Best Large Dog Crates & Kennels – Reviews And Buyers Guide

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Large dogs are just as much fun as smaller breeds. However, owning a super-size pooch does present a number of challenges for pet owners, not least in finding a large enough dog crate to accommodate your giant furbaby.

So, are there any special considerations that you need to bear in mind when choosing a crate for a big dog? Are large dog kennels more expensive than small ones? And what’s the largest dog crate you can buy?

Read our reviews and buyer’s guide to discover the best large dog crate to suit your needs.

Comparison Table of the 7 Best Large Dog Crates and Kennels


4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Single


MIM Safe Variocage


  • Crash tested for safety
  • Emergency escape hatch
  • Available in multiple sizes


AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate




  • Built for large dogs
  • Durable metal construction
  • Features self-locking gate latches to keep your pet safely contained inside the crate
New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate - Large


New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate


  • Optional crate dividers available
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate


Midwest Homes For Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate


  • Excellent quality
  • Easily accommodates giant breeds
  • Easy to assemble
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Medium and Large Dogs


LUCKUP Metal Dog Crate For Large Dogs


  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Sturdy, high-quality build
  • Escape-proof
Zoovilla Large White Dog Crate


Zoovilla Large White Dog Crate 


  • Reinforced metal frame
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Fleece padding for your dog’s comfort
Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate


Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate


  • Insulated base is durable and does not crack in cold weather
  • Built-in wheels and handle for moving from room to room
  • For pets up to 90-pound

8 Best Large Dog Crates And Kennels

Now, you know what features you want in a dog crate, and you understand how to measure your pet correctly, let’s take a look at our nine best large dog crates and kennels for super-sized pups! 

1. MIM Safe Variocage

4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Single

Crash tested for safety

Emergency escape hatch

Available in multiple sizes

Durable, anti-corrosion materials

The MIM Safe Variocage is extremely well-made and is designed to contain even the most boisterous of pups.

Unlike many dog crates on the market, this kennel is crash-tested for safety and security in line with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) recommendations and guidelines.

This crate is available in multiple different sizes and features an emergency escape hatch so that you can get to your dog in the event of an emergency. The crate is an excellent choice for travel, as well as being suitable for home use.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Features an emergency escape hatch 
  • Very sturdy and robust construction
  • Excellent quality but affordable crates 


  • The crate is pretty heavy, so only suitable for trucks or a car with a designated cargo area

2. AGESISI Dog Crate

AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Built for large dogs

Durable metal construction

Features self-locking gate latches to keep your pet safely contained inside the crate

The AGESISI dog crate is designed for use as a crate for large dogs. The kennel is made from strong, corrosion-resistant steel components, with many additional features, such as self-locking gate latches to keep the most determined escape artist safely contained inside, and wheels for excellent portability.

The well-ventilated crate has a front door for easy loading and an emergency escape hatch on the roof, enabling you to get to your pet quickly in the event of an emergency.

Assembly is straightforward, and the crate is a dream to clean.


  • Built to take large, powerful dogs
  • Sturdy and well-made crate furniture
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Comes in three sizes


  • Quite expensive but worth the money

3. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog

New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate - Large

Optional crate dividers available

Foldable for easy storage

Easy to clean

This wire dog crate is one of the most popular dog crates on the market.

The crate is virtually escape-proof, making it a great choice for dogs that are escape artists. The crate also comes at a very affordable price, offering excellent value for money. The crate’s double-door design makes it easy to position the crate in your home. The design features two slide latches on both doors, ensuring that your dog stays securely contained inside the crate.

For easy cleanup, the crate comes with a plastic pan to catch any accidents or spills. If you have a puppy, you’ll love the fact that this crate includes a divider panel so that you can make the crate grow with your fur baby.


  • Optional puppy divider panel 
  • Excellent star rating on Amazon
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Single/double door for easy entry and exit and perfect positioning
  • Double slide-bolt door latches to foil escape artist
  • Composition plastic tray included 


  • Can be quite noisy if your dog is a fidget

4. Midwest Homes For Pets “Ginormous” Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

Excellent quality

Easily accommodates giant breeds

Easy to assemble

Although there are plenty of 48-inch crates available, you can sometimes struggle to find anything larger. However, the Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” crate is one of the biggest crates on the market and could be just what you need if you’re looking for a super-size dog crate.

