Dog Bed Ideas

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Dog beds are an essential item for all of our canine companions. However, a dog bed that’s the perfect size, the perfect color, and the perfect style is pretty hard to find. So, why not make it yourself?

Making a dog bed is actually super easy because it’s such a simple process. Simply find the perfect design to make your fantastic creation. 

We’ve compiled some brilliant ideas for a dog bed that you can test out. Choose one with all the features you love: a perfect size, the right color, and a stylish design. 

Cool DIY Dog Bed Ideas

Here are some of the most unique dog bed ideas online right now.

1. Bucket Dog Bed

Bucket Dog Bed
Image Source

If you’ve got a spare bucket lying around, test out this clever idea. All you need is a large bucket and a few foam cushions. This is perfect for smaller dogs as they will fit great in the bucket and will find the cushioning comfortable. You can use this indoors or outdoors.

2. Pallet Dog Bed

Pallet Dog Bed
Image Source

This pallet bed is a cool idea if you want to upcycle a few wood pallets you have lying around. You can use it to make the base of the bed. Cut them up into smaller pieces to make the headboard. This is a lovely idea if your dog loves to lounge on your bed more than his own. 

3. Elevated Dog Bed

DIY Elevated Dog Bed
Image Source

Cot-style dog beds have a great amount of air circulation underneath the actual bed. So, they can keep your dog cool in the summers. All you need to do is drill together a base with PVC pipes. This will act as the frame of your bed. Then, attach a high-quality fabric to the frame and you’re done! We recommend a PVC-coated fabric if you’re planning on using this outdoors.

4. Heated Basket Bed

Heated Basket Bed
Image Source

If you have a dog that constantly seems cold, no matter what you do, then I recommend this heated basket bed. Take a heating pad and place it under the mattress. The mattress can also be made with some pillowcases and the stuffing of your choice. This is a lovely idea for small dogs who love enclosed spaces.

5. Modern Dog Bed

If you already have a bed that your pup already loves, this is a fun idea to make a more permanent bed. Make a high-quality and long-lasting bed with some plywood. You could also make a hanging dog bowl for a super modern look. Paint it over or use your favorite neutral stain.

6. Snuggly Dog Bed

Snuggly Dog Bed
Image Source

To keep your dog warm and cozy throughout the year, try out this functional snuggly dog bed. For the mattress, use a pillow used by your dog’s favorite human to make the bed more comforting. This bed creation also has an in-built blanket to keep your dog warm.

7. DIY Dog Bed

Grey DIY Dogs Bed
Image Source

This dog bed style has a very finished look, thanks to the laser-cut wood. Finish it off by painting it a neutral color or using a simple stain. You can also build a footstool with wood if you have a smaller dog and don’t want them clambering in and out of the elevated bed.

8. Custom Dog Bed

Custom Dog Bed
Image Source

If you’d like to make a crate pad-style bed, then follow this step-by-step tutorial. This bed is also pretty easy to make even if you don’t have tons of sewing experience. You can cut the foam to the size you’d prefer for your dog, and cover it with a beautifully designed fabric. 

9. Four Poster Dog Bed

Using an old coffee table & some wood, you can upcycle this four-poster dog bed. Simply flip the table upside down and use the legs as the four posters. A coffee table of this style is super easy to find at a second-hand store or a junkyard. All you need is an extra piece of wood to make the backboard!

10. Fleece Dog Bed

Fleece Dog Bed
Image Source

Follow this detailed photo tutorial for a super useful fleece dog bed. You can also add bolsters along the side for added comfort. This can be added to your dog’s crate as a crate pad to provide a bit of extra cushioning.

11. Spoiled Dog Beds

Spoiled Dog Beds
Image Source

If you have a naughty, bratty puppy, this bed is a great option for you. It’s perfect for dogs who like to curl up on the couch, due to the rectangular shape & raised walls. These features make your dog feel comfortable & protected, so your dog will stay off your bed and sleep in his own! 

