24 Free DIY Pallet Dog House Plans and Ideas

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Wooden pallets have long been the material used for at-home DIYs. Whether it’s a stylish coffee table or a contemporary bookcase, people have used wooden pallets to elevate their home decor for years now.

However, did you know that you can also make a dog house with wooden pallets? Dog houses can be pretty expensive, so making them at home can save you tons of money!

A pallet house can protect your dog from the elements, and also elevate your backyard! Just choose the plan you’d like & start building!

We really recommend building your own dog house this summer as a fun family project because it doesn’t take a lot of carpentry skills, time, or money.

Pallet Dog House Plans

These are some pallet dog house designs that are pretty easy to do and don’t require tons of materials.

If you’d like to make a dog house, but don’t have pallets, check out these unique dog house plans for some other ideas!

1. Pallet Dog House- Step by Step Plan

Pallet Dog House
Image Source

This adorable design features a slanted roof to prevent snow build-up, an extended porch that is perfect for summer days, and an elevated platform for ventilation. Plus, this beautiful dog house has step-by-step assembly instructions, so you can follow along easily at home!

We love the veranda because of the extended roof, elevated porch, and tiny banister along the side! This is an adorable addition that will look fantastic in your backyard.

2. Upcycled Pallet Dog House

Upcycled Pallet Dog House
Image Source

If you’re looking for a minimalist design that will look sleek in a modern yard, this is the doghouse for you. This plan is made of upcycled pallet wood, as well as sheets of pressure-treated plywood. 

The key step in this design is adding a dark stain, which elevates the look and makes the house look much more modern. However, one drawback of this design is the very large entryway, which could get drafty in the winter months. 

3. DIY Cedar Doghouse

DIY Cedar Doghouse
Image Source

This beautiful dog shelter has a great natural look, due to the simple wood stain. This design calls for cedar wood, and it has a resilient metal roof. If you are planning on using a pallet, you can just cut the many vertical pieces of the pallet to serve as the plywood planks.

You could also use a full pallet for the sheathing to give it a really pretty hardwood look. However, this would cause rain to leak through and this animal shelter wouldn’t be safe in the winters for your furry friend.

4. Pallet Doghouse

Pallet Doghouse
Image Source

This is a great option if you only want to use pallets & you don’t want to purchase any supplemental wood. All you have to do is remove the individual planks from the pallet, and screw them together or adhere them using wood glue. 

The process is much easier if you have a pallet breaker because it could get tedious breaking apart each one with a crowbar. 

5. Insulated Pallet Dog House

This is another design that is made almost completely with wooden pallets. What’s unique about this plan is the color; you have to take a blowtorch and singe the wood first, which gives it a rich brown color.
Another unique aspect of this beautiful pallet wood creation is the insulation. You can staple reflective insulator sheets to the inside of the house. This will reflect heat in the summer & trap heat in the winter so that your canine friend is comfortable year round.

Plus, this house is huge, so it has ample space for dogs to rest & relax inside. 

6. DIY Pallet House Tutorial

DIY Pallet House Tutorial
Learn More

This easy-to-understand tutorial will help you create your very own spacious dog house & shed. It is made with the removed planks from a pallet of wood that are all screwed together with wood screws.

This adorable doghouse also has a smaller “shed” that you can use to store dog food, toys, a leash, or medical supplies. This is a great option if you have plenty of space in your garden & want to fill it up with a large doghouse. 

7. Step-by-Step Tutorial for a Pallet Wood House

Pallet Wood House
Learn More

If you find it hard to follow along with an article, I recommend this plan because it also has an easy-to-understand video. For this design, the horizontal boards of the pallets are removed & placed flush with each other to make the walls & floor.

This model has a sloped roof that is perfect for cold weather. This roof is also hinged, so you can easily reach in and clean the inside of the house if you need to.

8. Creative Wooden Pallet House

This is a really easy design for more experienced woodworkers. It is made of individual planks from the pallet & it has a veranda roof & a porch. 

It also has a very unique food bowl holder, which will make your furry friend feel right at home!

9. Recycled Pallet Dog House

If you’re looking for a bed with a classic look, then look no further! This plan has a classic A-Frame sturdy roof with wooden shingles. 

The shingled roof is great for harsh weather, but you could also line it with asphalt. An asphalt roof is water-resistant and will prevent the wood from rotting.

The video instructions are super easy to follow as well, so this plan is perfect for woodworking novices.

10. Metal & Wood Dog House

Metal Wood Dog House
Image Source

This is a really interesting design thanks to the addition of both metal and wood elements. You begin by making the basic frame with wooden pallets. Then, you reinforce the edges with strips of metal.

This also protects the wood from splintering and metal damage. The metal roof of the dog house is made of corrugated metal; rain will slide right off this tilted metal roof & it will be hard for snow to collect on the grooves.

11. Rustic Pallet Doghouse

Rustic Pallet Doghouse
Image Source

This beautiful doghouse plan is made with full pallets. You don’t have to dismantle them as much for this plan; all you have to do is use one pallet for the floor, and 4 other ones for the walls. 

