Best Dog Crate Covers – Washable, Breathable, Waterproof Options

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Your dog’s crate should be a cozy den in which he can feel safe and snug. However, if you use a wire dog crate, your dog will be exposed on all sides. Although that’s excellent news for airflow and ventilation, it’s not so good for creating that den-like experience that your dog needs. 

So, if you use a wire dog crate, you’ll need a crate cover. Crate covers don’t have to be purely functional either. You can get attractive, stylish crate covers that turn your dog’s crate into a palace fit for a king!

Read this guide to discover the best dog crate covers on the market.

Comparison Table of The 5 Best Dog Crate Covers


Explore Land Dog Crate Cover Durable e1639215206564


Explore Land Dog Crate Cover


  • Fits multiple crate sizes
  • 600D polyester Oxford
  • Windproof 


MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover e1639215239158


Midwest Crate Cover


  • Inexpensive crate cover
  • Machine washable
  • Range of sizes
Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover e1639215429355


Mud River Insulated Crate Cover


  • Designed for outdoor dog sports
  • Insulated sport travel crate cover
  • Includes multiple storage pockets
ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover


ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Weatherproof but well-ventilated
  • Excellent quality materials
Dog Crate Cover on Pretty Pink e1639215178802


Pretty Pink Dog Crate Cover


  • Customizable nameplate feature
  • Washable
  • Various sizes available

What’s A Dog Crate Cover

A dog crate cover is basically a piece of fabric that’s designed to fit over a wire dog crate. You can use a dog crate cover for training your dog, for travel safety, during recovery from illness or surgery, and to offer comfort to your dog during stressful times.

Although you can use a blanket, a proper crate cover is the best choice.

Should I Cover My Dog’s Crate?

Dogs are natural den animals that settle best in a dark, enclosed space. So, if your dog needs rest or a place of security, he will naturally seek out that kind of environment.

By fitting a metal dog crate with a cover or placing a blanket over it, you’re creating that natural den-like place that your furry friend craves. A covered crate reduces anxiety by reducing visual stimuli, which can also prevent unwanted behaviors, including barking and overexcitement.

If you place a cover over your dog’s crate at night, that can be a clear signal that it’s time to settle down and rest for the night. When the cover is removed or folded back, your dog might take that as a signal to play. Covered crates can also help an anxious traveler to relax while out on the road with you.

How Do I Acclimate My Dog To A Covered Crate?

The best way to introduce your dog to having his crate covered is to take things slowly and gradually. If you’ve done your crate training properly, your dog should appreciate the added layer of security that you’ve added to his safe space. 

However, you must never cover the crate as a form of punishment. The crate cover should transform an exposed crate into a cozy space where your pet wants to be.

  • Cover the top of the crate with a blanket. Tuck up the sides of the draped blanket so that the sides of the crate are left open.
  • Let your dog enter the partially covered crate of his own accord and gradually increase the duration of the time he spends inside.
  • After a few days, lower the blanket on one side of the crate.
  • When your dog accepts that, lower the fabric on the other side, too.
  • Once your pet is happy to enter the crate with both sides covered, lower the cover over the third side to create a dark space where your dog can confidently chill out.

Be sure to praise your dog for his good behavior! Be consistent in your approach to training your dog to accept the crate cover, and don’t leave him unattended until he’s used to the covered crate.

Be prepared to remove the cover if your dog begins to chew or bite it.

Is It Safe To Cover My Dog’s Crate?

Covering your dog’s crate is a safe way to create an enjoyable space for your pet, as long as you follow a few important guidelines: 

  • Never completely cover the crate, as that can prevent adequate ventilation.
  • Keep the covering away from heat sources.
  • Make sure that the fabric is breathable to provide proper ventilation for the crate.
  • Avoid knitted blankets that might unravel or snag.
  • Check that the crate is not too hot for your dog, especially if you have a flat-faced breed that’s susceptible to overheating and add extra ventilation if necessary
  • Include a water bottle or bowl in your dog’s crate so that he doesn’t get thirsty and dehydrated.