12. DIY Modern Dog Bed

This video tutorial is a great option for seasoned carpenters. All you need is some plywood, wooden rods, and fabric for curtains. You can also add a feeding station. Furthermore, you can add drawers on the side. Thanks to this pull-out style, you can store your dog’s leash, some extra toys, and a few treats.

13. Window Board Dog Bed

Window Board Dog Bed
Image Source

It’s easy for our dogs to get bored while staying indoors all day. So, if it’s raining out & your dog wants to admire the outdoors, consider this window board dog bed. All you need is some fabric, synthetic filler, and velcro to attach to the window sill. This is a great option for a dog who loves to stare at the birds and squirrels outside.

14. Curved Dog Bed

Curved Dog Bed
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This project requires some leftover wood and a comfy cushion. We love the curved design which makes the pet bed look super unique. You could also easily build some drawers into the bottom for some additional storage. 

15. Upcycled Dog Bed

This is a super simple dog bed idea if you have an outdated piece of furniture lying around and you want to save some money. Just cut out the drawers and replace them with your dog’s favorite bed. Then, add a curtain rod for some privacy! Your dog will love their very own personal space in the living room. Plus, paint it however you want to match perfectly with your home decor. 

16. Dog Bunk Beds

Dog Bunk Beds
Image Source

This is an absolutely adorable idea if you have 2 dogs & one of them is a lot more adventurous than the other! The frame of the bed can be made with strips of wood painted and screwed together. To help your dog climb to the top bunk, add some puppy stairs or a ramp so that they don’t hurt their joints. 

17. PVC Elevated Dog Bed

PVC Elevated Dog Bed
Image Source

If you’re looking for a super low-cost dog bed option, this is definitely the choice for you. All you need is some PVC for the framing, some mesh fabric that acts as the actual bed, and some pool noodles for head support. You can decorate this bed with some paint or a fun fabric to add some extra pizzazz & make it suit your decor more. 

18. Princess Dog Bed

This is the perfect option for your canine princess! You can repurpose an old coffee table by flipping it upside down & add a mattress. You can add a canopy on top and a custom nameplate for your diva pup!

19. Easy DIY Bunk Bed

If you have 2 puppies that are completely inseparable, then try out this easy DIY bunk bed. Make a simple frame with plywood & add 2 mattresses. Just make sure that the base is secure & can hold up against a bit of force. Add a ramp or ladder for easy access to the top bunk.

20. Cheap & Fast Bed

Cheap Fast Bed
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If you have a shorter stool then you can try out this super easy dog bed idea. You can just remove the drawer and add short legs to the bottom to raise it slightly off the ground. Use an old pillow that’s used by your dog’s favorite human for some added comfort. 

21. Whiskey Barrel Dog Bed

Whiskey Barrel Dog Bed
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This is an absolutely beautiful & unique dog bed that repurposes an old whiskey barrel. However, it’s pretty difficult to make and needs quite a bit of carpentry experience. You need to saw a barrel in half, add some trim, and use a dark, rustic stain. This is a one-of-a-kind design that will look great in your living room. 

22. Dog Bunk Bed

Follow this video tutorial to make a sturdy bunk bed frame. The frame is made of sheets of plywood nailed together and slats for the mattress. Add a thick mattress & we recommend making a ladder of some sort for the side. Otherwise, your dogs may be scared of the bed and unwilling to climb up the top bunk. 

23. Box Dog Bed

This is a super simple design of a box-style dog bed with raised walls. The raised walls will help your dog feel super secure & welcome. This design is also really easy to make; all you need is some plywood and a mattress. You can customize it with your favorite paint color & a customized name tag.

24. Vintage Dog Bed

Vintage Dog Bed
Image Source

For this DIY dog bed idea, you need a vintage-style desk or table. You can paint it with chalky vintage paint to make it look super old-fashioned. This would look fantastic in your bedroom or home office.

25. Pet Station

 If you find an old-fashioned nightstand in a thrift store, this is a fantastic low-cost bed idea. Add a bed to the bottom & use the drawer to store some of your pet essentials. You can finish this design off with a customized pet nameplate as well!

Dog Bed Ideas

These are some pretty unique dog bed ideas that you can test out with your own pooch.

