Top 3 Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Breeders in Louisiana

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If you live in Louisiana and are desperate to add a Sheltie puppy to your household, you need to know where to find shelties for sale in Louisiana!

Here, you can learn how to pick a good, ethical Shetland sheepdog breeder in Louisiana. We also explain how puppy farms operate and how to steer clear of them. So, where can you find Sheltie puppies for sale in Louisiana?

Keep reading to discover the top three Sheltie breeders in Louisiana, LA!

Best Sheltie Breeders In Louisiana

In this part of our guide, we introduce the top three Sheltie puppy breeders in the state of Louisiana.

Bagheera’s Shelties

Breeder Details:

Location: Louisiana, LA

Phone: +1 337-208-0347

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Bagheera’s Shelties

Bagheera’s Shelties produces family-reared, healthy puppies that are the perfect fit for families.

The breeder stresses that their beautiful Sheltie puppies are never inbred, so they are highly unlikely to develop any genetic health problems. Every puppy comes with a lifetime money-back health guarantee against all serious genetic diseases.

Every puppy is personality tested by the breeder and carefully matched to the adopter’s family, so you know that your new furry friend is the perfect match for you. While you wait for your puppy to be ready, you can keep up to date with his progress via regular updates on the breeder’s Facebook page.

In addition, your new puppy’s potty training will be underway, and every pup will be crate-conditioned, chew toy conditioned, and well-socialized.

For more information, contact the breeder through their Facebook page.

Shelties Of True Blue Ranch

Breeder Details:

Location: Nacogdoches, TX 75964

Phone: 832-797-9231

Shelties of True Blue Ranch first began breeding Shelties in 2013. The breeding dogs are also much-loved family pets.

The puppies are well-socialized and enjoy playing with the family and each other in a large, half-acre yard. You’ll be given regular updates on the puppy you chose, including photos on the breeder’s Facebook page.

All the puppies are thoroughly vetted, but if there are health problems further down the line, the breeders will always take the puppy back.

Holly Bluff Shelties

Breeder Details:

Location: Holly Bluff, MS 39088

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 662-571-8117

This breeder produces gorgeous show-quality Sheltie puppies on their five-acre place in the southern part of the Mississippi Delta in a tranquil oasis bordered by soybean, corn, and cotton fields.

The kennel facility and breeding operation have been running since 2010. All their breeding dogs can be traced back to some of the greatest dogs in the breed and are health-screened and clear of genetic diseases.

When you buy a puppy from Holly Bluff Shelties, you’re buying a show dog. You’ll be expected to sign a contract stating that you will have your dog spayed or neutered so that the dog cannot breed.

All the puppies are AKC registered and microchipped. You get a coupon for your first veterinary check visit and a handy 30-day trial insurance protection package. Male puppies are priced at $2,000, and females at $2,300.

How Much Is A Sheltie Puppy Worth?

At the time of writing, a well-bred Sheltie puppy will cost you around $1,500 to $2,300.

The puppy’s price will vary, depending on several factors, such as:

  • The Sheltie breeder’s reputation
  • The breeder’s location
  • The sex of the puppy
  • The quality of the puppy

Sheltie puppies will probably be more expensive if the breeder is located in an affluent area. Generally, show-quality puppies raised by professional breeders are more expensive than those produced by hobby breeding operations.

How To Spot A Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are sometimes referred to as breeder mills or puppy farms.

Unlike the ethical breeders featured above, puppy mills are typically run by backyard breeders whose aim is to churn out as many puppies as possible as quickly as possible while incurring a minimal cost.

That often means that the breeding dogs aren’t health-screened, and their living conditions are unsanitary and verging on inhumane. Often puppies produced by puppy mills are sold for much less than those bred by ethical breeding operations.

So, how can you spot a backyard breeder?

Watch out for these red flags and avoid puppy mills:

  • Most ethical breeding operations only produce one or sometimes two breeds. Often puppy mills produce multiple breeds.
  • Puppy farms very often copy other breeder’s adverts and lift images from them. Never take an advert at face value. Insist on visiting the breeder’s kennels and seeing the puppies and their parents before you commit to buying one.
  • A puppy can have his first course of vaccinations from eight weeks old. If the breeder tells you that the puppies are under the age of eight weeks and have had their first jabs, that’s a huge red flag!
  • As mentioned above, if a puppy is advertised for a very low price, you could be dealing with an unethical breeder mill.
  • If you’re not welcome to visit the breeder’s facility, that’s dodgy! These unethical breeders often ask potential puppy buyers to meet them somewhere well away from their kennels, such as in a gas station or mall car park.
  • Backyard breeders almost always insist on cash payments.
  • Most ethical breeders have a waiting list for their puppies. You might even be expected to have an interview as a suitable owner before you even get onto that list. Puppy mills often have puppies available immediately, and there’s no formal application process.
  • A good breeder will show you the current health certificates for all their breeding dogs. It would be best if you also were given evidence that your puppy has been dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and received a preventative flea treatment.
  • Most good breeders insist on taking their puppies back if there’s a problem and the buyer can’t keep the puppy. A puppy mill breeder won’t want to know if you try to return the puppy.

We recommend that you research a breeder thoroughly before parting with any cash. Ask your local vet for breeder recommendations, and check out the breeder’s website and social media pages for other buyers’ testimonials, photos of their puppies, and general feedback.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to finding an ethical Sheltie puppy breeder in Louisiana. Please remember to share the article with other Sheltie fans if you did!

When hunting for your perfect Sheltie puppy, always take the time to do plenty of research so that you can be sure the breeder is ethical and has a good reputation. Don’t fall for a cheap puppy that’s been produced by an unscrupulous backyard breeder or puppy mill!

Do you know any other reputable Sheltie puppy breeders in Louisiana that we haven’t featured in this guide? Are you an ethical Sheltie puppy breeder? Tell us in the comments section below!

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