All puppies go through a phase of teething that can lead to chewing, typically between four and eight months of age. During that time, your puppy might chew or damage any bedding and blankets that are within reach. If you think your furry friend might chew the crate cover, make sure that you secure it.

What Features To Look For In A Dog Crate Cover

There are a few crate cover options that you can consider. But whatever crate model or crate manufacturer you choose, there are a few crucial things to look for.


MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover Features e1639220325677

The material that’s used to create the cover should be easy to clean. Ideally, you want a crate cover that can be washed in your washing machine without the danger of shrinkage. However, many outdoor covers are weatherproof, so you can only hose them down to clean them, as using detergent would remove the waterproofing treatment from the material.

If you live in a region where you experience cold weather and harsh weather conditions, if your dog lives outside for much of the time, or if you take part in outdoor sports with your dog, such as hunting, you’ll need a special kind of crate cover that copes with chilly weather. Features you’ll need in an outdoor crate cover include weatherproofing, insulation, and extra ventilation for days when the weather is warm.


A crate handle is useful if you want to transport your dog in his crate without having to remove the cage cover.

If you intend to use the crate indoors, you’ll most likely want a crate cover that matches or blends with your interior decor scheme. Again, fitted crate covers for indoor use should have plenty of ventilation to ensure proper airflow during the summer months.

Some dogs are very sensitive to sounds, such as traffic, household appliances, thunderstorms, and fireworks. In that case, you want a thick crate cover that helps to dampen those sounds, helping to keep your dog calm and relaxed in his crate at night.

My Dog Hates His Crate Cover – What Can I Do?

Sad dog behind the bars of her crate

Although most dogs appreciate the sanctuary a crate cover creates, some don’t like having their crate covered. In fact, some dogs can become quite upset if you cover their crate.

So, what can you do if your dog hates his new crate cover?

Watch your dog carefully for any signs of anxiety when you begin using a crate cover. Some dogs can become frightened when you place a cover over their crate, especially if you have adopted an adult dog from a shelter or you have a puppy that’s been rescued from a puppy mill. If your dog appears to be stressed, shaking, or aggressive, remove the cover, and begin gradually acclimating him to the cover again, as described above. 

You might find that leaving the crate uncovered works best for your pet, in which case, don’t force the issue.

What To Look For In A Good Dog Crate Cover

When choosing a dog crate cover, there are a few important things that you need to consider, particularly safety and functionality. In other words, will the crate cover do what you want it to do, and will it maintain a safe place for your dog to spend his time? 

So, think about what you want your new crate cover to achieve for you and your pet. 


Mud River Insulated Cover e1639223197832

Do you want the crate cover to provide insulation for your pet? If you live in a cold climate, you might want the crate cover to help to keep your dog warm, providing the ultimate comfort space on freezing nights. 

A Cozy Den

Do you want the crate cover to create a snug, den-like space where your dog can feel safe and secure?

A Quiet Space

Many dogs become stressed and upset by the sound of thunder or fireworks. Do you want your crate cover to cut out or dampen down the sounds that might distress your dog?

Home Or Away?

Do you intend to use your crate cover solely in your home, or do you want to use the cover when transporting your dog, too? In that case, you’ll need a crate cover that’s specifically built with carrying handles for easy of portability and possible a foam bumper. 

The Great Outdoors

If you intend to use your dog crate outside, you’ll need a crate cover that’s weatherproof, wind-proof, and insulated so that your dog stays warm and dry.

General Features

Whatever you want your dog crate cover to do, there are a few essential features to look out for when choosing one.

A Good Fit

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover Features e1639223771812

Most dog crate covers are designed to fit standard size dog crates and include loop tabs to help secure the cover. That’s handy as it means you can simply buy a cover and slide it onto your pet’s kennel without having to worry that the cover will be too big or small. Also, most covers can still be used if you have a puppy divider crate panel fitted in the crate and will accommodate the crate doors in most crate setups.

