53 Dog House Plans – Free and Easy Ideas for Your Furry Friend

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Every dog needs a comfy, safe dog house where he can chill out and relax. But kennels are so expensive to buy! Don’t worry; we’ve tracked down this list of free, simple, and modern dog house plans you can build yourself.

But can you get a blueprint for large dog house plans? Are insulated dog house plans available? And if you’re a novice at DIY or have never attempted a self-build project before, can you have a go at constructing a cozy dog house? 

Read this guide for a selection of 54 DIY dog house plans and an informative buyer’s guide.

53 Free And Easy Dog House Plans

Here’s our listicle of 53 free and easy DIY dog house plans your furry friend is bound to love!

Dog House Plans You Can Buy

There are lots of DIY dog house plans you can buy. Here’s a selection of our favorites.

1. XL Dog House Plan

XL Dog House Plan

If you have a large dog breed, this plan for an XL-size dog house might be a great choice for you.

2. Cute Gable Roof Dog House

3by3 Dog House Plans

This simple dog house design makes the perfect pad for your canine companion.

3. Traditional Dog House

Traditional Dog House

This awesome dog house is a traditional design that comes with detailed instructions that most people can follow relatively easily.

4. DIY Modern Dog House

DIY Modern Dog House

This delightful modern design dog house has a shingle roof to keep out the elements and can be painted and finished in the color of your choice. What a stylish addition to your backyard!

5. Elevated Dog House

Elevated Dog House

This adorable dog house creation features an elevated design that keeps your dog off cold flooring and protects your grass. The covered porch offers your dog shelter from the rain and shade on sunny days.

Free Dog House Plans

Of course, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy dog house plans! Here are some excellent free dog house plans that you can customize to suit your pet’s requirements.

6. Sturdy Dog House

Sturdy Dog House
Learn More

This wooden dog house offers your dog shade on sunny days, and there’s even a grassy ramp so that your pet can get a great view from the roof!

7. Old-Style Dog House

Old Style Dog House
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This old-style dog house is simple to build, and you can paint the finished dog house in any color you like to blend with your outside space.

8. Jen Woodhouse Dog House With Deck

Jen Woodhouse Dog House With Deck
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This gorgeous DIY dog house with a deck has a handy storage bin where you can keep your pampered pup’s toys and a holder for food and water bowls.

The pantile roof allows rain and snow to simply run off the kennel, preventing leaks and keeping your dog cozy.

9. Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House
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This simple doghouse design is another that incorporates a gable roof. The roof is made using pallet wood shingles fixed with wood screws to ensure a draft-free and leak-free finish.

10. Crooked Dog House By Ana White

Crooked Dog House By Ana White
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This Ana White pallet dog house plan is simple to build and makes a super-cute addition to your backyard while providing the perfect basic dog house for your furry friend to relax in.

11. Mini Ranch Dog House

Mini Ranch Dog House
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This basic dog house design has been beautifully finished to create a beautiful dog house that looks just like a mini ranch house.

12. Insulated A-Frame Dog House

Insulated A Frame Dog House
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This insulated dog house features a stunning A-frame design that’s practical and ideal for colder climates.

The exterior plywood build is shielded from the elements by weatherproof shingles, and the A-frame style ensures that rainwater and snow run right off the kennel.

13. Ana White East Fork Free Doghouse

Ana White East Fork Free Doghouse
Image Source

This adorable doghouse from Ana White can also be used as a child’s playhouse or as a storage facility for your pet’s toys.

14. Mobile Dog House

Mobile Dog House
Image Source

If you want a dog house that you can use indoors and outdoors, this design of a doghouse allows you to easily relocate your pet’s den, thanks to a neat set of wheels attached to the rear of the kennel.

Wooden Dog House Plans

Wood is the most popular material for creating dog kennels. Check out these homemade dog house plans for wooden dog houses.

15. Awesome Wooden Dog House

Awesome Wooden Dog House
Image Source

This awesome doghouse model is perfect for medium-sized dogs. The wooden design of doghouse features two windows and an open door for excellent ventilation and provides your pet with a panoramic view.

16. Open-Sided Dog House

Open Sided Dog House
Image Source

If you live in a hot climate, you’ll want a dog house that provides your dog with plenty of shade from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This open-sided dog house design also offers excellent airflow and ventilation for your pet.

17. Modern DIY Dog House

Modern DIY Dog House
Image Source

This fabulous dog house has a deck where your pup can relax on warm days, a handy holder for food and water bowls, and a neat storage bin for toys and other pampered puppy essentials! 

18. Wooden Dog House With Gable Roof

Wooden Dog House With Gable Roof
Image Source

This handmade gabled-roof doghouse comes with full building plans. The kennel is elevated to protect your pet from a cold floor and keep water out, and the whole project can be completed with just a few basic building skills.

19. Upcycled Dining Table Dog House

Upcycled Dining Table Dog House

This amazing project can be completed using an upcycled dining table or similar unwanted pieces of furniture.