1. Classic Dog Bed

the hunting dog lying in a dog bed

This shape is the classic dog bed style that we all know. It’s a simple rectangular shape with slight bolsters. This design is perfect for all styles of sleepers and will also keep your dog feeling safe. 

2. Cot Bed

Cute Little Chihuahua on an elevated Dog Bed

 A cot-style bed is great for outdoor use, especially during the warm summer months. Since air can flow underneath the bed portion, it provides your pup with tons of extra circulation, which can help keep your dog cool. Plus, these beds are also fairly durable & weather-resistant.

3. Basket Dog Bed

Basket Dog Bed Bedroom decorated with accessories

If you’re looking for a really cheap dog bed, then just use a soft fabric basket. Your dog will love napping in there if you add some blankets and pillows for cushioning. This works great if you have a dog that loves to crawl into confined spaces like boxes.

4. Bolstered Bed

the dog lies in his dog bed

This is a fantastic option if your dog loves to curl up on the couch. A circular bed is perfect for snugglers, and the bolsters provide some additional head and neck support. This makes it a great option for older dogs or pups with joint or back pain.

5. Car Style Bed

Car Style Bed

 We can’t get over this super unique dog bed idea! This design features a small car bed with a separate compartment that serves as another dog bed. So, this is a good choice if you have 2 dogs that love to do everything together. Just make sure there aren’t any fights about who will be the conductor!

6. Platform Bed

Platform Bed
Image Source: Instagram

This bed has an absolutely gorgeous design, thanks to the wired legs and the simple wooden body. This look is minimalist, but also has some visual interest thanks to the wired legs. We recommend this bed if you have a younger dog that doesn’t mind a slight jump to get into bed.

7. Bindle Bed

Bindle Bed e1664449298139

We think this design is absolutely adorable for tiny puppies that can fit into this basket. It’s basically a basket with a tied-up top to add some visual interest. This bed is really only suitable for a tiny puppy, however. Just don’t confuse your pup for a picnic basket!

8. Armchair Bed

Pink Armchair Bed

If your dog loves to act like the man of the house and sleep in the armchair, then this is the perfect gift for them. The armchair design is great because the arms provide some head and neck support. Furthermore, this design looks adorable in the living room, right next to the human armchair.

9. Wood Platform Bed

Wood Platform Bed
Image Source: Instagram

 This bed has a super minimalist look thanks to the simple platform design. You could also change up the design to make the lower platform portion hidden so that you have a floating bed. Or, you could drape some fabric over the bottom to create the optical illusion of a floating bed.

10. Lounge Bed

English Bulldog in Lounge Bed

Some dogs like nothing better than to lounge in their armchairs with a good bone! This is the perfect dog bed made just for that. Designed just like a human lounge chair, this bed has some side bolsters for head support, but is also a good length if your dog wants to lay down.

11. Box Bed

Box Bed e1664450223613
Image Source: Instagram

This is such a cute way to elevate your dog’s current favorite bed. Just create a wooden platform for the bed to heighten it and also make it look much cooler. You could add a food & water bowl holder, and a basket of your pup’s favorite toys to make a little puppy corner that your dog will never want to leave.

12. Faux Leather Sofa

Faux Leather Sofa

This bed is great for little canine executives. Not only is faux leather pretty easy to clean, but it also gives the bed a very regal & distinguished look. This makes the bed look great in the living room or the dining room. Add your pup’s favorite pillow to make it nice and warm in the winter.

13. Rustic Doggy Bed

Rustic Doggy Bed
Image Source: Instagram

Wow! We love this vintage barn-style design. Just take your dog’s favorite bed and use some scrap plywood to make a roof frame! And, you’re done! There are no complicated steps or extra roof sheathing. The unfinished look is completed with a rustic, dark stain. This bed would be a great addition if you have farmhouse-style house decor. 