However, if you have a custom-built crate or one that’s not a standard size, you’ll need to have a crate cover made to measure, and there are some especially-designed dog crate covers to fit outsize crates, including front-, side-, or rear-entry crates.

Alternatively, you could just use a blanket as a handy DIY crate cover, provided that your dog isn’t likely to grab the fabric and drag the blanket off the crate. Just be sure to read about the safety of covering a crate with a blanket.


The importance of good ventilation in your dog’s crate cannot be overstressed! Although you want your furry friend to be cozy and warm, you definitely don’t want him to overheat, as that’s a potentially very serious situation.

Choose a fabric that’s breathable and a crate cover that is designed with mesh ventilation windows that you can have open or closed. On warm days, be sure to have the windows open or remove the cover altogether if you’re concerned that your dog might get too warm.

Easy To Clean

Accidents happen, and dog crates can quickly soak up that musty, stale aroma of dog that quickly permeates your whole home. So, when choosing a dog crate cover, always go for a machine-washable crate cover that can be cleaned on a delicate cycle or cool setting.

Outdoor covers usually need a quick hose down rather than using a detergent that would strip out any waterproofing from the fabric.


Dog crate covers are not a cheap purchase, so you want one that will last you a while. Also, a lightweight cover that’s made from poor quality fabric could quickly be destroyed by a chewer, potentially resulting in a hefty vet’s bill.

So, look for a decent quality dog crate that’s made from sturdy fabric, such as cotton canvas.

5 Best Dog Crate Covers

Your dog needs a cozy crate in which he can chill out and feel safe and secure. Here are some of our favorite dog crate covers that will make your dog crate into a snug home for your furry friend.

1. Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover Durable e1639215206564

Fits multiple crate sizes

600D polyester Oxford


The Explore Land dog crate cover for metal crates comes in a wide range of sizes to fit most wire dog crates. The crate cover has a two-door panel design and comes in three color choices, being gray, black, and light tan. 

This affordable crate cover is made from strong 600D polyester Oxford fabric that’s treated to make it windproof, too. While the cover is fitted to the crate, you can still remove the divider panel and slide out the plastic waste tray for cleaning. Also, there’s a top zipper that enables you to move the crate without having to remove the cover.

There are four toggles fitted to the bottom of the cover that allows you to clip the cover to the crate so that it doesn’t come off in the wind or if your dog grabs the fabric and chews it. For ventilation, there’s a mesh window with roller shades so that you can block out the sun when necessary.

The door zipper is well-made and operates smoothly, and all the stitching on the cover is robust and won’t come apart. 


  • Well-made and durable
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Windproof design
  • Comes in multiple sizes to fit most wire crates
  • Excellent ventilation provided by mesh window


  • Not washable

2. Midwest Crate Cover

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover e1639215239158

Inexpensive crate cover

Machine washable

Range of sizes

If you want a basic, budget crate cover, the Midwest crate cover is an excellent choice for you. You can choose from two kinds of fabric; solid black polyester and a poly-cotton blend that comes in a solid gray and two patterns. The latter comes with stain protection. 

The Midwest crate cover is available in six sizes, ranging from 22 to 48 inches, so you should be able to find something here that fits your dog’s crate. The design enables you to use these covers on both the side and front doors of double-door crate design. For easy cleaning, this crate cover is machine washable. In case of shrinkage, we recommend that you air-dry the covers.

The side panels are held shut by Velcro, which you can roll up and fasten when your dog needs a room with a view or on warm days when you need good ventilation.


  • Comes in six sizes
  • Can be used on double-door crates
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Side panels can be rolled up to provide your dog with a view


  • Not resistant to chewers

3. Mud River Insulated Crate

Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover e1639215429355

Designed for outdoor dog sports

Insulated sport travel crate cover

Includes multiple storage pockets

If you love to spend time in the Great Outdoors with your canine companion, you’ll need a heavy-duty crate cover that keeps the weather out. 

