Best Indoor Dog Kennel & Crates – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Most dogs benefit hugely from having a comfortable indoor kennel or crate to relax in. But with such a mind-boggling range of crates to choose from, how do you know which is best for your pup’s needs?

Keep reading for reviews of the best indoor dog kennel and crates, together with an informative buyer’s guide.

Comparison Table of The 9 Best Indoor Dog Kennels & Crates


Revol Dog Crate


Diggs Revol Dog Crate


  • Includes divider panel
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Different sizes available


Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Puppy Cage


Ellie-Bo Sloping Wire Crate For Puppies 


  • Ideal apartment crate
  • Folds flat for convenient storage
  • Easy to clean
Ovation Folding Dog Crate


Ovation Folding Dog Crate


  • Excellent quality wire dog crate
  • Includes divider panel
  • Available in various sizes up to 48”
KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate


KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate


  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Collapsible
  • Wooden end or side table design
Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit


Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit


  • Robust locks
  • Beautiful credenza-style wire and wooden dog kennel
  • Removable lid
WLO Wood Hexxon Modern Wooden Dog Crate


WLO Wood Hexxon Modern Wooden Dog Crate 


  • Choice of colors and sizes
  • Customizable nameplate
  • Suitable for XL dogs up to 89 pounds
2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate


2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable for easy storage and hassle-free portability
  • High-quality materials
JESPET Soft Pet Crates


JESPET Soft Pet Crates


  • Attractive, practical dog crate
  • Excellent quality product
  • Available in several sizes
Rothermel Modular Pet Crate


Rothermel Modular Pet Crate


  • Side-by-side kennel design
  • Smart ivory finish
  • Pull-out tray for easy cleanup

Best Indoor Dog Kennels And Crates

So, now you know what to look for in an indoor dog kennel or crate, let’s take a look at these top-selling products we’ve sniffed out for you!

Best Wire Dog Crates

These crates can be used in outdoor spaces, provide extra ventilation for your dog, and are foldable to save you every bit of space in your home.

1. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Revol Dog Crate

Includes divider panel

Excellent ventilation

Different sizes available

The Revol wire dog crate is a wire mesh crate that’s made to last and can be used as both an indoor safe space and a travel crate for your pampered pet.

The Revol crate uses specially designed diamond-shaped mesh for extra ventilation, set into a solid one-piece frame for stability. The crate is designed with your dog’s safety in mind. There’s a ceiling hatch to enable you to get to your dog in an emergency, and you get a puppy divider included with the deal. The crate also has a side door, enabling you to save extra space in your home.

For easy portability, the Revol crate comes with detachable wheels and a carry handle. You can assemble the crate in a matter of minutes, and it folds completely flat for convenient storage. The crate includes a plastic pan that slides out for easy cleanup. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Includes crate divider
  • Collapsible to save indoor space
  • Includes slide-out plastic tray


  • Not suitable for XXL dogs

2. Ellie-Bo Sloping Wire Crate For Puppies 

Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Puppy Cage

Ideal apartment crate

Folds flat for convenient storage

Easy to clean

The Ellie-Bo wire mesh crate offers your pet ample ventilation whether you’re using the crate in your home or in your vehicle. 

The crate folds flat for convenient storage and has a carrying handle for easy portability. There’s a metal tray that fits in the bottom of the crate for easy cleanup. This crate will keep your puppy safely confined thanks to a heavy-duty latch on the single door. 

You also get a free, snuggly fleece for the crate and a detailed guide on how to crate train  your puppy.


  • Doubles as a travel crate
  • Heavy-duty door latch
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Removable metal waste tray
  • Detachable carry handle 


  • Only available in small sizes

3. Ovation Folding Dog Crate

Ovation Folding Dog Crate

Excellent quality wire dog crate

Includes divider panel

Available in various sizes up to 48”

The Ovation wire dog crate is unique in that it has an “Up and Away Door” design. That allows you to easily load and unload your dog. Open the door by lifting the comfort-grip handle so that the door lays flat on top of the kennel. The door stows away, making it easy to pick the best spot for your dog’s crate, and saving you lots of space, too.