14. Pipe Frame Bed

Pipe Frame Bed
Image Source: Instagram

If you’re into the steampunk look of exposed piping and dark colors, I really recommend this bed. All you need is a wooden base frame & the rest can be made with painted PVC pipes. This is a super affordable dog bed idea that looks great with most home decor. Just make sure you use non-toxic & pet-safe paint because it could flake off the piping pretty easily. 

15. Minimalist Raised Bed

Minimalist Raised Bed
Image Source: Instagram

I’m a fan of sleek lines and solid colors, so I really like this bed design. The bed is made by taking a wooden box, cutting down the walls, and adding some legs. To elevate the design, you can take some neutral, non-toxic, pet-safe paint & also make a customizable name tag. You could also use some hooks to hang some collars or non-essential toys.

16. Geometric Dog Bed

Geometric Dog Bed

No, it’s not a soccer ball! This is actually a really unique geometric dog bed design. The hexagons make the bed fun to look at, and the hooded design is great for anxious dogs because the hooded roof is super comforting. Choose from a variety of colors, based on your home decor & your preferences.

17. Pad Style Bed

a white cute dog standing on the dog bed

This is a super minimalist design that is bound to impress visitors. It’s really simple; it consists of a rounded base filled with foam. The outer cover is usually waterproof & super comfortable. The rounded design means that you can place this bed in the middle of the room & it won’t look out of place. This bed can also be spruced up with a bunch of mini throw pillows, your dog’s favorite toys, and some fleece blankets.

18. Wooden Cot Style Bed

Big Dog on the elevated Dog Bed in the Living Room

If you like the look of a cot-style bed, but you want to elevate it, I recommend looking for an option with a wooden frame. A wooden frame with a dark stain makes the bed look so much more refined and elegant. A dark fabric completes this look.

19. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed by Impact

Let’s say you have an arthritic dog. Or, your pooch is just old and needs more joint care. In this case, the quality of the foam is probably your top priority. We recommend this orthopedic dog bed which is made with high-quality foam to protect your dog’s vulnerable joints & bones.

20. Crown Style Bed

Frisco Faux Fur Crown Pillow Cat Dog Bed

If your dog is treated like royalty in your home, this is a great bed option. The walls look just like a real crown, so it’s bound to suit your canine queenship.

21. Bolster Bed

Precious Tails Leopard Princess Bolster Cat Dog Bed

A bolstered bed is a fantastic option for dogs who love to lay their head on something as they sleep. This bed is also filled with high-quality foam to protect your dog’s joints against pain.

22. Unicorn Bean Bag Bed

Frisco Unicorn Bean Bag Dog Cat Bed

This is a great choice if you want to keep the bed in the kid’s room. This fun design features a rainbow unicorn on a relaxing bean bag. The head of the unicorn also doubles as a bolster for a bit of head support.

23. Cave Bed

Frisco Holiday Dog Cat Christmas Tree Cave Bed

If your dog suffers from anxiety, a cave-style bed is a great gift to help them calm their nerves and reduce their stress. The darkness inside the bed and the raised walls invoke their natural denning instinct, which brings their heart rate down and keeps them safe. Plus, the tent style also traps their body heat really efficiently, making it a perfect option for the cold winter months.

24. Pineapple Dog Bed

YML Pineapple Covered Cat Dog Bed

Who lives in a pineapple under the dining table? This bed is an adorable option if you have a smaller dog. The covered dome design helps reduce any anxiety your dog may be feeling. This design is absolutely adorable and a great conversation starter.

25. Strawberry Dog Bed

YML Strawberry Covered Cat Dog Bed Small

Following the fruit theme, this strawberry dog bed is another adorable option. The cave shape provides your dog with some personal space, and it also makes the bed very comforting. You’ll find that your dog will keep returning to the bed if they are overwhelmed or anxious. 

26. Trapezoid Dog Bed

Disney Pluto Covered Cat Dog Bed Gray

Want a flashback to all those middle school math classes? This trapezoid dog bed is a super unique design that works well with dogs and cats. The roof is completely covered which can be really comforting for high-anxiety dogs. Plus, the sides are also long so that your dog has ample space inside the bed to turn around and get comfortable.