Of their range of dog crates, this one is the best-rated Midwest option crate for big dogs. The crate measures no less than 54 inches in length, 37 inches wide, and 45 inches tall, so this kennel is plenty big enough to take Great Danes, Mastiffs, and other very large breeds.

The crate has all the basic features you expect in a large dog crate but has one especially awesome feature that we love! The kennel is made from strong metal wire and features special “L” bars to stop the crate sides from bowing if your dog leans against them.

This crate has one door at the front and one on the side, both of which are secured with three latches. You also get a removable plastic pan for quick and hassle-free cleanup. The crate isn’t really collapsible, although you can take it to pieces by removing the four pins that are used to secure the crate’s corners. The main downside to the crate is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to assemble and disassemble single-handed.


  • Many Amazon 5* reviews
  • Ideal for very large dogs
  • Excellent, robust build


  • Setting up the crate can be challenging unless you have help

5. LUCKUP Metal Dog Crate For Large Dogs

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Medium and Large Dogs

Perfect for large dogs

Sturdy, high-quality build


The LUCKUP dog crate is a heavy-duty metal dog crate that’s built with large dogs in mind.

The crate is constructed using corrosion-resistant steel and finished with a silvered black crackle look. Your pet is kept securely and safely confined in the crate as the double door is fitted with secure locks with safety latches. The crate is designed to provide your pet with plenty of ventilation and good airflow to keep him comfortable on warm days.

For easy portability, this crate has 360-degree locking casters. In case of spills or accidents, the crate has a slide-out plastic pan, so cleanup is quick and hassle-free. The crate comes with a hardware pack that contains everything you need for assembly.

Read more on the best heavy-duty dog crates here.


  • Suitable for big dogs
  • Strong metal construction and excellent durability
  • Double doors fitted with secure latch locks
  • 360-degree lockable casters for excellent portability
  • Slide-out plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • Assembly is quick and simple and requires no additional tools


  • Quite expensive but well worth the money

6. Zoovilla Large White Dog Crate

Zoovilla Large White Dog Crate

Reinforced metal frame

Comfortable and safe

Fleece padding for your dog’s comfort

Crates for large dogs don’t have to be boring, unsightly metal constructions! This beautiful wooden dog crate from Zoovilla is finished in clean white to complement any home interior décor scheme. The crate is basically made from attractive wooden paneling over steel wire to create an attractive accent table that blends well in your lounge or bedroom while your pampered pooch slumbers peacefully beneath.

For quick and convenient cleanup and to protect your carpets and flooring, a removable plastic pan is included with the crate. As you would expect with a product of such high quality, everything you need to assemble the crate is included, and the process is quick and simple.

You can buy the Zoovilla crate in several different sizes to accommodate most large breeds.


  • Attractive white wooden crate looks great in any room
  • Sturdy wire crate for safety and security
  • Can double as a side or end table
  • Includes a removable, easy-to-clean plastic tray 


  • Confirmed chewers and puppies might damage the crate

7. Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate

Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate

Easy to assemble

Easily accommodates giant breeds

Insulated base is durable and does not crack in cold weather

If you have a particularly rambunctious hound, you need a crate that’s built to withstand the forces your pet will exert against the sides and doorways. This strong, heavy-duty crate is made from blow-molded plastic reinforced with sturdy steel inserts that will keep even the most exuberant dog in check.

To protect people walking past the crate and to keep your cavorting canine from injuring himself when getting in and out of the crate, the kennel’s corners are rounded and smooth. This thoughtfully designed crate has four doors, enabling easy access from any direction. Moving the crate around is simple and convenient, thanks to the pull-handle feature and integrated wheels.

The crate will foil the most determined canine escape artist, too, thanks to a secure locking system.

To keep your pet comfortable and cozy in his den, you get a snug fleece pad included with the deal, as well as a handy storage bag.

Size-Specific Concerns: Things You Need In A Large Dog Crate

Basic Dog Crate Requirements

Regardless of the size of your dog, there are a few important things that you need to look out for in a dog crate.

Does The Crate Door Close Properly?

The whole point of placing your dog in a crate is that he stays in there! That’s especially important if you’re traveling with your dog riding in a special travel crate, potty training a puppy, keeping your pet safely contained while you’re out at work, or even if you take your furry friend to work with you.