This crate cover from Mud River is specifically made for those who enjoy outdoor sports, such as hunting, where Fido goes along too. These covers for travel crates are fully insulated and is designed to reflect and retain the dog’s body heat. To prevent your dog from getting too hot, the cover features side flaps that you can open to increase the airflow through the crate.

The heavy-duty protective dog crate cover features multiple storage pockets on the outside for treats, poop bags, water bottles, etc., and there are two carrying handles for easy portability.

The main downside to this high-quality travel crate cover is that it is only available in a limited range of four sizes ranging from 32 to 40 inches since the cover is designed to be used with sporting breeds. Also, the cover is not machine washable, although you can spray it with a hose to clean it if necessary.


  • Ideal crate cover for outdoor use
  • Good ventilation and insulation to keep your dog warm
  • Insulated waterproof fabric
  • Plenty of storage pockets included on the outside of the cover
  • Includes two carrying handles for easy portability


  • Not machine washable
  • Limited range of sizes available

4. ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

Designed for outdoor use

Weatherproof but well-ventilated

Excellent quality materials

The ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover is another high-quality crate cover that’s designed with the outdoorsman and his canine companion in mind.

The kennel cover is made from insulated, waterproof fabric and is wind-resistant. The cool camouflage pattern fabric cover is made from patented ArcticShield material that retains the dog’s body heat, and the attractive camouflage pattern is perfect for a sporting breed’s crate.

For excellent ventilation when required, there are zippered mesh windows included in the design. To fit the cover, simply slide it over the top of the crate so that the opening is on the underside. The durable fabric used to create this practical cover is very strong, and the carrying handles are sturdy enough for you to lift the kennel without risk of damage. There are four D-rings fitted to the cover, enabling you to tie down the cover on windy days.

The cover has three adjustable straps to secure it in place, while quick-detach buckles allow you to remove the cover quickly in an emergency. The main door has a zip fastening and can be rolled up and secured with elastic/toggles and loops, providing ample ventilation for your dog.


  • Heavy-duty, water-resistant fabrics
  • 100% customer satisfaction warranty
  • Fully insulated to keep your dog warm on cold, wet days
  • Handles for convenient portability
  • Lots of ventilation via 100% cotton roll-up entrance


  • Not machine washable
  • Limited range of sizes

5. Pretty Pink Dog Crate Cover

Dog Crate Cover on Pretty Pink e1639215178802

Customizable nameplate feature


Various sizes available

If you’re looking for a cute crate cover that’s ideal for transforming a plain, wire dog crate into a pretty, pink doggy house, this design is exactly what you want!

This crate cover is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate most wire crates. For easy cleaning, you can machine wash the crate cover on a cool wash. Since the cover is made from cotton, you can’t use a hot wash cycle, or the fabric will shrink. Kids love these gorgeous handmade covers that are crated with love in the USA.

The main downside to this crate cover is that it’s not chew-proof, so we don’t recommend that you use this crate cover for a very young puppy’s kennel or for dogs that are notorious chewers. If you have a crate with a divider, the good news is that you can still use the cover with the divider in situ.


  • Handmade, beautiful pink cover
  • Machine washable at low temperatures
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Ideal gift for a junior dog owner
  • Wide range of sizes available


  • Only suitable for indoor use

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best five dog crate covers that are currently on the market. If you did, please share our guide with other dog owners.

Our favorite dog crate cover is the offering from Midwest. This attractive dog crate cover comes in a wide range of different sizes to suit most wire crates. The machine-washable poly-cotton cover is relatively inexpensive and comes in two designs, one of which has stain protection treatment applied. The versatile, well-ventilated cover is designed so that you can use both the front and side doors on double-door crates.

What dog crate cover did you choose for your pampered pup? Tell us in the comments box below.

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