17 Cute Labradoodle Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Labradoodles need regular grooming to keep their coat appearance tidy and the fur in good condition and free from mats. Part of that grooming regimen is your dog’s clip.

There are lots of Labradoodle hairstyle options to choose from, depending on your pet’s coat attributes and the way you want your dog to look. For example, you might love the adorable Teddy Bear haircut, or perhaps the Lamb cut, or how about the outrageous Mohawk “do?”

Read this guide to discover 17 cute Labradoodle haircut styles that could really make your furry friend stand out from the crowd! 

Cute Labradoodle Haircut Ideas

Now, it’s time to check out this list of our favorite cute Labradoodle haircuts.

Whether you want a cute, curly haircut for your dog or something more practical for an active dog that likes to swim and play in the mud, you’re bound to find a Labradoodle haircut in our list that appeals to you. 

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Labradoodle

The Teddy Bear cut is the most popular Labradoodle hairstyle and is the basic haircut that lots of Labradoodle parents choose.

The Teddy Bear cut is basically a ½ inch or ¾ inch clip all over the dog’s body. If you choose a short clip, it will last longer and is more practical if your dog enjoys swimming or running through undergrowth. Also, the shorter the cut, the less laborious it is to brush.

This style of haircut includes a clipped, non-feathered tail cut, a round feet trim, and a face and ear trim. 

This short, practical hairstyle is ideal for preventing matting and can help to save daily brushing time for a busy pet parent.

2. Summer Cut

Summer Cut
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

The Summer cut is essentially a shave, where the dog’s coat is pretty much completely shaved off all over, leaving just ½ inch or less, including the dog’s ear hair. This style of clip is ideal for dogs that suffer from severe tangles and matting.

Short hairstyle options are often chosen at the start of the summer months when the weather starts to heat up, and the dog is more susceptible to overheating. Pet parents usually allow the coat to grow out over the summer so that the fur is long and thick by the time the cooler weather arrives.

3. Do It Yourself Summer Cut

The DIY Summer cut is basically the same as a regular Summer cut, except that you do the job yourself at home. 

Ideally, you need a special table that the dog can stand on while you clip him and a good quality set of clippers. The benefit of DIY haircuts is that you can save a fortune in groomer’s fees and clip your pet when it suits you.

Again, this is a hot weather haircut that you need to do only when the warmer weather arrives. Also, if you have a Labradoodle with a high activity level, a short summer cut can be the best choice of clip for your pet.

To maintain this cut, you need to brush it every couple of days or more frequently if you decide to leave the coat longer. 

4. Puppy Haircut

Puppy Haircut scaled e1643280779742
Image Source: thegroomersspotlight.com

The Puppy Cut is another very popular choice of Labradoodle hairstyle that looks very similar to the Teddy Bear cut. Although it’s described as a Puppy haircut, this style is also very suitable for an adult coat.

This haircut is a short ½ inch or ¾ inch all-over clip. This style of hairdo includes a round feet trim, a face and ear trim, and a clipped feathered tail cut. When it comes to coat care, you need to brush your dog every day.  

5. Mohawk

Labradoodle Mohawk
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

If you want a fun, eye-catching haircut for your Labradoodle, take a look at the Mohawk!

The Mohawk sees the dog’s body clipped to just 1 inch in length all over. The head hair is left 2 to 4 inches in length. You can also go for a more dramatic look by leaving the long hair to extend right down the length of the dog’s back to his tail.

To really turn heads at the dog park, why not dye your Labradoodle’s Mohawk with pet-friendly hair coloring?

6. Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut e1643281202215
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The Kennel cut is the shortest and most basic of all the Labradoodle clips.

If you have a dog that’s very active and loves to get mucky every time you take him out for a run, this is probably the best choice of clip for you. Basically, the Kennel cut is an all-over clip where all but 1 inch of the hair is removed. That makes grooming and bathing your dog quick and easy.

7. Lamb Cut

Beautiful pet labradoodle at hair cutting procedure

The Lamb cut is another extremely popular Labradoodle hairstyle. 

