Best Dog Crate Furniture And End Tables

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When it comes to dog crates, you’ll find many different types and styles on today’s market. Whether you want an expandable crate with a puppy divider, one that can be used for travel, something collapsible for easy storage, or a set of stackable dog crates, there’s something to suit most people’s needs.

However, dog crates don’t need to be ugly and only for your pet! Did you know that you can buy stylish dog crates that can double as attractive pieces of furniture, too?

Read this guide to discover the best dog crate furniture and end tables that are both functional and stylish.

Comparison Table of the 5 Best Dog Crate Furniture and End Tables


Fable Dog Crate


Fable Dog Crate


  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Space-saving, functional design
  • High-quality materials for longevity


Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza


Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit


  • Sturdy locks
  • Attractive credenza-style design
  • Removable lid
Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate


Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate


  • Metal enclosure bars are made to withstand a chewing puppy
  • Sturdy wooden pet crate doubles as an elegant side table
KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate


KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Collapsible
  • Wooden end table design
DWANTON Dog Crate Table


DWANTON Dog Crate Table


  • Particleboard and wire construction
  • Double door design & Adjustable feet
  • Great ventilation and view

5 Best Dog Crate Furniture And End Tables

If you have an apartment or a small home, you’ll love this selection of seven attractive, space-saving dog crates that can double as useful pieces of furniture. Here are our crate end table reviews to help you choose the best one for your canine companion.

1. Fable Dog Crate

Fable Dog Crate

Sturdy locks

Attractive credenza-style design

Removable lid

The Fable dog crate is an excellent choice for apartments and small homes, offering a practical, attractive alternative to ugly traditional wire mesh crates.

The crate provides your dog with a cozy, comfortable private space where he can chill out after a busy day at the dog park. In addition, the crate can be used as a functional piece of furniture for your home, doubling as an end or side table.

Unlike metal dog crates, this stylish offering from Fable Pets won’t make an annoying rattling noise when your dog moves around inside. So, you’ll no longer have to turn up the TV volume to compete with your fidgeting pet!

The Fable crate is handmade using smooth, curved wood and features an acrylic or metal gate that provides excellent ventilation and enables your dog to enjoy a great view of the room. That’s a huge plus point for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and allows you to keep an eye on your furry friend. In addition, the door slides seamlessly into the top of the crate when not in use.

Thanks to the crate’s neat rubber feet, your floors stay protected and free from damage, and your pet is elevated away from a cold tile floor.


  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Space-saving, functional design
  • High-quality materials for longevity
  • Doubles as an attractive end, side, or night table
  • Rubber feet protect your floors and keep your dog off cold flooring


  • Not collapsible
  • Expensive

2. Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Sturdy locks

Attractive credenza-style design

Removable lid

If you’re looking for a stylish, functional crate for display and practical purposes, which will fit well with a traditional, rustic home decoration theme, this stylish credenza-style crate is exactly what you need.

The crate is built with a metallic gray frame and has metal grilles that ensure excellent ventilation for your dog. You can use this crate as a side table or media console, as well as an airy, roomy home for your pet. There’s little danger of your furry friend escaping, thanks to the lid and sturdy locks, and on warm days, you can remove the lid to keep your dog comfortable, making this crate ideal for use in warm climates.

As an added bonus, you get two crate pads included in the deal so that you know your dog is comfortable and warm in this beautiful den-like crate.


  • Attractive crate that doubles as a media console or side table
  • Good ventilation and removable lid
  • Sturdy locks for security keep your pet confined
  • Beautiful, credenza-style design


  • Not collapsible or foldable

3. DWANTON Dog Crate Table

DWANTON Dog Crate Table

Particleboard and wire construction

Double door design & Adjustable feet

Great ventilation and view

The DWANTON Dog Crate Table is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used as a side or end table or a nightstand, as well as providing a comfy home for your dog. The crate has a wide table top, so you have plenty of space for small items, such as plants, lamps, picture frames, etc.

This beautiful end table crate has double doors and adjustable feet, so you can be confident that your dog can enter and exit the crate without tripping or bumping himself. The wire and particleboard construction is chew-resistant and durable. Thanks to the wire mesh component, the crate has excellent ventilation and gives your pet a clear view of his surroundings, while enabling you to watch him.

To clean the crate, simply wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth, and there’s a lockable gate to keep your dog securely inside.


