Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale – Your Top 7 Breeders In Ohio (Oh)

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The Boston Terrier is the perfect breed for families. They are small in stature but have an affectionate and lively personalities. Boston Terriers are also very intelligent and can be easily trained.

Some of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Ohio include Blue Boston Terrier, Anna Lee Bostons, and Ohio Boston Terrier. They all have years of experience and love for the breed. They breed healthy, happy, and beautiful Boston Terriers.

Today we will be looking at the top Boston Terrier breeders in Ohio and what they have to offer their customers looking for this fantastic breed of dog.

Top 7 Boston Terrier Breeders In Ohio

Here are some of the best Boston Terriers for sale in Ohio.

Blue Boston Terriers

Breeder Details:

Name: Blue Boston Terriers

Location: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Phone: 330-507-9520

Blue Boston Terriers is located in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, but ships puppies all over the United States, including Ohio. They have an excellent reputation and years of experience breeding Boston Terriers. All of their dogs come with complete AKC registration.

Their dogs get raised in a loving home environment and are socialized with children and other animals from an early age. Therefore, you will be getting a puppy that is well-rounded and used to being around people.

There is one stipulation. If you purchase a traditionally colored puppy with complete AKC registration, they remain the property of Blue Pines. This means the puppy must be shown and championed before breeding.

If they aren’t shown in 2.5 years, the puppy must be returned to Blue Pines. To inquire about a Boston Terrier Puppy at Blue Boston, they welcome questions!

Anna Lee Bostons

Breeder Details:

Name: Anna Lee Bostons

Location: Barberton, Ohio

Phone: 330-715-8795

Anna Lee Bostons is located in Barberton, Ohio. They pride themselves in breeding Boston Terriers of excellent health, disposition, and conformation that meet or exceed the AKC standard. 

They strive to educate new and prospective dog owners about the joys and challenges of owning a dog. Whether you want to raise your Boston Terrier as a show dog or as a housepet, their quality of dogs will make a great addition to your family. 

Anna Lee’s puppies are home-raised and come with their first set of shots and a health certificate guaranteeing their overall health. You will also appreciate how they are taken care of and socialized before adoption. They get to other animals, car rides, and children.

Ohio Boston Terrier and Pomeranians

Breeder Details:

Name: Ohio Boston Terrier and Pomeranians

Location: Copley, Ohio

Phone: 330-597-6169

Ohio Boston Terrier and Pomeranians is located in Copley, Ohio. They are known as Mikelly’s Kennel and breed and raise Pomeranians and Boston Terriers in their home. 

They have a passion for the breed and work hard to ensure that you get a puppy that has already experienced a loving and watchful eye. The adorable Puppies are held and played with from day one and socialized with other animals, children, and adults. 

They are also current on age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. The puppies are also CKC registered. Their health is guaranteed. One thing to appreciate is that Kelly and Mike start potty training the puppies at four weeks old. 

By the time they are ready to come home with you, they will have a good foundation on housebreaking, making the process of potty training much more manageable. Add that to the food and the coupons on future food purchases, and you have a breeder that really wants you to succeed.

Reeds Boston Terriers

Breeder Details:

Name: Reeds Boston Terriers

Location: Akron, Ohio

Email: [email protected]

Reeds Bostons is located in Akron, Ohio. They are a family owned and operated kennel specializing in breeding and selling quality Boston Terriers. All of their dogs get raised in a loving home environment with lots of attention and care.

The puppies come with their first set of shots, AKC registration, and have their dew claws removed. They guarantee the overall health of their puppies and know that they are free of genetic defects.

You will receive a health certificate so that you can rest assured that your puppy will not be prone to any of the health issues that are common in this breed. In addition, Boston terriers have been socialized and proven to have excellent temperaments.

Preferred Puppies

Breeder Details:

Name: Preferred Puppies

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

Phone: 513-896-5056

Preferred Puppies is located in Hamilton, Ohio, and is owned by Cheryl Dalton. Cheryl works to ensure that all of her puppies are healthy and free of any genetic defects. She also works to shut down puppy mills and irresponsible breeders.

Preferred Puppies only sells Boston Terriers bred and raised in a loving home environment. The puppies come with their first set of shots, and a health certificate, and are microchipped.

Preferred Puppies partners with local breeders and pet shops that breed and sell Boston Terriers puppies, Maltese puppies, Yorkshire terrier puppies, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies. Preferred Puppies only sells puppies from licensed, inspected, and reputable breeders.

One thing to appreciate about Preferred Puppies is their prices. Their main goal is to help families get the right dog for their situation, which means you will get a puppy at half the price compared to other breeders.

Buckeye Puppies

Breeder Details:

Name: Buckeye Puppies

Location: Narvon, Pennsylvania


Buckeye Puppies is located in Narvon, Pennsylvania. The great thing about their service is that they advertise Boston Terrier puppies for sale for local breeders and pet shops in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

They even give customers a method to directly contact breeders for any questions. To help ensure that you are getting a healthy puppy, they require all breeders to provide health certificates and registration papers. 

You can even view the available puppies online before heading out to the breeder. Buckeye Puppies works to make the buying and selling process easy for the breeders while facilitating an excellent customer experience.