The dog’s body fur is shaved longer than it is in the Puppy cut, according to the Doodle owner’s preference. The dog’s legs are left long and fluffy and are neatly scissor-blended into the body cut. The Doodle’s feet are cut either beveled or round.

8. Lion Cut

Lion Cut
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The Lion cut is designed to give your dog the look of a lion – wow!

The back half of the dog’s hair is shaved to around ¼ inch in length, while the face is only lightly trimmed to create a lion’s mane effect. The hair on the dog’s tail, feet, and chest are also left on.

Labradoodle Hairstyle Ideas

Here are a few more Labradoodle hairstyle ideas for you to consider next time you take your furry friend to the professional groomers.

9. Short Cuts

Short Cuts

Just like both their Poodle parent and retriever parent, Labradoodles are active dogs that enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle. 

These pups are born swimmers and love nothing more than to dive into a muddy pond or lake. Follow that with a few hours romping along trails and chasing squirrels through the undergrowth, and you quickly have a stinky, filthy dog!

So, a short haircut that’s quick and easy to keep clean is just what you need for these dirty dogs!

10. Long Hair Cuts

Long Hair Cuts
Image Source: www.aladdinlabradoodles.com

If your Labradoodle enjoys a more sedentary lifestyle, you might want to keep his hair long. Many pet parents with hair-coated Labradoodles like to keep their dog’s hair longer, as that gives a more natural look.

11. Wavy Hair Cuts

Wavy Hair Cuts

There are plenty of hairstyles that suit Labradoodles with wavy coats. In fact, many owners like to keep their pup’s fur a little longer so that they can enjoy the feel of the soft, fluffy hair and the cute look it brings.

12. Curly Hair Cuts

Curly Hair Cuts scaled e1643287851907

Curly coats are super-cute! 

If you have a Labradoodle with a curly coat, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a suitable hairstyle for your pet. 

Lots of owners prefer to leave their dog’s curls along, resulting in a gorgeous crop of ringlets from head to tail. Of course, we advise taking professional groomer advice, as curly coats do need lots of regular brushing to keep them tangle-free and looking tidy.

Tail Styles

A beautifully coiffured tail provides the ultimate tail-wagging, finishing touch to every Labradoodle clip. Here are the two most popular choices of tail trim that you might want to try.

13. Flag Tail

Flag Tail
Image Source: www.southerncharmlabradoodles.com

Flag tails look great on dogs that have long, wavy hair.

The tail is trimmed so that it looks like a waving pennant with the hair long close to the base and shortest at the tip. When clipped correctly, the dog’s tail shouldn’t drag on the ground as the pup walks.

14. Plume Tail

Plume Tail e1643289414605
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Plume tails look good on Labradoodles with straight or wavy coats. Basically, the hair is left to grow naturally from the base of the tail to the tip and is combed out so that it looks like a plume.

If you choose this kind of tail cut, you’ll need to comb it thoroughly every day to ensure that the hair doesn’t get tangled.

Face Styles

Every Labradoodle suits a different haircut, just like people! The right choice of face style can really emphasize your pet’s good looks, so always ask your professional groomer what face cut will suit your dog’s head shape.

15. TopKnot (TK)

The TopKnot is a super-cute hairstyle that looks great on Labradoodles with long hairstyles.

The hair on the top of the head is left to grow longer than that on the rest of the pup’s face and is carefully blended with the body clip. This kind of hairstyle generally suits Labradoodles that have curly or wavy coats, effectively forming a kind of doggy afro!

16. Clean Face

Clean Face haircut e1643291469343
Image Source: www.dreamydoodles.com

If your Labradoodle has a very pretty head, the Clean Face will suit him extremely well. Also, this face trim can be used with most other styles of body clip. 

The whole face is shaved clean around the eyes and muzzle but the dog’s ears and head are left longer. This kind of trim is perfect for dogs that are messy eaters since it prevents the dreaded “dinner in beard” syndrome that afflicts many Doodles.

17. Mustache And Goatee

Mustache And Goatee

The Mustache and Goatee is a really cute look that many Doodle owners opt for when having their pets clipped.

With this cut, the face is shaved clean, but the beard and mustache are left on. With this cut, you get to enjoy your pet’s good looks while keeping the “furnishings” that are characteristic of this breed.

