49 Simple And Interactive DIY Dog Toys To Keep Your Pets Busy

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Take a trip to your local pet store, and you’ll be dazzled by the array of dog toys to choose from.

But those boredom-busting items can be expensive, and many aren’t indestructible if you have aggressive chewers who love to make a meal of your new shoes! So, learn how to make dog toys, and you can save yourself a stack of cash.

If your furry friend can destroy a stuffed toy in 30 seconds flat, you need to read this list of 49 DIY dog toys, including homemade dog chew toys!

49 Simple And Interactive DIY Dog Toys

If you have dogs in your family, you need this list!

Read on to find out how to make a safe squeaky toy for your furry friend and puppy teething toys too.

Our Top DIY Dog Toy Choices

1. Dog Toy Cruncher

Multipet Loofa Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy

These inexpensive, colorful toys are made from plastic water bottles with a soft, chewable covering for hours of crunchy fun! 

2. Rope Chew Toy

Full tutorial at: instructables.com

Even the most determined of heavy chewers will struggle to destroy this DIY dog chew toy made from sturdy pieces of hand-tied rope.

3. Dog Bow Tie

Rare Special Edition Star Wars #2 Pre Tied Self Tie

Although not strictly a dog toy, I think this super-cute bow tie looks great on any pretty pooch! 

Easy to cheap to make, the bow tie can even be designed to match your pup’s selection of outfits. It’s a must for the trendy dog-about-town!

4. Tug-o-War Toy

pink and purple-ness of the homemade tug toy
Image Source: flickr.com

Get creative with some strong fabric ribbons to create this tug-o-war toy for your pets. Plaiting the fabric adds strength and durability, and it’s easy to do.

5. Empty Milk Carton

CSBD 1 Gallon Plastic Jug with Lid

It’s amazing just how much fun your dog can have with an empty plastic milk carton! 

Be sure to wash the carton thoroughly first, and remove and discard the plastic cap, as that could present a choking hazard if your pup swallows it.

6. Ball Boredom Buster

Ball Boredom Buster
Image Source: instagram.com

Create a simple DIY puzzle toy that will keep your dog amused for hours by adding a few tennis balls to a cake baking tray.

Other Toys Your Dogs May Like

7. Upcycled Dog Pull Toy

The Upcycled Dog Toy
Learn more at: instructables.com

Don’t throw out your old jeans and shirts! 

Instead, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your old clothes into rough ribbons, bind the strips of cloth into a loose rope, and you have made a super-strong dog pull toy. Impressive!

8. Simple Tennis Ball Toy

A Dog with tennis ball on its mouth

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a fancy toy for your pet. All my dogs loved their tennis ball! 

Make the ball choke-proof by cutting two circular holes on opposite sides of the ball. That way, if the ball gets caught in your dog’s throat, he can still breathe.

9. Fetch!

Image Source: ammothedachshund.com

A game of fetch is great fun for dogs and their owners. Make this simple fetch toy from an offcut of fabric, some ribbon, and a tennis ball.

10. Braided Rug

Braided Rug Detail

This colorful braided rug is simple to create and makes the perfect resting place for your pup after a hard day’s play.

11. Flirt Pole

Flirt Pole dog toy
Image Source: instagram.com

This simple flirt pole toy stimulates your dog’s natural prey drive, providing hours of fun and outdoor exercise for your pet without leaving your own backyard!

12. Foxtail Toy

Are you giving your wardrobe a makeover ready for summer? Why not upcycle one of your old T-Shirts to create a simple foxtail toy for your dog!

13. Ring Toy

Image Source: instructables.com

Use colored basic 4-strand crown knots to create this simple, super-strong ring toy for your pet. Adjust the rope length and ring size according to the size of your dog.

14. Felt Dog Comforter Toy

Felt Dog Comforter Toy
Image Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com

If you’re crafty, you can make this simple felt toy that a puppy will love to cuddle and snuggle up with at nap time.

15. Backyard Maze

Backyard Maze toy

If you have plenty of outside space, why not puzzle your pet with this easy to make DIY backyard maze toy.