You can fold the crate flat in just a few moments and no additional tools are required. The crate comes with a removable leak-proof tray and plastic carrying handles. The crate is fitted with rubber feet, and you get a divider panel.

Although this crate is ideal for use as an indoor crate, you can also use it as an outdoor dog kennel.


  • Various sizes available
  • Crate dividers included
  • Rubber feet protect your floors
  • Plastic tray included


  • Doesn’t include a crate liner or mat

Wooden Furniture Crates

The next few indoor crates in our list are wooden furniture kennels. Wooden dog kennels double as tables and furniture for pets, making an attractive addition to your home.

4. KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

Comes in multiple colors


Wooden end or side table design

The Kindtail Pawd Design wooden dog kennel is completely collapsible, unlike many other actual wood crates. That feature enables you to store your crate when not in use or if you’re moving home.

This lovely piece of furniture brings style to your home with its patterned openings on each side for ample ventilation and choice of colorways to blend with your home. You can use the kennel as a side or end table where you can put a lamp or perhaps some potted plants.

The crate has an integrated handle so that you can move the crate around when you want to, and the door is designed to remain open for your pet’s convenience.


  • Attractive design
  • Handy end table design
  • Integrated carrying handle for easy portability
  • Lovely furniture item
  • Adequate ventilation 


  • Only suitable for large dogs

5. Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Robust locks

Beautiful credenza-style wire and wooden dog kennel

Removable lid

This credenza style kennel from Frisco is designed to be functional and stylish. This crate fits especially well with a traditional, rustic decor scheme but would look in any home.

The kennel has a metallic gray frame with metal grilles to provide ample ventilation for your dog. The crate works well as a media console or side table while providing a roomy den for your dog. The kennel has a sturdy build, including a lid and robust locks. When the weather is warm, you can remove the lid to keep your dog comfy, as well as for easy cleaning.

You also get two luxury crate pads included with this wooden kennel as a nice bonus.


  • Stylish crate that can be used as a side table or media console
  • Removable lid
  • Robust locks to keep your pet securely contained
  • Stunning, credenza-style design


  • Not collapsible or foldable

6. WLO Wood Hexxon Modern Wooden Dog Crate

WLO Wood Hexxon Modern Wooden Dog Crate

Choice of colors and sizes

Customizable nameplate

Suitable for XL dogs up to 89 pounds

This extra-large size dog crate is ideal for you if you’re looking for a piece of attractive furniture that you can use as a nightstand or side table.

Choose from three subtle, neutral colors to complement your home.

The crate comes with non-marking feet for stability, and there’s a cotton-coated bed incorporated with the crate to keep your pampered pet warm and cozy on chilly days. You can personalize the crate with your dog’s name thanks to the cute nameplate feature, and you get to choose what color cushion cover you want, too! 


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Non-marking rubber feet for stability
  • Powder-coated frame for longevity
  • Includes a crate pad 
  • Crate comes in three colors and four sizes
  • Robust safety latch keeps your dog securely confined  


  • Not suitable for chewers and teething puppies

Soft-Sided Fabric Dog Crates

Although fabric crates are usually associated with traveling your pet, they can make good design choices for use as indoor kennels, unless you have a destructive type of dog that loves to chew. 

7. 2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate

2PET Folding Soft Dog Crate

Easy to assemble

Foldable for easy storage and hassle-free portability

High-quality materials

This foldable fabric dog crate is perfect for you if you have a small dog. 

The soft crate makes the transition from an indoor kennel to a transport crate without you even needing to remove your dog from the crate! Simply, pick up the kennel, and you’re good to go.

The crate cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning and is made from Oxford 600D durable fabric, and there are multiple doorways for easy access. You get a waterproof crate mat and a washable fleece cushion as added extras.

This indoor kennel comes in various sizes from small to large and will fit dogs up to 50 pounds in weight. Mesh windows provide excellent ventilation, as well as giving your dog a great view of his surroundings.

The manufacturer also donates a small percentage from each sale to a charity.


  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Ideal for a small dog
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Door zipper fastening can be tricky to open

8. JESPET Soft Pet Crates

JESPET Soft Pet Crates

Attractive, practical dog crate

Excellent quality product

Available in several sizes

The JESPET soft-sided dog crate makes a versatile, attractive indoor dog kennel that you can also use for transporting your dog.

