Best Lab Rescues for Adoption in New York

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Labradors are fun-loving, energetic companions amongst the most popular dog breeds in the world. It’s not difficult to find a labrador for adoption in New York, but you have to research to find a reputable adoption center. If you’re tired of searching for “labrador rescue near me” with no success, check out our list of lab rescues in the state of New York. 

Top Lab Rescues For Adoption In New York

We have vetted the following rescue centers, and they take great care of the pets that are with them until someone like you comes along to take these labs and mixes to their new forever home. 

1. Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Mayors Alliance for NYCs Animal

Rescue Details:

Location: (Database of adoption centers throughout New York)

Phone: (212) 252-2350

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is an online network of over 150 rescue groups and shelters that serve the five boroughs and the greater New York City area. 

Various lab dogs are available, from an English labrador retriever rescue to the American lab shelter to the lab mix rescue. The links allow you to check out every center, need their credentials, the dogs they have available, and more. 

What’s beneficial about this setup is that you get to see many options, they provide educational information for adoptive parents to be, and the connections between various agencies and resources are endless. 

2. Get Your Pet

Get Your Pet logo

Rescue Details:

Location: Online Network

Phone: N/A

Email: visit Help Center

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Get Your Pet uses an innovative structure and platform to keep labs and other dogs from out of the shelters allowing pet owners to post their dog that they would like taken into another home due to unforeseen circumstances. 

There are no charges until you adopt your lab. You and the current guardian will agree on a time and place (preferably public) to meet and discuss adoption details while watching your potential dog run around and play. If everyone decides that it is a good fit, the person that wants to adopt a pet will do a follow-up on the website. 

There is an adoption fee for facilitating the process. The fee provides the legal documentation for the pet, one month of pet insurance, discounts on pet supplies, and more. 

3. Rescue Me! (New York)

Rescue Me New York

Rescue Details:

Location: (Online database of rescue centers)

Phone: N/A

Email: (on the website, based on agency)

Social Media: Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Rescue Me! is an online database of rescue centers for cities all over the country. For New York, it’s easy to locate rescue agencies that provide all of their information to check them out and see if you’re interested. Adopters can respond directly to the posted messages on the site. 

The Rescue Me! platform provides pictures, checks all posts for verification purposes, and gives you access to hundreds of labs and lab mixes. Ensure that the rescue shelter is trustworthy by going to their website and reading reviews of people who have adopted them before. You can search any city, and a labrador rescue in Long Island seems to be popular on their platform. 

4. Best Friends in New York

Best Friends in New York

Rescue Details:

Location: 307 West Broadway New York City, NY, 10013

Phone: 929-292-8300

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Best Friends in New York is a non-profit organization that takes in homeless animals. If you want to adopt a puppy or a dog, search for available dogs, and you can find all different breeds, some ready for adoption the same day!

Certain areas may already have a lot of pre-approved applicants, but the site advises you to apply for a different dog if you don’t get an answer to your initial application. If approved, a representative will schedule a virtual meet-and-greet on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be ready to take your lab home within three days.

5. Bideawee


Rescue Details:

Location: 410 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016

Phone: 866-262-8133

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Bideawee has multiple adoption centers in Westhampton, Wantagh, and Manhattan. You’re welcome to walk in to view the selection of adoptable pets with no appointments currently required. You must also apply beforehand so that the caretakers have a reference point when you arrive, but it doesn’t necessarily hold the pet for you. 

Dogs in foster care will be viewed via a Zoom meeting at their current home to understand their behavior within a home better and if it’s a responsibility you’re willing to take. If so, the adoption center will set up a physical meeting, and you can take the fur baby home the same day. 

6. Muddy Paw Rescue

Muddy Paw Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: (No shelter, but they host events around the city; check the calendar to meet them!)

Phone: N/A

Email: Online form

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Muddy Paws Rescue advocates spaying and neutering pets to decrease animal homelessness and pet overpopulation. 

All pets of age and cleared medically through Muddy Paws Rescue are neutered or spayed. Muddy Paws always has labrador retrievers at their rescue available for adoption and many other breeds also. 

They operate on an open adoption process that removes unnecessary barriers and opens up adoption to disenfranchised and underserved communities. This approach emphasizes conversation between the adopter and the organization, creating trust during all stages of the adoption process. 

7. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Rescue Details:

Location: Gracie Station, New York, NY, 10028

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Rescue Dogs Rock is a private rescue entirely dependent on volunteers and fosters with adoption fees and donations going towards caring for their dogs, including medication rechecks, vet bills, and boarding expenses. 

Access and complete the application online or send an email to receive a copy. The first step in reviewing your application is checking your references and speaking with your landlord, if applicable. 

If your application is approved, they will visit and inspect your home to ensure that it is a good home for one of their puppies or dogs. Both labs and mix labs are plentiful at the facility, so adopting one won’t be a problem. After being notified that you are approved, you’ll have to pay the agreed-upon donation fee.

8. Paws Crossed Animal Rescue

Paws Crossed Animal Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: 100 Warehouse Lane South, Elmsford, NY, 10523

Phone: 914-372-7878

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Paw Crossed Animal Rescue fulfill their duties through rescue, advocacy, rehabilitation, rehoming, education, and collaboration. This organization takes every opportunity to educate its community about animal care and animal welfare. 

All Paw Crossed pets available for adoption, including labs and lab mixes, are either spayed or neutered. All their pets are dewormed, tested for FeLv (cats) or heartworm (dogs), and are up to date on most of their vaccines.

Healthcare is included in the adoption fee of their pets, so adoption fees vary from pet to pet. The fees will reflect the cost of caring for your pet prospect when they were with the rescue. So choose Paw Crossed Animal Rescue to adopt your lab or lab mix and get the process started today.

Rescue Benefits for You

Choosing to adopt over buying a puppy has numerous benefits for your lifestyle and wallet.

  • You’re giving an animal a second chance
  • Can be more mature and are often already be housebroken
  • Much less expensive with costly vet procedures often already done
  • Opening a space at the shelter for a new animal that needs help

Things To Know Before Adopting

Labrador Retriever puppy

Rescues can be high-stress environments, so newly adopted pets will take time to adjust, and they may act differently than they did at the rescue. Patience is important. 

Even after you pay the adoption fees, pets can be expensive. Start saving before you adopt in case emergencies arise.

Cost Of Adopting from Rescues

Adoption fees can range from a few to several hundred dollars depending on the rescue you’re adopting from. 

Other costs include everything you’ll need for when the dog or cat arrives home, like their food, bed, toys, clothes, leash, and collar. You may also need to pay for training classes or additional veterinary services.

Getting Your Application Approved

Adoption applications help the rescue match the best pet to the best family and ensure every animal will be well cared for. To speed up the process: 

  • Be honest and detailed in your answers
  • Speak to your landlord before you apply
  • Ask questions

(New) Pet Owner Tips

  • If you’re having problems, reach out to the rescue – they have experience
  • Be patient and consistent with the rules
  • Positive dog training classes can help prevent problems before they start
  • Take time off if you can when you first adopt to give your new pet time to adjust

What to Know Before Adopting a Lab

Before adopting a new labrador or lab mix, you have to consider whether or not they will be a good fit for your family and your home in general.

Labrador Retrievers Need Time 

Labs will thrive in environments where socialization and companionship are plentiful. Keep them engaged and entertained as much as possible. Leaving this breed for an extended period could result in the development of separation anxiety.

Will You Have Space? 

Labs can range from medium to large-sized dogs. They are inherently energetic; if you have lots of room in your home and plenty of yard space, you won’t have anything to worry about. If you live in a small living space such as an apartment, you’ll need to walk your dog at least twice daily.

Puppies Can Be Destructive

Lab puppies can be menaces when ruining items such as shoes, carpets, and anything else that they can bite. Train them from an early age to discourage these behaviors.

Labrador Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Man training a guide dog

Labradors are an intelligent breed of dog, and they have an innate desire to please their caretakers, which allows them to be very amenable to training. If you can put the necessary time in with your lab, you’ll be able to teach them just about anything you want.

Don’t Over Bathe

You may be surprised to hear that labs have two coats. This gives them insulation against the cold, makes them strong swimmers, and keeps them cool in the summer. 

Due to the natural oils in their coat, you can over bathe them. If you wash them too often, this will lead to flaking, dry and itchy skin. They also have particular grooming needs.


Be sure that you’re ready to commit to a lab for their entire life. Many of these dogs have already been in unfortunate situations before they arrive in your home, so you must be prepared to care for them and meet all their needs.

Moreover, you may also check our lists of other rescue centers that you can try:

Leave us comments or suggestions you may have for awesome adoption agencies in this area. We look forward to reading your thoughts!

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