19 Cute, Cool, Charming Pink Dog Crate Ideas

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If you have a cute, cool, and charming canine companion that you love to the moon and back, you want him or her to have a dog crate to match, right?

Well, as you’ll know, if you shopped for a T-shirt for your pet recently, pink is where it’s at right now in the doggy fashion stakes. But there are so many dog crates to choose from; we thought we’d save you some legwork by narrowing down your search with our favorites.

Read on to find the ideal pink dog crate for your beloved furry friend!

Top Pink Dog Crate Ideas: Cute, Cool, and Adorable Designs

Check out these gorgeous dog crate ideas for the pet parent who wants to add a pink punch of color to their dog’s life!

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1. Pretty Pink Dog Crate Cover

Pretty Pink Dog Crate Cover

This adorable pretty pink dog crate cover is designed for use with metal dog crates, turning your pet’s crate into a cozy, cute home that looks perfect in a kid’s bedroom.

The crate cover comes in a range of sizes and is machine washable at low temperatures. These beautiful crate covers make the perfect gift for junior dog owners and are handmade with love in the USA.

Please note that the cute prints and materials used to create these adorable pink dog crate covers are not chew-proof, so they’re not suitable for use with very young puppies. However, if your existing crate has a convenient divider panel, you can still use that with the cover in place.

2. Pink Bartsch Collapsible Dual-Sided Pet Crate

Pink Bartsch Collapsible Dual-Sided Pet Crate

This beautiful soft-sided collapsible dog crate is made with dual-sided zippers that open to provide ample space for your pet. The crate has a durable outer shell for convenient machine wash & dry, and the mesh front offers excellent ventilation and a panoramic view for your dog.

For easy portability, the crate features a carrying handle and incorporates a leash holder too.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Single & Double Door Life Stages Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

The MidWest Homes for Pets pink collapsible wire crate features a single door with a heavy-duty slide-bolt latch to keep your dog securely inside. There’s a removable divider panel so that you can expand the crate as your puppy grows. 

The portable dog crate can be set up in seconds without the need for additional tools, folds flat for excellent portability, and comes with roller feet to protect your flooring.

4. KOPEKS Detachable Wheel Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

KOPEKS Detachable Wheel Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

Kopeks Detachable Wheel Pet Carrier is perfect for you if you want to take a small dog with you wherever you go.

This travel dog crate is fitted with a shoulder strap, telescoping handle, and a carrying handle, offering you three convenient ways to transport your furry friend. 

The sturdy Oxford fabric has four ventilation panels for comfort and visibility, and there’s a large storage pocket for treats and water. The vibrant color is certainly eyecatching!

5. Mile High Life | Portable Cat Dog Crate

Mile High Life Portable Cat Dog Crate

Mile High Life produces this beautiful crate in lots of vibrant colors, including this delightful pink shade. 

The lightweight crate is suitable for small dogs and cats and can be folded down for easy transportation, making this the perfect choice for camping trips and overnight stays with friends. The fabric used to make the crate is breathable, and the tent-like interior is ideal for a pet that likes to stretch his legs. You can remove the top cover as required, depending on the weather and for indoor use. The seams are reinforced to give the crate stability.

For the lowest price and a review breakdown by star rating, check out the Amazon business website via the link.

Other Pink Dog Crate Ideas

6. Pink Fendley Pet Crate

Pink Fendley Pet Crate

If you want something a little bit different, this funky, pink trailer-style travel crate is perfect! You can use the crate for traveling with your pet or for crate training, potty training and the like, and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This crate is suitable for small or medium-sized dogs up to 25 pounds. The moisture-resistant crate is made from high-quality fiberglass, so it’s robust, sturdy, easy to clean, and should last you a lifetime.

7. HIPPIH Small Dog Car Seat

HIPPIH Small Dog Car Seat

If you love to take your dog with you on road trips, you need this comfortable safety car seat for your pup!

Seats can make a good alternative to crates for pups that travel. The seat is specially designed to remain safely in situ without slipping around and is perfect for transporting small dogs and cats. The seat has a large pocket to take essentials for your journey, and it’s easy to clean, too.

8. KindTail Pawd Collapsible Dog & Cat Crate

KindTail Pawd Collapsible Dog & Cat Crate

This modern pink dog crate is stunningly designed to compliment your home décor scheme. The pretty patterned openings on each side of the crate provide ample ventilation for your pet, as well as give him a panoramic view of his surroundings.

The crate is fully collapsible for easy storage when not in use, making the crate ideal for a small home. The door remains open so that your dog can get in and out of the crate when he wants to, and the integral carrying handle gives you excellent, hassle-free portability.

9. Petmate Two Door Pet Kennel

Petmate Two Door Pet Kennel

Petmate is a world-renowned manufacturer of highly-rated, well-priced products, including crates, pens, and kennels for dogs and cats.

This size crate is ideal for transporting small dogs. In fact, this reliable dog crate meets most airline specifications for cargo. The crate is extremely well-ventilated and has a comfort-grip handle to save your hand when transporting your dog in the crate. You can easily load your pet through the front or top doors, and accessing your furry friend is quick and hassle-free, too.

