Dog House Design Ideas For Your Furry Friends

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Dogs love to have a cozy den to call their own. But why have a regular mesh wire or plastic crate when you could go all out and choose something slightly different?

There are dozens of excellent dog house plans for indoor and outdoor kennels to consider, so you’ll never be short of ideas!

Read this guide to discover 95 dog house design ideas that your furry friend will love!

95 Dog House Design Ideas For Your Furry Friends

Let’s get right into it!

Here are 95 terrific dog house design ideas for indoor and outdoor kennels that you’re sure to love.

Dog House Plans

In this section of our listicle, you’ll find dog house plans that you can build yourself. If you love DIY, there’s bound to be something here for you!

1. Red House

Red House
Image Source

This red dog house is super cool and pretty easy to build if you have a few basic DIY skills and some time on your hands.

2. Indoor Dog House

Indoor Dog House
Image Source

Make this fantastic indoor dog house in just four simple steps.

3. Outdoor Kennel

Outdoor Kennel
Image Source

This traditional outdoor wooden kennel would look great in any backyard.

4. Room For Two

Room For Two
Image Source

This is a basic wooden indoor dog crate that fits two pooches. Perfect for a multidog household!

5. Simple Design

Simple Design dog house
Image Source

Check out this simple design. Even those with a basic understanding of DIY can take on this project successfully!

6. Mobile Dog House

Mobile Dog House
Image Source

If you want a neat dog house that you can move around quickly, check out this excellent design!

7. Mirrored Roof Dog House

Mirrored Roof Dog House
Image Source

This super-cute dog house is fitted with an impressive mirrored roof; how cool is that!

8. Cardboard Dog Kennel

Cardboard Dog Kennel
Image Source

If your dog doesn’t chew, and you want a dog kennel that’s super cheap to make, this cardboard construction might be an excellent choice for you.

9. Dog House Truck

Dog House Truck
Image Source

This fun, quirky dog house design looks fantastic in a large room. Your kids will love this!

10. Pretty Pink Palace

Pretty Pink Palace
Image Source

This pretty pink palace dog kennel even has its own water wheel feature! Pink is a trendy color for dog crates, so you’ll be right on trend if you build this one.

11. White Out!

White Out Dog house
Image Source

This outdoor wooden dog kennel has been decorated to match the outside of the house. If you’re painting your kennel, remember to use safe, non-toxic paint.

12. Dog House With Porch

Dog House With Porch
Image Source

This is a brilliant dog house that even features a porch where Fido can sit out and enjoy the sun on a warm summer evening.

13. Roof Terrace

Roof Terrace Dog House
Image Source

This smart indoor wooden dog house comes complete with a set of steps and a roof terrace where your pampered pet can relax and enjoy the view.

14. Multiple Entrance Dog House

Multiple Entrance Dog House
Image Source

This attractive white dog house has a neat side entrance and a front door, making it easy to decide where to place the kennel in your home.

15. Cushioned Dog House

Cushioned Dog House
Image Source

This cleverly designed, lightweight flatpack dog house is made from cushioned material to create a comfortable, warm home for your pet that you can take with you when you travel.

16. Easy-Build Dog Kennel

Easy Build Dog Kennel
Image Source

With its archway door design, this impressive-looking kennel is super-easy to build if you have a few basic DIY skills.

17. Metal Kennel

Metal Kennel
Image Source

If you have some corrugated metal sheeting to hand, you might want to upscale it into a good dog house.

18. The Dog Mansion

The Dog Mansion
Image Source

As its designer has named this kennel, the dog mansion is undoubtedly a smart home for any discerning pup of means!

19. DIY Deluxe Dog House

DIY Deluxe Dog House
Image Source

We love this quirky, deluxe dog hut. This dog kennel is reminiscent of a hobbit hole with its circular entrance and exciting design!

20. Cheap Dog House

Cheap Dog House
Image Source

This dog house is described as “cheap” by its designer. It might be cheap to build, but the result is a gorgeous, cute, functional designer den that your furry friend will love.

21. Recycled Dog House

Recycled Wooden Dog House
Image Source

If you have a bunch of old wooden planks lying around in your garage, don’t consign them to the skip! Instead, why not create this upcycled dog house for your pampered pet?

