49 Cute Pomeranian Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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We’ve all been captivated by the lovable Pomeranian breed at some point. Their small size is perfect for apartment living, their childlike personality makes them gentle with kids, and they are flat-out cute!

The best part of all is that we can make our Poms look even cuter with a little effort and creativity. Check out these 49 cute Pom haircuts for your inspiration, and be creative with your grooming!

Types of Haircut

Traditional Haircut

Orange pomeranian dog sleeping smile

The traditional pomeranian haircut can be described as a basic, non-complex type of cut. The length of the coat is usually cut so that it falls to about an inch or so above the dog’s fur. The dog’s face, paws, and feet are also often shaved short with this type of cut so as to allow for easier clean-up after accidents outside.

A traditional pomeranian haircut can be perfect for owners who don’t want their dog looking too extravagant but still want them to look nice and neat. It’s also a good option for those who like to make sure their dog is clean and well-groomed on a regular basis.

Two pomeranian spitzes on the meadow scaled e1643713101354

Traditional pomeranian haircuts are usually the least expensive of all types of haircuts as they require little effort from the groomer. However, there can also be a downside to this type of cut as the dog’s fluffy coat may grow out rather quickly. Be sure to brush your dog’s coat several times throughout the day so as to prevent its fur from becoming too long and unkempt.

Lion Hairstyle

Lion Hairstyle e1643720093890
Image Source: www.instagram.com
Lion Style Pom Haircut e1643720346883
Image Source: dog-grooming-orlando.com

Lion Style Pom Haircut can be described as a cut that features an extremely long fur on the dog’s head and legs. Meanwhile, the body hair is kept short to allow for easy clean-up after accidents outside. This type of haircut usually looks best if you would like your pooch to look like a lion.

Lion-style pomeranian haircuts are perfect for owners who don’t mind their dog having short feet and legs but still want long fur on its head and/or legs as well as on its back. This type of cut is also good for those who like their dogs looking more like house pets than show dogs.

Lion style pomeranian haircut
Image Source: blog.groomerisms.com

The downside to this type of haircut is that it usually takes a while for the long fur on the legs and back to grow out, especially if you own a male dog who has very thick and dense leg fur. It might take weeks before the fur on your dog’s legs begins to look normal again.

Teddy Bear Haircut

Teddy Bear Pomeranian
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Be prepared to overdose on cuteness! The teddy bear pomeranian haircut is just that- it makes your dog look like a stuffed toy. This type of cut features fur that’s sheared closely to the dog’s body with longer fur on its neck, chest, and head. The legs are also often kept short in this type of haircut, but not always.

Teddy bear pomeranian haircuts are perfect for city or apartment dwellers who have little space to spare. It’s also a good option for those who want their dogs to look smaller and more compact as this hairstyle features fur that is not as long as some of the other types of haircuts.

Owners who care very deeply about what others might think about their dogs might shy away from this type of haircut as it can sometimes look a little bit silly and childlike. The same thing goes for those who like their dogs to have long legs and longer fur, although you can always opt to not shave your dog’s legs with this hairstyle if you don’t want to.

The Show Cut

The Show Cut
Image Source: www.chron.com

As its name suggests, the show cut is usually done for dog shows and competitions. The fur on the face of your Pomeranian will likely be left longer than that of other types of cuts while the rest of the coat will probably be shorter. The legs can also be left long or short depending on what you prefer.

Pomeranian spitz in show stand

The downside to the show cut is that it’s usually quite expensive due to all the effort that goes into making it look good. It may also take a lot of time for your dog’s double coat to grow out after getting this type of cut done. Your dog will need to spend a lot of time with an expert groomer, so be sure to reward your pup for their patience with a fun play sesh or a dog donut treat!

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut e1643722228723
Image Source: www.instagram.com
Grommed Pomeranian dog sitting on an old suitcase scaled e1643722806727

Meet the newest cut in town- the puppy cut! This type of haircut can be described as a cross between a traditional and a lion-style cut. The fur on your dog’s face will likely look like that of a lion while the rest of its body features short fur like in the traditional pomeranian haircuts.

Puppy cuts are perfect for those who like to keep their dogs looking like cute, fluffy toy pups at all times even if they’re full-grown adults. If you’re tired of the long fur and want your dog to look more cuddly and playful, then this is the type of cut that you should go with as it features a little bit of everything.

Just like with all other types of haircuts, puppy cuts can be rather costly since they require a lot of effort to maintain. Grooming your dog regularly is also essential if you want this type of haircut to look good at all times. A Pomeranian that hasn’t been groomed for weeks might not look as nice or as fluffy as one that has just been groomed.

Foxy Pomeranian

Foxy Pomeranian
Image Source: www.puppyspot.com

A cute and cuddly dog with a furry mane, that’s what a Pomeranian is all about! If you want your dog to look like it just stepped right out of the forest, then this type of haircut is perfect for you. Unlike poodles and Goldendoodles, Pomeranians have straight hair, making them perfect candidates for a fox-inspired look!

In this type of cut, the fur on your dog’s body is left longer than that of other types of cuts, but not as long as in a show cut. The legs are also kept long and covered with fluffy fur. In some cases, even the tail might be covered with longer fur to make it look like a fox’s.

Foxy Haircut Pomeranian e1643723672970
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The main downside to this type of cut is that it can be rather difficult for most people to maintain. You will need a lot of time and patience if you want your dog’s fur to grow out properly after getting this type of haircut done. However, it is well worth the effort!

