Top Labradoodle Rescues In Colorado – Puppies For Adoption

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A dog can be the perfect companion for anyone! But the adoption process can get overwhelming.

Labradoodles are mild-tempered, friendly dogs that get along great in family settings and with other animals. This easy-to-train breed is high-value and sometimes hard to come across. 

Fortunately, there are many labradoodle rescues in Colorado, but it can be hard to determine which organizations are the right fit.

The Best Labradoodle Rescues In Colorado

Whether you live alone, with your family, or have other pets that need company, these are the best Labradoodle rescues in Colorado.

Colorado Puppy Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: 10021 E Iliff Ave Aurora, CO 80247

Contact Info: [email protected]

Social Media: @coloradopuppy on Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

The Colorado Puppy Rescue is located in Aurora, Colorado, and it’s a licensed, no-kill non-profit rescue for puppies and mothers. 

Like many rescues, they offer adoption and fostering options. The Colorado Puppy Rescue (CPR) has a strict adoption process and requires buyers to sign contracts before applying. Then, once your application is accepted, you’ll be required to attend an adoption event to ensure that your desired dog is right for your home! 

If you’re not quite ready to adopt, CPR offers foster services too. Applicants will be required to pass an orientation quiz. Then, per Colorado law, your home will require an inspection. Furthermore, CPR will need assurance that the home has electricity, running water, and temperature control.

Both adopting and fostering at Colorado Puppy Rescue have strict processes to ensure the safety of the rescue dogs.

National Mill Dog Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: Peyton, Colorado

Contact Info: (719)-683-3334 or [email protected]

Social Media: @nationalmilldogrescue on Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

If you’re looking for a companion, the National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton is the perfect place for you! The rescue is a non-profit rescue shelter that takes every precaution to protect its sensitive rescue dogs. 

They have a strict adoption process. Once applications are processed, there is an interview immediately after. The National Mill Dog Rescue requires that their dogs are adopted for the sole purpose of being a companion and comfort – not for guarding or servicing. Additionally, this rescue makes it clear to adopting families that they must return the dog if the adoption doesn’t work out. 

Lastly, the National Mill Dog Rescue is very knowledgeable about their rescue dogs’ medical history. All adopted dogs have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and dewormed before adoption. This rescue is strict and makes it clear that dogs come first.

All Aboard Animal Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: All Aboard Rescue 1721 W. Harmony Rd. #102, Fort Collins, CO 80526

Contact Info: (970)-286-9902 or [email protected]

Social Media: @allaboardanimalrescue on Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

The All Aboard Animal Rescue is a caring rescue located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Having a strict, non-negotiable application process is important because it shows how much their animals mean to them. 

Rescue dogs at the All Aboard Animal Rescue are rescued from the euthanization list from high-kill shelters in:

  • New Mexico
  • Eastern Colorado
  • Texas

At the All Aboard Animal Rescue, applicants are required to sign an adoption agreement before applying. After your application has been approved, it’s time to meet your new pet! The rescue requires that you attend their adoption events to get to know your new dog before taking them home. 

The rescue makes it clear that adopting families have the right to return the dog if all efforts have been made to integrate the dog into its new home, but it still isn’t working out.

One notable factor missing from All About Animal Rescue is its failure to identify as a non-profit organization.

Mile High Canine Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: Mead, Colorado

Contact Info: (720)-739-1375

Social Media: @milehighcaninerescue on Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Mile High Canine Rescue, located in Mead, Colorado, is one of the best Labradoodle rescues in Colorado! This non-profit organization is 100% volunteer-operated, and they’re completely transparent about their donor money  Their most recent tax returns are available on their website for anyone to see.

If you want to adopt a dog from Mile High Canine Rescue, you’ll be required to sign an adoption contract before applying. If your application is selected, you’ll need to pass a home inspection. Mile High Canine Rescue will then match you with an ideal dog. Although you can have preferences, Mile High Canine Rescue makes it clear that you may not get the exact dog you desire. 

Per the home inspection, the rescue requires that adoptees get along with all household members, including your existing pets!

All this proves to the public that Mile High Canine Rescue has the utmost respect for its rescue dogs!

