Best Hunting Dog Crates And Kennels

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Hunters need their hunting dogs to arrive happy, safe, and ready for a day’s sport. To ensure that, you need a sturdy crate in which to transport your pooch. 

Hunting dogs also spend a good deal of time waiting in their crate between runs, and you can use a good quality crate at home for potty training purposes, too. So, a high-quality crate is a very useful investment.

Keep reading for our reviews of the five best hunting dog crates and kennels that are currently on the market and more!

Comparison Table of the 5 Best Hunting Dog Crates and Kennels


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


  • Excellent kennel choice for small dogs
  • Foldable for portability
  • Superior ventilation


4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Single


MIM Safe Variocage


  • Tested for front and rear crashes
  • Emergency escape hatch
  • Multiple sizes available
Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel (for Pets up to 50 pounds)


Aspen Pet Porter Kennel


  • 30 to 50-pound weight limit
  • 32” x 22.5” x 12”
  • Metal and plastic construction
IRIS Extra Pet Travel Carrier


IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier


  • 80-pound weight limit
  • Durable wire mesh and plastic construction
  • Features a push-lock for extra safety and security
Zinger Winger Professional 4000 Front Back Entry Dog Crate


Zinger Winger PR4000


5 Best Hunting Dog Crates And Kennels

Now, let’s take a look at our five favorite hunting dog crates and kennels. 

1. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Excellent kennel choice for small dogs

Foldable for portability

Superior ventilation

This is a single-wall kennel for dogs that is available in several different sizes. Although this dog kennel for hunting isn’t a covered crate, the Diggs crate is useful if you want a crate to use inside your vehicle.

These are perfect dog crates for an overnight hunting trip, providing a comfortable, safe option for hunters looking for a den for their canine companion. Choose a size crate to suit your pup or use the divider to customize the kennel. The kennel comes with wheels and a handle for easy transport, and it has a ceiling hatch so that you can get to your hunting dog quickly if you need to.

The durable steel mesh, aluminum, and reinforced plastic make this crate a secure option.


  • A lightweight, compact durable option
  • Ideal for a hunting road trip
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not a covered crate, so unsuitable for the flatbed of trucks

2. MIM Safe Variocage

4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Single

Tested for front and rear crashes

Emergency escape hatch

Multiple sizes available

Durable and rust-proof materials

The MIM Safe Variocage is designed for the professional hunter who needs a sturdy, quality kennel that’s incredibly well-equipped.

This dog crate is built to withstand the rowdiest of dogs and will last you forever. The crate is crash-test certified as defined by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and is highly tested for its safety and security. This is the ideal dog kennel to protect your precious hunting companion against injury in the event of collisions.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Emergency escape hatch fitted
  • Very strong and robust construction 


  • Very heavy, so only suitable for trucks or cars with cargo areas

3. Aspen Pet Porter Kennel

Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel (for Pets up to 50 pounds)

30 to 50-pound weight limit

Metal and plastic construction

32” x 22.5” x 12”

Aspen has produced this robust and well-built, airline-style dog kennel that makes the perfect solution for you and your four-legged hunting partner if you also want to fly interstate.

The multipurpose dog crate comes in a range of sizes that can accommodate dogs up to 125 pounds in weight, and the sturdy plastic and wire mesh construction ensures that your dog will be safe in transit.

The heavy-duty crate features ventilation on four sides so that your dog can see out as well as not become overheated on warm days. The kennel is strong enough to carry the dogs, and you can use it on the ground, outdoors in the back of the truck, and in the cargo area.

Assembly and disassembly are straightforward, and the collapsible travel crate takes up minimal space when not in use. This ideal crate for trucks can be washed down easily after use, and you can fit the crate with comfortable bedding for your dog if you want to.


  • Large-sized pet carrier that’s very sturdy and robust
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Leash cable tie keeps your dog contained
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Air travel approved 


  • Not crash-tested
  • Not equipped to tie the crate to the truck bed

4. IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier

IRIS Extra Pet Travel Carrier

80-pound weight limit

Durable wire mesh and plastic construction

Features a push-lock for extra safety and security 

The IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier is ideal for hunting dogs that weigh up to 80 pounds. 

