Top 6 Boston Terrier Breeders In Wisconsin – Puppies For Sale

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If you’re looking for Boston terrier puppies for sale in Wisconsin, you might consider working with a breeder. The right kind of breeder will make it easy for you to pick your new best friend and feel confident knowing their heritage. 

Trustworthy dog breeders will provide plenty of background information on their puppies, not sell to anyone they have not met in person, and have contingency plans for those unable to keep their puppies. 

Taking on the responsibility of a dog is no small task. However, introducing a new furry member to your family is one of the best things you can do. The breeders on our list will help you find the right match, making your family that much bigger, furrier, and happier. 

Top 6 Boston Terrier Breeders In Wisconsin

Finding a good, reputable dog breeder for a Boston terrier puppy is all about understanding what makes breeders a worthwhile option. Not only are good breeders committed to the health of their puppies, but they’re committed to finding safe forever homes for them. 

You can use any one of these breeders with confidence as you search for the perfect Boston terrier puppy. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make these breeders the best in the business around Wisconsin. 

Achates Bostons

Breeder Details:

Location: 4125 Dollar Lane, De Pere, WI 54115

Phone:(920) 339-9449

Email: NA

Achates Bostons started as a small family operation back in the 1980s. The operation is owned by a husband and wife who have a long history in dog showing and breeding. 

What started as a home for showing Dobermans has turned into a place for Boston terriers to find their forever families. The Doberman operation proved too much, so Achates downsized in the early 2000s to only work with Bostons.  

The breeder works primarily with families who are looking to expand their numbers with Boston terriers. 

And they operate as more than just a breeder: the group also sells premium dog food and supplies to ensure their families have everything needed to take care of their new puppies. 

Wisconsin Puppy Patch

Breeder Details:

Location: W 3605 Stonybrook Road, Chilton, WI 53014

Phone: (920) 465-0359

Email: NA

The Wisconsin Puppy Patch is one of the friendliest dog breeders in the state. The group is fully licensed for small breed puppies and works tirelessly to ensure that every dog they breed has the best attitude and temperament possible. 

The group specializes in bringing families and puppies together. They avoid any puppy mill stereotypes by limiting their breeding. You won’t always be able to find a puppy available, but you can work with them to know when new litters are coming. 

Individuals who have worked with Wisconsin Puppy Patch love the results. It’s hard to find a group that’s easier to work with or more dependable with their breed puppies. Many customers believe they’ll never work with anyone but Wisconsin Puppy Patch again.


Breeder Details:

Location: 2310 S Green Bay Road, Racine, WI 53406

Phone: (262) 222-2704

Email: NA

Petland might not sound like the kind of small, family-based operation you’d want to use as your breeder. But the folks at Petland know how to match you with the perfect puppy and make your family that much more extensive. 

Petland acts like an agency, working with the best breeders in Wisconsin and even other states to pair families and puppies. The group started in 2014, and ever since, they have been bringing humans and animals together. 

Petland will help you get more than just a Boston terrier: they will help you make a connection that lasts for a lifetime. The group is licensed by the state of Wisconsin, and they freely offer background and health information on all their animals. 

People who work with Petland are never disappointed. Many claim they only found the right puppy because of the informed and friendly help of the people at Petland.

Top of the Ridge Kennel

Breeder Details:

Location: 26682 County Highway V, Kendall, WI 54638

Phone:(608) 344-0707

Email: NA

Top of the Ridge Kennel is an experienced puppy breeder in Wisconsin who works with families and individuals to find the perfect pet, Boston terriers. They offer plenty of background information on their puppies, and they stay up to date on all health needs. 

The puppies are fully checked for health issues, but the mothers are treated as well. This helps ensure that the bred puppies are in good shape before going to their forever homes. 

Even if they don’t have the exact puppy you want ready when you go, you can always put a deposit down to hold them for when they come of age.

As a licensed dog breeder, you can trust that Top of the Ridge Kennel will take good care of you. And their customers would quickly agree.

Gorgeous Boston Terrier

Breeder Details:

Location: 6168 South Creekside Drive, Cudahy, WI 53110

Phone:(669) 228-9787

Email: NA

The thing that stands out most about the group at Gorgeous Boston Terrier is how many customers absolutely love working with them. Even first-time customers who had never heard of them until la quick Internet search were beyond thrilled with their decision to work together. 

