31 Indoor Dog Kennel Ideas Your Puppies Will Love

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Your dog’s indoor kennel doesn’t have to be ugly! There are plenty of inside dog kennel ideas that you can use to pretty up your dog’s den while keeping it practical.

But what DIY indoor dog kennel ideas can translate into sizeable indoor dog kennels? And what cheap indoor dog kennel ideas can work well?

Read this listicle to discover 31 indoor dog kennel ideas both you and your pup will love!

31 Indoor Dog Kennel Ideas Your Pup Will Love!

In this part of our guide, you’ll discover our favorite 31 indoor kennel ideas that we think you’ll love!

1. Understair Kennel

Understair Kennel

If you have space underneath your stairs, why not convert that unused area into a spacious, cozy dog kennel?

2. Home Office Kennel 

Home Office Kennel

This neat idea for an indoor dog kennel definitely saves you lots of space in your home office. The soft green color scheme can be calming for our pets, too.

3. Boarding Kennel Style

Dogs Awaiting Adoption

This wire mesh kennel arrangement is perfect for a multidog business, professional breeder, or boarding kennel business.

4. Frisco Broadway Dog Crate

Frisco Broadway Dog Crate Credenza Mat Kit

This smart, modern dog kennel design from Frisco with its farmhouse dog kennel top looks great in any home living room.

5. Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza

Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza

Although it’s not cheap, this premium dog kennel adds style and chic to your home and provides a functional tabletop.

6. Zampa Pop-Up Dog Playpen

Zampa Dog Playpen

This pop-up is not a typical dog kennel but can provide an excellent alternative, especially for puppies and dogs that refuse to be confined to an actual kennel.

7. Portable Dog Playpen

TASDISE Portable Dog playpen

Here’s another portable dog playpen that folds down for easy portability and storage. This design is perfect for a young puppy or a dog that doesn’t like a traditional crate.

8. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate

The Diggs Revol dog crate is a well-made, robust wire mesh dog crate that can double as a travel crate. The crate folds down for easy storage and portability and comes in a range of four different sizes and colors.

9. Ornate Wooden Dog Kennel

Ornate Wooden Dog Kennel

This gorgeous rustic dog kennel makes a well-ventilated home for your pet, as well as being an attractive addition to your home. 

10. Black Modern Dog Kennel

Black Modern Dog Kennel

This kennel is a modern take on a typical dog kennel and looks beautiful in any room in your home.

11. Modern Dog Pen

Modern Dog Pen

If you don’t want to keep your dog confined to a crate while you’re out at work, you might want to invest in this modern dog pen.

Your dog has space to move around and play, making this the ideal choice for your first night with a puppy or senior arthritic pup.

12. Gabled Modern Dog Crate

Gabled Modern Dog Crate

This black dog crate looks like a smart, spacious den where any pup would love to spend his downtime!

13. Large Custom Farmhouse Kennel Topper

Custom Farmhouse Kennel Topper

This beautiful kennel can fit one large dog or two smaller pups with a divider. The kennel doubles as a stylish, functional piece of furniture, and the farmhouse look is available in a range of colors and finishes.

14. Natural and Ivory Hexxon Modern Dog Crate

Hexxon Modern Dog Crate

This modern-style dog crate can blend well with most home decor schemes. The well-ventilated crate is easy to assemble without the need for an extensive tool kit or DIY skills.

15. Angular Wooden Dog Kennel

Angular Wooden Dog Kennel

This awesome wooden dog kennel can slip seamlessly into any home decor scheme and is perfect for a smaller dog.

16. Rustic Dog Kennel

Rustic Dog Kennel

This gorgeous rustic dog kennel comes in several different sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. 

The kennel’s natural wood finish will fit with most contemporary decor schemes. To create a fancy kennel topper, you can choose to have the kennel with or without a bottom.

17. Little House Kennel

Little House Kennel

This light oak dog kennel looks incredibly stylish and fits in most homes. The gable roof style and acrylic glass detail finish the kennel perfectly. You can choose from several different colors and styles, depending on the look you want to create for your home.

18. Pattern Design Dog House

Pattern Design Dog House

This modern indoor use dog cat kennel wood on metal construction crate is beautifully designed with a pretty cutout pattern that looks great and provides excellent ventilation for your pet.

There’s a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from and a choice of different sizes to suit most dog breeds.

19. Rustic Metal and Wood Dog House

Rustic Customized Indoor Dog House

This metal and wood dog house works well as a cat kennel too. Your dog will love the clear view of his surroundings that this well-designed crate offers, and the open design provides superb ventilation too.

20. Double Dog Kennel Furniture

Double Dog Kennel Furniture

This stunning piece of double dog kennel furniture will impress your guests and your pampered pooches!

Use a divider to separate your pets, and use the rustic kennel as extra storage space for light items that can sit on top of this XL double dog kennel furniture.

21. Patterned Wooden Dog Kennel

Patterned Wooden Dog Kennel

If you don’t like this gray kennel, don’t worry, there are plenty of other colors and patterns to choose from!

The kennel is well-built and robust and comes in a range of sizes to suit most dogs. This kennel is built from wood, so if you have a determined chewer, you might need to look elsewhere.

22. Large Dog Kennel With Shelves

Large Dog Kennel With Shelves

Dog kennel furniture should be functional as well as good-looking, and this wooden dog kennel certainly meets that criteria.

This clever design features a small dog kennel area with two spacious shelves above that would be perfect for your novel collection or even your kids’ schoolbooks. 

23. Modern Luxury Dog Crate

Modern Luxury Dog Crate

This indoor dog kennel is perfect for pups that like to watch what’s going on around them. 

Put the kennel in your living room, including a cozy dog bed, and your pup will love his room with a view.