22. Duplex Dog House

Duplex Dog House
Image Source

This luxury duplex dog house features a porch and its own attached run. If you have plenty of outside space to fill, this kennel exercise area combo could be good for you and your pet.

23. Dog Feeding Station

Dog Feeding Station
Image Source

This cute dog kennel has a handy feeding station built-in so that your pet can enjoy dining alfresco.

24. Simple Small Dog House

Simple Small Dog House
Image Source

Okay, so it’s just a pallet with a cozy dog bed inside, but we still love the simplicity of this well-ventilated outside den that would suit a dog that lives in a warm region.

25. Simple A-Frame House Dog Kennel

Simple A Frame House Dog Kennel
Image Source

This kennel’s sturdy design keeps your dog protected from the worst of the weather with its smart sloping roof and classic A-frame construction. Check out the detailed instructions to find out how to build this gorgeous modern design, simple A-frame dog house.

26. Mini Ranch House Kennel

Mini Ranch House Kennel
Image Source

Kennels don’t come much cuter than this neat mini ranch house design. Your puppy pawdner will love spending time here, for sure!

27. Luxury Pallet Kennel

Luxury Pallet Kennel
Image Source

If you have plenty of outside space, this luxury pallet kennel could be precisely what you’re looking for.

28. DIY Insulated Dog House

Your dog will stay cozy and snug in this insulated dog house, where you can build yourself with a few essential items and DIY skills.

29. Smart Dog House With Shade

Smart Dog House With Shade
Image Source

This dog house comes complete with a neat shade where your pup can relax on a sunny day.

30. Basic Wooden Dog House

If you’re into woodworking, you can knock up this intelligent, basic wooden dog house for your canine companion by using a few basic carpentry skills you learned in school.

Outdoor Dog House Design Ideas

Here are some more excellent ideas for an outdoor dog house for your furry friend.

If you want a traditional wooden dog house, there’s sure to be something in this section to suit you.

31. Take Two!

Take Two Dog House

This large wooden kennel can accommodate two medium-sized dogs or one large pup.

32. SAUDER Rufus Dog House

Sauder Rufus Dog House

Rufus has produced this excellent outdoor dog kennel that’s smart and functional.

33. Frisco Classic Wooden Dog House

Frisco Classic Wooden Outdoor Dog House

Frisco keeps it traditional with this classic take on an old-style wooden dog house.

34. Frisco Craftsman Wooden Dog House

Frisco Craftsman Wooden Outdoor Dog House

Here’s another wooden dog house from Frisco in a slightly different design that still looks good and does the job perfectly.

35. Precision Pet Products Dog House

Precision Pet Products Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Smart and functional, this wooden dog house from Precision Pet Products makes a great choice of an outdoor kennel for your pet.

36. Frisco Modern Wooden Dog House

Frisco Modern Wooden Outdoor Dog House

This open-fronted modern wooden dog house with its smart white finish looks great in any backyard!

37. MIDWEST Ellio Folding Wooden Dog House

MidWest Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House

This smart folding wooden dog house offers you the ultimate convenience and comfort for your dog.

38. Trixie Natura Classic Dog House

TRIXIE Natura Classic Dog House with Weatherproof Finish

This wooden dog house has a natural finish and elevated floor to keep your dog dry, warm, and comfortable.

39. Trixie Natura Dog Log House

TRIXIE Natura Lodge Dog House

For the ultimate in good looks, this dog log house by Trixie must be at the top of your shopping list!

40. Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Dog House In Grass

Smart, functional, and traditional. That’s what you get with this characterful outdoor wooden dog house.

41. Ideal For Big Dogs

Ideal For Big Dogs

If you have a large dog that enjoys spending time in the Great Outdoors, this wooden kennel is perfect for your pet.

42. Cute Outdoor Dog House

Dogs house in the garden

With its cute red roof, this sweet dog kennel makes the ideal addition to your outdoor space if you have a furry friend to cater to.

43. Blue Room Wooden Dog House

Two Decorative Dogs Sitting in A House

Two small dogs or one medium-sized dog could have great fun sharing this smart blue dog house.