  • Double doors for easy entry and exit
  • Attractive and practical crate for owners
  • Built to resist chewers
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Makes an excellent durable end table crate, nightstand, or side table


  • Not collapsible or foldable so bulky to store
  • Only available in large sizes

4. KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

Available in multiple colors


Wooden end table design

The KindTail Pawd Design Dog Crate is quite unusual for a wooden dog crate in that it is also fully collapsible. That means you can store the crate conveniently when it’s not in use without taking up too much space.

The lovely design of this affordable piece attractive patterned openings on the sides that not only look stylish but allow you to keep an eye on your dog and provide him with plenty of airflow so that your pet keeps cool.  

This stylish crate is available in several colors, so it will blend perfectly with most living room designs and decor schemes as a chic statement piece. The elegant piece of furniture has a door that’s designed to remain open, and there’s also an integrated handle for easy portability.


  • Beautiful design is collapsible for easy storage
  • Convenient end table design
  • Designed with an integrated carrying handle for hassle-free portability
  • Lightweight and well-made
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not suitable for small dogs

5. Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate

Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate

Metal enclosure bars are made to withstand a chewing puppy

Sturdy wooden pet crate doubles as an elegant side table, end table or nightstand

3 hooks for hanging leashes, outdoor gear and more

The Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture Elegant End Table Dog Crate is a beautiful piece of modern dog crate furniture that can add style and functionality to your home, as well as provide a lovely, snug den for your dog.

You can use the wooden crate as a nightstand, end table, or side table that looks great and is sure to be a conversation starter when you entertain visitors. The crate’s elegant design incorporates a wide top that easily accommodates a picture frame, lamp, or other odds and ends. Also, there’s a handy drawer to hold magazines, treats, etc. For your dog’s comfort, the deal includes a soft cushion that you can remove for easy cleanup.

Unlike many other wooden furniture style crates, this stylish design of kennel has reinforced metal bars that allow for good ventilation while being resistant to puppy teeth.


  • Metal bars discourage puppies and dogs that chew
  • Elegant, attractive dog crate for use as an end table or side table
  • Handy hooks for leashes and other items
  • Double door design 
  • Secure latch keeps your pet contained
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Doesn’t have wheels for easy portability

What Kind Of Dogs Are Suitable For Dog Crate Furniture?

Although essential pieces of dog equipment, regular metal dog crates are not the most attractive piece of furniture that you can have in your home. However, since most dog owners use a crate to confine their dog when necessary and for potty training puppies, you might want to choose an alternative.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are lots of different kinds of dog crates for different purposes, but what about an attractive crate that looks like a piece of furniture? Well, you can buy dog crates that resemble end tables, side tables, and nightstands. Those handsome pieces look much better in a living room or bedroom than a plain, wire or plastic crate and they’re brilliant space savers, too. 

But are those kinds of crates a good fit for every dog?

Is A Dog Crate End Table Suitable For A Large Dog?

Generally, dog furniture crates are better suited to small or medium-sized dogs. Unfortunately, large, aggressive dogs tend to bite and chew their way out of these kinds of crates. So, unless you have a gentle dog that doesn’t chew, furniture crates might not be the best choice for you.

Also, many dog crate furniture and end tables only come in small or medium sizes, so you might not be able to find anything big enough to accommodate a very large pup.

What About Size?

a dog inside Frisco Venice Dog Crate

Unlike many wire dog crates that can be adjusted to fit the size of your dog by using a divider, most dog crate furniture can’t be altered. So, it’s essential that you choose the correct size of a crate for your dog.

You want the crate to provide a comfortable, den-like experience for your pet. Your dog must feel safe and secure when he’s inside his crate, and it should be a place where he wants to be.

If the crate doesn’t include a bed or mat, you need to buy one so that your pet has something comfy to rest on. Even more crucially, the crate must the correct size for your dog.

As a basic guide, your dog must be:

  • Large enough for your dog to stand up without his head or ears touching the top of the crate
  • Large enough for your dog to be able to lie down flat
  • Large enough for your dog to be able to sit up
  • Spacious enough for your dog to be able to turn around without bumping into the crate walls or getting stuck

You also need to check the crate’s weight capacity to ensure that it will safely and comfortable take your dog’s weight.

Dog Crate Furniture: Pros And Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to dog crate furniture. It’s really just a matter of reviewing the pros and cons of this kind of dog crate and deciding whether a dog crate end table would be the best choice for you.


Looking Good!

The biggest plus point of dog crate furniture is that it looks good in your home. A plastic or metal crate just doesn’t blend into a room as well as a piece of dog crate furniture. Most dog crate end tables are made from pine wood or rattan, both of which are natural materials that can enhance the look of your home and make a fantastic piece of useful furniture. 