16. Old Plush Toy

Aurora World Miyoni Sea Otter Plush

When your kids outgrow their plushy toys, what do you do with that unwanted meerkat or panda? 

Old plush toys make excellent dog toys, especially for puppies. However, I would recommend that you remove anything that could present a choking hazard, such as button eyes, dangling labels, etc.

17. DIY “Pupsicles”

Image Source: cookitrealgood.com

Everyone loves a cool popsicle on a hot summer day, and your dog needn’t miss out! 

Get creative in the kitchen and make your dog his very own yummy, nutritious pupsicles to enjoy this summer.

18. Crochet Dog Toy

Another quick crochet dog toy
Image Source: instagram.com

If you like to crochet, why not use some leftover material to make this soft, safe dog toy that’s perfect for small dogs?

19. Sock And Bottle Dog Toy

Sock and Bottle Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

Are you tired of spending a fortune on dog toys only to watch your destructive Doxy rip the thing to pieces in minutes? 

Save yourself a fortune by using an empty plastic bottle and fan old socks to create this fun dog chew toy for free!

20. PVC Puzzle

some kibble in the holes
Image Source: newleafnickie.blogspot.com

Most dogs are motivated by food, and you can use that to create a puzzle toy from PVC pipe that will entertain your pet for hours.

21. DIY Snuffle Mat

DIY Hide + Sneak/Eat Tubes
Image Source: agfdogtraining.com

This snuffle mat makes a simple DIY dog toy that uses your dog’s desire for food to keep him entertained. The mat is safe for puppies and provides valuable enrichment for senior dogs, too.

22. DIY Snuffle Ball

DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs
Image Source: other-peoples-pets.com

Create this snuffle ball for your pet in just an afternoon, using a few odds and ends of fabric. The ball is soft and safe, making it ideal for dogs of all ages.

23. Tennis Ball Toys

Tennis Ball Toys
Image Source: petguide.com

Even damaged and old tennis balls can be used to make excellent toys for dogs and puppies. Check out these brilliant ideas to find out how!

24. Dog Agility Jump

Dog Agility Jump
Image Source: instagram.com

Dogs of all sizes love to run and jump, and you don’t need to be a DIY expert to make this simple obstacle at home.

25. Fishing Pole Dog Toy

$2 Dog Toy "Fishing Pole"
Complete instructions at: instructables.com

Dogs love to chase and grab things, and you can create a toy that satisfies both those demands with this easy to make fishing pole. 

26. Tennis Ball Puzzle Toy

Tennis Ball Puzzle Toy
Image Source: doglifeworld.com

All you need to provide your dog with endless entertainment and fun is a bag of tennis balls and a cake tray. Who knew?!

27. Enrichment Treat Puzzle

Enrichment Treat Puzzle
Image Source: instagram.com

You can make an enrichment treat puzzle that will keep your pup guessing with a few scraps of fabric, an old kid’s toy Hol-EE Roller Ball, and a pack of dog treats. Simple!

28. No-Sew Denim Knot

DIY Denim Dog Toy
Image Source: borrowmydoggy.com

Don’t throw out that old denim shirt! Instead, use your unwanted denim to make a dog chew toy by cutting up the fabric and knotting it.

29. Ball And Rope Dog Toy

Ball and Rope Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

Make this combined ball and rope pull toy that’s strong enough to withstand the efforts of even the most determined puller and chewer!

30. Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy

Image Source: handsoccupied.com

Here’s another version of the ever-popular rope ball dog toy. Fun for your furry friend is guaranteed with this toy, and there’s no danger of a lost squeaker to worry about!

31. Knotted Towel Dog Toy

Homemade Dog Toys
Image Source: flickr.com

If you have a bunch of old towels that have seen better days, don’t throw them out! Those old towels can easily be repurposed and knotted to create cheap DIY toys.

32. Denim Chew Bone Dog Toy

Denim Chew Bone Dog Toy
Image Source: instagram.com

Old denim jeans can be used to create a soft yet tough chew bone that’s perfect for teething puppies. If you have a sewing machine and a little crafty know-how, this is a perfect project for you.