Remember to weatherproof the dog house with exterior paint or stain to keep your dog dry and cozy in rough weather.

Simple Dog House Plans

The plans in this section of our list don’t demand advanced building techniques, making these simple dog house plans perfect for beginners.

20. Simple Outdoor Dog House Plan

Simple Outdoor Dog House Plan
Learn More

These dog house plans come with step-by-step building instructions to ensure you complete the project successfully. Why not make building your dog house a fun project that the whole family can buy into?

21. HGTV Dog House With Deck Plan

HGTV Dog House With Deck Plan
Image Source

This gorgeous dog house plan features an asphalt shingle gable roof to shut out the weather and is elevated to protect your pet from the cold floor.

22. Good-Sized Dog House

Good Sized Dog House
Image Source

This great-looking yet simple dog house can be made using a basic dog house plan and a few DIY skills.

Paint the dog house in any color scheme you like to give your pooch’s home an individual look and style.

23. Dog House With Air Conditioning

Dog House With Air Conditioning
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One problem with dog houses is that they can be stuffy and uncomfortable for your dog on hot days. So, this air-conditioned DIY dog house is the ideal solution!

The country dog house will look fabulous in any location and is simple to build, too.

Insulated Dog House Plans

Insulation keeps your dog warm in winter and cooler in the summer. Our guide’s next few dog house plans explain how to build insulated dog houses.

24. Custom Insulated Dog House

Custom Insulated Dog House
Image Source

Although this isn’t the cheapest dog house you could build, this wooden cabin dog house definitely solid and cozy.

The dog house plan includes detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide you can follow at the above link.

25. Cute Insulated Dog House

This cute dog house is insulated to keep the cold out. The roof lifts up to allow easy cleaning, and the kennel is large enough to fit two small dogs or one larger pup.

Pallet Dog House Plans

Unwanted pallets can make excellent materials for constructing dog houses. Pallets are cheap to buy, often pre-treated against water ingress and pests, and can be cut to the required size.

Here’s an adorable dog house plan that can be built using pallets.

26. Pallet Dog House

Pallet Dog House
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This cleverly designed pallet dog house features a shaded porch where your dog can relax in the shade on warm days and a pantile roof for easy water and snow run-off.

Cardboard Dog Houses

Cardboard is your first choice for the ultimate in cheap dog house construction.

The main drawback to using cardboard as a building material is that it lets water. So, these dog houses are best used indoors or only taken outside on warm, sunny days. If you have a dog that chews, cardboard is not your best choice of building material.

27. DIY Snoopy Dog House

DIY Snoopy Dog House
Image Source

This fun dog house project shows you how to create a neat little kennel using empty moving boxes.

28. Beach Hut Dog House

Beach Hut Dog House
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This beach-inspired easy DIY dog house is made using cardboard boxes and a little artistic flair!

Obviously, this neat beach hut is not suitable for dogs that chew and is best for small, quiet pups or even your family cat.

29. Amazing Cardboard Dog House!

This YouTube tutorial shows you how to build an amazing dog house from cardboard!

The dog house features a balcony with steps leading up to it and a front yard with a little fence surrounding it. This dog house is really only suitable for a very small, lightweight dog that doesn’t chew or a cat.

Indoor Dog House

Not every dog enjoys spending time outside. If that sounds like your furry friend, you’ll need to know how to build an indoor dog house.

Here are a few examples of indoor dog house plans that you might like to try.

30. Pretty Table Dog House

Pretty Table Dog House
Image Source

This indoor dog house is suitable for small dogs or a cat. The kennel is constructed from lightweight wood, so no heavy-duty carpentry is required to create this pretty end-table dog house.

Dog House Using Plywood

Plywood is a cheap material that can be used to create an inexpensive kennel for your pet.

31. Plywood Dog House

Plywood Dog House
Image Source

This dark-colored dog house can be painted any color you prefer to match your indoor decor scheme.

DIY Modern Dog House

If you prefer the idea of a modern, geometrical dog house design, this plan might appeal to you.

32. DIY Modern Dog House

DIY Modern Dog House for Oscar
Image Source

This decorative dog house is elevated to keep your dog away from the cold, wet ground. The slatted design promotes excellent air flow on warm days, and the kennel is designed for use as a double dog house or for a large dog.

33. DIY Living Roof Dog House

DIY Living Roof Dog House
Image Source

This adorable tropical-inspired dog house features a roof that’s completely coated with succulents and other plants. The plants help to keep the kennel insulated and cool, making this design ideal for a warm climate.

34. Rustic Dog House With Porch

Rustic Dog House With Porch
Image Source

This rustic dog house has a porch where your dog can enjoy a well-earned snooze in the shade after some playtime in the backyard. 

The windows provide excellent ventilation, and the gable roof keeps snow and rain out of the actual house.

35. Spacious Modern Dog House

This Youtube tutorial shows you how to construct the ultimate ultra-light dog house from pallet wood.

