Top 5 Breeders In Tennessee – Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale

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If you live in the Tennessee area and have a soft spot in your heart for Boston Terriers, this state is home to several reputable breeders and adoption agencies to find your new best friend. 

However, potential dog owners should do their due diligence and research a breeder or organization before purchasing a Boston Terrier for sale in Tennessee. 

If you are new to the breed or want to add a four-legged member to your family, knowing which breeders are legitimate and the red flags to watch for can guide your decision on a breeder. 

The Top 5 Breeders In Tennessee for Boston Terrier Puppies

If you want to save yourself some time, here are the top six breeders of Boston Terriers for sale in Tennessee. 

Hickory Haven Boston’s

Breeder Details:

Location: Shelbyville, TN

Phone: 931-580-6771

Email: [email protected]

Hickory Haven Boston’s reside in the middle Tennessee area in Shelbyville. They raise the puppies in their home, so they acclimate to family life before their loving families adopt them. They strive for optimum health and provide all their dams, sires, and puppies with NuVet Plus vitamins. 

All puppies will receive deworming and microchipping and undergo dewclaw removal. Hickory Haven Boston’s test for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JHC), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), and have their appropriate vaccinations before leaving for their new home. 

Their AKC Registered Boston Terrier puppies for sale come with a 1-year health guarantee against life-threatening congenital defects. In addition, they enforce a spay and neuter contract stating the animal’s sterilization procedure must happen between six and eight months of age.

CC’s Boston Babies

Breeder Details:

Location: Murfreesboro 

Phone: 615-680-2424

Email: [email protected]

CC’s Boston Babies sits only a few miles east of Murfreesboro in the Lascassas area. This small-town country breeder offers Boston Terrier puppies that are intelligent and eager to please and to be a part of the family. 

This breeder tests their parent animals for various genetic health problems, including: 

  • Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JHC)
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Acral Mutilation Syndrome
  • Chondrodysplasia (CDPA)
  • CDDY with IVDD
  • Cone Degeneration 
  • Hyperuricosuria
  • Von Willebrand Disease II

All Boston Terriers from CC’s Boston Babies come with dewclaw removal, deworming, complete vet check, and up-to-date vaccinations. 

New owners will also receive a take-home puppy package with treats, food, toys, a blanket, and shampoo. German Shorthair Pointers will also have docked tails. 

There is a non-refundable $200 deposit to hold your spot for a new puppy, but it can be transferable to a new litter if something happens to your puppy. 

Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Breeder Details:

Location: Mid-South/Main Division (TN, GA)

Phone: 865-983-3272.

Email: [email protected]

The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee (BTRET) is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Boston Terriers of all ages. 

Potential new owners must be 26 years old, pay a $20 non-refundable application fee, and adhere to all adoption conditions, including smoking outside the home. 

All dogs from the BTRET are spayed or neutered before going to their new forever homes, with some exceptions. Although this rescue organization does what it can to gather as much information as possible about the animals in its care, sometimes the details on a dog’s history are limited. 

BTRET is not a typical rescue with a designated facility, as it operates with volunteers and foster homes. They function entirely on the support of donations, fundraising, and adoption fees. 

Lyn-D-Ann’s Bostons

Breeder Details:

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Phone: 423-961-2981

Email: NA

Owners Dot and Jim Leverett of Lyn-D-Ann’s Bostons are on a 15-acre mountaintop approximately 30 miles north of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They began their love of Boston Terriers in 1984 with their first Boston named Mandy. 

With a love of Boston Terriers and the motivation to breed show-quality dogs, they started the journey into the show ring and successfully brought home numerous awards. 

Today, Lyn-D-Ann’s Bostons continue to breed Boston Terriers for looks and temperament as show-quality dogs that are also terrific companions to any home. 

All Boston Terrier puppies for sale from Lyn-D-Ann’s come with a spay or neuter contract and remain at the breeder until they are between 8 and 12 weeks old. 

Brittney’s Tennessee Terriers

Breeder Details:

Location: Nashville, TN 

Phone: 615-300-3065

Email: NA

Brittney’s Tennessee Terriers has been a breeder specializing in AKC Boston Terriers, both traditional and colored variations, since 2015. 

This breeder ensures that all puppies are healthy and updates prospective owners with periodic pictures and information before, during, and after birth. 

The puppies are AKC registered and come from parents who are JHC clear for optimal health. They receive up-to-date vaccinations and come with a complete vet checkup. 

How To Pick a Reputable Breeder

Top 5 Breeders In Tennessee Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale

If you are new to shopping for a puppy from a breeder, using some of these tips can ensure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder. 