You also need a mini fence around the veranda to complete the porch look. This is a great option if you have tons of outdoor space & want to make a backyard relaxation station for your pup. Your dog will adore mid-day naps on the covered porch of this wooden kennel. 

12. 100% Recycled Dog House

If you want to do your bit to help save the environment, we recommend this outdoor dog kennel which is made of 100% garbage. The plywood planks are taken from upcycled pallets; even the nails were reused from the pallets!

This is a very hands-on construction process & is better suited for seasoned builders. 

13. Recycled Pallet Dog House

Recycled Pallet Dog House
Image Source

This is a very simple pallet dog house that is suitable for a larger dog breed. It has a sloped roof to prevent weather damage, and this roof is also hinged for easy access.

The copper finish gives this beautiful dog kennel a rustic finish that will look great on your lawn. 

14. Chevron Roof Doghouse

Chevron Roof Doghouse
Image Source

This outdoor dog kennel has a pretty unique roof design. The roof is made with individual planks from the pallet that have been drilled in to overlap. From the front, this creates a chevron effect that is left exposed. 

This is a very bohemian look that we love; if you can appreciate the style of exposed wood paneling & natural wood stains, then you will probably love this outdoor kennel.

15. DIY Design Wooden Dog Kennel

This is a huge box-shaped dog kennel made of wood pallets. What’s interesting about this plan is that it can fit 2 dogs side by side. The kennel is divided down the middle; so, this is the perfect option if you have 2 pups that love to spend time together but love their personal space even more.

Also, this kennel is on wheels so it’s super easy to transport. 

16. Fun Wooden Dog House Design

This is another huge wooden kennel plan. This one is also on wheels, but it has a metal corrugated roof. It also has a detachable porch area. This is fantastic if you want a modular design where you can change the layout to your preference. 

17. Comfortable Pallet Dog House

Comfortable Pallet Dog House
Image Source

This is a very easy dog house to make. However, the aesthetics of this dog house is elevated with the accent black floor, black trim, & painted red roof. So, you can make this a whole family affair! Ask your kids to help out with painting the house their favorite color. 

18. Doghouse with pallet wood

Doghouse with pallet wood
Image Source

This is a super easy dog house that has a charming unfinished look. It’s a great outdoor kennel to build with your family because the instructions are very easy. The foundation is one solid pallet, and the floor is created by adding a few extra planks.

This comfortable kennel is suitable for smaller dogs as a spot to rest in throughout the day.

19. Luxury Pallet Dog House

Luxury Pallet Kennel
Image Source

This design is out-of-this-world! If you want a unique, beautiful dog kennel, then this is the perfect option for you.

The frame is made of wood pieces and painted black for a futuristic look. There is also a large window covered in acrylic so that your dog can admire the snow while safe inside.

The roof is also covered with a waterproof material that makes this pet house safe during extreme weather conditions.

20. Dog House Made of Pallets

If you have a ton of pallets lying around your house, we recommend this plan. This wooden dog kennel is really easy to make, so you just need basic woodworking skills. The roof is made of wooden boards with pallets layered on top.

There’s also plenty of space on the doggie porch, so your dog can enjoy the view while staying covered from the rain. We really love the tiny flower box on the side, which you can fill with plants (that your dog will probably dig up immediately!).

Pallet Dog House Ideas

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try out your own plan, then you might find inspiration in these unique dog house ideas. If you want to venture out with other materials, try these dog house ideas!

21. Circular Windows Doghouse

Circular Windows Doghouse

This is a super unique design that could work for dogs or cats. Essentially, you cut out small circles as windows & doors throughout the house. We recommend larger holes for dogs, though, as the circles are pretty small.

The roof is covered with asphalt and supported by 2 small beams. This looks great as an indoor kennel as well.

22. Extended Deck Doghouse

Extended Deck Doghouse
Image Source

This deck has a pretty unique design because the floor extends out with no cover. This makes a sundeck, which is great in the summer. This comfortable kennel also has an A-frame roof, which is great for the rain.

You could make all of the sides with panels from wooden pallets, which will look very rustic if covered with a dark wood stain. 

23. Double Dog House

Double Dog House
Image Source

If you have 2 dogs that are from the same litter or are really close friends, this is an adorable option. It’s a huge doghouse with 2 sides; each dog gets their own side. You can hang a little initial out front, or paint the 2 sides differently.

A great roofing idea is to use corrugated metal and paint it white; this will reflect excess heat. 

24. Box-Style Dog House 

Box Style Dog House
Image Source

If you don’t have a ton of space in your backyard, then you can try this compact box-style dog house. This serves as a space for your dog to get out of the sun for a few hours in the summer, but it isn’t large enough for a permanent dog house. 


We hope you found this list useful! Building a dog house with pallets is a great way to save money and provide some fashionable shelter for your pup.

If you have some more dog house ideas that you can make with pallets, please leave a comment down below. Share this list with other pet parents who love to DIY dog projects!

Thanks for reading!

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