They take their customer service seriously and regularly investigate sellers to ensure that they are legitimate.


Breeder Details:

Name: Hoobly

Location: Narvon, Pennsylvania

Contact: Send a direct message via the website 

Hoobly is an online classified site that offers a wide variety of animals for sale, including Boston Terriers. The advantage of using Hoobly is that you can find a dog in your local area without traveling far.

Another advantage of using Hoobly is that you can directly contact the seller. This allows you to ask any questions that you may have about the puppy or the breeder.

To find Boston Terriers on Hoobly, simply search “Boston Terrier” and then select your location. Many members of Hoobly have been using the service for years. They provide pictures and available puppies. 

Not to mention, all puppies come with their first round of shots and are CKC or AKC registered.

How to Find the Best Breeders?

When looking for the best breeders, you should consider a few things. The first is to make sure that the breeder is reputable. This means that they should be able to provide you with references and health certificates. 

The second thing you should consider is the puppies’ environment. Puppies raised in a loving home environment are more likely to be well-adjusted and less likely to have behavioral problems.

The third thing you should consider is the price. Going with the cheapest option could cause you to sacrifice quality. Reputable breeders usually charge more for their puppies, but knowing that your puppy comes from a good home is worth it.

We also listed reputable breeders from other states in case you can’t find one in Ohio. Check out these articles:

Why Does It Cost More to Purchase From a Breeder?

Cost word after a stack of coins

When you purchase a puppy from a breeder, you are not only paying for the puppy but also for the years of experience and knowledge that the breeder has. Breeders have to pay for animal care, food, shelter, and veterinary bills. 

They also have to spend time socializing and training the puppies. All of this costs money and is reflected in the price of the puppies. Another reason it costs more to purchase from a breeder is that they are often required to provide health certificates and registration papers. 

It protects you as the buyer and ensures that you get a healthy puppy.

So, while it may cost more to purchase from a breeder, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality puppy that has been well cared for.

How Long Does the Buying Process Usually Take (from application to purchase)?

The buying process usually takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Once you have found a breeder you are interested in, you will need to fill out an application.

After the application gets approved, you can schedule a time to meet the puppies. At this point, you will be able to select the puppy that you would like to purchase. Once the puppy has been chosen, the breeder will provide you with all the necessary paperwork. 

You will then be able to take your new puppy home!

New Pet Owner Tips

Boston Terrier Puppies

Congratulations on your new puppy! Here are a few tips to help you start as a new pet owner.

The first thing you need to do is create a safe and comfortable environment for your puppy. This means puppy-proofing your home and getting all of the necessary supplies. 

You will also need to create a feeding and potty schedule for your puppy. It is essential to stick to this schedule as much as possible to avoid accidents. 

Finally, you will need to socialize and train your puppy. It is crucial for their development and their relationship with you.

Red Flags To Look Out For

You should be aware of a few red flags when looking for Boston Terrier breeders in Ohio.

The first is if the breeder refuses to provide you with references or health certificates. This is a sign that the breeder is not reputable, and you should move on to another option.

The second red flag is if the breeder seems more interested in making a sale than finding the puppy’s proper home. A good breeder will want to make sure that you are a good fit for their puppy and will take the time to get to know you.

The third red flag is if the breeder has a high turnover rate. It could be a sign that the puppies are not being well cared for. There are plenty of reputable breeders out there, and you don’t want to risk getting a puppy from a bad one. 

Take your time finding the right breeder, and don’t be afraid to ask around for recommendations. 

Insist On Health Certification Evidence

When you buy your puppy, it’s crucial that you ensure the parent dogs have been properly health screened by a veterinary clinic that specializes in that field. You’re quite within your rights to ask to see the documentary evidence of that when you go to view the puppies, and if the breeder can’t produce it, I strongly advise you to walk away.

A girlfriend of mine recently bought a puppy that she saw advertised on the internet. The breeder appeared to be legitimate and invited my friend to view the puppies. The parent dogs were also there, and both appeared happy, friendly, and healthy.

My friend fell in love with the puppy and didn’t press the breeder for evidence of the health screening he said had been done. Adele handed over her cash and brought the puppy home.

Eye Cancer!

At first, all was well. But when the puppy reached four months of age, we spotted a problem. The puppy had an inflamed, discolored eye that was clearly bothering him. We assumed a minor infection caused the problem; after all, puppies are into everything.

But the vet told us the little pup had a form of eye cancer that’s known to be hereditary. Adele immediately tried to contact the breeder who sold her the puppy, only to find that he wouldn’t take her calls. Now, my friend has a $3,000 vet bill and a sick puppy.

Buyer Beware

So, do please bear this tale of woe in mind when you go puppy hunting. Don’t fall madly in love with a pretty face and appealing eyes until you’ve seen his parents’ health certificates. You could finish up taking home a world of pain!

Wrapping Up

Did you enjoy our list of reputable breeders and tips for finding Boston Terriers for sale in Ohio?

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect pup, check out our other articles on finding puppies for sale. We have lists of reputable breeders for all different breeds and can help you find the perfect one for your family. 

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