Tall Timbers Labradoodles

Rescue Details:

Location: Arvada, Colorado

Contact Info: (720)-770-4706

Social Media: @talltimberslabradoodles on Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Tall Timbers Labradoodles is located in Golden, Colorado, and it’s not a rescue shelter or non-profit organization, but a couple who operate as small-scale breeders. 

If you want to purchase a newborn Labradoodle from Tall Timbers, you’ll be required to apply for a planned litter. 

Once you’re accepted on the waitlist, you must submit a non-refundable deposit. This process is something that many people are wary of doing because there are no guarantees you’ll get the puppy you’re looking for or that you’ll even go through with the adoption process. 

When the litter of puppies you paid a deposit for turns four weeks old, you’re required to pay the remaining balance. Tall Timbers Labradoodles wait until puppies are seven weeks old before deciding which puppies will go to which homes. Though you’ll be receiving a brand new puppy, this process can feel stressful.

MAMCO Rescue (Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs)

Rescue Details:

Location: W. Oxford Ave, #7 Sheridan, CO, 80110

Contact Info: (720)-532-1668

Social Media: @mamcorescue on Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

MAMCO Rescue, a non-profit animal shelter located in Englewood, Colorado, emphasizes care for:

  • Pregnant and nursing dogs
  • Cats
  • Abandoned litters

This option is a very specific type of shelter, and if you’re interested in pregnant, nursing, or a litter of dogs and cats, this is the place for you. 

Unlike other shelters, the application process at MAMCO Rescue isn’t strict at all. Simply fill out an application, and once you’re approved, pay a deposit fee. You can then attend an optional adoption event to meet your new pet. MAMCO Rescue makes it so that without a deposit, you won’t be guaranteed the pet of your choice.

MAMCO Rescue is knowledgeable about the health conditions of adoptees. All animals come spayed/neutered with up-to-date vaccines and immunizations and 30-day pet insurance.

Compared to other rescue shelters on this list, MAMCO Rescue isn’t strict at all.

Lifeline Puppy Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: 15171 Riverdale Road, Brighton, CO 80602

Contact Info: (303)-655-9696

Social Media: @lifelinepuppyrescue on Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Lifeline Puppy Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill rescue shelter in Brighton, Colorado. The rescue receives its puppies from other rescue groups to prevent euthanization. At Lifeline, the adoption process is clear and simple, but it protects the rescue dogs. 

If you want to adopt a dog from Lifeline Puppy Rescue, you must be 18 years or older. You’ll have to complete a questionnaire, then sign a contract with Lifeline. Next, it’s required that you attend one of their adoption events, and you’re encouraged to bring every member of your household – including existing pets. 

Lifeline makes it clear to adopting families that all of their puppies have been vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, and microchipped!

This organization also has a foster program available if you’re not ready to bring home your next furry family member. Lifeline will provide everything you need to look after the foster dog until it gets adopted.

Why Choose a Labradoodle Rescue

There are many benefits to adopting a rescue! Most importantly, you’re giving a dog a second chance at life. Dogs that have been mistreated or abandoned deserve the same love as puppies and purebred dogs. 

Another reason is that a lot of times, you could save a boatload of money! Breeders are expensive, and sometimes the dog you’re interested in purchasing is right at your local shelter.

Older rescue dogs have also likely been trained. By adopting an older dog, you get to bypass the frustrating training stages. Training a Labradoodle is a lengthy process, despite their calm temperament and high intelligence.

Things To Consider Before Adopting a Labradoodle

Labradoodle Dog and woman outside on balcony

Before bringing a dog into your home, ensure you’re ready for the commitment. Consider whether you can afford unexpected vet bills and if you have enough time to help the dog acclimate to their new environment.

If you have young children, ensure they know how to respect your new dog’s boundaries. While bringing home a new pup can be exciting, it can also be stressful. You should anticipate an adjustment period where your adopted dog may not act like themselves.


By going through this list, you should be able to differentiate what factors are most important to you in a rescue shelter. Additionally, you’ve hopefully gained a better understanding of Labradoodle rescues in Colorado. 

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