Different Types of Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle is a mix between the Labrador Retriever, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.

So, a Labradoodle is a mixed dog breed. But did you know that an Australian Labradoodle is a different dog altogether from its American cousin?

What’s An Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid breed that was created by using a purebred Labrador retriever and crossing it with Poodles, Curly Coated Retrievers, English and American Cocker Spaniels, and Irish Water Spaniels.

A Breeding Challenge

Although first created in 1955, the Labradoodle was made popular in the 1980s. Wally Conron was a breeder working for Australian Guide Dog Services. A client needed a sight dog, but he also suffered terribly from pet allergies. Now, the Labrador retriever had long been used as the go-to dog for visually impaired people, but these dogs are not hypoallergenic.

Although every dog sheds dander, which causes allergies in sensitive people, Poodles shed much less than other breeds. So, Conron came up with the idea to cross a Labrador with a Poodle and thus created the first modern Labradoodle. 

Australian Labradoodle Vs. American Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle sitting on the carpet

Despite their name, Australian Labradoodles are not necessarily born “down under!” In fact, there are lots of differences between both these Doodle breeds.

Like other Doodle crossbreeds, Labradoodles have one pure Labrador parent and one pure Poodle parent. These dogs are referred to as first-generation or F1 Labradoodles. All American Labradoodles are bred using a blend of Labrador Retriever and Poodle genes.

In contrast, Australian Labradoodles can be made up of a mixture of up to six different breeds, including:

  • Labrador
  • Poodle
  • American Cocker Spaniel
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Curly Coated Retriever

These different dog breeds were blended together to create a pup that had an excellent temperament, as well as a low-shedding coat.

The Australian Labradoodle breed standard was introduced in 1997, and many fans of this breed hope that these dogs will be recognized one day as a breed in their own right. 

Different Coat Types

Labradoodles can be divided into three different categories of coat types. Each puppy’s coat type depends on the blend of genes the pup inherits from both its parents.

Hair Coats

Hair coats are essential straight coats that are closer in appearance to that of the Labrador retriever parent. Generally, a puppy’s hair coat doesn’t usually become obvious until the pup is around 12 weeks of age.

Interestingly, it’s estimated that around 89% of F1 Labradoodles develop a hair coat. That’s bad news for breeders and allergy sufferers who prefer the curlier-coated types that shed less.

The muzzle hair of these dogs will be straight, smooth, and wiry to the touch and lack the fluffy Teddy Bear appearance that makes Labradoodles so popular. Hair coats are typically easier to maintain than the other two coat types since they don’t mat as readily.

Fleece Coats

Fleece coats are often called “shaggy” Labradoodles and are the most common and popular version of the breed. 

The Labradoodle fleece coat is pretty easy to maintain since they are usually low-shedding. So, you generally need to spend time brushing out this kind of coat type once or twice a week.

These furry coats are very soft to the touch, and the hair around the dog’s eyes and face is often quite coarse.

Wool Coats

Grey labradoodle against grey background

Labradoodles with wool coats are often called “curly” Labradoodles. The tightness of the curl depends on the dog’s genetic makeup and can be tight curls or loose waves. However, all wool-coated Labradoodles are generally regarded as light shedders that are suitable for allergy sufferers.

When it comes to grooming, daily brushing is recommended, as wool-coated Labradoodles will quickly develop serious mats and tangles if their coats are not professionally groomed at least every six weeks. However, if you prefer, you can have your dog clipped and choose a short, labor-saving style of haircut. 

A wool coat is usually thick, dense, very soft, fluffy to touch, and looks like that of a lamb. The coat should hang in hollow spirals when groomed properly. However, most owners prefer to keep their dog’s coat shorter to prevent matting and tangles.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our guide to the cutest Labradoodle haircut ideas.

As you can see from our research, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a haircut style for your Labradoodle. Have a chat with your professional groomer to find out what will suit your dog’s looks and lifestyle the best.

What style of hairstyle did you choose for your Labradoodle? Are you a clipping DIYer or do you use a professional groomer for your dog’s hairdo?

Tell us in the comments box below, and please share our guide if you enjoyed it!

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