Gorgeous Boston Terrier is a great option if you have your heart set on Boston Terrier puppies. Whether you’re looking to work with a breeder or you want to adopt, the folks at Gorgeous Boston Terrier can hook you up with plenty of options. 

All the puppies that come through this organization have started training, are up to date on their shots, and are cared for with the utmost attentiveness. Their Cudahy location is open 24 hours, so you can always get a hold of them in the case of an emergency. 

Ri Lee Kennels

Breeder Details:

Location: 7977 County Road E, Oconto Falls, WI 54154

Phone:(920) 846-3524

Email: NA

If you want to find terriers that you know have a happy life, get plenty of exercise, and are cared for by dog lovers of all kinds, then Ri Lee Kennels is the place for you. Just one look at their extensive property, and you can feel confident that they take the best care of their dogs. 

Past customers can vouch for how great the folks are at these kennels. Not only is the staff knowledgable and friendly, but they treat each potential customer as part of the family. It’s no wonder that they get people coming back again and again.

Not only is Ri Lee Kennels a great place for finding your newest furry family member, but it’s also a fully-equipped boarding facility. That means you have someone trustworthy to leave your dog with if you ever need to travel out of town.

Tips for Picking the Right Breeder

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale Your Top 6 Breeders In Wisconsin WI

Sometimes being told that a dog breeder is good is not enough for someone to really trust that a dog breeder is good. In fact, it often makes sense for you to want to do your own research before making a final decision.

When you’re looking to add a new four-legged member to your family, you should never feel bad for taking matters into your own hands. Doing your own research into the best breeder options around Wisconsin will give you invaluable peace of mind. 

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while you’re looking for the right breeder for you and your family:

  • Have a lot of questions prepared before you go
  • Meet the parents of the puppy if possible
  • Make sure you get the entire medical history 
  • Meet the breeder before you decide on a puppy
  • Look for a breeder that only does one puppy litter at a time
  • You want the puppies to be raised inside for the first weeks of life
  • If the breeder asks you a lot of questions, that’s a good sign
  • If the breeder lets you take the puppies before they’re eight weeks old, that’s a bad sign.

With these helpful tips in mind, it should be easy for you to begin your journey of finding the right breeder. And once you find the right breeder, you’ll be that much closer to finding your new Boston terrier family member.

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How Much Do Breeders Cost?

Dogs Boston Terrier taking shower

Finding the right breeder often includes being alright with a certain budget. Depending on what you’re willing to spend, you might think that a breeder is too expensive over your local humane society or a shelter.

Using a breeder can be a little pricey, but the costs are often reasonable when compared with the service you’re receiving. If you’re looking for a breeder that provides the best pedigree, you might easily end up spending anywhere from $500 to $2,000. 

But when you use a breeder, you must remember that you are paying for more than just your dog – although that is certainly enough for most dog lovers out there. Using a breeder means paying for a pure breed with a clean health history and traceable parentage. 

Dog breeders are generally people who love their work because it involves interacting with dogs every day. So finding the right breeder means finding the right avenue to a happy, healthy puppy. 

How Long Does It Take When Using A Breeder?

Boston terrier on a grey background

The timeline for using a breeder can vary greatly depending on when you get in touch with them. If you go to a breeder to look at a new litter of puppies, you may only have to wait a few weeks to bring your furry pal home. 

However, if you’re working with a breeder who has no litter available, you may have to wait a few months before getting your new puppy. Since the puppies typically stay with their mom until they’re eight weeks old, you’ll have to wait at least that long after a brand-new litter. 

Even though you do have to wait longer with a breeder, you have more guarantees when you work with them. For example, you can always put down a deposit for an upcoming puppy litter if you feel confident about the breeder and the puppy’s parents. 

So whether you’re looking for Boston terrier puppies in Wisconsin or someplace like Edinburg, Pennsylvania or Indianapolis, Indiana, make sure you’re prepared for the process to be a little longer than usual.  

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top breeders for Boston terrier puppies in Wisconsin. Applying these tips to your search for the best breeder will help you make a decision that you’re comfortable with for a lifetime. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to share this article if you loved it or learned something new!

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