10. Richell Pink/Brown Foldable Pet Carrier

Richell Pink Brown Foldable Pet Carrier

Richell’s Foldable Pet Carrier is ideal for use as a training aid and for transporting your small dog or cat. 

The carrier is collapsible, so it’s easy and convenient to store when not in use and to tote around with you. You can open the front door of the crate to the left or right, making it easy to fit the crate anywhere in your home. You can use the carrier in conjunction with a car seatbelt so that your dog is always safe and secure when traveling on a moving vehicle. 

Although it’s designed for small dogs and cats, the carrier comes in three different sizes.

11. Staart – Radius Wooden Dog Crate – Chablis Pink

Staart - Radius Wooden Dog Crate - Chablis Pink

This gorgeous crate in cool baby pink can be used as an end table or nightstand. The crate is ideal for a small dog and fits great in a small home or apartment. 

As well as looking great, this elegant crate is designed with rounded edges that offer your pet protection as he gets in and out of his cozy den. Also, there are rubber grippers fitted to keep the crate stable and prevent it from marking your carpet.

The wooden crate is fitted with metal mesh vents for good airflow and all-around visibility for your pet, and the interior is waterproof to protect the wood in case of toileting accidents.

12. Circular Foldable Oxford Cloth

Circular Foldable Oxford Cloth
Image Source: www.accuweather.com

This charming pink collapsible dog crate features eight panels that create a tent-like structure, which is a great alternative to a standard collapsible wire crate. This crate is easy to assemble, folds for easy transport and storage, and can be used as an indoor pen for a dog that prefers a little more freedom.

The crate has a zippered bottom and top, and the bottom is reinforced to prevent your pet from escaping. Mesh inserts provide excellent ventilation, and the zippered door enables your pet to get in and out of the pen easily and safely.

13. Pet Life Enterlude Electronic Heating Dog & Cat Crate

Pet Life Enterlude Electronic Heating Dog & Cat Crate

This crate is actually a pet tent! This excellent quality product is specially designed for small pets and even features an integrated heating system to keep your little dog warm and snug. To warm the tent, simply press a button! For safety and to prevent overheating, the heater automatically shuts off once the tent reaches a certain preset temperature.

This heated pet tent is collapsible for hassle-free portability and easy storage. There’s a zippered front pocket that hides an A/C adapter and screens it from view. This is an excellent option for very small puppies and dogs that are recovering from illness.

14. Guardian Gear Collapsible Crate

Guardian Gear Collapsible Crate
Image Source: www.baxterboo.com

This neat little kennel is the perfect size of crate to accommodate a small dog if you go on a camping trip and you need somewhere for Fido to rest. The crate is very well-ventilated, and the fabric is also water-resistant and easy to clean.

You can assemble and take down the crate without the need for tools, thanks to the integrated wire framework and rigorous product testing process that the manufacturer guarantees.

15. ETOSHOPY Portable Cat Dog Crate

ETOSHOPY Portable Cat Dog Crate
Image Source: www.walmart.com

This super-cute, pretty pink folding dog tent is perfect for a small dog that needs somewhere to shelter from the sun on a warm afternoon. 

The tent is quick and simple to assemble, is waterproof, and folds away for easy storage and portability.

Pink Dog Crates – DIY

Now, here are a few ideas for inexpensive DIY pink dog crates that you might like to try.

16. Dog Crate Cover on Pretty Pink

Alfie Pink Dog Crate Cover

This cute pink dog crate cover simply slips right over a plain, metal dog crate to brighten it up and turn the crate into a cozy place for your dog to take a nap. Although these handmade covers come in several sizes and are machine washable, they’re not sustainable for dogs that chew.

17. Cardboard Dog Crate

Cardboard Dog Crate
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a pricey metal or plastic dog crate, why not create your own, using an upcycled cardboard box and a few other inexpensive household items?

This dog crate can make a good den for a small dog that doesn’t chew but wouldn’t be suitable for a puppy since the cardboard is chewable and the bottom of the box isn’t waterproof, although crate mats can be fitted.

18. Princess Pink Pet Dog Handmade Bed House

Princess Pink Pet Dog Handmade Bed House

If you’re into crafting and needlework, this super-cute, princess-pink dog crate might be a project you’d like to take on.

Choose washable material and tailor the size of the crate to perfectly suit your pet. This crate cover idea is designed with wire dog crates in mind but it would work with a properly sized crate in a different kind of material, too.

19. Custom Crate Colors

Custom Crate Color pink for medium dog
Image Source: www.impactdogcrates.com

If you have some ideas for a dog crate, but you don’t fancy the idea of making it yourself, check out this website!

Impactdogcrates.com creates DIY dog crates in a multitude of colors and designs, so you know that your pampered pooch will have his very own totally unique crate. Whether you want a crate with a divider, a regular crate, or a stackable one, simply shoot the guys at Custom Crate Colors an email to discuss your requirements.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of 19 cute, cool, and charming pink dog crate ideas? If you did, please take a few moments to share it.

Many of these crates are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, some are even airline-approved, and all give you a wonderful pink punch of color! Whether you decide to have a go at making your own crate or you simply order one online, you’re sure to find what you want in this guide.

What pink crate did you choose and why? Tell us in the comments box below.

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