43 Cool Dog House Ideas & Designs For Pets Of All Sizes

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Every dog loves a cozy, secure dog house to call his own.

Unfortunately, backyard dog house ideas are not cheap to buy, and not everyone is good at DIY or putting together self-assembly prefabricated kennels. But don’t despair! In this guide, we’ve sniffed out a bunch of cool dog house ideas and designs for pets of all sizes.

If none of the store-bought dog house designs float your boat, you might consider a few DIY dog house ideas instead. There are lots of beginner dog house plans to choose from on the internet.

Read this guide for a selection of outdoor dog house ideas and DIY indoor dog house ideas, together with an informative buyer’s guide.

43 Cool Dog House Ideas and Plans

When asked the question, “how much are dog houses?” the answer depends on the house’s quality, the materials used, and the size of the structure. 

Here’s our listicle of cool dog house ideas and plans that your furry friend is sure to adore!

Outdoor Dog House Ideas

A well-designed dog house is essential for your pet if he’s to spend time outside. If you know how to build a dog house, you could attempt to design your own.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of our favorites.

1. Traditional Outdoor Dog House

Traditional Outdoor Dog House

This traditional outdoor dog house design can be built to accommodate dogs of all sizes and makes a great choice for any backyard!

Be sure to equip the kennel with a cozy dog bed and site the kennel on level ground, where it won’t get flooded during wet weather.

2. Large Dog House

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House

This large dog house uses weatherproof, non-toxic recycled wood and plastic polymer to ensure longevity and comfort for large and XL dogs.

Large dog houses can be difficult to find; this example is perfect for huge hounds who want plenty of room to spread out!

3. Flat Roof Kennel

Precision Pet Products Outback Log Cabin Dog House

This neat dog kennel has a pantile roof to allow rain and snow to run right off the kennel and a large door to make it easy for your dog to get in and out of his den.

4. Gable Roof Dog House

Gable Roof Dog House

This adorable dog house features a gable roof to enable rain and snow run-off, keeping, your pet warm and dry inside on the stormiest of days.

5. Cute Dog House

Frisco Modern Wooden Outdoor Dog House

This dog house has a covered porch that provides your dog with shade on sunny days, and the neat design enables your pet to get in and out easily thanks to the generous door.

6. Dome Dog Kennel

Frisco Dome Dog House

The floor inside this dome dog kennel is elevated to keep your pet off the cold floor and has an offset door to protect your dog from the elements.

A rear air vent keeps the igloo kennel cool on warm days. So, you can use this kennel outdoors in pretty much any kind of weather.

7. Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House

This selection of gorgeous traditional dog houses makes a stunning addition to any commercial kennel facility.

The residents will love the warm, insulated feel that wood provides, and we think the row of kennels looks great. What do you think?

8. Brick Dog House

Stylish Brick Dog House

This cute brick dog house is built to last for generations! The kennel’s asphalt shingle roof is sure to keep the elements out and your slumbering pup warm and dry.

If you fancy a challenging building project and you have the skills to do it, this solid kennel design could be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

9. Classic Wooden Dog House

Frisco Classic Wooden Outdoor Dog House

This classic, modern dog house by Frisco has adjustable feet that make it easy to balance the kennel on any surface.

The kennel has a slide-out bottom for easy cleanup and comes in medium and large sizes to suit most dogs. The wooden construction and metal hardware make the kennel durable and weather resistant.

10. MidWest Ferplast Villa Dog Kennel with Folding Porch

MidWest Ferplast Villa Dog Kennel with Folding Porch

This smart premade dog house features an anti-shock plastic body with waterproof, UV-resistant materials to keep the elements at bay.

A large front entrance gives onto a generous porch, giving your pet ample space to relax. The free-draining interior keeps your dog dry and clean in case of accidents.

11. PetMate Husky Dog House

Petmate Husky Dog House

This foam dog house is designed with a rear vent for excellent ventilation, a raised floor to keep your pet warm, and is leak-proof and robust for longevity.

The Husky dog house takes large breeds up to 90 pounds with ease. The clever design makes the kennel light enough to move around relatively easily should you decide to relocate the dog house or take it with you if you move home.

12. EcoSmart Bonita Dog House

EcoSMART Bonita Pet Dog House

The EcoSmart Bonita dog house is an adorable classic dog house design that comes in a choice of three colors. 

This sturdy plastic dog house has a raised floor to keep out water and dust and is simple to assemble without the need for additional tools. You can use the kennel indoors and outdoors.

13. Rustic Dog House

Rustic Dog House

This rustic-style decorative dog house looks just like an actual house with its shingle gable roof and decorative trim.

The wooden framework makes the kennel look as though it’s been in your family for centuries and blends perfectly with the pretty garden and cobbled yard setting.

14. Simple Dog House

Simple Dog House

Here’s a simple dog house in a traditional design that looks great.

This dog house could be the perfect addition to your dog’s outdoor space if you have a few basic building skills and fancy taking on the job of building it yourself.

