Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale – Your Top 6 Breeders In Alabama (AL)

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Boston Terriers are one of the most popular breeds that make great humorous family dogs for many people across the United States. Some standout traits of this compact breed include their large ears, short noses, and lively personalities. Thankfully, you can find breeders throughout Alabama offering the perfect puppy for your home’s lifestyle.

Are you having trouble finding quality puppies for this American breed and don’t have time to search everywhere? Check out our list of the best breeders selling healthy Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama to help you narrow down your options.

The Best Boston Terrier Breeders in Alabama (AL)

Here are our top ethical breeder options for anyone looking for Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama. We also included links to each breeder’s website and listed their contact information if you want to reach out to them if you have any questions about their breeding processes.

Russell’s Big Tyme Bostons 

Breeder Details:

Location: 395 Brown Rd, Danville, AL 35619


Email: NA

The first reputable breeder choice that we recommend for anyone looking for Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama is Russell’s Big Tyme Bostons. This small hobby breeder specializes in raising healthy and friendly AKC standard Boston Terriers as family pets. 

Their sires and dams have health clearances for Juvenile Hereditary Cataract (JHC) and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) to ensure they don’t pass it on to their litters. In addition, Boston Terrier puppies receive plenty of attention and socialization to prepare them for life with their new families.

Puppies go to their new families with up-to-date deworming, vaccinations, removed dewclaws, and a spay or neuter contract with limited AKC registration. If you have any questions about their puppies, you can give them a call or submit a message through their website.

Buster’s Boston Babes

Breeder Details:

Location: Roanoke, Alabama 36274


Email: [email protected]

The next professional breeder that we recommend for your entire family is Buster’s Boston Babes. Since 2014, this breeder has been breeding Boston Terrier puppies in a warm, welcoming environment and raising them as if they’re family members. 

Their breedable Bostons meet American Kennel Club and Continental Kennel Club standards for their health, appearance, and temperament. Each puppy receives constant health checks to ensure they don’t inherit a life-threatening hereditary health condition from their parents, like cataracts, spinal issues, or luxating patellas. 

Suppose you’re interested in any of their puppies for sale. In that case, you can submit an online application asking you about your home’s environment, your experience with dogs, and what your schedule will be like when raising your future puppy.

I think it’s always a good sign when a breeder asks a lot of questions from potential adopters. This shows that they really care about where their pups end up & if they will be going to a good home.

Argos Kennels

Breeder Details:

Location: Cullman, AL


Email: [email protected]

If you’re looking for a Boston Terrier puppy for sale in North Central Alabama, consider contacting Argos Kennels for your Boston Terrier needs. This breeder offers AKC, CKC, and BTCA standard Boston Terriers as show dogs and family pets. 

Breedable parents undergo BAER, CAER, patella, and cardio testing to ensure all of their litters are healthy. They also test their puppies for JHC, have them microchipped, and offer a two-year health guarantee against hereditary and congenital health conditions.

They usually determine their puppy prices based on their health, temperament, and appearance, so they don’t offer rare, non-standard coat colors. Most family pet Boston Terrier puppies cost between $2250 and $2500, while ones sought out for showmanship cost at least $3500. Each puppy also gets placed on a spay or neuter contract when a buyer takes them home.

Alabama’s Smith’s Kennel

Breeder Details:

Location: 4514 Duck Springs Rd, Attalla, AL 35954

Phone: 256-538-7986

Email: [email protected]

Alabama’s Smith’s Kennel is a small breeding kennel located about an hour away from Birmingham. Since 2007, kennel owners Peggy and Jimmy Smith have bred limited litters of healthy puppies every year for any Alabama residents seeking a quality companion dog. 

If you’re interested in their breeding services, you can send them a $150 non-refundable deposit to reserve your pup of choice. The puppies get weaned off their milk at around six weeks of age and are ready to go home a couple of weeks later.

They offer an impressive health guarantee and can replace your puppy with a healthier one in their next litter if they develop life-threatening hereditary issues or die from a genetic disease within the first year after your purchase.

Bama’s Hurricane Creek Kennel

Breeder Details:

Location: 2298 Co Rd 1242, Vinemont, AL 35179

Phone: 256-339-0651

Email: [email protected]

Bama’s Hurricane Creek Kennel is another excellent breeder offering Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama. Boston Terrier breeder Linda Reaves spends quality time with all her Boston Terrier puppies and adults on her 25-acre farm before sending pups to their new forever families. She’s also a proud member of the BTCA and BTCLA.

Her Boston Terrier prices depend on the puppy’s coat colors and pedigree bloodline. The average price usually rounds up to at least $2500. You can also send a $200 non-refundable deposit to get on one of their waitlists

However, if you’re interested in a puppy, but didn’t send a deposit, this Boston Terrier breeder will place you on their No Obligation waitlist and contact you about their available puppies. Once the Boston Terriers are at least eight weeks old, they’re ready to go home.

In my opinion, if you’re interesting in adding a show dog to your home & have dreams of competing with your furry friend in a dog show, I would recommend Bama’s Hurricane Creek Kennel.

Bostie Lovebugs

Breeder Details:

Location: Birmingham, AL

Phone: 251-237-3555

Email: [email protected]

If you’re interested in getting a healthy, well-bred puppy near Birmingham, the best Boston Terrier breeder we recommend checking out is Bostie Lovebugs. This breeder prioritizes raising AKC-standard Boston Terriers in a safe, family-friendly, clean environment. 