The dog house spacious and roomy with an inset entrance that keeps wind, rain, and snow at bay.

36. Ultra-Light Dog House

Ultra Light Dog House
Image Source

This dog house is designed to be cheap to build, relatively lightweight, and functional rather than decorative.

37. Small Modern Dog House

Here’s another Youtube tutorial that explains how to construct a modern wooden dog house that’s suitable for a small to medium-sized dog.

You can customize the dog house by choosing a color scheme to blend or contrast with your backyard, whichever you prefer.

38. Geometric Dog House

Geometric Dog House
Image Source

This amazing geometric dog house design is perfect for a tiny pup, such as a Chihuahua. You might also choose this design for your cat.

39. Pallet Kennel With Sundeck

Pallet Kennel With Sundeck
Learn More

This luxury pup pad is made using old pallets and offers your dog somewhere to sunbathe when he wants to. 

40. Dog Mansion

Dog Mansion
Image Source

This spectacular dog house has windows that you can close against the weather and a flat roof that your dog can use as a sunbathing platform on pleasant spring days.

41. Mid-Century Modern Dog House

This absolutely stunning modern dog house design has a comfortable, grassy decking area, an incorporated stand for food and water bowls, and a screened area where your dog can shelter from the weather and enjoy some privacy when he wants to.

42. Dog House With Rooftop Deck

Dog House With Rooftop Deck
Image Source

This plan shows you how to upgrade a basic dog house by fitting a rooftop deck where your dog can chill out and relax all day.

43. Indoor Wooden Dog House

Indoor Wooden Dog House
Image Source

This cute indoor dog house has a porch for relaxing in the shade and it’s elevated to protect the lucky occupant from chills.

44. DIY Deluxe Dog House

DIY Deluxe Dog House
Image Source

This gorgeous deluxe Dutch barn style dog house is perfect for two small dogs or one medium-sized one. The roof helps rain and snow to simple run off, keeping the pup warm, dry, and cozy inside.

45. Roland Amazing Pet House

Roland Amazing Pet House
Image Source

So, you’re building an incredible dog house for your canine companion. But what about Tibbles the cat?

This creative construction caters to both your dog and your cat by providing a spacious living area for your dog, as well as a climbing wheel and perches for your cat.

46. Dog House With Barn Door

Dog House With Barn Door
Image Source

This wooden dog house features a sliding barn door design so that you can close the door when the kennel is not in use or during inclement weather conditions.

47. Double Door Dog House

Double Door Dog House
Image Source

Double door design dog houses are hard to come by on the market, so why not create your own from this simple plan?

Your dog can enter the kennel through one door and exit via the other, or you can use the house to accommodate two small dogs.

Large Dog House Plans

It can be challenging to buy large dog houses without spending an absolute fortune. Instead, why not build your own big boy’s dog house by following one of the plans we’ve included below.

48. Extra-Large Dog House Plan

Extra Large Dog House Plan
Image Source

If you own a large dog, you need to check out this plan for a super-sized dog house!

The spacious kennel features a large entrance door for easy in and out, has excellent ventilation, and a sloping roof to prevent water and snow build-up.

49. Beginner-Friendly Dog House Plan

If you’re not an advanced DIYer or expert woodworker, don’t worry; this plan is perfect for you.

This big dog house has a porch, a deck, windows, and an elevated floor.

Dog House With A Porch

Most regions across the country enjoy at least a few days every year when the weather is pleasant, warm, and sunny.

On those balmy summer afternoons, your dog loves nothing more than to snooze in the shade. So, you need a dog house with a porch to keep your pet safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still enabling your pet to relax outdoors.

50. Portable Dog Kennel With Decking

Portable Dog Kennel With Decking
Image Source

This dog kennel has been built with wheels for easy portability and has a decking area where your dog can relax on sunny days.

51. Bamboo Dog Kennel With Sunshade

Bamboo Dog Kennel With Sunshade
Image Source

This pup clearly loves spending time on the decking of his bamboo dog kennel. The kennel roof has been cleverly constructed using large diameter bamboo poles, providing excellent shade and shelter for the lucky occupant.

52. Primitive Dog House With Shower Pool

This ingenious dog house has been built using bamboo poles and even features its very own shower pool where your pup can cool down on hot days.

The interior and roof of the kennel are furnished with grass, providing a completely natural experience for your dog that he will love.

53. Farmhouse Dog House

Check out this farmhouse dog house that’s the epitome of style and country living!

The dog house has slatted windows that can be opened and closed for excellent ventilation and to keep out the weather when required. We love the stable door feature, too.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our listicle and guide to free and easy dog house ideas? If you did, please share the article!

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to construct a dog house for your furry friend. Many of the plans and ideas we’ve included here are pretty straightforward for a novice to complete successfully. Why not customize the kennel with a stenciled nameplate over the door or a trendy paint job to make it unique?

Did you choose a ready-made kennel or flex your DIY muscles and build a custom kennel from one of the plans we found for you?

Tell us in the comments box below!

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