So, a crate with a door that doesn’t close and won’t lock properly and securely is a complete waste of space! So, double-check that the crate you choose has decent quality latches. The best choices for escape artists are crates that come with a key lock, although those are few and far between. If you are in any doubt that the crate will keep your dog securely confined, you might want to invest in a couple of carabiners to reinforce the door closure system.

That being said, steer clear of dog crates and kennels that have very large latching systems. Some dogs are surprisingly clever and will quickly work out how to open the crate door. If you have an escape artist, you’ll need a crate that’s designed to keep Houdini dogs safely contained, ideally that features advanced locking mechanisms or double latches.

Avoid Crates With Sharp Edges

Some crates made using cheap materials can have sharp edges, especially at welded spots where wires meet. Although you can smooth rough spots with steel wool or sandpaper, sharp edges are potentially dangerous to your dog and should be avoided completely. Also, crates that are poorly finished have a habit of failing at crucial moments, which could endanger your dog and you if the crate disintegrates during a car journey.

So, although a budget crate might appear to be the best choice for cost savings, you could end up paying out more in vet bills in the long run.

Double Doors Are Best

Although a crate with just a single door does the job, double-door crates are far more user-friendly. A crate with a double door enables your dog to choose how to get in and out of the crate, as well as giving you much greater flexibility when it comes to choosing where you want to place your crate.

For example, if you want to, you can set the crate up against a wall without fear of blocking the only doorway.

Easy Cleanup

Accidents will happen, especially if you have a senior dog or a young puppy that’s still being toilet trained. Also, a water bowl could easily be knocked over by a lively dog. 

So, you want a crate that includes a decent quality composite plastic tray that you can easily remove and clean. Some crates have the crate situated below the wire floor of the kennel so that you can simply slide out the tray to remove it and clean it without having to take the dog out of the crate.

The main drawback with that design of crate is that some dogs don’t like the feel of the mesh underneath their feet. Also, smaller breeds can get their nails trapped between the mesh, which can result in injuries.

What Should You Look For In A Large Dog Crate?

Once you’ve found a crate that has those basic requirements in place, you need to consider the specifics that you want to see in a large dog crate. Check out our dimensions and weight chart here.


AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate Features

By their very nature, large dog crates tend to be heavy and cumbersome, making them awkward to move around. For that reason, a crate with wheels is the way to go. A portable crate with wheels is a whole lot easier to move around and relocate in your home when you need to. Ideally, you want a crate that has a pull handle, too. That way, you can even move the crate with the dog inside it if necessary, which can be useful if your dog is recovering from illness and you don’t want to disturb him when relocating his crate.

If you can’t find a suitable crate with wheels, plastic handles can provide a workable alternative, provided that your dog isn’t too heavy to lift.

Collapsible Crates For Convenient Storage

If you want to take your dog’s crate with you when you go on vacation or you need to store the kennel when it’s not in use, you need a collapsible crate. Also, you can save money on shipping costs if the crate can be sent to you in a relatively flat box. However, before you order your crate, it’s worth researching the manufacturer’s assembly instructions, as some crates can’t be put together single-handed or might require additional tools.

However, although soft-sided crates are collapsible and easy to store, a soft dog crate is not always a practical solution, as they are simply not strong enough. A plastic crate that can be folded down or disassembled is a solution, as long as you choose a sturdy crate that’s reinforced with metal inserts.

Puppy Dividers Are Essential For Growing Fur Babies

High-quality dog crates are not a cheap purchase, so you want something that will last your dog for his whole life rather than having to upsize the crate several times as your puppy grows.

The solution is to purchase a crate that can accommodate puppy divider panels. The dividers can be moved to expand the size of the crate as the puppy, such as a labrador, gets larger. When your puppy is fully grown, you can remove the divider completely. 

Puppy divider panels are also perfect for toilet training young puppies, as you can restrict the amount of space that the puppy has, preventing him from establishing a toileting spot inside the crate.

Large Dog Crates Need Thicker Wire

Revol Dog Crate Wire Mesh
Image Source:

The wire mesh that’s used for small dog crates might not be strong or rigid enough to maintain its structural integrity when used in a larger crate. Also, big dogs have stronger teeth and jaw power than little pups, making damage to flimsy metal crates more likely.