44. Personalized Wooden Dog House

Vintage red dog house

This traditional outdoor wooden dog house has a nameplate over the door so that you can personalize your pet’s den.

45. Small Outdoor Wooden Kennel

Girl and Small Dog

Your kids will love visiting their pet when he’s home in this sweet wooden outdoor kennel.

46. Out In The Sticks

Photo Of Dog Sitting Near Dog House

47. Wooden Outdoor Kennel

Wooden Outdoor Kennel

Here’s another wooden outdoor kennel set in a shady nook that’s perfect for your dog to relax in hot weather.

48. Simple Dog House

Home sweet home

This wooden outdoor dog kennel has a covered porch where your pet can chill out and relax, safely protected from the weather.

49. Geometric Dog House

Geometric Dog House

This neat dog house idea provides your pet with a beautiful home that’s cozy and warm and perfect for dogs living in colder climates.

50. Red Dog House

Red Dog House

This basic dog house project has been made using a few sheets of plywood and some pocket screws. Simple, but very effective.

51. Premade Dog House

Premade Dog House

This beautiful dog house is premade and easy to assemble, making this one of our favorite dog house kits.


EcoFlex is a weatherproof material that makes excellent dog houses. Here are a couple of examples.

52. EcoFlex Bunk-Style Dog House

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House

The EcoFlex bunk-style dog house from NEW AGE PET comes in a smart beige finish that blends perfectly with any home exterior. This dog house won’t be damaged by the weather and is designed to accommodate a large dog.

53. EcoFlex Rustic Log-Style Outdoor Kennel 

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House

Here’s another EcoFlex outdoor kennel designed to resemble a log cabin. Again, this kennel is perfect for a large dog.


Although plastic is not the most eco-friendly material to choose for your dog house.

54. Plastic Igloo Dog Kennel

Plastic Igloo Dog Kennel

This simple plastic dog kennel is made in the shape of an egg or igloo. Plastic is a durable material that will withstand chewers more effectively than plywood sheets and other wooden materials.

55. DP Hunter Dog House

DP Hunter Dog House

This smart, tan-colored plastic dog house by DP Hunter is perfect for a small dog and can be used inside and outdoors, too.

56. CRB Palace Dog House

CRB Palace Dog House

This plastic dog house is a palace fit for a king or queen of dogs! The circular design is attractive, cozy, and functional. And this kennel is very affordable, too, which is excellent news for those on a tight budget.

57. EcoSmart Bonita Pet Dog House

EcoSMART Bonita Pet Dog House

The EcoSmart Bonita Pet Dog House is easy to assemble without the need for extra tools. Choose from a red, green, or blue roof, and enjoy using this snug kennel with its raised floor indoors or outside.

58. Dog Palace Dog House 

Dog Palace Dog House

Treat your dog to a comfortable, cozy den with this dog palace that can be used inside or outside for convenience.


Here are a couple of sturdy dog houses that are built from concrete! 

59. Cute Fairy Cottage

Cute Fairy Cottage

This delightful fairy cottage dog house is built from concrete and set in its very own gravel backyard, perfect for a tiny dog.

60. Spanish Style Dog House

Spanish Style Dog House

This large Spanish style dog house has ample space inside for a large dog and will keep your pet warm and cozy in cold weather. You’ll need an advanced skill level to build this house, but it will last your pet a lifetime.


If you have bricklaying skills, you might fancy taking on a project to build your dog a house.

61. Brick House

Stylish Brick Dog House

This brick-built dog house features asphalt shingles to keep your canine friend dry and sheltered from the elements. The kennel looks great too!

62. Stunning Stable Barn Design Dog House

Stunning Stable Barn Design Dog House

This gorgeous brick dog kennel has been constructed to resemble a barn and offers plenty of living space for dogs that like to share their home. The roof has been built from wood pieces and the bright color looks stunning.

Log Cabin

If you fancy giving your dog that wilderness experience in his own backyard, why not try building a log cabin dog house like this one!

