dog from nose to tail. 
  • Bolsters: Bolsters can help your dog feel surrounded & secured, and provide a snuggly spot where they feel protected. You can also look for cave-style beds for the same reason.
  • Warmth: It’s crucial to provide a warm sleeping environment to help your pup fight against anxiety. To make a cozy environment, you can use a heating pad, natural heating blankets, or use heat-trapping fabrics like fleece or shag.


In conclusion, the best option for a calming dog bed is most definitely the OXS calming dog bed. This bed is decently priced, has a durable heat-trapping fleece cover,  and 360º bolsters for the denning factor.

A close contender is probably the Furhaven Sofa Style Bed thanks to the adorable couch design, the wide range of foam insert options, and the heavy-duty “sofa arm” bolsters.

if you have any other cool & calming dog bed ideas, please leave a comment down below. Share this list with other pet parents to help our pets fight against anxiety.

Thanks for reading!

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