DIY Raised Dog Bed Plans And Ideas

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Many pet parents choose to provide their dogs with a raised dog bed. Raised beds provide excellent support for stiff joints and are often easier for arthritic dogs to get in and out of.

In addition, if you live in a warm climate, a raised bed provides excellent ventilation, helping to keep your pet cool. An elevated bed also keeps your dog off a cold floor in chilly weather.

You can make a DIY elevated dog bed with stuff you’ll find in most home improvement stores.  

Check out this listicle to discover 20 DIY raised dog bed plans that you can make at home.

DIY Raised Dog Bed Plans To Create At Home

Here are our favorite practical, functional DIY raised dog bed plans that we’re sure you and your furry friend will love!

If you’re keen on DIY, making your own dog bed can be an excellent option if you’re on a budget. You’ll need a few DIY tools and some basic materials that you’ll get from a good home improvement store.

Let’s start by looking at some DIY dog bed plans that can make a perfect weekend project. 

1. Wooden Elevated Dog Bed Plan

Wooden Elevated Dog Bed Plan

This wooden elevated dog bed plan doubles as a furniture-grade specialty item end table.

The bed is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy portability and looks great in your home. Put a doggy bed or mattress pad on top of the bed board to provide a comfortable resting place for your dog that’s away from drafts and cold floors in winter while keeping your furry friend cool in summer.

2. Modern Medium Wooden Dog Bed Plan

Modern Wooden Dog Bed Plan

This neat wooden raised dog bed is perfect for a medium-sized dog. You can have the bed covered with upholstery-grade fabric or stain the entire piece with a wood stain of your preferred color to blend with your home decor scheme.

3. Elevated Dog Cot

DIY Elevated Dog Cot
Image Source

This elevated dog bed is a good choice for you if you’re looking for a cheap bed that you can use indoors and outside.

You’ll need three-way corner pieces and plastic mesh open-weave marine upholstery fabric to build this simple cot-style bed. This outdoor fabric is water-resistant, making this bed suitable for use outside.

The total cost of materials for this bed is around $10.

4. Large Elevated Dog Bed

Large Elevated Dog Bed
Image Source

This simple elevated dog bed features a jumbo dog bed frame with a heavy-duty canvas fabric that easily takes the weight of a large pup

This is a quick DIY project that can be completed in only a few hours. 

5. Box-Style Raised Dog Bed

Box Style Raised Dog Bed
Image Source

This large box-style dog bed is suitable for several small pups or one large one.

The awesome bed is easy to make and can be completed within a couple of hours, including painting. The bed’s wooden pieces are designed to match each other, so you don’t need nail holes or screws, although you can use glue if you want to.

6. Hovercraft Raised Dog Bed

Hovercraft Raised Dog Bed
Image Source

This weird invention is essentially a hovercraft! The idea is that you put your dog’s bed on top of an inflated piece of plastic, which glides across the ground.

Unfortunately, the very loud motor is usually enough to frighten most dogs, so this isn’t an especially good raised dog bed. That said, it’s a novel idea! 

7. Outdoor Dog Bed and Portable Tent

Outdoor Dog Bed and Portable Tent
Image Source

This raised wooden dog bed comes complete with a collapsible, fold-up tent that provides your dog with shade on warm summer days. If you use a water-resistant fabric, the bed can also be rendered shower-proof. 

8. Small Raised Dog Bed

Small Raised Dog Bed
Image Source

This cute dog bed is ideal for a small breed pooch or a puppy. The bed’s novel retro style looks fabulous in a trendy, modern room or would blend with your current furniture, too.

You can add a padded mattress of your choice to create an elevated bed with a memory foam insert.

9. Laser Cut Wooden Dog Bed Plan

Laser Cut Wooden Dog Bed Plan

This laser-cut wooden dog bed plan enables you to create a range of elevated dog cots and beds with cute animal-related designs.

You can choose what paint color or finish you want for your dog’s raised bed to match your home decoration scheme.

10. Vintage Wooden Dog Bed

Vintage Wooden Dog Bed

This vintage-style wooden dog bed is designed to suit a medium to large-sized dog weighing up to 70 pounds. However, the plans can be changed to accommodate a mattress of a different size.

These plans include a detailed PDF document with images, written instructions, and a list of materials and tools required to complete the project.

11. Modern Elevated Dog Bed

This neat dog bed can be made by anyone with a few basic DIY and woodworking skills. The bed suits a medium-sized dog.

Once the bed is complete, you can choose a color scheme to match your home and paint the bed accordingly.

12. Stylish Wooden Dog Bed

You’ll need a range of basic woodworking tools to create this stylish wooden dog bed.

Once the bed is complete, you need to choose a suitable mattress or pad to finish off the job.

13. PVC Elevated Dog Bed

Here’s a simple yet comfortable PVC raised dog bed that’s easy to build and will keep your dog safely clear of the ground both inside and outside. PVC is a breeze to clean – all you need to do is hose the bed down to clean it and leave it outside on a sunny day to air dry.

14. DIY Doggie Day Bed

DIY Doggie Day Bed
Image Source

If your dog is no longer able to jump up onto your bed, this DIY doggie day bed is the perfect solution.

