25 Adorable Dog Crate & Kennel Decor Ideas

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Your dog’s crate should be comfortable and safe, but it can look decorative too!

When it comes to dog crate decorating ideas, there are several dog crate hacks that you can use. However, whatever style you choose, the crate must still be safe for your pet. 

So, what live plants can you use as crate decoration? What should you avoid when decorating your dog’s crate?

Read this listicle for some adorable dog crate decor ideas that you can try at home.

How Can I Make My Dog Crate More Attractive

Countertop Concealment

If you want to keep your dog’s crate in your mudroom or kitchen, you could try hiding the crate underneath your countertop.

Replace the cabinet door with crate metal mesh. That way, you can convert the crate space back into a cupboard if you need to in the future.

Use Crate Furniture

Fancy Corner Dog Crate
Image Source: Foter.com

Crate furniture is extremely popular with pet parents these days. Although it’s not the cheapest option, investing in a crate end table, crate side table, or media console can be the perfect solution. 

Your dog can enjoy spending his crate time surrounded by his human family, and you get a functional piece of furniture, too.

That said, wooden crates are not the best choice of crate furniture for dogs that chew.

Live Plants

Live plants can help promote calm in dogs, provided that you use the correct species. Draping live plants over your dog’s den can also be extremely effective in providing a crate makeover. 

Ensure that any plants you use to create a jungle crate scene are nontoxic to dogs, and keep any trailing plants well out of your dog’s reach. If you decide to put planters on top of the pet crate, take care that your dog’s movement inside the crate won’t topple the pots over.

Pet-safe plants include:

  • Boston fern
  • Spider plant
  • Marigold
  • Rosemary
  • Pineapple sage
  • Polka dot plants

Plant species that are poisonous to pets and must be avoided include:

  • Ivy
  • Cyclamen
  • Lilies
  • Umbrella plants

If you’re not sure whether a plant is safe for use around dogs, ask your veterinarian for advice.

Soft Interior Materials

You can make a wire crate more comfortable and cozy for your dog by using soft interior fabrics to decorate it.

The material you choose must be washable and not so thick that your dog could overheat. Waterproof fabrics are also a good idea if you have a senior dog or a puppy.

If you have a dog that chews or a teething puppy, we recommend that you avoid using fabric to decorate your dog’s crate, as that could present a choking hazard to your pet.


What To Avoid When Decorating A Dog Crate

There are some items that are not safe to use around a dog crate and could present a danger to your pet.

Batteries or Toys With Small Components

If you’re decorating a crate for holidays or festivals, it might be tempting to use battery-operated lights or toys that could present a dangerous choking hazard for your dog.


Decorative hooks displayed at the home decor shop

Although you might be tempted to hang decorations from the crate cover using hooks, the dog could eat those items, suffering internal injuries and possibly even death.

Also, you should leave the crate wires open for good air circulation.

Electrical Cords

Christmas lights might look beautiful, twinkling all over your dog’s crate, but those electrical cords can be fatal if a curious dog chews or bites through one.

Breakable, Heavy Objects

Don’t place heavy, unstable objects on top of your dog’s crate, even if you have a solid board as a crate cover. 

An excited dog bouncing around inside the crate could be all it takes to topple things right over.

25 Adorable Dog Crate Decor Ideas

Here are 25 adorable dog crate decor ideas that you might want to try at home.

Dog Crate Countertops

You can hide your dog’s crate out of sight by incorporating it into your kitchen cabinetry.

1. Dog Crate Topper

Dog Cage Wood Topper e1651206310901

This simple crate topper turns your dog’s crate into a handy tabletop.

2. Small Table Top Crate

Wooden Small Dog Crate Furniture Style e1651206425845

This small crate is ideal for a toy or small dog breed.

3. Double Kennel Table Top

BingoPaw End Table Dog Crate with Floor Tray e1651206661853

If you have two dogs, this double crate with a neat wooden frame and tabletop finish could be perfect for you.

4. White Countertop Dog Crate

Large Dog Crate Plans Countertop Height

This smart white countertop dog crate fits neatly underneath most kitchen units and is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.

Crate Furniture

These days, dog crates disguised as regular furniture items are highly popular among pet parents. You can buy side table crates, end table crates, credenzas, and even media consoles that all double as functional household furniture items. 

Furniture crates come in various sizes, including extra-large, and can be suitable for a very large breed. However, if your dog is a chewer, you might want to think carefully before housing him in a wooden crate.

Here are some excellent examples of crate furniture that you can use to convert a plain dog crate into a useful item of furniture.

5. End Table

Casual Home End Table Dog Crate

6. Wooden Wire Double-Door End Table

Unipaws Wooden Wire Double Door Furniture End Table Dog Crate

7. White Wooden End Table Dog Crate

Unipaws End Table Wooden Dog Crate

8. Dog Crate Credenza

Frisco Broadway Dog Crate Credenza Mat Kit

This pretty chocolate extended crate credenza adds style to any room in the home.

9. Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza

Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza

10. Frisco Roma Dog Crate Credenza

Frisco Roma Dog Crate Credenza Mat

Dog Crate Covers

There are many dog crate covers out there on the market that you can use to create a safe, fun dog crate look. 

If your dog is prone to chewing, ensure that the cover can’t be dragged through the crate wiring and present a choking hazard to your pet.

Here’s a selection of our favorite crate covers.

11. Frisco Faux Linen Crate Cover

Frisco Faux linen Dog Crate Cover

12. MidWest Quiet Time Crate Cover

MidWest Quiet Time Crate Cover

13. Precision Pet Products Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

Precision Pet Products Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover

14. Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu Aurebesh Crate Cover

STAR WARS Crate Cover

15. Molly Mutt Everywhere Crate Cover

Molly Mutt Everywhere Dog Cat Crate Cover

16. Molly Mutt Northwestern Girls Crate Cover

Molly Mutt Northwestern Girls Dog Crate Cover

17. Ambesonne Succulent Wooden Dog Kennel Cover

Ambesonne Succulent Wooden Dog Kennel Cover

Crate Bumpers

Crate bumpers are excellent for keeping drafts at bay, but they can also provide nice decorative touches to a plain wire crate.

However, if you have a dog that chews, a crate bumper might not be the best choice of decoration.

18. Pet Dreams Brushed Twill Dog Crate Bumper

Pet Dreams Brushed Twill Dog Crate Bumper

Pet-Friendly Living Plants 

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of beautiful plants that can be used safely around dogs and cats. 

Always stand the plants in sturdy pots on a sound, flat surface so that they don’t fall over when your dog moves around inside his crate. Take care when watering the plants that you don’t inadvertently water your dog, too!

If you’re not sure whether the plant you want to use is safe around pets, a quick call to your vet clinic can put your mind at rest.

19. Spider Plant

Spider plant

20. Boston Fern

Pot of hanging Boston fern

21. Rosemary

Crop unrecognizable gardener touching lush potted rosemary

22. Marigolds

Marigolds in the Flowerbed

23. Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage Plant

24. Polka Dot Plants

Polka Dot Plant

25. Rattlesnake Plant

Calathea Rattlesnake Plant

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to decorating your dog’s crate? If you did, please share it!

Your dog’s crate should be safe for your pet to spend his time. So, you need to ensure that everything around the crate is safe if your dog nibbles or chews it. Ensure that the crate receives good airflow and isn’t too close to an air conditioning unit or heater that could cause temperature issues.

Now, get creative and have fun incorporating dog crate decorating ideas into your home decor scheme to make the crate blend in or even create a statement furniture piece.

How did you decorate your dog’s crate? Share your style tips with us in the comments box below!

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