This breeder conducts extensive phone interviews and provides follow-up questions for potential customers who send them an online puppy application.

Each Boston Terrier parent and puppy undergoes extensive health checks for genetic medical issues. Puppies get cleared for JHC through their parents and get tested for patella issues before going to their new owners. In addition, their puppies have one-year health guarantees for life-threatening genetic health issues. 

They also give their dogs high-quality dog food to help them develop and receive proper nutrition and pre-treated for lice, fleas, and ticks. Once the puppies are at least eight weeks old, they can go to their new homes with up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, and a health certificate.

How Much Do I Have to Spend When Buying a Boston Terrier from a Breeder?

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale Your Top 5 Breeders In North Carolina NC

The price of Boston Terrier puppies can differ from breeder to breeder. So, if you’re looking through online databases that connect buyers to breeders, you’re bound to find wavering prices for each available puppy.

Many breeders consider several factors when determining a price range for their pups, including color, health, champion bloodline, and whether you want a house pet or a show dog. Some breeders can charge between $1500 to $2000 for each puppy in their litters, while others might charge over $3000.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Responsible Breeder

Finding a potential breeder offering the best Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama can feel overwhelming for first-time adopters. Trust is essential when choosing the right breeder, so it would be best to ask them lots of questions about what their breeding practices offer and avoid untrustworthy candidates.

Perform Regular Health Checks for All Their Dogs

Reputable Boston Terrier breeders prioritize getting all of their dogs tested for hereditary breed-specific health issues before breeding any of their future litters. Examples of these evaluations include CAER and BAER tests and JHC screenings. You should also consider asking them about their health guarantee policies.

In my experience, they should also conduct testing for conditions that are specific to Boston Terriers. For example, due to their short snouts, Terriers are prone to Brachycephalic Syndrome, which means that it’s hard for them to breath due to their obstructed airways.

They may also develop cataracts, luxating patellas, and could be born hemivertebrae. So, it’s crucial to run tests for these specific conditions, to avoid expensive vet bills later on in life.

They Have Extensive Knowledge of the Breed

Reputable breeders should have years of experience working with and raising the dog breeds they’re selling. As a result, they’re key resources for curious dog owners with several questions about Boston Terriers, from their diet and exercise routines to potential health issues they’re prone to develop.

I recommend buying from a breeder that deals solely with Boston Terriers and has at least 5 years of experience. If they have fewer years of experience than that, they should have an accomplished mentor who will be guiding them through the process.

Incorporates Waitlists and Customer Screenings During Their Application Process

Responsible breeders typically analyze every customer’s application and conduct phone interviews with them to ensure that each puppy goes to a loving home that suits their needs. They also set up waitlists for anyone eager to reserve a puppy of their choice.

Warning Signs About Puppy Mills

When searching for quality Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama, you must avoid any newspaper ads or website listings for puppy mills and backyard breeders. These breeders breed their dogs for profit, regardless of their poor health and living conditions. 

Most puppy mills don’t give unsure buyers clear answers to their questions, so consider asking them a lot before choosing a different breeder to trust. 

In my experience, the best thing you can do to vet a breeder is to ask a ton of questions. If they don’t answer, or seem to be struggling to come up with an answer, this is a definite warning sign.

Good breeders are extremely knowledgable about their dogs & will have all necessary information at the tip of their tongue. They will encourage questions, as it shows that you are invested in the adoption process & will give your pup all the care he needs.

Other warning signs to consider when comparing possible puppy mills to reputable breeders include:

  • They don’t perform background checks for potential applicants
  • The breeder refuses to let you see the puppies and their mother 
  • Breeding multiple litters year-round without giving the mothers a break
  • Selling puppies when they’re too young
  • Selling puppies for less than $1000
  • Keeping their dogs in cramped, dirty cages

What New Boston Terrier Owners Can Do to Prepare for Their New Puppy

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale Your Top 6 Breeders In South CarolinaSC

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting experience for many people, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you prepare for your new life with your Boston Terrier.

Set Up a Budget for Puppy Care

During the first year of your Boston Terrier puppy’s life, you’ll need several funds to keep them happy and healthy, from food and veterinary bills to toys, pet insurance, and obedience training. Setting up a budget can help you estimate your annual or monthly payments for your new companion.

Purchase Your Puppy Equipment Before Bringing Your Dog Home

Although breeders may provide you with a puppy package with food, blankets, and toys, consider stocking up on puppy supplies to avoid being unprepared when taking them home. 

Examples of supplies you should have on hand before bringing your Boston Terrier home include:

  • A cozy indoor dog crate
  • Beds or sleeping mats
  • Stainless steel food and water bowls
  • Pee pads and poop bags
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses
  • Toys
  • Grooming equipment

Make Your Puppy’s Crate Area Comfortable

If you’re puppy’s having trouble adjusting to their new home and crate, consider placing a few toys in their crate to help them reduce their stress and boredom. Stuffed toys work best as an alternative to snuggling with their mother and littermates. Be sure to reward your puppy with treats whenever they play as a bonding method.


You can find plenty of reliable breeders raising and selling Boston Terrier puppies in Alabama if you’re interested in adding an energetic and friendly breed to your family. Hopefully, this list can help you decide where to look to make this experience a more joyful time.

Did you like any of our breeder options? Be sure to share this list with anyone who’s interested in getting a Boston Terrier, but doesn’t know where to start their search.

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