  • You can contact them by phone, email, or their website 
  • They have testimonials and recommendations from past clients 
  • They provide proper veterinarian records of the puppy, along with vet checks, vaccinations, and deworming
  • The breeding parents have health testing completed to screen against genetic abnormalities and you can request a copy for viewing 
  • Your purchase comes with a contract and a return-to-breeder policy if you can no longer care for your pet
  • Provide support and information for new owners

While choosing a creditable breeder may seem expensive, you are definitely saving money in the long run. My friend bought a Boston Terrier from a breeder who was selling pups at a much lower price than the market.

At first, the breeder seemed reputable because he had already taken the pup to the vet & had given him the necessary vaccinations.

However, after a few years, her Boston Terrier became fully blind due to Juvenile Cataracts. This breeder was focused on pumping out pups as fast as possible, regardless of their health status. So, he bred dogs that were carriers for juvenile hereditary cataracts & just didn’t test their offspring.

My friend had to spend twice what she saved from the initial cost on vet visits and testing. So, remember that a high-quality pup will have a higher price tag attached to it because this reflects all of the training, testing, and vaccination every dog should get in the first few weeks of their life.

Total Costs of Buying From Breeders

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale Your Top 5 Breeders In Florida Fl

When browsing for a Boston Terrier for sale in Tennessee, you may notice that the prices of puppies from reputable breeders are higher than those you will see in rescue shelters or through private sales. 

On average, new dog owners can expect to pay between $1,000 to $2,400 or more, depending on the breeding lines and if they want a companion or a show-quality dog. 

While it can be tempting to shop around and find a less expensive pet, there are benefits to choosing a puppy from a breeder. 

  • Puppies will come with a health guarantee
  • Puppies are bred specifically for optimal temperament, looks, and health 
  • Specialized breeders will know the species and answer any questions you have 
  • Reputable breeders care about where their litters go and screen applicants thoroughly to find the best fit for your home

Although a Boston Terrier puppy from a breeder will cost more, it will most likely be healthier and cared for, ensuring a long life free of life-threatening issues. 

In addition, some breeders choose behavioral training to help prepare your new pet for their forever home, making the transition easier. 

Timeline from Finding Your New Pet to the Application and Purchase

Boston terrier with litter of five week old puppies

Purchasing a new Boston Terrier for sale in Tennessee is typically not instantaneous. Reputable breeders will usually have waiting lists for litters, and it can take a few months up to a year for you to bring home a new pet. 

In addition, reputable breeders will not allow rehoming of their puppies until they are at least 12 weeks old. This timeline ensures that the pups are healthy, have proper veterinarian care, and complete weaning from their mother. 

Unlike walking into a pet store or purchasing a puppy from a backyard breeder, choosing a new puppy from a breeder will take time, but it is well worth the wait. This animal will be healthy, some may be AKC registered, and you have the breeder’s support as you bring your new pet home. 

Tips For (New)Pet Owners

Boston terrier on a grey background

Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting but exhausting. There is so much to learn and do, especially since each dog breed is unique and will have specific nutritional needs and care expectations. 

Remember that anytime you bring home a new animal, there will be an adjustment period. Young puppies will need proper house training right from the start. Choosing the ideal crate for your new best friend is also a vital component your new pet requires. 

Young puppies will need a consistent schedule to help them settle into their new home. However, with proper preparation, you can make the transition from the breeder to your home as smooth as possible for your new pup.  

When I first bought my pup home, it was really difficult for him to adjust. He was constantly whining & couldn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time. I reached out to the breeder and asked if there were any tips he could recommend to make my pooch more comfortable.

He sent over a “litter blanket” with the scents of my dog’s mother & littermates rubbed on it. I tossed this blanket in his kennel & he loved it! It made him less anxious & even allowed me to lay the foundations of crate training!

Red Flags to Watch for with Breeding Mills

If you are shopping for a new puppy, knowing the red flags and what to watch for can ensure you do not purchase your Boston Terrier from a place that is not reputable. 

  • They ask for the entire purchase cost upfront
  • They do not provide a complete vet check, vaccinations, dewormer, or other health guarantees
  • They do not have an application process for their puppies and will sell them to anyone who will pay their price
  • They always have puppies available
  • They do not allow you to see the breeding parents or view facilities 
  • The website looks incomplete, you cannot find proper contact information for them, or their phone number does not work 

Doing thorough research on a breeder will ensure that the dog you choose will be healthy and ready for a new home. The last thing new puppy owners want is to bring home a new dog that is sick or has serious health issues. 

In Conclusion

Were you aware of the exceptional Boston Terrier breeders available in Tennessee? Would you use one of these six breeders for your next puppy, or do you know someone who has a puppy from one of these popular breeders? 

Remember to go with your gut instinct when shopping for a new four-legged friend. Reputable breeders will never ask for the entire cost upfront, and they will always present you with complete vet checks and contracts for your security and peace of mind. 

Leave a comment on what you think about this list and share the article if someone you know is on the hunt for a new Boston Terrier for sale in Tennessee.

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