32 Cute Cockapoo Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Cockapoos are a designer or hybrid breed that’s created by crossing a purebred Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel.

These so-called Teddy Bear dogs are extremely popular as family pets, largely due to their friendly, happy-go-lucky temperament and low-shedding coat type. However, that beautiful coat needs daily brushing and constant grooming to keep the hair in good condition and to prevent the hair from matting.

There are lots of Cockapoo haircuts to pick from, depending on the hair type and texture. To help you decide what style to choose, we’ve compiled this list of 32 cute Cockapoo haircut ideas. 

Read on to discover the perfect “do” for your Poo!

32 Cute Cockapoo Haircut Ideas

I hope you’ll find the perfect hairstyle for your gorgeous Cockapoo pal in our collection of haircuts.

We’ve included a whole range of clips that are suitable for other Doodle breeds, as well as your Cockapoo. You can attempt to do many of these cuts yourself at home, but there are also lots of haircuts that are best carried out by a seasoned grooming enthusiast or a professional groomer.

Remember that, whatever grooming style you choose for your dog, you’ll need to set aside plenty of time for brushing your dog to remove any dead or matted hair. That’s crucial, regardless of your dog’s coat type of hairstyle.

So, now here’s our list of fabulous hair cuts that are suitable for a Cockapoo.

Cockapoo Hairstyles And Types of Cuts

As well as the style of body haircut you choose, there are numerous different face cuts to consider, too. Generally, you want to select the face clip that best suits your dog’s look, and your groomer will advise you on that if you’re not sure what to go for.

Puppy Cut

Brown cockapoo dog in front of a white background
Puppy Cut Cockapoo
Cockapoo Sitting on the green grass
Image Source
apricot cockapoo puppy on the floor
Image Source
Black Cockapoo in white background
Cockapoo new puppy haircut
Image Source

The Puppy cut is a firm favorite with Doodle owners worldwide!

This doggy hairstyle is ideal for active dogs that love to run and play outside. Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle are working animals that were originally bred to work alongside their owners in the field. And this cute dog breed loves to get down and dirty at the dog park or on the trail. That means your Cockapoo’s coat needs frequent maintenance to keep it clean and in good condition.

The Puppy cut sees the dog’s coat shaved all over to a length of about 1 inch. The curly coat on the dog’s face can be clipped short and the breed’s trademark furnishings removed, or you can leave the face to grow naturally. 

This short cut makes it quick and easy to bathe your pet when required to keep the coat clean and can also help to prevent the formation of mats and tangles.

Cocker Spaniel Cut

Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Cut
Image Source

The traditional Cocker Spaniel cut works well on Cockapoos that have a straight or wavy coat. 

With this style, the dog’s upper body hair is clipped short with a fringe of longer hair left on. The dog’s face is cleared of any long hair so that the dog can see easily. This cut does require a fair degree of maintenance to keep that gorgeous, luscious look, so you must be prepared to spend some time bathing and brushing your dog.

Teddy Bear Haircut

A cockapoo playing in snow
Cockapoo puppy in a field of wild flowers
Teddy Bear Haircut Cockapoo
Image Source
Cockapoo The Teddy Bear Face
Image Source
Close up shot of Cockapoos Face
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut is a favorite haircut of pet parents of many different dog breeds, including Cockapoos.

Your professional groomer will shave the dog’s coat to around ½ an inch in length all over. The facial hair is trimmed and clipped so that it forms a fluffy, round puffball that makes your dog look just like a gorgeous Teddy Bear. This low-maintenance haircut still needs brushing every day to keep mats at bay.

Lamb Cut

Cockapoo puppy on a leash sitting
Cockapoo sitting on the red pillow
Image Source
Japanese Style Dog Grooming in Torrance
Image Source
Chocolate Cockapoo puppy dog

The Lamb haircut is another of the popular canine haircut styles that are best attempted by a professional groomer. This clip is perfect for curly coats and is actually based on a traditional Poodle haircut.  

The Lamb “do” sees the dog’s hair shaved to a medium length that’s generally kept a little longer than the Puppy cut. The pup’s facial hair is trimmed and blended neatly, the ear hair is left to grow long, and the feet are rounded. 

Summer Cut

Cockapoo dog
Summer Cut Cockapoo
Image Source

If you live in a region where the summer months are very warm, a shorter haircut is much more comfortable for your dog. A short coat also makes it much easier for you to keep the hair clean and is the preferred haircut style for owners of very active Cockapoos.

All Poodle crossbreed dogs tend to have quite a thick fur, which leaves them prone to overheating during the warmer months. So, this standard haircut style is a great option in those cases. The Summer cut is a short all-over haircut where the facial hair, head hair, leg hair, feet, and belly are all shaved. 

Many owners take the DIY grooming route with this haircut, shaving their dog’s coat in the late spring before the weather warms up, and then allowing the coat to grow right out before the days cool down again in the fall. That could be a practical, money-saving option for you if you’re working to a budget.

Before and After Photographs

Choosing the perfect haircut for your Cockapoo is not an easy task, given the number of different styles there are to consider. Just like human hair, every dog suits a different style, and you don’t want to get it wrong.

With that in mind, we’ve included a selection of before and after photographs so that you can get a better idea of how your chosen hairdo would suit your Cockapoo.