The crate features three mesh entrances at the top, front, and side, which provide your pet with lots of light and fresh air. As a bonus, you get a fleece mat and adjustable carrying strap included with the crate.

The crate cover is made using hex mesh and machine-washable 600D fabric supported by a stong, collapsible steel framework. The retractable spring system makes disassembly and assembly super-quick and hassle-free.


  • Collapsible and foldable
  • Can also be used for transporting your dog
  • Comes with a fleece mat and adjustable carrying strap
  • Excellent quality 


  • Unsuitable for big dogs

9. Rothermel Modular Pet Crate

Rothermel Modular Pet Crate

Side-by-side kennel design

Smart ivory finish

Pull-out tray for easy cleanup

Extra-secure, triple-locking door latch

If you have two dogs, you might want to consider this versatile side-by-side indoor dog kennel option.

The crate is finished in powder coating, and the neutral ivory shade will blend perfectly with any interior decor color palette. This kennel is deceptively secure, thanks to the horizontal and vertical cage bars, making it a great choice for a rambunctious active type of dog.

The crate has a removable tray that locks into place for additional security and easy cleaning. There are also optional floor grates that lift your dog clear of the floor, helping to keep him clean in the event of an accident and providing some insulation, too.

The two crate doors are spring-loaded and set on the side of the crate, and there’s also a triple-locking door latch system for additional security. The crate can take dogs up to 50 pounds, and it comes with a solid divider that you can move for toilet training or to accommodate a growing puppy.


  • Highly durable and sturdy build
  • Secure and escape-proof
  • Includes removable litter trays and floor grates
  • Attractive, neutral ivory color
  • Removable divider panel included


  • Only good for medium-sized dogs up to 50 pounds

What Are The Benefits Of An Indoor Dog Crate

Why buy your dog an indoor kennel or dog crate?

Well, there are actually lots of benefits to having a crate for your dog inside the house.


Whether you have a puppy or you’ve taken on an adult dog from a shelter or rescue, crate training your pet has lots of benefits, including:

  • Potty training
  • Confining a destructive dog to protect your belongings while you’re not around to watch him
  • A safe place for your dog in an emergency situation
  • Safe travel for your dog
  • Comfortable recuperation following illness or surgery
  • Helping a dog that suffers from separation anxiety

So, you can see that crate training, when done correctly and using positive reinforcement, can be highly beneficial for both dogs and their owners!

A Safe Den

Puppy Chewing On His Crate

Dogs are naturally denning animals that instinctively seek a dark, enclosed, comfortable space in which to relax and rest when they feel the need.

A dog crate provides a place to which your dog can retreat when he feels afraid or stressed.

Benefits Your Dog’s Overall Health

Many dogs benefit simply from knowing that they have somewhere to call their own. That’s especially important for some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when left home alone.


Most indoor dog crates are pretty versatile pieces of kit that can be used for several different purposes.

For example, a collapsible wire crate can often be used for transporting your dog safely in your car. Also, you can take that kind of crate on vacation with you to set it up in a hotel room or at a campsite. Your dog will probably feel much more relaxed about traveling or being in a strange place if he has his familiar crate to relax in.


If you choose a crate end table as an indoor dog crate, you’ll get an attractive piece of furniture, as well as an indoor kennel for your dog. That can save you space, which is an important consideration if you live in a small house or apartment.

What To Consider When Buying An Indoor Dog House

There are a few essential things to consider when you’re buying an indoor dog house, which can help you to narrow down your list of potential products.


black and white dog in metal cage or crate

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying an indoor do crate is the size of the crate you want.

The crate should be large enough to permit your dog to stand up, turn around, lay down, and stretch out without feeling cramped. However, the crate shouldn’t be so large that the dog is tempted to use one end of the crate as a toilet area.

How To Measure Your Dog

To get the correct size crate for your dog, use a fabric tape measure, and take the following measurements:

  • Your dog’s height from paw to the top of his head while he’s standing up
  • Your dog’s shoulder height
  • Your dog’s length from his nose to the base of his tail (not the tip)

Now, add 4″ to the dog’s length and height. That should give you the correct size crate.

