Dog Kennel Building Plans – Indoor and Outdoor Options

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A kennel can provide shelter and comfort if your dog spends time outside in your backyard. But dog kennels can be expensive to buy. So, if you’re good at basic DIY, you might want to check out some dog kennel building plans and create your own kennel from scratch.

Commercial dog kennel building plans can give you a few ideas, and you can find dog kennel building plans for free on the net.

Please keep reading for our selection of dog kennel plans to help you create a des-res for your pampered pet!

Dog Kennel Building Plans

Here are 19 excellent dog kennel building plans to inspire you and delight your canine companion!

Free Dog Kennel Plans

Let’s start with some kennel plans that are available free of charge:

1. Houdini Dog Kennel

Houdini Dog Kennel
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If you have an escape artist dog, you should check out this DIY Houdini dog kennel!

The kennel is built from strong plywood and features a no-escape design that will keep the most determined Houdini dog securely inside.

2. Cheap And Easy Dog House

Cheap And Easy Dog House
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You can make this simple dog house for under $40!

The kennel walls are built using pallet palings and stringers and is of double thickness for extra warmth so that your pet stays cozy in the wildest of weather. The kennel has an offset doorway to enable your Dog to curl up out of the weather.

For perfect placement, the kennel’s skillion roof is perfect for placing up against the side of your house. 

3. DIY Dog Kennel

Although this DIY dog kennel looks somewhat rough and ready, it can still make a cozy, functional den for your furry friend.

4. Winterproofing A Kennel Facility

Winterproofing A Kennel Facility e1661404102156
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If you have a basic wire mesh kennel for your pet, you’ll want to winterproof it, especially if you live in a cold region where the winters are harsh.

This informative tutorial explains how to make your pet’s kennel building suitable for the colder months and includes a material list and full instructions. The plan can be used with the largest dog kennel; simply scale up the materials to accommodate.

5. Inescapable Link Walk

Inescapable Link Walk
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If you run an animal boarding facility or you’re involved in animal care at your home, you and your animal handlers will need some means of getting to and from your home to your kennels.

This tutorial provides a simple solution by showing you how to construct a simple tunnel that gets you from your home to your kennel with wire mesh panels as the walls and a roof to keep you dry.

Small Dog Kennel Plans

If you have a small pooch, you’ll want a suitably-sized kennel for him. Here are a few plans for bijou residences that your furry friend will love. 

6. I.E. Medium-sized Dog House Plans

I.E. Medium sized Dog House Plans

This neat kennel plan comes with a full materials list and detailed instructions. You’ll need some basic experience in constructing simple items, but pretty much anyone can do this!

7. Dog House With Porch

Dog House with Covered Porch Plans DIY

Here’s another cute kennel design that features a porch to keep your pet shaded and sheltered from the elements when he’s enjoying some downtime outside.

Kennel owners will appreciate the simplicity and aesthetics of this clever design.

8. Dog House Plans with Roof Deck

Dog House Plans with Roof Deck

This wooden kennel certainly makes a very smart addition to any outdoor space! The kennel quality is dependent on the materials used; however, the design of this kennel building kit is gorgeous. 

The individual kennel has a front entry door and a lovely cutout viewing platform where your Dog can take in the panorama around your yard.

Commercial Kennel Buildings

Commercial kennel operators and animal shelters need to have a kennel design that makes the most of the space they have at their disposal.

Here’s a typical commercial kennel building design. 

9. Commercial Metal Indoor Dog Kennels

Commercial Metal Indoor Dog Kennels
Image Source

Metal indoor dog kennel buildings are the ideal solution for kennel operators, K9 police units, boarding kennel businesses, and pro dog breeders.

These kennel blueprints show pre-engineered buildings that are completely customizable and are built from long-lasting, low-maintenance steel.

Indoor Dog Kennel Plans

Not everyone wants to keep their Dog outside, so we’ve also included these indoor kennel designs in our list.

10. Digital Plans Large Wooden Dog Kennel

Digital Plans Large Wooden Double Dog Kennel

These plans are designed to create a large double dog crate, although the dimensions can be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger pups.

This is classed as a “medium skill” project that requires a basic knowledge of woodworking and safe tool operations. However, if you think you might not be up to the task, the manufacturer will construct the kennel for you.

The average cost of materials that you will need for this kennel is around $250, and a full list of materials is included with the plans.

11. Large Double Dog Kennel Size Blueprint

Large Double Dog Kennel Size Blueprint
Image Source

Here’s another excellent plan for a large double dog kennel. This kennel layout could be used as a breeding kennel and comes with step-by-step instructions and a materials list of everything you will need.

Outdoor Dog Kennel Building Plans

In this section of our guide, we bring you a range of easy outdoor dog kennel building plans for durable dog kennels that will keep your pet comfy and warm in any weather.

12. Gable Roof Style Dog Kennel With Porch

Gable Roof Style Dog Kennel With Porch

These plans are for the most gorgeous dog house that enables your Dog to spend time outdoors.

The kennel is large enough for a dog up to 150 lbs.

The kennel features waterproof protectors and a raised floor to help keep your Dog’s kennel warm and dry during the wintertime and in rainy, cold weather. There’s a front porch where your Dog can enjoy a nap on a sunny day.

The plan gives you a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, cutting lists, detailed drawings, and helpful safety tips.

13. Boarding Kennels – The Design Process

Boarding Kennels The Design Process

This book is the ideal read for those looking to expand, remodel, or build their own kennel. The author, Craig L McAllester has designed over 250 boarding kennels, police/military kennels, and animal shelters and draws on his wealth of experience in this book.

