Best Dog Crate Covers – Insulated, Soundproof & Waterproof Options

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If you use a wire dog crate, you’ll need the best dog crate cover you can find.

Wire crates leave your dog exposed on all sides. So although that’s excellent for ventilation, it can leave your dog feeling insecure indoors and open to the elements outside.

So, what’s the solution?

We recommend that you protect your furry friend using a dog kennel cover rather than simply covering the crate with a blanket. 

Read this guide to discover the best insulated, soundproof, and waterproof small and large dog crate cover options.

Here Our Top Pics For The Best Dog Crate Covers

1. Explore Land Dog Crate CoverBest-Seller

2. Midwest Quiet Time  Gray Crate CoverBest Value Dog Crate Cover

3. Kefit Durable Dog Crate CoverIdeal For Outdoor Use

4. ArcticShield Insulated Kennel CoverExcellent Value

5. Precision Pet Products Crate CoverAmazon Best-seller


Explore Land Dog Crate Cover Durable e1639215206564


Explore Land Dog Crate Cover


  • Fits multiple crate sizes
  • 600D polyester Oxford
  • Windproof 


MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover e1639215239158


Midwest Crate Cover


  • Inexpensive crate cover
  • Machine washable
  • Range of sizes
Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover e1639215429355


Mud River Insulated Crate Cover


  • Designed for outdoor dog sports
  • Insulated sport travel crate cover
  • Includes multiple storage pockets
ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover


ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Weatherproof but well-ventilated
  • Excellent quality materials
Dog Crate Cover on Pretty Pink e1639215178802


Pretty Pink Dog Crate Cover


  • Customizable nameplate feature
  • Washable
  • Various sizes available

5 Best Dog Crate Covers

Here are five of my favorite dog crate covers that will keep your canine companion cozy, dry, and sheltered when he’s spending time in his crate.

1. Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover Durable e1639215206564

Fits multiple crate sizes, including XL dog crates

600D durable polyester material


The Explore Land Dog Crate Cover is specially designed to fit standard-sized crates of all sizes and is a favorite with many pet parents.

This durable polyester material crate cover can accommodate dual-door crates and is available in practical black, light tan, and gray colors. This crate cover is made from a strong, windproof 600D polyester Oxford fabric and features a top zipper, so you can move the crate without needing to take off the cover.

For security and safety, the cover has four toggles attached to the bottom of the cover that attaches it to your dog’s crate, preventing a puppy from grabbing the fabric and keeping the cover securely anchored if used outside on a windy day. Good ventilation is assured thanks to the mesh window and roller shades that allow you to shield your dog from the sun on hot days.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Choice of colors
  • Windproof and fixes securely to the crate via toggles
  • Comes in various sizes to fit most wire crates
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not machine-washable

2. Midwest Quiet Time Gray Crate Cover

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover e1639215239158

Affordable crate cover


Range of sizes

f you want an affordable, decent-quality pet crate cover with a definite sense of style, this offering from Midwest is one of the best-selling products on the market.

I love the fact that the patterned version of this high-quality cover includes integrated stain protection, and the cover is machine washable for easy cleanup. The cover fits standard dog crates measuring 22 to 48 inches, so you’re sure to find one that fits your dog’s crate.

The Midwest pet crate cover features Velcro fastening side panels that can be rolled up for additional ventilation or to allow your dog to look out at his surroundings.


  • Comes in six sizes
  • Suitable for double-door crates
  • Machine washable on a delicate cycle
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not resistant to chewers

3. Kefit Durable Dog Crate Cover

Kefit Durable Dog Crate Cover

Waterproof and UV-protection

Available in six sizes

Wipe clean

This excellent waterproof crate cover is made from water-resistant material to keep your pup dry and sheltered on damp days. The cover features an anti-UV coating to protect your dog from strong sunlight on days when he’s outside in his crate.