63. Log Cabin

Wooden dog house on green lawn

This dog house has been built to resemble a rustic log cabin with a cute shingled roof. The DIY dog house will be an excellent DIY project for you if you have advanced woodworking skills. 


If you want a simple, portable, collapsible dog kennel, you might want to consider this tent-style canine home. 

64. Sherpa U Pet Portable Dog House

Sherpa U Pet Tent

This neat dog tent is easy to set up and is portable, too, making this the perfect choice to take on vacation when Fido comes with you.

65. Elevated Canvas Dog House

Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

This excellent quality tent dog kennel is the perfect choice if you want a kennel that can be folded down for easy storage and portability. The tent sits on a strong base that keeps your dog clear of the ground for comfort and warmth.

66. PetsFit Insulation Kit

Petsfit Insulation Kit Cabin

Here’s an insulation kit that you can use to keep a wooden dog kennel warm in cool climates and protect your pet from extreme weather.


Dome dog kennels are super-cozy and easy to position. Many come in designs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, too.

67. Frisco Dome Dog House

Frisco Dome Dog House

The Frisco Dome dog house is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is ideal for taking with you on vacation.

68. Petmate Indigo Dog House

Petmate Indigo Dog House All Weather Protection Taupe

This sturdy, spacious shelter is designed to keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer, being insulated throughout. The extended, offset doorway of this outdoor dog house helps to keep pets safely protected from the worst of the weather.

69. Petmate Husky Dog House

Petmate Husky Dog House

The Petmate Husky dog house is the only dog house you’ll ever need! The offset entry is designed to protect your pet from whatever extreme weather the climate decides to throw at you, and the insulated construction assures coziness all year round.

Cute, Adorable Dog House Design Ideas

A dog house can be cute as well as practical and functional. Check out these ideas for adorable dog houses that you’re bound to love as much as we do.


Let’s start with a few colorful, vibrant dog houses that kids are sure to love.

70. Yellow!

dog house many bones on a white background

This bright yellow outside dog house is sure to brighten your outdoor space on even the dullest winter day!

71. Multicolor

Pet sitting in colorful dog house

If you want to create a splash in your backyard, try this multicolored dog kennel on for size! To get the look, simply use a regular wooden dog kennel and paint in the colors of your choice.

72. Think Pink!

VATO Dog Kennel Waterproof Plastic Doghouse for Small Pets

Pink dog kennels and crates are amazingly popular these days, and you can catch the wave with this gorgeous pink creation that has an elevated floor and is also fully waterproof.


Dogs love the cozy, enclosed feel of a teepee-style dog kennel. You can make one of these kennels easily if you have a few basic carpentry skills, too.

73. Simple Teepee Kennel

Simple Teepee Kennel

This simple pallet dog house is easy to put together if you have a few basic woodworking skills and the right basic toolkit.

74. Pet Teepee Tent

Pet Teepee Tent with Mat for Large Dogs

If you want a collapsible, easy to assemble, pet tent that your dog can use for shelter both indoors and outdoors, this teepee tent might be the solution. The tent comes with a mat for extra comfort.

75. ECO-Will Pet Tent

ECO WILL Pet Teepee Pet Tent

Kids love this cute pet tent that comes with a comfy cushion and a string of LED lights for Christmas holiday fun.


If you have a multi-dog household, you might like the idea of creating rows of dog kennels. Here are a few ideas that you might like to try.

76. Kennel Village

Wooden Dog House

There’s a kennel to fit every dog in his amazing wooden dog house village.

77. Pretty As A Picture

Dog houses in a row

How sweet does this row of white, red-roofed kennels look? You can see that the kennels are raised to provide excellent airflow and drainage and to keep the occupants warm and cozy in cool weather.

78. Boarding Kennels

Wooden dog houses in cage

Each of these kennels is enclosed in its own private run, making this the ideal setup for a large boarding or breeding kennel operation.

Small Dog Houses

If you have a petite pup, you’ll love tiny kennels and dog houses that are built with smaller dogs in mind.

79. Aww!

Cute Puppy Peekimg Out of a Dog House

This has to be the cutest kennel you’ve ever seen! However, remember that your pet’s crate or kennel must be roomy enough for him to stand up, lay down, sit upright, and turn around easily.


