Best Dog Beds For Puppies – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! But your puppy will feel somewhat overwhelmed in his new home at first, away from his mom and siblings. So, your furbaby will need his very own warm, cozy bed to make him feel more secure.

But what kind of dog bed is best for a puppy? What’s the best puppy bed for crates? And what is the best dog bed for a kennel?

Read our reviews of the best dog beds for puppies to find the perfect bed for your pup!

6 Best Dog Beds For Puppies – Reviews And Buying Guide


Fable Bed




  • Waterproof cover
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Human-grade, memory foam interior


MidWest Homes for Pets Ombre Dog Beds




  • Machine-washable
  • Amazon Best-seller
  • Attractive swirl pattern
Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs




  • Available in 3 sizes
  • High heating efficiency
  • Water-resistant and a breeze to clean
American Kennel Club AKC Self Heating Bolster Cat Dog Bed




  • Self-heating bed
  • Machine-washable
  • Bolster style for supportive comfort and warmth
Impact Orthopedic Dog Bed




  • Comes in several sizes
  • Machine-washable
  • Water-resistant
Precious Tails Princess Faux Fur Bolster Bed


Precious Tails


  • Comes in several sizes
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Stylish microsuede outer

Read on for our reviews of seven excellent dog beds that are perfect for puppies.

Crate Beds

Most puppy parents choose to crate-train their puppies from day one. Crate training is an excellent tool for puppy potty training and can also help keep your puppy safe when you’re not around to watch him.

But a crate needs a snug, cozy mat or pad to create a safe, comfortable personal space for a puppy. Here’s a selection of some of the best crate mats.

1. Fablepets Dog Bed

Fable Bed

Waterproof cover

Stain and scratch-resistant

Human-grade, memory foam bed

Machine-washable interior and exterior

Fablepets produce high-quality pet products, and this gorgeous dog bed is no exception. The bed is made using human-grade, crushed memory foam encased in a soft, breathable cover, ensuring comfortable sleep for your puppy.

The bed is available in a wide range of attractive, neutral shades that will unobtrusively complement any interior home decor scheme. Every size of dog is catered to since the bed comes in sizes from extra-small to extra-large breeds.

The bed’s cover is removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning and is stain and scratch-resistant. You can use the bed indoors and outdoors, and the fabric is UV-resistant, so the sun won’t bleach or discolor the cover.


  • Waterproof cover
  • Human-grade, memory foam interior
  • Minimalist design to suit any home interior
  • Super cozy and warm
  • Machine-washable interior and exterior


  • Not recommended for chewers

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Dog Bed

MidWest Homes for Pets Ombre Dog Beds


Amazon Best-seller

Attractive swirl pattern

Most puppies love to snuggle down into a cozy bed to nap. This gorgeous plushy bed from MidWest Homes for Pets fits perfectly into a metal dog crate but can also be used as a stand-alone bed.

This deluxe bed features a beautiful Ombré swirl pattern in an understated, stylish gray colorway that blends well in any room in your home. When it comes to freshening up the bed, there’s no fiddly cover to remove; simply put the bed into your washing machine! If you decide to use the bed outside of your pup’s crate, there’s a non-slip layer on the base to stop your puppy from slipping over.

When ordering this bed, first-time owners should double-check the manufacturer’s bed sizing guide to be sure that the bed will fit their puppy’s crate.


  • Fully machine-washable
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Anti-skid base for your puppy’s safety
  • Stylish cover looks smart in any home
  • Warm and cozy fabric to comfort a new puppy


  • Can be vulnerable to an aggressive chewer

Heated Pads and Beds

If you have a very young puppy, he might benefit from some extra warmth, especially if you live in a region with a cold climate.

The best way to provide your puppy with the crucial warmth he needs is to invest in a heating pad. Heating pads can be used in a crate or independently. You can even use a heating pad to line a regular puppy bed to give the little guy some extra warmth if he needs it.

Some heating pads are mains-powered, whereas others work by reflecting the puppy’s body heat right back at him. If you choose a mains-operated bed, check that chew-proof options are in place.

3. Homello Pet Heating Pad

Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs

Available in 3 size variations

High heating efficiency

Water-resistant and a breeze to clean

Some new puppies feel the cold, which can be a problem if you live in a region with harsh winters. This heating pad from Homello is the perfect solution!

The pad has temperature settings from low up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can set the exact temperature your puppy needs to keep cozy. Thanks to the auto shut-off product function, you don’t need to worry that the bed will overheat, and the power cord is chew-resistant and protected from your puppy’s teeth.

This excellent heated pad is waterproof and a breeze to clean; simply wipe away accidents with a damp cloth and pet-friendly cleaning fluid. For extra safety, the bed is fireproof.


  • Ideal for very young puppies
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Auto-shutoff feature guards against overheating
  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • Mains power supply required

4. American Kennel Club Self-Heating Bolster Bed

American Kennel Club AKC Self Heating Bolster Cat Dog Bed

Self-heating bed


Bolster style for supportive comfort and warmth

If you don’t want the hassle of having to plug in a mains heated bed, you’ll love this ultra-warm, self-heating thermal bed from the American Kennel Club that uses your pup’s body heat to keep the little guy warm.

This plush quilted bed will ensure that your puppy is always warm, cozy, and comfortable. The bolster design allows your puppy to curl up in a snug cocoon to sleep, and the lowrise front makes getting in and out of the bed easy for the shortest puppy legs!

This fantastic puppy bed looks great in any home, and the dark brown outer and cream inner lining blend well with most decor schemes.

