Can You Find the Golden Puppy at the Easter Egg Hunt?

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Eggs-cellent perception

If you have eggs-cellent perception and enjoy a good Easter Egg hunt, then we have a fun picture challenge for you and your pack! Can you sniff out the solution to this tricky brain teasing puzzle?

Forget the Golden Egg; Find the Golden Puppy!

The neighborhood dogs have gathered for an Easter Egg hunt at the local park. But in all the chaos, the Golden Retriever Puppy has gone missing! Can you spy the Golden puppy cavorting in the pack below?

Puppy Puzzle

This isn’t an easy one to solve, so if you’re having problems I’ll give you a hint:

The Golden retriever puppy...

likes to sit next to a …

Basset Hound!


If you still can’t find the wiley puppy, try focusing on the upper left section of the picture. Look behind and to the right of the German Shepherd, and directly to the left of the Basset Hound. There’s that little blonde puppy waiting for a treat!

Puppy Puzzle Answer

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