33. Frozen Sock And Ball Teething Toy

Chew Toy From Socks
Learn more: instructables.com

This ingenious chew toy is perfect for teething puppies or just for cooling your pooch on a hot day.

34. DIY Tennis Ball And Rope Dog Toy

DIY Tennis Ball and Rope Dog Toy
Image Source: flickr.com

This combination of a tennis ball and rope makes the perfect dog toy for small dogs and puppies.

35. Spinning Plastic Bottle Treat Toy

Spinning Plastic Bottle Treat Toy
Image Source: goodshomedesign.com

Keep your dog busy for ages with this exciting interactive spinning plastic bottle treat toy. This toy is so easy and cheap to make; every dog should have one!

36. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes

Put those unwanted cardboard boxes in your garage to good use by using them to hide a few dog treats and then set your pet the puzzle of finding the tasty snacks. Simple and extremely effective canine entertainment!

37. Tennis Ball Slingshot

Every dog loves to play chase and fetch, and this tennis ball slingshot does that! Bring out your inner kid by making this simple, super-effective DIY dog toy.

38. Sweet Potato Dog Toy

Sweet Potato Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

Who’d have thought that the contents of your vegetable rack can be used to make a dog toy? Amazing!

39. Pull Dog Toy

Pull Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

Even a champion chewer will struggle to destroy this robust DIY pull toy.

40. Spinning Bottle Puzzle

Spinning Bottle Puzzle Feeder For Dogs
Image Source: cuteness.com

This simple to make DIY toy is noisy, chewable, challenging, and gives your dog a reward when he solves the puzzle. What’s not to like?

41. Sense Stimulator

Special toys for blind dogs
Image Source: instagram.com

This excellent toy is designed to bring enrichment to the lives of blind and partially sighted dogs. Your visually challenged pup uses his super-sensitive nose to sniff out the tasty treats that this puzzle provides.

42. Plushie DIY Dog Toy

Make A Squeaky Dog Toy For Under $5.00
Image Source: spoonflower.com

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, why not make a super-snuggly plush dog toy for your pet, using scraps of fabric and a little crafty creativity.

43. Treat Ball DIY Dog Toy

Treat Ball DIY Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

Your dog will love exercising his tongue on this tasty treat ball that can be made from a repurposed pull toy, some peanut butter, and a few crushed doggy treats.

44. Tennis Ball And Rag DIY Dog Toy

Tennis Ball and Rag DIY Dog Toy
Image Source: vetstreet.com

Here’s another great DIY pull toy that’s suitable for small to medium-sized pooches. All you need to make this toy is a tennis ball and a bunch of rags or fabric offcuts.

45. DIY Tire Jump

DIY Tire Jump toy
Image Source: campbandy.com

If you have some outdoor space where your dog can run and play, he’ll love this DIY tire jump! Keep your pet fit and burn off his excess energy with some agility playtime in your backyard.

46. Paracord Dog Toy

Paracord Dog Toy
Image Source: instructables.com

This DIY dog toy is made from a tough paracord that will withstand lots of attention from sharp teeth before showing signs of wear and tear. 

Small dogs and puppies will love this toy.

47. Toilet Roll Toys

Toilet Roll Toys
Image Source: catster.com

Toilet rolls can make DIY dog toys, but they’re best-suited to senior dogs. Always watch your dog while he’s playing with empty loo rolls, and be sure to remove the cardboard before your pup makes a meal of it!

48. Patchwork Stuffed Animal Dog Toy

Patchwork Stuffed Animal Dog Toy

For dog owners who are crafty and enjoy sewing, this patchwork stuffed animal dog toy could make the ideal project.

49. DIY Catapult

Rubber Band Challenge: Dog Toy Catapult
Image Source: instructables.com

Throwing a ball or dog toy can leave you with aching arms, especially if Fido just won’t quit! If you’re into simple DIY, this catapult could be the answer to your prayers.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are 49 simple DIY reasons why there’s no need to spend a fortune on dog toys that your furry friend will destroy in minutes!

Did you enjoy our list? If you did, please take a moment to share it with your dog-loving friends. 

And, if you have any other cool ideas for DIY dog toys that worked for your pup, share with us in the comments box below!

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