The bed is easy to keep fresh and clean. Simply pop the whole bed into your washing machine!


  • Machine-washable
  • Warm, cozy, and comfortable
  • No mains power connection required
  • Several size variations available


  • Quite expensive

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds make a great choice of bed for puppies. A bolster bed is a round or oval-shaped bed with a raised outside border that the puppy can lean against, rest his head on, or simply curl up inside.

This kind of bed is super-warm and provides a comforting, snuggly environment that most pups love.

5. Impact Orthopedic Dog Bed

Impact Orthopedic Dog Bed

Comes in several small to medium size



It’s not just senior, arthritic dogs that can benefit from orthopedic beds! If you have a generous budget, this premier-quality orthopedic dog bed from Impact is exactly what you need for your new puppy.

This attractive puppy dog bed is made from water-resistant suede and high-quality memory foam, creating a soft, supportive place for your puppy to enjoy a restful sleep. The mattress provides your puppy’s developing joints with essential support and pressure relief, ensuring a comfortable, undisturbed night’s sleep and cozy naps throughout the day.

The foam retains its optimal temperature regardless of the climate you live in and the ambient room temperature, so you know your puppy will always be safe from the danger of overheating. The bed’s suede cover is stain-resistant and machine-washable.


  • High-quality, water-resistant fabric
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Bolster design for cozy napping
  • Premier quality materials


  • Expensive but well worth the money

6. Precious Tails Princess Faux Fur Bolster Bed

Precious Tails Princess Faux Fur Bolster Bed

Comes in several sizes

Machine-washable cover

Stylish microsuede outer

If your puppy loves a warm, cozy puppy bed, he’ll adore this puppy dog bed from Precious Tails! This bed has a gorgeous, soft, furry inner for snuggling, a reversible furry seat cushion, and a fun, bone-shaped pillow for games before bedtime.

The stylish faux fur and microsuede fabrics used to create this super-soft bed surround a high-density foam and fiber-filled inner that your puppy will look forward to curling up in after playtime. The cover is removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning, and the bed comes in several sizes and attractive colors.

Overall, we think this is one of the best dog beds for small dogs that we’ve reviewed and is one of our favorite puppy beds.


  • Fully machine-washable cover
  • Soft, cozy, faux fur material for extra puppy comfort
  • Fun bone-shaped pillow included for playing or cuddling
  • Suitable for large-breed puppies


  • Not suitable for dogs that chew

What Does A Puppy Need From His Bed?

Choosing the best bed for your puppy is a tricky task. You need to consider your pup’s individual needs to ensure you get the right bed for him.

Your Puppy’s Breed

Every dog breed has its own unique quirks and physical makeup that will influence your choice of a dog bed for your puppy.

For example, if your puppy has a very thin coat, you want a bed that will offer your furry friend the extra warmth he needs during cold weather. However, if your puppy is likely to grow much larger as he develops, you might want to choose a bed that your pup can grow into.

Your Puppy’s Size

the dog lies in his dog bed

When choosing a dog bed for your puppy, pet owners must take into account the pup’s likely growth spurts.

Some breeds grow more quickly than others, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a fabulous bed only to have your furbaby outgrow it within a matter of months.

Your Puppy’s Sleeping Position

Every dog likes to sleep in a slightly different position, so you need to pick a bed that accommodates your pup’s preferred snoozing style.

For example, if your dog likes to curl up in a ball, you need a cuddly design. However, if your pet prefers to adopt the Superman pose while sleeping, a double pillow design might be better.


Although a dog’s coat provides him with a natural defense against the elements, young puppies often need some help with body temperature regulation.

A puppy is used to cuddling up with its mother and siblings to keep warm and cozy, and it’s often something of a culture shock when the little guy is taken to a new home away from his natural snuggly family “blanket.”

Self-warming beds can be a cozy option for puppies for that reason. When it comes tohow to get a dog to use a new bed, choose a dog bed that uses faux fur to replicate the sensation of the puppy’s mom’s fur coat.

Security and Comfort

Frisco Plush Orthopedic Dog Bed

As mentioned above, a new home can be a frightening experience for puppies. Your new family member needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in his new home, and the best way to do that is to provide your puppy with a cuddler bed or one that has surrounding bolsters that your pet can snuggle into and adopt as his familiar space.

That helps to replicate the pup’s family’s feeling of security and can help him to settle into his new home quickly.

My Experience

Although it’s been a few years since I had the pleasure of owning a puppy, the main problem I’ve had to overcome is that of chewing once the pup starts teething.

When my Cockerpoo was teething, she went through several soft, plushy beds in just a matter of hours! So, for safety’s sake, I bought her a thick memory foam mattress with a sturdy plastic-type cover that she couldn’t chew through. As soon as Lottie stopped teething, I changed her bed back to a snuggly fluffy one, which she preferred.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our reviews and buyer’s guide to the best dog beds for puppies? If you did, please take a moment to share the article!

Our favorite bed of those we reviewed is the Impact Orthopedic dog bed. This superb quality bed is machine-washable and water-resistant with a high-quality memory foam mattress to support your puppy’s soft, developing joints to ensure a comfortable, deeper sleep at night and during daytime naps.

There’s no need to worry that your puppy will overheat on warm days, as this bed retains its optimal temperature no matter what the weather. Easy cleaning is assured, thanks to the bed’s stain-resistant, machine-washable suede cover.

Which bed did you choose for your pampered puppy? Tell us about your little guy in the comments box below!

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