The windproof material has an entrance flap on each side linked to a zipper that you can open to accommodate a kennel with double crate doors. A side breathable mesh window ensures plenty of ventilation and airflow through the crate, and the cover has side flaps that you can roll up. You secure the crate cover to the crate with elastic toggles that keep it firmly held in place.

The durable fabric is easy to clean by simply wiping away muck and dirt with a damp cloth.


  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Stylish design
  • Elastic toggle fitting system


  • Not machine washable

4. ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

Specialist dog crate cover for outdoor use

Weatherproof and well-ventilated

Excellent quality materials

This durable crate cover is made from waterproof, well-insulated material that protects your pet from cold winds when you’re out in the field. We love the cool camouflage pattern and patented ArcticShield material that’s made to retain your sporting breed dog’s body heat.

Although the material is wind-resistant, one essential feature of this excellent crate cover is that you can utilize the zippered mesh windows to ensure adequate ventilation for your pet. The cover fits snugly over the crate by sliding straight over the top so that the opening is on the underside.

This superb kennel cover has carrying handles so you can lift your dog’s crate without fear of damaging the cover. This type of cover has four D-rings that you can use to tie down the cover on blowy days, ensuring that the crate is insulated and warm for your dog.

Three adjustable straps keep the cover securely held in place, and the quick-detach buckles enable you to remove the cover quickly in an emergency. When additional ventilation is required, you can roll up the main door covering and secure it with toggles and loops.


  • Heavy-duty, water-resistant material
  • Lots of handy extra features
  • Fully insulated to keep your hunting companion warm and cozy on cold, wet days
  • Carrying handles ensure easy portability
  • Roll-up panels give plenty of ventilation to keep the crate cool on hot days


  • Not machine washable
  • Limited range of sizes

5. Precision Pet Products Crate Cover

Precision Pet Products Crate Cover

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Affordable price

Easy on/off design

Give your dog a sense of security by fitting this excellent pet crate cover from Precision Pet Products to your pet’s crate.

The versatile, attractive design ensures a smart, tailored fit, and the easy on/off fitting system is quick and simple to use. When used outdoors, the cover’s heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon canvas material provides extra security and protection for your pet and a degree of soundproofing.

Excellent ventilation to keep the crate cool is assured by the cover’s roll-up windows and doors, and the back zipper makes it simple and quick to remove a cleanup pan from the crate without the need to remove the cover.


  • Heavyweight water-resistant canvas material
  • Good for outdoor and indoor use
  • Roll-up windows and doors provide excellent ventilation


  • Not machine washable

Why Use a Dog Crate Cover?

Your dog’s crate should contain a comfy, cozy dog bed or crate pad, as well as plenty of toys to keep a puppy amused during times when he’s confined to his crate.

Even the best dog crates can benefit from a dog crate cover. There are several reasons why you should consider using a dog crate cover for a standard crate.

  • A covered crate with an insulated cover can help to prevent anxiety by reducing visual and olfactory stimuli that could excite, upset, or stress your dog.
  • Covering your dog’s crate helps to prevent drafts, keeping your furry friend warmer at night and in chilly weather.
  • If you use a wire dog crate outside, you’ll need a waterproof cover to provide your pet with extra protection from showers and squalls.
  • A covered crate can help to prevent your dog from becoming overexcited or upset when traveling in your vehicle.
  • Dog crate covers are available in various colors and stylish patterns that you can use to disguise an ugly crate in your living area.

Using an old blanket to cover your dog’s crate is not a good idea. Dogs can choke if they grab a trailing blanket edge and drag it into the crate to play with or chew.

Are Dog Crate Covers Safe?

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover Features e1639220325677

Provided you use a properly fitted or custom crate cover, dog crate covers are safe.