The carrier is made from highly durable wire mesh and heavy-duty plastic components and features a sturdy push lock to prevent escapes. The crate has a handle to make lifting it easy, and you can tie the kennel to the flatbed of your truck for security. The kennel is essentially a plastic shell with wire mesh for good ventilation. 

You also get an attachable food and water tray that enables you to feed your dog during a day out and when you’re on the move. This crate is collapsible so that you can store it easily when you’re not out hunting. It’s easy to wash and assemble the crate to keep it clean.


  • Suitable for dogs up to 80-pounds weight
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Food and fresh water tray included


  • Not crash-tested

5. Zinger Winger PR4000

Zinger Winger Professional 4000 Front Back Entry Dog Crate

Lightweight aluminum dog crate for strength

Flush-mounted slam latch

Beautifully finished, silver hammer powder coating

The Zinger Winger PR4000 hunting dog crate is designed to keep your dog safe and secure when in transit. 

The silver hammer powder coating finish on this stylish and smart crate makes the crate one of the most attractive in its class, and the lightweight aluminum material is strong enough to keep your hunting dog safe when in transit. This comfortable kennel is weather-proof, too, keeping your hound dry and comfortable in the harshest of conditions during a day out in the field.

All the peripheral hardware used in the construction of the crate is rustproof and strong, preventing any chance of your dog escaping either in transit or when resting between bouts of activity in the hunting field. However, the crate is also very lightweight, so it’s easy to manhandle and carry. In fact, this crate is one-third of the weight of a steel crate. 


  • Excellent cage for safety during transit
  • Attractive kennel color
  • Lightweight and manageable


  • Not crash-tested

What To Look For In The Perfect Hunting Dog Crate

Sporting and hunting dogs need a safe containment system for traveling to the field and when confined between hunts. Although there are plenty of regular dog crates out there for dogs of all sizes, most are not suitable for hunting dogs. You need special kennels for that job.

So, what features should you look for when choosing the ideal hunting dog crate?


You need to choose a crate that allows your dog to stand up, lie down, and turn around. Remember that your dog will be in and out of the crate throughout the hunting trip, so he needs to be comfortable.

However, you don’t want the crate to be so big that the dog is insecure during transit. Ultimately, if you were to have a collision while transporting your canine companion, the last thing you want is for your pet to be tossed around inside the crate. So, if your dog is between kennel sizes, always choose the smaller option.

Materials and Quality

Again, remember that you are going to be transporting your dog in the crate. That could mean that the crate is carried on the flatbed of your truck or inside a car. So, you want a durable kennel that’s made from a robust, high-quality material that will remain stable in transit. A basic plastic kennel won’t cut it.

4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Single

Also, you want a durable dog kennel that’s built to last. Ideally, you want a crate that’s constructed from one piece of material. These types of crates are much less likely to fall apart in the event of a collision and will withstand the rigors of a rowdy dog bouncing around inside the kennel.


No matter how careful you are, accidents do occasionally happen in the rigors of the hunting field and in your vehicle.

So, to keep your furry friend safe and sound, you need a robust, well-constructed crate that will withstand vehicular rollover and stray gunshot impacts. Ideally, you want high-quality kennels that meet the minimum crash test safety standard and place the emphasis on safety.

You also want a crate that offers you some additional safety features, such as the ability to tie the crate down to the truck bed or fix it to a second or even third crate to prevent the kennels from sliding around in transit.

Easy To Clean

Bird dog owners know that a hunting dog generally gets muddy, wet, and filthy. That goes with the territory! 

For that reason, you want a hunting dog crate that’s easy to clean. Some kennels have a plug set into the kennel floor that enables you to flush the whole crate out with plenty of water to get rid of dirt. Since much hunting takes place during the cold, wet months of the year, you want a crate that’s weather-resistant, too.

Also, see our post on hunting dog kennel ideas here.

In Conclusion

I hope you found our guide to the best hunting dog crates helpful and informative. Please take a minute to share the article if you enjoyed it.

Of the products we reviewed, our favorite hunting dog crate and the one that we would go for every time is the Zinger Winger PR4000 hunting dog crate. We love the look of this smart silver heavy-duty dog crate, and the aluminum material it’s made from is light enough to handle and maneuver into the back of your truck or another vehicle. The kennel is weatherproof to keep your hunting dog comfortable on even the dreariest of days.

Which of these products are your favorite travel crates? Tell us in the comments box below.

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