And if you do get it wrong and your dog ends up with the haircut from Hell, don’t panic! Even the most drastic haircut will grow right out in around eight weeks, so you won’t have too long to wait before you can start again.

before and after haircut cockapoo
Image Source
Cockapoo grooming style for summer
Image Source
Chocolate cockapoo grooming before and after
Image Source
cockapoo cute haircut
Image Source
Before and after cockapoo haircut
Image Source
cockapoo new haircut before and after
Image Source
Luna New Haircut cockapoo
Image Source
before and after black cockapoo haircut
Image Source
before and after white cockapoo haircut
Image Source
Cockapoo Puppy Cut before and after
Image Source
Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut before and after
Image Source
before and after haircut of cockapoo with purple ribbon
Image Source
Before and after cockapoo grooming
Image Source

The Cockapoo Coat

Cockapoos usually have soft, dense, silky fur that isn’t as coarse as that of other breeds. All three coat types of the Cockapoo have low-shedding coats that are generally regarded as being hypoallergenic, making these pups a popular choice with allergy sufferers. That said, these pups have a double coat that does shed to some degree, depending on the individual pup’s coat type.

Cockapoo Dog Laying

Each Cockapoo’s coat type depends on which of the parent breeds the puppy is most heavily influenced by. There are three types of Cockapoo coats:

Cockapoo Straight Coat

The Cockapoo straight coat type has cocker-style silkier hair that needs less maintenance than curlier coats. However, a regular grooming schedule is still essential to keep the fur in good condition.

Generally, straight coats are most often found in F1 and F2 Cockapoos, being 50% Cocker Spaniel and 50% Poodle. Of the three coat types, straight coats are considered to be less allergy-friendly than dogs with curlier hair textures.

Cockapoo Curly Coat

Cockapoos with very curly coats take mostly after the Poodle parent. Poodles are single-coated dogs that are very light shedders, and the curly Cockapoo is the same.

Curly Poodle-like hair is most often seen in backcross generation Cockapoo puppies where the Poodle parent’s gene is dominant. So, you usually see tightly curled coats in puppies born of F1B, F1BB, F2B, and F2BB Cockapoos.

These gorgeous Teddy Bear dogs are the perfect choice for pet parents who have pet allergies. However, that curly coat is prone to tangling and matting, so you will need to brush your dog every day. Also, curly-coated Cockapoos benefit from regular visits to the groomer for a haircut unless you decide to take the DIY route and save yourself some cash.

Cockapoo Wavy Coat

Sitting between curly-haired Cockapoos and the straight type of coat is the wavy coat. 

If you buy a puppy with a wavy coat, you’ll enjoy a low-shedding coat that isn’t as prone to tangling and matting as the straight and curly coat types.

How Often Should I Groom My Cockapoo?

Regular brushing and grooming are essential to keep your Cockapoo’s coat in good condition and to maintain healthy skin, too.


As a general rule of thumb, you need to brush your Cockapoo at least three or four times per week. However, dogs with curly coats usually need more brushing than straighter ones. That’s because curly coats are more prone to developing matted hair, which can ultimately lead to skin infections and discomfort for your dog. As you can see from the heartbreaking video above, a neglected coat is prone to matting. So, you must not neglect to brush your dog!


How often you bathe your dog depends on his lifestyle and activity levels. So, if you have a very active Cockapoo that enjoys swimming, playing in the dog park, romping through thick undergrowth, and rolling in mud, he will need to bathe reasonably frequently.

Also, dogs that suffer from skin conditions and allergies might need a bath to keep them comfortable.

So, whereas some pups might benefit from a weekly bath, others only need washing every couple of months. You can bathe a Cockapoo at home in a designated dog bath or your own tub, but you must always use a proper canine shampoo and coat conditioner on your pet. Human products are too harsh for your dog’s delicate skin and can cause irritation and infection.

Of course, when you visit a professional dog grooming salon, the groomer will give your Cockapoo a bath as part of the whole holistic grooming experience, saving you the hassle of home-bathing.

Nail Clipping

Just like your fingernails, your dog’s nails grow constantly.

If the nails are allowed to grow too long, they will begin to press down on the nailbed, causing considerable discomfort for your pet. So, you need to trim or file the nails every week or so to prevent overgrowth.

Some dogs hate having their nails clipped to the point that sedation by a vet is required to carry out the job. However, you can train a Cockapoo puppy to have his nails clipped from an early age. That said, if you don’t fancy the idea of clipping your dog’s claws, your groomer will do that as part of the grooming treatment.

Hair Clipping

Most Cockapoo owners have their pet’s coat clipped or shaved regularly. A haircut is crucial for preventing matting, keeping the hair in good condition, and maintaining a neat and tidy look for the dog.

As you will see later in this guide, there are myriad different hairstyles and cuts that you can choose for your Cockapoo. Shorter hair trims can last for several months, whereas longer styles take more regular maintenance to keep them looking good.

Obviously, there’s a cost involved in having your dog’s fur clipped. So, you might want to take that into account when choosing a hairstyle for your pet. There’s also the DIY route to consider if you fancy investing in a decent set of clippers and you have the time to spend learning how to shave your dog.

Final Thoughts

I hope you loved our list of 32 different hairstyles and haircuts that you could choose for your pampered pet. If you found inspiration and ideas from the photos we included in this guide; please share!

There are so many different clips and styles to choose from it can be extremely difficult to choose. So, we recommend that you take some professional groomer advice before you make a final decision. A pro groomer will also be able to give you lots of helpful advice on how to care for your Cockapoo’s new haircut between hair trimming sessions.

What hairstyle did you choose for your Cockapoo? Perhaps you invented your very own unique clip! Tell us and other Cockapoo fans in the comments box below.

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