27. Couch Style Dog Bed

Enchanted Home Pet Surrey Cat Dog Sofa Bed Small

This couch-style dog bed will make sure that your pet never jumps up on your couch again! The simple & sleek design means that it works well in the bedroom, living room, or even the office. The arms of the sofa also act as a headrest. You can add in a few throw pillows to make it look just like a real sofa, and also add some cushioning. We really love the convenient back pocket, where you can store important items like a leash or doggie bags.

28. Library Sofa Bed

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Cat Dog Bed

Careful, if you buy this bed, your dog might end up shushing you when you’re too loud! This library sofa design is a classic leather couch with studs and legs. We were shocked by how much it looked like a human couch! We recommend adding in some blankets or a few pillows for some cushioning. 

29. Rattan Sofa Bed

Iconic Pet Maharaja Rattan Sofa Cat Dog Bed

If you’re in the market for an indoor/outdoor sofa, this is a fantastic option. Rattan looks great anywhere in the house, and the cushion is durable enough to last outside.

30. Bean Bag Style Bed

Frisco Eyelash Rectangular Bolster Cat Dog Bed

If your dog loves to lounge around & chill, then the bean bag style bed is a fantastic option. This particular design has bolsters as well so it’s great for some additional head and neck support. The shag cover will also keep your doggie nice and warm.

31. Plush Dog House

Best Pet Supplies Home Sweet Home Plush Covered

This is a really distinct design that we find to be super interesting. This plush dog house is shaped just like a regular dog house, except it’s made of super soft materials. This is a really fun piece to keep indoors, and it’s sure to be loved by your pup. 

32. Chaise Lounge Bed

FurHaven Faux Fur Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

Imagine your dog sprawled on this high-quality dog bed. This is an orthopedic bed with sturdy bolsters. So, your dog will have the head and neck support that he needs as well. This bed would look perfect at the foot of your bed or near your sofa.

33. Side Bolster Bed

Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Bed

If you have an older dog, you know how important it is that their bed is accessible. This means there shouldn’t be 360º bolsters, as this can make it hard for them to enter. Some dogs have a hard time raising their legs, so a side bolstered bed is a great option.

34. Winnie the Pooh HoneyPot Bed

Disney Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Covered Bed

Although your pup probably has the energy levels of Tigger, this Winnie the Pooh “Hunny” Pot bed is still an adorable bed option. The spilled honey acts as a nice rug for your dog to lounge on as well.

35. Grogu Dog Bed


This baby Yoda dog bed is an adorable option for your little Chew-bacca. The covered roof will also help your dog feel super secure if they struggle with anxiety. This is a great option for a kid’s room or your bedroom.

36. Claw Bed

Pixar The Claw Covered Dog Cat Bed

If you liked Toy Story, then this alien claw bed is a really unique, understated design. We love the rocket ship shape of the whole bed, and the alien print on the side really completes the look. The covered bed is also really relaxing & soft. Your dog will definitely be eternally grateful if you buy this bed!

37. Bed Frame Style Dog Bed

Etna Wooden Bone Paw Design Sofa Cat Dog Bed

This is the perfect dog bed to place right next to your own. The wooden bed frame design has cut-out bones to complete the look. There is also a high-quality cushion as the mattress.

38. Boba Fett Bed


This is another one for Star Wars lovers. This bolstered bed has the exact same designs as Boba Fett’s custom Mandalorian armor.

39. Olaf Bed

Disney Frozens Olaf Pet Bed Gift Set

Does your dog absolutely love summer? If so, consider this really unique Olaf bed design. The actual style of the bed is a basic bolster, but it has a high-quality Olaf print to jazz it up.

40. Hooded Bed

Furhaven Cozy Pet Bed

This is another fantastic option for pooches struggling with anxiety. The hooded cover can help calm your dog down & make them feel much more relaxed. 


There are hundreds of DIY dog beds & unique dog bed ideas on the internet; we’re sure you can find one that perfectly suits your needs & preferences.

We hope you found this list useful. If you did, please share this article with other pet parents looking for a good quality pet bed. Leave your thoughts & suggestions in the comments down below. 

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