The dog bed can fit at the end of your bed, and you can stain it to match. Try covering a basic crate pad with washable fabric to coordinate or match your duvet or throw to create a chic, stylish look.

DIY Elevated Dog Bed Ideas

If you don’t have the necessary DIY skills to actually build a dog bed from scratch, don’t despair!

Here’s a range of DIY elevated dog bed ideas and store-bought dog bed frames that you can use instead of making your own.

15. Three-Sided Raised Dog Bed

Three Sided Raised Dog Bed

This three-sided raised dog bed can be added to the end of your bed. If your dog has mobility issues, he can still benefit from a raised dog bed. All you need to do is place a few padded steps beside the bed to create easy access for your dog.

16. Large Dog Bunk Bed

Large Dog Bunk Bed

If you have two large dogs, this set of heavy-duty wooden dog beds could be the perfect solution.

These raised dog beds are great space-savers for families with two dogs, and the design enables owners to choose different styles of mattresses to suit each pet.

17. Handmade Wooden Doggie Day Bed

Handmade Wooden Doggie Day Bed

This sturdy wooden doggie day bed comes complete with a non-slip ramp making it easy for your pooch to get in and out of bed.

You’ll need to add a crate pad or mat to finish off the bed.

18. Elevated Pet Bed With Steps

Elevated Pet Bed With Steps

This elevated dog bed comes with a set of steps or a ramp. The indoor bed needs a pad or mattress to provide comfort for your pet and is best suited to a small, lightweight dog. 

19. Acrylic Raised Dog Bed

Acrylic Raised Dog Bed

This acrylic pet bed from Polymdrn is made using high-quality acrylic material that’s lightweight and easy to clean.

The bed is just 3 inches high, keeping your pet clear of the ground for a cool resting place in warm weather and cutting out drafts and contact with a chilly floor in winter.

The bed’s polished, seamless herringbone design looks great in any room in your home.

20. Outdoor Wicker Dog Cot Bed

Lollis Outdoor Wicker Cot Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a nice outdoor bed that your furry friend can enjoy on warm days, this gorgeous wicker cot bed is perfect for your needs!

The water-resistant bed has a canopy to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful UV rays and from light showers. For convenience, the bed is washable.

Are Raised Beds Good For Dogs?

Raised dog beds are a good option for many dogs. 

How so? Here are some excellent reasons why your pampered pooch needs a raised dog bed!

Orthopedic Support

Raised dog beds provide excellent support for your dog’s whole body. That alleviates pressure on painful joints, protecting your pet from mobility issues in future years. 

Arthritis Comfort

Dogs with arthritis often find it difficult to change positions from lying down to standing up.

My dog Jess found getting up from her traditional donut bed a real struggle as she got older and developed arthritis in her legs. I found that a raised bed made it much easier for Jess to change her position and get in and out of her bed. The additional support provided by the taut mattress helped my dog’s stiff joints too.

Safer For Your Dog

a big dog Lying on an elevated Bed

Many dogs make a hobby out of unstuffing their beds. That not only creates a terrible mess in your home but also presents a choking hazard for your pet. 

Elevated beds are pretty chew-proof, making them a perfect choice for a confirmed chewer.

Easy To Clean

Raised dog beds are much easier to clean than most traditional fabric, plushy beds.

The raised bed’s mesh mattress allows dust, hair, and mud to drop through it. That means your dog isn’t sitting in a pool of debris, keeping the bed and your dog cleaner.

To clean the bed, simply wipe it over with a damp cloth or take the bed outside and hose it down to get rid of allergy-causing hair, pollen, and dust.

Keeps Your Dog Cool

Elevated beds allow air to flow freely all around your dog, helping to keep your pet cool during warm weather. That’s especially true if the bed is placed on a carpeted surface that traps heat.

Keeps Out Chills

White and Black Short Coated Dog Sitting on Blue Elevated Bed

Conversely, you don’t want your dog to lie on a cold floor, and a raised bed keeps your pet up off tiles, concrete, and other chilly surfaces. 

Parasite Protection

If your dog suffers from flea dermatitis, a raised dog bed that sits at least 12 inches above the floor can prevent pesky parasites from molesting your dog and triggering an allergic reaction.

Excellent Portability

Elevated beds are typically lightweight and easy to disassemble. That means your dog can enjoy his familiar bed wherever you go, even on vacation.

Indoors and Outdoors

Most dogs enjoy spending time with their owners both indoors and outdoors.

A raised bed can be used in your home and in your backyard, too, making that an ideal choice for dogs that can’t bear to be apart from their pet parents.

Why Do Dog Trainers Use Elevated Beds?

Cute Little Chihuahua on an elevated Dog Bed

 Many dog trainers choose to use an elevated cot-style bed when teaching a dog to understand the “place” or “bed” command.

Unlike soft beds, where a dog might only lay on the part of the bed, a raised cot bed can provide the dog with a clear, black-and-white understanding of the “bed” or “place” command.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to DIY raised dog bed plans and ideas? If you found some inspiration in our list, please share it.

Raised dog beds can provide excellent ventilation and cooling in summer and keep your dog clear of cold floors during the winter months. Dogs with mobility issues often find an elevated bed more supportive and easy to use than a traditional bed. 

Did you make your dog an elevated bed? Tell us how you did it in the comments box below!

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