So, if you’re looking for a wire dog crate, make sure that you choose one that has strong, thick wire mesh. Generally, a soft crate is not suitable for a very large dog, simply because the dog’s weight will probably damage the crate and it won’t be secure enough to contain your dog.

Large Dog Crates Need Robust Hardware

Large, heavy dog breeds need a crate that will withstand the full force of a dog leaning or pushing against the sides of the crate, especially under the stress of transport. 

So, the fixings and peripheral hardware, including the hinges, latches, and corner connectors that hold the crate together, must be strong enough to keep the whole thing intact. 

What Qualifies As A Large Dog?

Now that you know what specific features you need in a large dog crate, you need to know what qualifies as a large dog so that you can choose the proper size crate with plenty of space for your pet.

There are many terms that you hear bandied about by people referring to what they consider to be a jumbo, giant, or humongous hound. However, someone who owns a Mini Labradoodle or Mini Goldendoodle will most likely think that a Golden retriever is a massive dog, whereas a Golden retriever owner will consider a Mastiff or Bernese Mountain Dog to be huge.

So, as a general rule of thumb, the terms:

  • “large” generally refers to dogs that weigh over 50 pounds
  • “extra-large” refers to dogs that weigh over 100 pounds

However, when determining the proper size for your dog crate, physically measuring your dog is more reliable.

How To Choose The Correct Crate Size For Your Large Dog

To determine the correct size of crate for your dog, you’ll need a fabric tape measure.

  • Have your dog in a standing position.
  • Measure the dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail (not the tip).
  • Add 2 to 4 inches to that figure to establish the correct crate length.
  • Next, ask your dog to sit down since the head is usually the dog’s highest point when sitting.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the top of your dog’s head.
  • Add 2 to 4 inches to that figure to accommodate your dog’s ears if they’re held erect.

You don’t generally need to worry about the width of the crate since most crates are designed to have the correct width-to-length ratio to provide a comfortable space for your dog.


If your dog measures 30 inches tall (when seated) and 38 inches long, you will need a crate that’s 34 inches tall and 42 inches long.

Generally, most large and extra-large dogs need a crate that measures from 40 to 60 inches long. While it’s okay to have a crate that’s a bit too tall for your dog, we recommend that the crate should be within the 2 to 4-inch guidelines we’ve suggested. 

As a rule of thumb, your dog should be able to:

  • Stand up without bumping his head on the top of the crate.
  • Turn around without bouncing off the sides of the crate.
  • Lie down flat.
  • Sit down without bumping his head on the top of the crate.

If you’re planning on including a dog bed in the crate for your pet’s comfort, remember to take the thickness of the bed into account when measuring your dog.

What’s The Largest Dog Crate You Can Buy?

If you’re the proud owner of a very large dog breed, such as a Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard, or another super-size pup, the MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Ginormous Dog Crate is probably the best choice for you. 

This enormous dog crate measures 54 x 37 x 45 inches, and it is explicitly designed with XXL dog breeds in mind. You can find more information about this wire dog crate later in this guide under the product review section.

Can A Dog Crate Be Too Big?

Although you don’t want your dog to be crammed into a tiny crate that doesn’t give him room to move, a crate that’s too big can also be problematic.

If the crate is too large, your dog might decide to use one corner of their kennel as a toilet spot. Also, if you want to use the crate for transporting your dog, too much space can leave your pet struggling to keep his balance, especially on a bumpy road or track.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our reviews and guide to the best large dog crates and kennels on the market. Please take a few moments to share the article if you found it helpful and informative.

Of the super-size dog crates we reviewed, our top pick is the Midwest Homes for Pets “Ginormous” dog crate. This huge crate measures no less than 54 inches in length, 37 inches wide, and 45 inches tall! So, if you have a Mastiff, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, or some other extra large dog breed, this crate will easily accommodate your pet.

We love the design that includes special “L” bars, which will stop the metal wire crate sides from bowing out if your colossal canine pushes against them. The crate has two doors that are both fastened securely with three heavy-duty latches. Of course, there’s a removable plastic pan for easy cleanup. The only real downside to this extra-large dog crate is that it takes two people to assemble and disassemble it.

Which of these large dog crates did you choose and why? Tell us in the comments box below.

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