DWANTON Dog Crate Table Furniture

Also, there’s a choice of material, including eco-friendly material, such as wood or natural rattan, which could be important for ou if you’re eco-conscious.

Ideal For Well-Trained Dogs

If you have a mature dog that’s well-trained and can be trusted not to chew or bite his crate, an end table dog crate can make a very comfortable home for your pet.


A well-made dog crate can be used as an attractive end table, console table, or nightstand, saving you lots of valuable floor space and making a smart choice for an apartment or small home.

Part Of The Pack

Since the crate works as a stylish piece of furniture, you can place it in areas where your family and friends gather without spoiling the look of your home. Dogs love to be around their human pack, and a dog crate end table can enable your dog to be a part of your family providing better socialization for your pet.

A Den-Like Experience

Wooden dog crate furniture tends to provide a very enclosed structure, offering your dog privacy and more closely replicating that den-like experience that every dog loves.


Unfortunately, there are a few notable downsides to choosing dog crate furniture for your pet.

Unsuitable For Crate Training

Sad dog behind the bars of her crate

Generally, dog crate furniture is not suitable for crate training a puppy or a rescue dog from a shelter.

Some dogs find the enclosed environment of a furniture crate stressful since they can’t see out of the crate as easily as they can in a traditional wire crate. That can lead to biting, chewing, and even deliberate soiling of the crate.

Also, most dog crate furniture doesn’t come with a divider panel, making these crates unsuitable for potty training a puppy.

Not Suitable For Dogs That Chew

Since most dog furniture crate side tables are wooden, they are generally not a good choice for aggressive chewers.

Difficult To Keep The Crate Clean

In our experience with crates, wood can be difficult to keep clean. If your dog has an accident in his crate, the urine can soak into the wood, leading to a lingering smell that can be hard to shift.

Also, that familiar doggy odor gets deep into porous wood and has a tendency to stay there in your kennel dog crate for good, especially on warm, muggy days.


Since dog crate furniture is designed to be attractive, stylish, and multifunctional, it’s also generally more expensive. For that reason, you need to be sure that your dog won’t damage the crate or outgrow it, or you could be faced with the expensive outlay of replacing the crate.

If you have a puppy or a dog that’s still growing, buying a cheap dog crate for the first few months and then replacing it with a chic wood-style crate might be the best way to go.  

How To Choose Dog Crate Furniture

Now that you’ve decided to choose a piece of dog crate furniture for your dog, you’ll need to know what features and qualities to look for in furniture crates.

Built To Last

Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate

Dog crates in general are quite an expensive investment, and wooden dog crate furniture can be pretty pricey.

For that reason, you need to select a crate that maximizes your investment. Make sure that the crate you choose will last your dog a lifetime. If you have a young dog, will the crate be large enough for him when he’s fully grown? If your dog is getting on in years, will the crate be comfortable for him to rest in and get in and out of when he’s old and feeling the effects of arthritis or other joint conditions?

Not Suitable For Travel

Although some models do have wheels for easier portability, dog crate furniture is generally too heavy and bulky to double as a travel crate. If you want to use your crate to transport your pet, always look for a dedicated travel crate rather than one that doubles as a piece of furniture.

What Materials To Choose?

Generally, metal crates last longer than plastic ones. Most dog crate furniture is wooden or made from a wood-look composite plastic or veneer. 

However, you can find furniture dog crates that are made from metal but have wooden panels that form the outside of the crate. These crates give you the best of both worlds, being robust and sturdy while looking great, too.


Air Flow And Ventilation

Although you want a cozy dog crate that will keep your furry friend securely contained and confined when you need him to be, that must not be at the expense of your dog’s welfare or comfort. So, make sure that the crate you choose has plenty of ventilation to ensure a good air flow through the crate. The last thing you want is for your dog to get too hot, especially during warm weather.

Food And Drink Bowls

Your dog should have ready access to clean water at all times when he’s in his crate. Rather than leaving a traditional dog bowl in the crate that could get tipped over, make sure that you can fix a water bottle, bowl, or tray to the inside of the crate.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite pieces of canine furniture crates. If you did, please take a few moments to share our guide with other dog owners.

Our favorite dog crate that doubles as a functional, stylish piece of furniture is the Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate. The crate is designed with a wide top surface that you can use as a table, and it has a handy drawer for magazines and other sundries. We love the washable, plushy cushion that’s included with this crate and the strong metal enclosure bars that discourage chewers.

Which is your favorite dog crate end table? Tell us in the comments box below.

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