A dog house doesn’t need to be boring! This selection of kennels offers porches where your dog can chill out and relax between walks and playtime.

80. Merry Products Room With A View

Merry Products Room with a View Wood

This cute wooden dog house is perfect for small dogs and cats, offering a lovely upper deck and giving your pet panoramic views of your garden.

81. Decking Comfort

Wooden dog house as grave dog

This traditional wooden dog kennel benefits from the addition of a comfortable porch where your dog can relax and kick back after a busy day at the dog park.

82. PawHut Large Dog House

PawHut Large Dog House

This large dog house is built from wood and features a cabin-style elevated build with a porch and deck.

 83. PawHut Outdoor Cabin Style Dog House

PawHut Outdoor Dog House Cabin Style

The PawHut Outdoor Cabin Style dog kennel for medium-sized dogs features an elevated porch, asphalt roof, front door, and side window.

84. Pawhut Outdoor Wooden Dog House

PawHut Outdoor Wooden Dog House Cabin Style

Here’s another cabin-style wooden dog house from PawHut that includes a shady porch where your dog can relax and doze on a sunny day.

85. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Small Dogs

Petsfit has designed this cute outdoor wooden dog house that has a nice balcony, especially for small dog breeds.

Indoor Dog House Design Ideas

Of course, not everyone wants a dog kennel for outside use. If you have an apartment or a house without outdoor space, you’ll need a dog house that your pet can use inside.

Here’s a selection of our favorite indoor dog house design ideas.

86.  Inflatable Dog House

Inflatable Dog House

This dog house can be folded up and put away when not in use. The multicolored design is great fun, but this cushiony, inflatable structure is not suitable for puppies or dogs that chew.

87. Best Pet Home Supplies Home Sweet Home Dog Bed

Home Sweet Home Dog Bed

Best Pet Home Supplies has made this super-plushy comfortable, cushioned dog home that’s ideal for small dogs and cats.

88. YML Covered Pineapple Dog House

YML Pineapple Covered Cat Dog Bed

This pineapple dog house is really more of a bed than a kennel. However, you can use this house indoors for a cat or a tiny dog.

89. Cozy Fabric Dog Houses

Cozy Fabric Dog Houses

These cozy fabric dog houses can be made in dozens of colors and patterns so that you can choose a design that best suits your home interior decor scheme.

90. Frisco Fabric Gingerbread House

Frisco Holiday Dog Gingerbread House Bed

If you have a tiny dog or a cat, this cute gingerbread house dog bed makes a sweet addition to your pet’s kit. 

91. Small Dog House With Cover

Dog House Wood with Mat and Cover

This unusual indoor dog kennel has a beautiful open-air aspect, and its fabric cover allows for plenty of ventilation and excellent airflow for your pet.

92. Fabric Wooden-Look Dog House

ZPPMC Luxury Double Roof Dog House

If you love the look of a wooden dog house, you’ll love this small fabric kennel that’s ideal for a small dog or even the family cat.

93. Cat Princess Indoor Tent

Cat Princess Indoor Tent

Okay, so this is an indoor tent designed for a cat, but a very tiny dog would fit inside it. The durable fabric and mesh make it easy to keep the tent clean and provides excellent airflow for your pet while he sleeps.

94. Chihuahua Dog House

Chihuahua dog sleep in the dog house

In this tiny fabric dog house, a sweet little Chihuahua will look even cuter! The snug and cozy cushioned interior are perfect for your pet to sleep soundly, no matter how cold the weather is outside.

95. Fabric Dog Kennel

Fabric Dog Kennel

If you have a small dog, you might like this cozy, den-like fabric dog house that’s perfect for a terrier or tiny Doodle.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to 95 fabulous dog kennels? If you loved the article, please share it!

You can make a dog kennel out of pretty much any material, including wood, plastic, concrete, brick, and fabric. If you’re handy at DIY, you might want to take on making your own kennel. However, as you can see from our list, there are dozens of beautiful, affordable home-assembly kennels to choose from to suit dogs of every size and breed.

What kind of kennel do you have for your canine companion? Tell us in the comments box below.

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