28 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans & Ideas

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Dog crates are not the most attractive items to have on display in your home, but you can transform your dog’s crate.


Well, why not turn a dog crate into an end table, side table, media console, or coffee table? Now, Fido can still be the center of attention in your home without his crate being an eyesore.

Read this listicle for 28 amazing dog crate table plans and ideas!

28 DIY Dog Crate Table Plans And Ideas

If you have a dog that doesn’t chew, you can transform or upscale an old piece of furniture into a useful, decorative dog crate.

We’ve sniffed out some excellent DIY ideas and plans that you can use. Read about them here and prepare to be inspired!

Side Tables

A side table can fit into most rooms as a valuable piece of furniture. Dog crate side tables are extremely popular with many dog owners whose pets want to stay close to their human families. 

Here are some excellent ideas and plans to get you started.

1. Dog Crate Transformation

Dog Crate Side Table scaled e1651141218376
Image Source

This side table is small enough to fit into most apartments and bijou homes. You’ll need plywood sheets or pine board and some basic DIY skills to make the table.

2. Simple Side Table Dog Crate

Simple Side Table Dog Crate
Image Source

This plan couldn’t be more straightforward! Even if you have minimal DIY experience, you can quickly achieve this project.

Simply take a piece of wood and sit it on top of a metal dog crate. File away any rough edges for safety, and you have a functional dog crate that also doubles as a side table.


3. Elegant Side Table Dog Crate

DIY Dog Crate Nightstand
Image Source

This project includes complete instructions in the form of a video tutorial and building plans. Choose from different options to create a custom crate that fits your dog’s requirements and blends with your interior decoration scheme.

4. White Wood Dog House Side Table

If you’d like to build this attractive, functional white wood dog house, you’ll need some basic DIY skills, but the instructions given in the video tutorial are pretty clear.

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End Table

If it suits your home layout better, you might want to choose an end table design rather than a side table. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider.

5. Reclaimed Barn Wood Dog House

Dog Kennel End Table
Image Source

If you like using recycled wood to create an end table dog crate, this plan could be for you. This comfy dog crate is the perfect size for a small dog, and it would be ideal for a bedroom or small lounge.

6. Metal Dog Crate Hack

Metal Dog Crate Hack
Image Source

This easy hack transforms a regular wire dog crate into a functional dog crate piece of furniture. 

7. Double Dog Crate Furniture Design

Double Dog Crate Furniture
Image Source

If you have two pooches, why not make a double dog house using a metal dog crate and some pieces of wood?

8. Cute Wooden End Table Dog Crate

Cute Wooden End Table Dog Crate
Image Source

We love this gorgeous wood and metal dog crate that offers excellent ventilation for your pet and looks fabulous. This size dog crate would suit medium and small dogs.

9. White Wood Dog House

Here’s a video tutorial explaining how to create a beautiful white wood dog house that doubles as a stylish end table.

10. Multiopening Dog Crate

This dog crate end table looks great in your living space and provides your pet with the perfect space to chill out.

11. Decorative Dog Crate End Table

Decorative Dog Crate End Table
Image Source

This spacious design is perfect if you want to build a decorative, attractive dog crate that gives your dog plenty of space to relax.

12. Dog Kennel Table Top

DIY Dog Kennel Table Top
Image Source

This simple dog kennel tabletop design doesn’t need powerful tools to build it. Simply take a regular mesh crate, make a tabletop from pallet wood, and create a stylish crate cover using a hessian sack or other breathable material.

13. Easy Open Dog Crate End Table

This neat little dog crate has a front opening system that makes loading and unloading super simple and saves space.

14. Large Wooden Dog Crate

This crate furniture plan could suit you if you need a larger crate that doubles as an end table.  

15. Large White Wooden Dog Kennel

Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table
Image Source

This DIY dog crate idea involves using a metal crate and creating an end table from it by adding a wooden frame to create a functional dog crate with a table crate cover.

16. Dynamic Accents End Table Dog Crate

Pet owners love this beautiful dog crate table. You don’t have to make this end table from scratch; it’s an easy-to-build collapsible dog crate that you just assemble yourself.

Coffee Table

If you have plenty of space at your disposal, you might prefer to use your dog’s crate as a coffee table, making Fido the center of attention in your living room.

17. Cable Spool Design

Cable Spool Design
Image Source

This design has to be the ultimate in custom crate ideas! The creator has used an upcycled cable spool to make this striking coffee table dog crate. How cool is that?!

18. Long Coffee Table Design

This video tutorial shows you how to build a rectangular coffee table dog crate. Although this is an intelligent design, we think it could be better ventilated for your pet’s comfort.

19. Smart Modern Dog Crate

Coffee Table Dog Crate
Image Source

This intelligent modern dog crate design uses a commercial dog crate set in a wooden frame and features a beautifully stained wooden crate topper to create a stunning coffee table.


You can also use a piece of dog crate furniture as a media console. Here are a few clever ideas and fun projects for consoles that might fit well in your home.

20. Double Crate Console

Large Double Dog Kennel TV Stand e1641563713731
Image Source: www.instructables.com

This large crate console is designed to hold two dogs, separated by a crate divider. This is the perfect weekend project for a keen DIYer with a multi-dog household.

21. Large Crate Console

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and other stress issues will love this crate console design’s open, well-ventilated aspect. Your dog can see his family watching TV while he’s watching them!

22. TV Stand

This plan shows you how to build a dog crate that doubles as a TV stand.

23. Dining Crate Console

Dining Crate Console
Image Source

This attractive, functional design features a pull-out drawer with your dog’s food and water bowls fitted so that your pup can enjoy a mid-show snack!

24. Double Dog Crate Media Console

This gorgeous media console crate is large enough to house two dogs and has plenty of ventilation for comfort and safety.

25. Rectangular Console

This crate table would easily carry a TV set, but the crate doesn’t offer much ventilation for your dog.

26. Buffet Table

This attractive buffet table features a sliding door entry system and raised floor lining for your pet’s comfort and safety.

27. Dog Crate Sofa Table

Here’s a double dog crate that can be used as a table. You’ll need a large room to accommodate this generous crate table.

28. Table Top

DIY Dog Crate Table Topper
Image Source

This simple design utilizes a metal dog crate and table topper to create a handy side table and conceal your dog’s ugly crate.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our listicle featuring 28 DIY dog crate table plans and ideas. Please take a few moments to share the article if you loved it!

Regular metal, plastic, or fabric dog crates are not the most attractive pieces of furniture to have around your home. But don’t despair! You don’t need to hide your dog’s crate away anymore! Instead, why not transform Fido’s crate into an elegant, functional piece of furniture that will look great in any room in your home?

What style of dog crate furniture did you choose for your pet? Did you design and build your own dog crate table? Tell us how you did it in the comments box below.

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