15. White Dog House

Sky blue wooden dog house

This beautiful white dog house can also double as a cat house.

The kennel’s windows can be opened to allow better ventilation on warm days or closed to keep drafts and chills at bay in the fall and winter.

16. Fun Dog House

Happy dog in doghouse holding toy bone in mouth

This fun dog house is certainly cool with its bright, vibrant color scheme. 

Again, opening windows are essential to provide adequate ventilation and prevent your dog from overheating in warm weather. We think this novelty dog house would look fabulous in a child’s room when they want their pet to keep them company.

17. Plastic Pup House

Two Decorative Dogs Sitting in A House

This cool dog house is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. Mind you, it looks like the dogs featured in the picture are plastic pups rather than furry friends!

18. Cedar Wood Dog House

Cedar Wood Dog House

We love this cedar wood cottage-type house that makes a gorgeous outdoor retreat for any lucky pup.

The gable shingle roof keeps rain and snow out, while there’s a neat overhang to protect your pup from rain if he wants to pop his head out of the door to check out his surroundings.

19. Basic Wooden Dog House

Cute happy puppy dog near his house on a sunny day

This basic dog house design works well as an outdoor kennel. This style dog house can be put together relatively easily if you fancy a go at building your own kennel.

20. Modern Design Dog House

Vintage red dog house

This modern dog house provides the perfect shelter for your canine companion during cold winters.

This neat design looks great in your outside space and blends seamlessly with any exterior decoration scheme and planting.

21. Brick Dog House

Stunning Stable Barn Design Dog House

A brick-built, well-insulated dog house is the best option for colder climates.

If you fancy a challenging project, you could reproduce this beautiful dog house yourself at home or hire a contractor to do the job for you.

22. Adorable Dog House Plan

Brown Dog in the Wooden Kennel

This kennel is constructed from a basic dog house plan but has been made to look something really special by the lush planting around it and the roses rambling over the kennel.

If you want an outdoor kennel that doesn’t intrude on your garden, this is an excellent idea for you to copy.

23. Brightly Colored Kennel

Pet sitting in colorful dog house

This bright and breezy dog house idea certainly adds color to your backyard! You don’t even need to worry about painting this premade kennel, as all the work has been done for you.

24. Solar Powered Dog House

dog house with solar panels and antenna

This amazing dog house has solar panels and a TV dish!

So, if your pup wants to enjoy watching a little DogTV during his downtime, this is the perfect residence for him!

25. A-Frame Dog House

Little dwarf sits next to dog house

This sweet A-frame house with its cute heart motif is ideal for a small dog that enjoys spending some of his days romping outside in your backyard.

26. Yellow Dog House

Yellow Dog House e1662905642486

This lovely yellow dog house is the perfect home for a little dog that loves to play outside.

Kids will love adding this bright, fun kennel to your backyard, and even the family cat will enjoy taking a nap inside this gorgeous pet house.

Portable Dog Houses

If you love to take your furry friend on road trips and vacations, you’ll need a portable dog house that you can take with you.

Ideally, a portable dog house should be lightweight and collapsible so that it doesn’t take up much space in your car. Once you reach your destination, the kennel must also be super quick and easy to reassemble.

Here’s a selection of portable dog kennels we know you’ll love.

27. Sherpa U Portable Pet Tent

Sherpa U Pet Tent

This multifunctional pet tent can work as a camping tent, portable dog house, and in-car containment area.

The tent features a convenient pop-up design with an easy-to-operate umbrella mechanism. There’s a removable moisture barrier to protect the umbrella mechanism, providing the ideal spot for your dog to chill out in all kinds of weather

28. DDASUMI Pet Dog and Cat’s Tent House

DDASUMI Pet Dog and Cats Tent House

This pet tent is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provides a cozy, private space where your furry friend can enjoy some relaxing alone time.

29. Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Portable Dog House

Floppy Dawg Just Chillin Elevated Portable Dog House

This large pet shelter is suitable for medium to large dogs up to 60 pounds. You can use the tent indoors to provide your canine companion with a snug den or outside on warm summer days.

The tent is lightweight, portable, and quick and simple to assemble, weighing just 13 pounds. The metal frame and 600D nylon water-resistant fabric wipe clean easily, and a soft pad is included to cushion the elevated breathable mesh floor.

30. K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot House

KH Pet Indoor Outdoor Covered Elevated Dog Bed

This dog shelter is made from waterproof, heavy-denier fabric and can take up to 200 pounds in weight.

The tent is winter-ready with a raised cot and closable window flaps. In summer, there’s a mesh center, two windows, and an open entrance to allow cool air to circulate around the tent.

The dog shelter doesn’t require tools to assemble it, and the tent’s non-skid rubber feet keep it stable on any surface.

Dog Houses With Porch

Dogs that spend time outside all year round will appreciate a place to relax and enjoy watching the world go by. These dog houses feature a shady porch that’s perfect for that.

31. Yellow Wooden House With Porch

Wooden dog house as grave dog

This pretty yellow dog house has a detachable porch where your pup can relax on warm days and enjoy some fresh air.

