Best Outdoor Dog Houses

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Outdoor dog houses are common options for pet owners who live in temperate climates & have lots of outdoor space. However, finding a good-quality pet house for a low price can be hard.

When choosing a doghouse, you must ensure that your pup is comfortable above all else. The dog house must feature a quality design with tons of space at an affordable cost.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best outdoor dog houses according to features & customer reviews. These outdoor dog houses are easy to install, durable, weatherproof, and have good ventilation.

Comparison Table of the 5 Best Outdoor Dog Houses


Starplast Dog House Kennel




  • Affordable Cost
  • Easy Cleaning
  • UV Stabilized Plastic


Pet Zone Tuff N Rugged Weather Resistant Dog House


Pet Zone


  • Double-Walled Plastic
  • Easy to Install
  • Adjustable Vents
Merry Pet Room with a View


Merry Pet


  • Made of Cedar Wood
  • Has Balcony & Lattice-Work
  • Durable
Petmate Indigo Dog House




  • Made with 90% Recycled Material
  • Dome design = Weatherproof
  • Roof Vents
Red Petmate Barnhome III




  • Very Competitive Price
  • Mold-Resistant
  • Ventilation Slots

Top 5 Outdoor Dog Houses Review

1. Starplast Outdoor Pet House

Starplast Dog House Kennel

Affordable Cost

Easy Cleaning

UV Stabilized Plastic

In my opinion, this classic dog house option offers the best value for your money. It comes in 2 sizes- small & large. It has a shingled A-frame roof, a rectangular body, and is made of UV-resistant plastic. The roof pops off so that you can easily clean the inside.

All the panels simply snap into place. Therefore, this is definitely one of the easiest doghouses to install.

This large, weatherproof doghouse can resist 100-degree heat, heavy rain, and cold temperatures. This small size is suitable for dogs under 25 pounds.

One negative of this doghouse is that it doesn’t come with a flap door, which could lead to drafty winds blowing in the winter. It also doesn’t have any smaller vents for air circulation.

Overall, this option is a basic, no-frills doghouse that ticks all the boxes for a low cost.


  • Easy to Install
  • Removable Top
  • UV-resistant plastic
  • Lightweight


  • The bottom is not raised
  • No Flap Door
  • Little Ventilation

2. Pet Zone Tuff-n-Rugged Outdoor Doghouse

Pet Zone Tuff N Rugged Weather Resistant Dog House

Double-Walled Plastic

Easy to Install

Adjustable Vents

This is a really fantastic option if you live in extreme weather & want to keep your dog outdoors.

This doghouse has got a double-walled plastic design. This acts sort of like a Thermos & keeps the internal temperature comfortable for your doggie.

Thanks to the unique double-walled design, we would say that this is one of the best doghouses for warm weather.

It comes with a large window for some rear ventilation in intense heat. This vent also has a plastic cover, so it doesn’t get drafty in the winter.

This doghouse model is straightforward to install and doesn’t need any tools. It’s also easy to clean, thanks to the detachable roof.

The sellers have stated that this doghouse is suitable for dogs up to 120 pounds. However, Amazon reviews have stated that it’s too small for a dog of 100 pounds! So, we recommend this option only for a medium-sized pooch.


  • Double Wall Insulation Design
  • UV & Fade-Resistant Plastic
  • No Tool Installation
  • Flap Cover for Vents


  • Smaller than Advertised
  • Prone To Leaks in Heavy Rain

3. Merry Pet Room with a View

Merry Pet Room with a View

Made of Cedar Wood

Has Balcony & Lattice-Work


This is my personal favorite, just because of how cute the design is! It’s a perfect indoor/outdoor dog house that will suit most home aesthetics.

This model is made of cedar wood, which has anti-microbial properties. It is treated with a gorgeous pet-safe stain, which you can paint over to suit your house’s color scheme.

This house-like design has an upper balcony with latticework. There are stairs leading up to the balcony. There is also a covered area with an arched doorway.

This decked-out dog house has raised feet to allow some drainage. It also includes all the hardware you need to build it.

However, reviewers stated that the installation is a bit hard and may take longer than 20 minutes, as the sellers have promised.

Also, some complaints are that the side stairs of the doghouse were flimsy and were also too steep for some smaller dogs. Please consider your dog’s mobility before buying this doghouse.

In addition, this pet shelter is only really suitable for tiny dogs, mainly less than 15 pounds.

This model also doesn’t have good ventilation, weatherproofing, or insulation, so it’s not ideal for extreme weather.


  • Made of Cedar Wood
  • Adorable Design
  • Raised Floor


  • Only for small dogs
  • Flimsy Stairs
  • Not suitable for extreme weather
  • Harder Installation

4. Petmate Indigo Dog House

Petmate Indigo Dog House

Made with 90% Recycled Material

Dome design = Weatherproof

Roof Vents

This is definitely the perfect doghouse for a Husky! This one-of-a-kind Igloo design is made for colder weather. It has an angled entrance, which means that wind can’t blow onto your precious pooch.

There is also a roof vent, which helps to keep your pooch cool in the warmer months. This plastic dog house is made of a weather-resistant material that doesn’t warp in extreme heat or crack in extreme cold.

However, Amazon reviewers have commented that this plastic structure is not waterproof. Water leaks into the doghouse, which is why there is a moat around it; therefore, we wouldn’t recommend this doghouse if you live in an area with heavy rain.

