Red Oak Dog Kennel

28 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans & Ideas

Dog crates are not the most attractive items to have in your home, but you can transform your dog’s crate by turning it into a table. Read this guide to find out more.

G1 Gunner Kennels

G1 Kennel Review – Safest Travel Crate

The G1 Kennel by Gunner Kennel is a sturdy, secure, and safe way to travel with your dog. Whether traveling for an hour to ten hours, let’s look at everything you need to know about this kennel before you hit the road.

sad dogs in cages

What Is Cage Feet In Dogs & How Is This Avoided?

Cage feet may not be purposeful, but for the safety and happiness of your dog, it’s essential to recognize the mistakes and take steps to remedy this affliction. This article will discuss the causes and signs of cage foot and what can be done to avoid it.