11 Cute Chorkie Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Chorkies are a mix between a Yorkie and a chihuahua. They are normally relatively small dogs, but their coats can be long or short. Their fur can grow to be thick or thin, based on the genes of each parent. So, you might get an adorable Chorkie puppy with thick wavy locks like a Yorkie’s and another with a thin coat that is more close to the chihuahua parent.

Let’s get right into it!

Cutest Chorkie Haircut Ideas


Shaved Chorkie e1644404333653
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Are you looking for a haircut that’s easy to achieve and maintain? If so, this is the cut you’re looking for. All you need to do is shampoo and condition your chorkie’s coat, use a pair of clippers, and go to work shaving your little angel down.

The simplest way to do this is to simply shave your dog down to one length. However, you can use clipper attachments to achieve different lengths if you want to highlight specific features of your dog’s body or make certain areas stand out more. That way, you can avoid having to shave your dog down to a single length and keep their coats more interesting.

Be careful with this style, though, as it’s easy to make a mistake and go too short. You might want to let a professional handle this cut if you’re not experienced using clippers to shave your dog down.

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut Chorkie 1
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Chorkies usually have long coats that can get tangled and matted if they’re not brushed out regularly. If you want to avoid constantly having to brush your dog’s coat, a puppy cut may be the best haircut for your Chorkie.

In this style, you make certain parts of the body shorter than others using clipper attachments or by shaving down certain areas. Typically, the hair on the head and face is kept longer for an adorable puppy-like appearance. The body, however, is kept short to prevent tangles and mats.

This cut works best for Chorkies with long coats that can get tangled or matted easily. However, you could try it out if your dog has short wavy fur as well. Play around with it and see what works best for your dog’s coat!

Neat and Trim

Featuring a gorgeous, carefully scissored face and neatly trimmed body, this Chorkie looks adorably dignified. This cut is similar to the puppy cut in that it leaves longer hair on the face and head, but the way in which the face is scissored gives the dog an air of maturity.

This haircut is perfect for Chorkies that have short, smooth coats and love to stay groomed and well-taken care of. With this cut, you can style your dog’s fur into a perfectly prim and proper do. It looks great on all types of faces too! Just be sure to pick a style that matches your pup’s personality!

Teddy Bear Cut

Is that a Chorkie, an actual teddy bear, or a stuffed animal come to life? With this cute haircut, your Chorkie will look as soft and cuddly as a plush toy. In fact, it’s hard to believe that there’s a living being inside the pile of fur you’re looking at!

To give your dog this adorable look, you’ll need to pay special attention to the head and face. You can use clipper attachments or shave down certain parts of the body to create a long pile, like the one seen in this Chorkie. However, focus most of your attention on grooming your pup’s head and facial hair.

When you’re done grooming, style your pup’s fur into a compact ball that covers the dog’s face. Use a bit of gel or pomade to arrange it in place, and you’ll have created an irresistibly cute bear head!

Schnauzer Cut

Puppy Cut Chorkie
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Aptly named after the adorable Schnauzer dog breed, this cut gives your Chorkie a fluffy face and legs. In order to achieve this look, you need to use clipper attachments or shave down certain parts of the body. Make the legs thicker by shaving them down or using clipper attachments, and give your dog a face full of thick fur.

This type of cut works best for dogs with short but smooth coats, including Chorkies! In addition, this style is perfect for giving your pup an adorable, innocent look. His eyes will seem larger and more expressive, while his face will seem softer and fluffier.

Other Adorable Styles

Summer Cuts

Summer cut Chorkie scaled e1644418371640
Image Source: stringfixer.com

Mohawk Cuts

Mohawk Cuts Chorkie
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Time for some fun! If your Chorkie has a nice, thin coat that tangles easily, you can give him this haircut to keep his fur tangle-free. Using clipper attachments or complete shaving, create two thin rectangular sections on the back of your dog’s neck and along both sides of his spine. This will create a flat top when you pair it with the round body of your dog.

Going along with that, create a solid strip that hugs around the bottom and sides of your Chorkie’s neck. This portion should be as wide and long as you can make it without getting too close to your pup’s head or eyes. Then, smooth out the rest of your pup’s body and give him a nice, short haircut.

Not only is the mohawk a fun way to give your pup a stylish haircut, but it’s also an efficient way of keeping his fur from tangling. In addition, the two short strips will frame out your dog’s face and make him seem larger than life. A spunky pup deserves a haircut that matches his vibe!

Lion Cuts

Simba and Mufasa are calling your name! This cut gives you the chance to layer, brush, and otherwise style your Chorkie’s fur so that it looks like a big mane. You can also leave his hair as is if you want a more natural lion to look.

This cut is perfect for thick-furred Chorkies because it lets them shine through in all their glory. Just be sure to use a slicker brush or boar bristle brush to give your pup’s fur a smooth and glossy look, just like the mane of a proud lion.

Kennel Cuts

Chorkie Kennel Cut e1644414128213
Image Source: www.loveyourdog.com

To put it simply, kennel cuts are so named because they’re low-maintenance, easy cuts for outdoor dogs. In addition, these cuts are often used on working dogs like guard dogs and police pups. Because of their outdoor activities, these pups need haircuts that can withstand dirt and mud in addition to exposure to the sun.

So, what does this mean for your Chorkie? It means you should use clippers and give him a shave down, leaving about 1/2 inches of fur along his body. If you do decide to add scissored lines or other styles, make them sharp and straight. You can also add face trims on this cut if your pup’s fur gets too long; just be sure not to get too close to his head or eyes!

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, he may appreciate this haircut because it stays cooler than longer fur in hot weather. In addition, it’s very efficient when you’re trying to clean up your pup! Simply wipe him down and he’ll be ready for a whole new adventure.

Long Hair Cuts

Cute and fun Dog Portrait Photograph of a Chorkie

If your pup has a gorgeous coat that’s thicker than average, why not give him a stylish haircut that lets it all hang out? Longer fur is perfect for over-the-ears trims, deep scissor lines, and even shaggy haircuts.

The type of long haircut you choose depends on your pup’s coat and disposition. If he has a thick mane but also likes to take risks and play in the mud, give him a lion cut with thicker lines around his face. You may also want to make sure that some of these lines “connect” by shaving or scissoring out your dog’s paw pads (if he has them).

On the other hand, if your pup likes to stay clean and hang out indoors or in cool climates, you can give him longer fur on the body with scissored lines. This is also perfect for pups who like to flop down next to their owners for an afternoon nap!

Bearded Pupper

Bearded Pupper e1644416113182
Image Source: www.instagram.com

If your pup has a multicolored coat, take advantage of his unique blend of colors! One great way to do this is by combing out the fur in between different hair cuts, like a beard or goatee.

There are two main types of beards that you can give your Chorkie: full beards and partial beards. To get a full beard, shave the area around your pup’s mouth and then use scissors to cut small pieces of fur away from his body. You can do the same thing if you want a chin strap beard, but make sure that the lines are even thinner than they would be for a full beard!

To get a partial beard, either shave or scissor out an upside-down triangle (or diamond-shaped) shape around your pup’s mouth. Be sure to do this on both sides of his face, and then use scissors to connect the lines if you want a fuller look!

Final Thoughts

These are all of the most popular styles for your Chorkie, so whether you want to give him a haircut with shaggy fur or without, there’s something on this list for every pup.

Did we forget any styles? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And if you know any Chorkie owners who can put these styles to good use, share this article with them!

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