Crate Materials

You can buy indoor dog crates in several different materials, each of which has its own pros and cons.

Wooden Crates

Wooden dog kennels make an attractive, practical alternative to crates made from metal or plastic.

Furniture crates made from natural materials make an excellent choice if you have limited indoor space, blending seamlessly with your décor and providing a cozy den for your dog, too. You can choose from many different styles and colors, and wooden dog kennels come in a wide range of sizes.

The main downside of wooden dog kennels is that they can be damaged by dogs or puppies that chew. Also, a wooden dog crate is usually not easily portable or collapsible.

Plastic Crates

Pug dog leaving a plastic crate

Plastic dog crates are very versatile in that they can be used as indoor kennels, outdoors at campgrounds, and for transporting your pet. In fact, many plastic dog kennels are airline-approved, as well as being constructed from durable and UV-protected materials.

On the downside, a plastic kennel can be too small for use as an indoor crate and these crates can be vulnerable to chewers.

Soft-Sided Fabric Crates

Fabric dog crates are made from soft material, supported by a metal frame that prevents the crate from collapsing on your dog. This lightweight, portable crate style can also be used for transporting your dog, are foldable for easy storage, and is also regarded as fashion dog crates, depending on the style.

On the downside, fabric kennels are not suitable if you have a dog that chews or if you want a lockable dog crate.

Airflow And Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential for any dog crate, especially if you live in a warm area or you have a flat-faced, brachycephalic dog breed.

Look out for mesh windows, punched holes, or open wire mesh designs for excellent airflow and ventilation.

Good Insulation

If you live in a cold climate or you have a dog that feels the cold, such as a greyhound, you need to pick a crate that offers good insulation and an enclosed space that keeps out drafts. 

A crate with a raised floor gives both excellent insulation and ventilation, and crate materials such as wood and fabric cushioning can help to keep the crate cozy.

Easy To Assemble and Disassemble

diggs revol 2

Many indoor dog houses have a simple design that can be assembled or taken down in minutes or even less. Watch out for products that you can put together without the need for additional tools, especially if you need to be able to disassemble the crate regularly.


If you plan to use the crate for transporting your dog, or you want to move the crate from one room to another in your house, look for a crate that offers excellent portability.

Features to look for in a portable crate include lightweight materials, detachable casters or wheels, and a carrying handle or bag.

Ease Of Cleaning

Every dog crate needs cleaning from time to time. Some solid wooden crates can be difficult to clean, and the material harbors odors. So, if cleanliness is paramount for you, look for a crate that has removable panels, a plastic waste tray, and multiple doors for easy access.


Dog Crate Bumper Pads
Image Source:

Consider what you want the dog crate to look like. 

Wooden dog kennels can look beautiful in your home. However, a fabric fashion crate can look just as good, as well as being easily portable. Traditional metal kennels are not especially attractive, but you can use a cover to make the crate more aesthetically pleasing.


If you have a large, heavy dog or one that likes to escape from his crate, you’ll need to choose a heavy-duty crate with reinforced joints and strong locks rather than flimsy latches.

Heavy-duty indoor dog kennels are not the most attractive choice, but they can be more practical than cute dog kennels that won’t keep your dog contained.


If you have a dog that tends to chew or scratch, you’ll need to pick a kennel that’s made from durable, water-resistant materials. 

Look closely at the construction of the kennel to make sure that it will withstand the usual wear and tear of daily use. That’s especially important if you have a very lively dog that tends to jump around inside the crate.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to the best indoor dog kennels and crates? If you did, please share the article!

Many dogs love the safe, cozy, den-like environment of their kennel or crate, and an indoor kennel or crate means that your dog can still feel that he’s part of your family.

Of the indoor kennels we reviewed in this guide, our favorite was the WLO Wood Hexxon Modern Wooden Dog Crate. This gorgeous wooden furniture crate has a powder-coated wooden frame and a cute nameplate that you can customize with your dog’s name. The crate has rubber feet to protect your flooring and comes in three colors to blend with your home decor scheme. There’s a plush cushion included, and you can choose the color to get the perfect match for your home’s interior decoration.

Does your dog have an indoor crate? What kind of indoor kennel did you choose and why? Tell us in the comments box below!

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