24. Double Kennel With Divider

Double Kennel With Divider

This awesome kennel covers two functions: it works as a double dog crate and makes a gorgeous large tabletop. 

The kennel is plenty big enough for two medium-sized dogs and can be used to hold a variety of small items on top.

25. Farmhouse Style Dog Crate

Farmhouse Style Dog Crate

If you have a large home, this rustic double dog kennel makes the ideal addition to a kitchen or dining room.

The kennel features sliding barn doors and a double row of useful drawers above. The top of the kennel can be used for displaying ornaments, photographs, and more substantial items, such as a small television.

26. White Dog Crate

White Dog Crate

This white dog crate can also double as a cute cat kennel and makes the perfect feature in a kid’s bedroom or lounge area.

The kennel is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and there are several different pattern styles to choose from to suit the look you want to create.

27. Dog Crate Sideboard

Dog Crate Sideboard

Look no further for a beautifully-made dog crate that doubles as a sideboard!

The kennel is available in a huge range of different sizes, and you can choose from single, double, and three-door styles to suit your dog’s preferences.

28. Sliding Door Cupboard and Kennel Combo

Sliding Door Cupboard and Kennel Combo

Although the relatively dark color choice shown in the image might not be to everyone’s taste, fear not! If you love this piece of furniture, you can choose from several different paint finishes and sizes.

The kennel is large enough to accommodate a big dog, and the sliding barn door front makes access easy.

29. Rustic Double Kennel With Divider

Rustic Double Kennel With Divider

This double kennel comes complete with a solid wooden divider panel that you can remove if you have just one large dog.

The furniture has a wide shelf space above the kennel for knick-knacks and a handy top shelf for any additional bits and pieces you want to display.

30. Double Kennel With Fire Feature

Double Kennel With Fire Feature

This double wood kennel is divided by a novelty fake fire feature to give your room a cozy ambiance on cold winter nights.

The sturdy, well-made piece of furniture is available in a range of different stains and sizes to suit the look you want and your dogs’ size.

31. Rustic Custom Dog Kennel

Rustic Custom Dog Kennel

This beautiful double rustic custom dog kennel features an easy-lock door security system to keep your dogs safely contained inside. 

The kennel has an optional removable divider panel, excellent ventilation, and plenty of space above for ornaments, photo frames, and potted plants. Even the largest dog is catered to since this piece of furniture is available in sizes up to 4XXL!

Where To Put Your Indoor Dog Kennel

Your furry friend might want to be right at the heart of things, but you shouldn’t put the kennel slap in the center of your lounge where your poor pup won’t get a minute’s peace!

So, the best place for your dog’s kennel is in a room that’s close to your regular family activity but not right in the way.

Good kennel locations include in your home office, in a corner of your living room or bedroom. However, be aware that if you opt to put your pet’s kennel in your bedroom, he might move around during the night, which could disturb you if you’re a light sleeper.

Rather than in the center of a room, put the crate in an alcove, under your stairs, or up against a wall where it won’t be a trip hazard.

Where Not To Put Your Dog’s Kennel!

There are a few places where you should not put your dog’s kennel.

High-Traffic Areas

Although your dog might want to be the center of attention, as mentioned above, you don’t want your pet’s kennel to be in the way.

Avoid putting the crate in the center of the room, in a high-traffic area, or in a walkway. Your dog won’t enjoy much peace and quiet if he’s constantly being disturbed by people coming and going.

Quiet Zone

Red Oak Dog Kennel

Avoid placing the crate close to your TV or next to a source of loud music that will disturb and stress your dog.

Avoid Poisonous Plants

Many of the most popular houseplants you find in your local garden center are pretty toxic to pets.

Many dogs are destructive and will chew on any plants that they can get their teeth into. Puppies are especially at risk when they’re teething. Eating houseplants not only trashes the look of your interior design but it can also make your dog seriously sick.

So, never put your dog’s kennel in a spot where he can grab a houseplant that’s on the floor near the crate or on a countertop. 

Out On A Limb

Although you don’t want your dog to be hassled and stressed by your family’s comings and goings, you don’t want him to feel alone and isolated either.

Some breeds are prone to separation anxiety, and if you put your furry friend’s crate too far away from the action where he can’t hear or see any of his human family, he will almost certainly become stressed. 

Electric Shock

Some dogs and puppies are chewers, so you need to be sure that your pet can’t get hold of power cords or your cellphone charging cable!

But seriously, the last thing you want is for your curious puppy to bite through a main cable and suffer an electric shock that could potentially kill him.

Too Hot 

Thermometer Sun high Degres.

Dogs generally can’t cope with extremes of hot or cold. So, if you put your dog’s crate right in the way of direct sunlight or next to a heater or fire, you could put your pet in danger of overheating. That’s especially true for dogs such as Siberian Huskies that have thick coats designed to keep them warm.

Although you might think that your dog will enjoy snoozing in front of a blazing fire on a chilly winter afternoon, that could easily cause him to overheat. Also, a stray spark from an open fire might singe your dog’s hair or even set fire to a wooden kennel.

Too Cold

On the other hand, you don’t want your poor pup to be shivering with cold because his kennel is right in the firing line of a howling draught.  

So, don’t put the kennel next to an air conditioning unit, an air vent, or in a place close to a doorway or open window.

Ideally, the temperature in the room should be stable and comfortable for both you and your dog.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our listicle and guide to indoor dog kennels ideas? If you did, please take a moment to share the article!

Indoor dog kennels don’t have to be ugly articles that you don’t want on display in your home. The kennels we’ve featured in our list are all attractive, stylish pieces that will look great in any room in your home.

What kind of indoor dog kennel do you have for your pet? Did you buy a ready-made kennel or take the DIY route and create the kennel from a plan you downloaded?

Tell us in the comments box below!

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