32. Kennel With Shady Porch

German shepherd resting in its wooden kennel

This fabulous kennel has a shady porch where a large dog can enjoy some valuable downtime after a dog park romp or obedience training in your backyard.

33. Merry Products Room With A View Wood Dog & Cat House

Merry Products Room with a View Wood

This gorgeous dog house is constructed from natural cedar and is resistant to extremes of temperature and humidity.

Unlike the average dog house, this one features a sheltered lounge and a comfortable porch with steps and latticework. You can use the kennel inside and outdoors to suit your and your pet’s requirements. 

The removable roof top and bottom panels make cleaning a breeze, and assembly is straightforward, thanks to the included hardware and instructions.

Indoor Dog Houses

Of course, not every dog wants to spend every day outdoors all year-round. So, you’ll need one of these fabulous indoor dog houses to keep your pet comfy.

34. Pet Life Hush Puppy Electronic Heating & Cooling Smart Dog House

Pet Life Hush Puppy Electronic Heating

This offering from Pet Life is perfect if you want a cozy, warm dog house for your nesh pup.

The pet house is constructed with a zippered side pocket where you can store the fan. The memory foam gel pad provides your dog with a supportive, comfy place to lie. 

The kennel has a built-in heating and cooling system that functions at the push of a button and features an auto-shutoff once a set temperature is reached.

35. PETREST Color-Fit Pet House

PETREST Color Fit Pet House

This cute dog house comes in a range of pretty pastel colors and features a wipe-down plastic coating for easy cleaning. This eco-friendly pet house is simple and quick to assemble and is ideal for small dogs, cats, and house rabbits.

36. Jiupety Cozy Pet Bed House

Jiupety Cozy Pet Bed House

This gorgeous pet house is ideal for use indoors, and you can also use it outside on nice days.

The kennel is lined with soft, luxurious flannel to keep your pet warm and cozy. The house has a pillow filled with PP cotton, and the double-side design allows you to ring the changes whenever you want. The dog house is made from a sturdy, anti-collapse sponge covered with high-density Oxford cloth that’s easy to clean and surprisingly durable.

37. Pet Teepee

Pet Teepee Dog Teepee with Thick Cushion

This pet teepee is an excellent choice for an indoor dog house for a small pooch or even for the family cat.

The dog house is made from 100% cotton canvas that’s durable and breathable. The sturdy pine poles are set on nonslip feet that won’t slide or scratch your flooring.

The teepee folds away quickly and conveniently if you want to take it with you on a road trip.

38. Plush Dog Bed

Best Pet Supplies Plush Dog Bed

This high-quality, plush dog bed makes the perfect indoor dog house that doubles as a cozy bed. 

The kennel is made from soft poly-foam and fabric, and the colors blend seamlessly into any home décor scheme. The pet house is fully machine-washable and can be folded up for convenient portability.

39. A-Frame Pet Tent

CFYN Pet Teepee Pet Tent

This cute pet tent is made from 100% high-quality cotton canvas and pine poles, creating a sturdy, breathable structure that can accommodate pets up to 30 pounds.

The tent folds away quickly and easily for convenient storage and portability.

40. Megidok Dog House

Megidok Dog House with Dog Bed Pad

This cute dog house comes with full assembly instructions and a super-plushy bed. The 600D Oxford canvas outer is detachable and can be washed in your washing machine.

You can use the pet house indoors or outside on pleasant, dry days.

41. Ushang Pet Indoor Dog House

Ushang Pet Indoor Dog House

We love this cozy crooked dog house with its traditional red brick pattern!

The high-quality poly fabric and soft poly-foam lining are surprisingly durable, and the ergonomic high-resilience foam that makes up the dog bed is great for dogs that suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

You can machine-wash the dog house without it losing its shape.

42. ZPPMC Luxury Dog House

ZPPMC Luxury Double Roof Dog House

This beautiful dog soft indoor dog house is the perfect place for your pet to chill out and relax. The house comes in four different patterns and colors and is suitable for small breed dogs.

43. ANPPX Indoor Dog House

ANPPEX Igloo Dog House Portable Cat Igloo Bed

This igloo-style dog house is perfect for chilly pups on cold winter days.

The snuggly bed comes in two patterns and several sizes to fit most dog breeds. You can fold the top of the igloo down to transform this clever dog house idea into a comfy sofa that your pet can snooze on.

This daytime dog house and its interior cushion are both machine-washable for easy cleanup.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our listicle of cool dog house ideas and designs? If you did, please share the article!

You don’t have to construct your own dog house if you prefer not to take the DIY route. There are plenty of ideas for indoor and outdoor dog houses here that you can buy right off the shelf at your local pet store.

When it comes to outdoor dog houses, you can choose traditional gable roof styles or go for something more modern that features closeable windows and even heating! Indoor dog houses can be warm, cozy, or breathable in a tent or igloo style.

Did you choose a ready-made kennel or go for a custom-built model? 

Tell us in the comments box below!

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