The book covers the entire process of building the kennel from square one right through to the final building process. There are lots of color images, blueprints, diagrams, and a glossary of design and construction terms. Finally, the author has included a spreadsheet for cost-estimating your kennel building project.

14. Smart Double Dog Kennel

In this informative Youtube tutorial, you can learn how to construct a dog kennel that can be used outside or in your home. 

The crate featured in the tutorial is made from poplar and walnut woods at the cost of around $400 just for the wood. However, if you prefer, you can use a cheaper wood, such as pine. The hardware and the rebar used were bought from Home Depot.

The total cost of creating this attractive, functional crate is around $500 to $600.

15. Large Dog Kennel With Porch

Large Dog Kennel With Porch

This beautiful large dog house is designed with a front porch and an attractive gable roof to protect your Dog against the worst of the weather and provide him with a shady spot to nap in on warm summer days.

The plans come with a construction chart and a step-by-step diagram giving you part dimensions and the overall dimensions of the kennel.

16. Raised Doghouse With Balcony

Raised Doghouse With Balcony

This amazing DIY doghouse is simple to build, the perfect size, made from robust materials, and the doorway is wide enough to allow your Dog easy access.

The design ensures that your pet is warm in the winter and cool on hot days. The kennel has excellent ventilation, is pretty easy to clean, and has no sharp edges that could harm your Dog.

The kit comes as a downloadable PDF with step-by-step instructions, a material list, a tool list, 3D illustrations, and lots of helpful links.

17. Doggie Bungalow

Dog House Bungalow Plans

This incredibly smart doggie bungalow has a large porch, a generous doorway for easy in and out, and a trendy sloping roof design.

The plans for this design consist of 12 pages that provide you with component drawings, bills of material, assembly drawings, and a materials list.

The bungalow is ideal for small to medium-sized pups, but larger dogs might find the kennel too small, so double-check the dimensions before ordering.

18. Double Dog Shelter


This neat dog shelter design accommodates two dogs on raised dog beds. The open-fronted design makes access easy and provides plenty of ventilation for your pet’s comfort.

For this medium-skill level project, you’ll need some basic measuring tools, including a sander, hand saw, drills, and a grinder with a cutting disc for the corrugated iron roof.

The download includes professionally drafted workshop drawings, a 16-page PDF drawing set, a material list, 3D views, assembly instructions, and some painting and jointing notes.

19. Dog House With Porch

Dog House With Porch

This stylish outdoor dog kennel layout comes with all the instructions and plans you’ll need to construct the perfect home for your pampered pooch.

You get a full materials list and detailed plans for this simple DIY project. However, the supplier is always on hand to provide you with all the advice and help you need to successfully complete this project.

Top Tips For Building A Dog Kennel

Here are a few of our top tips for building a kennel for your furry friend.


Dog kennels can be constructed from:

  • Chain link
  • Wood
  • Steel wire
  • Metal

The material you choose for your dog kennel will depend on what you want the kennel for and where you’re going to put it.

Weather Resistance

If you’re building an outdoor kennel, you need to ensure that the building offers shade and shelter for your Dog. The kennel must be cool in the summer, whereas in the wintertime, you need the structure to be warm and weatherproof.


Outdoor kennels must be “digger proofed” so that a determined escape artist can’t burrow his way out of containment. To do that, you’ll need to choose a kennel design that has an edge, preventing the Dog from digging his way under the kennel walls and escaping.

What Size Kennel?

upscaled dog house kennel

The kennel you build must be the correct size for your canine companion. To work out the right fit for your Dog, you should use the following formula:

Length = Dog’s length from tail tip to nose + Dog’s height from paw to elbow

Width = Measurement between the dog’s shoulders + 3cm x 2

Height = Height of Dog from the tip of his ears or the top of his head to the floor + 7cm 

As an absolute minimum, your Dog should have ample room to stand up, turn around, sit down, and lay flat out inside his kennel.

Where To Put An Outdoor Kennel

Choosing the right location for an outdoor kennel is vital for your Dog’s comfort and safety.

Avoid Trees

You might think that overhanging trees can provide welcome shade for your Dog in summer. However, fallen leaves need sweeping up, and falling branches can be dangerous for your pet.

Prevailing Weather Conditions

When choosing where to put your kennel, you need to bear in mind the weather conditions in your region.

If you live in an area where the wind is a problem, make sure that you site the kennel in a sheltered spot where the wind won’t blow right into the front of the kennel. The last thing you want is for your poor pet to be assaulted by dust and rain blowing right inside his cozy den!

You need to ensure that the kennel is firmly anchored on robust foundations so that the wind doesn’t blow it over. 

In a hot climate, the sun and its strong UV rays are dangerous if your Dog can’t get into some shade when he needs to. Set the kennel somewhere shady or, ideally, where the sun doesn’t shine right into the kennel.

A High Place

Outdoor Dog Kennel made of wood

Please don’t put the kennel at the bottom of sloping ground where it could flood after a rain storm.

You also want to choose a flat spot so that your Dog isn’t sleeping on a slope and the kennel is stable.

Right Outside Your Back Door?

Some people like to put their Dog’s kennel right outside their home. That makes feeding and watering your Dog much more convenient, and you’ll have better access to electrical and plumbing connections if you need them.

However, barking, flies, and a doggie smell can be problem.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our article on dog kennel building plans? If you did, please remember to share it.

A dog kennel provides a cozy den for your Dog, where he can take refuge when he wants to sleep or enjoy some alone time. But kennels can be expensive to buy, so building your own is a more cost-effective option. A DIY kennel also gives you the freedom to customize the dog house for your Dog’s needs.

Did you build your Dog’s kennel? If you did, tell us about your project in the comments box below.

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