However, there are a few essential guidelines you should follow to ensure crate cover safety:

  • We recommend that you never wholly cover your dog’s crate. Good ventilation is essential for your dog’s well-being and comfort, so whatever type of crate cover you choose, it must not completely seal the crate.
  • Ensure that the crate cover is not directly exposed to heat sources that could pose a risk of fire.
  • Include a water bottle or bowl in your dog’s crate so that he doesn’t get thirsty and dehydrated.

If your puppy is teething or you have a confirmed crate mat chewer, ensure that the crate cover is firmly anchored and out of your pet’s reach. A loose crate cover can pose a risk of choking if your pet gets hold of it.

What Makes a Good Dog Crate Cover?

So, what makes a suitable dog crate cover?

Excellent Fit

Most of the proper crate covers you find in your local pet store are designed to fit a standard dog crate. That means you can usually buy a suitable cover “off the shelf” rather than having one custom-made.

You can use most of the commercially available covers to cover a crate with a puppy divider panel fitted, and most will accommodate the doors on most crates.

However, if you build a crate from a kit or design your own, you might need to have your crate cover made to measure.


Kefit Durable Dog Crate Cover

As previously mentioned, your dog’s crate must have proper ventilation, so you need a cover made from breathable material. Ideally, the cover should feature mesh material ventilation windows that you can have closed or open.

Easy to Clean

No matter how careful you are, crate covers can get grubby, and they tend to soak up stinky doggy odors, too. So, an important consideration when choosing a cover is cleanability.

Ideally, you want a cover that you can pop into your washing machine when necessary. However, if the cover isn’t machine washable, you can buy a spray Teflon fabric protector that will help to protect your purchase from daily muck and grime.

If you pick a cover made from waterproof material, you should be able to hose it off quickly. Don’t wash the cover using detergent, as that would strip away any waterproofing chemicals from the fabric.


Dog crate covers don’t come cheap, so you must choose one made from durable material that will last.

I always apply the old maxim “buy cheap, buy twice” when purchasing anything for my dog. It almost always pays to spend a little bit more on a high-quality piece of kit rather than skimping to save a few bucks and finishing up having to replace the item a few months later.


In this part of our guide to the best dog crate covers, we answer a few of the most commonly asked questions by pet parents about pet crate covers and how to use them.

Q: Should I cover my dog’s crate completely at night?

Crated Dog

 A: When you go to bed at night, you want a peaceful night’s sleep, undisturbed by your canine companion. By covering your dog’s crate, you muffle sounds that might wake your pet.

Some puppies prefer to have the whole crate covered, whereas others prefer at least one side of the crate left open, so they don’t feel trapped or isolated.

Q: Do dogs like having their crate covered?

A: Not all dogs appreciate having their crates covered. In fact, for some, a cover might cause more fear than relief. My dog prefers to have her crate partly covered so that she knows I’m still around, which is a common issue for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

If your dog becomes aggressive or shows signs of anxiety when his crate is covered, a cover might not be suitable for your pet.

Q: When should I not cover my dog’s crate?

A: There are a few occasions when you should avoid covering your pet’s crate. 

If your dog is sick or recuperting from surgery, it’s probably best to leave the crate uncovered. In those circumstances, you’ll want to keep an eye on your pet without disturbing him, and you definitely don’t want your beloved pup overheating.

That said, keeping the crate partially covered can prevent feelings of anxiety, give your dog a sense of security, and keep drafts at bay.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to choosing the best insulated, waterproof, and soundproof dog covers? If you found the information we provided to be helpful, please share the article before you head off to buy one of the crate covers we recommended!

My favorite crate cover is the Midwest Quiet Time Defender Cover. I love the fact that the poly-cotton cover is machine-washable, is relatively inexpensive to buy, and comes in a range of sizes to fit most standard wire dog crates. There’s also a handy option to choose a solid pattern that’s already treated with stain protection and water-resistant coating. 

The cover is versatile, easy to fit, well-ventilated, and suitable for use with single-door and double-door crates.

What dog crate cover did you buy for your furry friend? Tell us in the comments box below.

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