Some buyers also had an issue with the price. The cost is pretty high for so little indoor space.

Additionally, buyers complain that the sizes of this enclosure run small. Although the seller advertises the large size as suitable for dogs up to 90 pounds, Labs or Golden Retrievers would be very uncomfortable in this. We recommend that only 40-60 pound dogs use this high-quality dog house.


  • Angled entrance = No Wind Blowing In
  • Roof Vent
  • Made of 90% Recycled Material
  • Heavy-Duty Weather-proof Material


  • Runs Small
  • Costly for such a Small Space
  • Not waterproof

5. Petmate Barnhome 3

Red Petmate Barnhome III

Very Competitive Price


Ventilation Slots

If you’re on a budget & need a good-quality doghouse for a low price, then this is the one for you.

This long-lasting shelter is made of mold-resistant plastic and features a pleasing barn-style design. It is super easy to install; all you have to do is snap the top and bottom together.

The peaked roof means that dogs under 15 pounds can easily move around in the enclosure without bending their head.

In terms of weatherproofing, this plastic dog shelter has got rear ventilation & a large entrance to help air it out in the summer. However, it doesn’t have a lot of insulation. I recommend insulating it yourself with aluminum foil to keep your pooch cool.

It has an elevated floor so that your dog doesn’t have to lay in any water that does come in. This is useful because some reviewers complained that the sides of this plastic structure are prone to leaking.


  • Very Low Cost
  • Rear ventilation
  • Easy to Install
  • Raised floor


  • Only suitable for small dogs
  • Prone to leakage
  • Needs more insulation

What is an outdoor doghouse?

An outdoor dog house is what you’ve seen on Peanuts or The Simpsons. It’s a classic wood or plastic-made outdoor dog shelter. It provides a roof to your beloved pet and takes them out of harsh weather.

You can pick from a variety of sizes, depending on how much time your dog spends in its house and how big the breed is. They are also made of many different kinds of materials, such as plastic, concrete, wood, or even brick!

A doghouse is a simple, low-cost option for outdoor pet housing that is easy to clean & maintain.

However, not all dog houses were made equal. Some doghouses are poorly designed & do not have good ventilation, insulation, and still have a high price point. Therefore, you must compare your options to find the best dog house for your needs.

Features of a good outdoor dog house

Now that we have discussed a few great dog house options, you can see which one works best with your lifestyle and needs. We recommend considering these features to ensure that the house you choose ticks all your boxes.


Dog Houses in a row

A good dog house should be long enough for your furry friend to lay down flat in and tall enough for them to stand up in. If the shelter is too cramped, your pooch might find it uncomfortable or even punishing.

Measure your dog and add a few inches to each dimension for a comfortable fit.


Dog house models can be made of many different things.

Wood is a very common option, as it looks great & can be tick & flea-resistant. It also doesn’t warp in extreme heat. However, it can be prone to rotting. Also, wood models usually have a difficult installation process.

Plastic is also a common material. Plastic dog houses are resistant to moisture deterioration and rot and are also easy to sanitize. Some models have double walls that provide excellent insulation.

Plastic models are also easy to install, often having just a roof that snaps in place.

However, plastic is prone to warping in hot weather & cracking in cold weather. It is also less durable than wood.

Roof Design

There are tons of roof designs for your pet space.

The most common one is an A-Frame roof. This is the classic pointy roof we find on our houses as well. A pointy roof is a great option because it provides your dog with more space to stand up & also makes snow & rain slide right off it.

Another option is a slanted roof, which is more common for hinged roofs. This also slides snow & rain off but doesn’t give as much indoor space as an A-Frame roof.


Look for ventilation holes in the walls of your dog house. These could be small or large; if they are large, the holes should come with an attachable flap door to prevent drafts from blowing in.

Ventilation is essential so that your pooch doesn’t overheat in the summer.

Some models rely on raised flooring to provide some air circulation underneath, but we recommend a doghouse with vents if you live in a warm & humid area.


Stunning Stable Barn Design Dog House

Weather-proofing is probably the most important feature of an outdoor dog house. If you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing, the walls of the doghouse must be double-walled or coated with an insulative material.

The walls should not warp in the sun or crack in the winter. It should also repel moisture so as to prevent rotting and mold. The dog house shouldn’t have leaks. If there is a chance of leaking, there must be a moat & raised flooring, so your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the wet ground.

To protect the insides from water damage, consider a doghouse model with an asphalt roof that is moisture-repellent.

If the doghouse is plastic, look for UV-resistant plastic. If it is wood, look for wood coated with a protective stain.

Raised Flooring

Look for a dog house with little legs underneath the floor. This raises the entire shelter off the ground, making it more sanitary & comfortable for your pet. This prevents them from laying in water or filth.

In Conclusion

Getting a dog house is an important step for pet owners. You must consider factors such as weatherproofing, ventilation, cost, and size.

This is why we believe the Starplast Outdoor Pet House is the best option for most owners. With a detachable A-Frame roof, this model is super easy to & install. It is made of UV-resistant plastic, so it’s perfect for extreme weather.

It’s also very large, while still having a pretty low cost.

If you have a small pet, a second runner-up would definitely be the Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House due to the weatherproofing, ventilation, and unique design.

We hope you found our suggestions useful. If you found this information helpful, please share this article with a fellow pet parent! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

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