Paw Cut

Paw Cut

Want a cuddly, fluffy pupper without the hassle of dealing with muddy paws after a walk? Then this cut is the one you need! This type of haircut features fur all over your dog’s body, except for its paws and legs, which are shaved with a #4 blade or shorter.

Paw cuts are perfect for those who like their Pomeranian to look cute and cuddly at all times, but don’t want to deal with regular baths and grooming sessions. The lack of hair on your pom’s legs and paws makes it much easier to clean and maintain.

This cut is perfect for Pomeranian owners living in cold climates where snow and rain can do a lot of damage to their dogs’ fur. Shaving your dog’s legs and paws also prevents ice from sticking to the leg fur, which means that there won’t be any need to remove it with a blow dryer.

Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut e1643771210847
Image Source: pomfavorit.com

Also called the Boo cut after the Pomeranian who inspired the creation of this popular style, the kennel cut is perfect for owners that prefer their dogs to look more natural. This type of haircut involves trimming your pet’s entire body, so that its body fur is shorter than its face and tail. 

This type of cut is perfect for those who like Pomeranian haircuts that preserve the dog’s natural shape, but also want the cute factor of a rounded head. It also requires a lot less effort than other types of cuts since it doesn’t require regular brushing and grooming. The only downside to this type of cut is that the fur on your dog’s legs and paws might grow outwards instead of downwards, which makes them stick out awkwardly.

Mohawk Cut

Mohawk Cut
Image Source: www.jockington.com
Pomeranian Mohawk Cut
Image Source: entirelypomeranian.com

If your Pomeranian has a feisty personality and likes to stand out from the crowd, then this spiky style is perfect for him. In this type of haircut, the fur on the head and guard hairs are left longer than that of other cuts while everything around it is shaved off. The top of your dog’s head will also be covered with long, thick fur.

The mohawk cut is perfect for those who want their Pomeranian to look unique and stylish at all times. The lack of hair not only makes your dog look like an adorable little devil, but also allows it to stay cooler in hot weather. This type of cut is also much easier to maintain than other types of cuts.

Mohawk Haircut Pomeranian
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The main downside to the mohawk cut is that it doesn’t work well with dogs who have a lot of fur around their necks. It will also make your dog look much uglier when its hair starts to grow back in, which might be a problem for those who like their dogs to always look perfectly groomed and stylish.

Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Mary had a little… pom? The lamb cut is one of the cutest and most adorable types of Pomeranian haircuts that will make your dog look like a fluffy little sheep. The hair is kept at an equal length all over your dog’s body, resulting in a coat that looks like your dog is covered in a nice, fluffy blanket.

The lamb cut is perfect for those who want their Pomeranian to look like a little lamb. Depending on the texture of your pom’s fur, the haircut might even look good as it grows out, especially if it’s a double-coated Pomeranian. If you want to keep your dog looking like a lamb year-round, you’ll have to shave off its winter coat and let it grow back naturally during the spring.

lamb haircut pomeranian e1643778314245
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The main downside of this type of cut is that stray hairs may stick out straight from its body instead of lying flat on top of it. This can be prevented with the use of a hair dryer and other heat styling tools, but it’s a problem that might not be worth the effort for many dog owners.


Undercut e1643779115211
Image Source: teacuppomeraniandog.com

The Pomeranian is a beautiful dog breed that’s perfect for people that want a small and stylish pet. This cut features longer fur at the top of the head and on the frizzy tail, while everything else has been shaved off to different lengths.

This type of haircut is ideal for those who want their Pomeranian to look like it just walked out of a cartoon. It doesn’t require much maintenance, but will still make your dog look like he belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Other Hairstyle Ideas

Puff Ball

Pomeranian Dog 4 Years Old

Who doesn’t love a fluffy little pom? The puff ball cut is a type of haircut that makes your dog look even fluffier than it already is, without making it look too silly. There are many different ways you can style the hair on your dog’s head, but most options will leave longer fur around its face and ears.

Pomeranian spitz scaled e1643785253477
Pomeranian dog outdoor

Although this cut is perfect if you want your dog to look like a cute little cloud, it’s not so great for those that prefer their dogs to remain clean and fur-free at all times. You’ll have to wash your pom very regularly and keep it combed and brushed, otherwise, the fluff will be everywhere within seconds.

Long Hair Cuts

Pomeranian dog with long thick tan hair

Many people would argue that the Pomeranian is a dog breed that looks best when its fur is kept long. While we believe that Pomeranians can look great with a variety of different types of haircuts, long-haired Poms are incredibly cute. Most poms have gorgeous, long coats of fur that you can style in a number of different ways to accentuate their natural beauty.

Grayscale Photo of a Pomeranian Sitting

One thing to note is that this type of cut can be messy if it’s not maintained on a regular basis. It requires brushing every day and trimming at least once a week to avoid mats, tangles, and other grooming issues. However, if you have the time and dedication to take care of your dog’s fur, you can reap a lot of benefits from this type of look.

Long Layered

Side view full length picture of long haired pomeranian scaled e1643808695191

This long, layered haircut is similar to a typical long pom haircut except that the fur is styled into layers instead of flowing naturally. The end result is a pom that looks absolutely ethereal. This is one of the easiest long haircuts for Pomeranians, as long as you take the time to master some basic scissoring techniques.

The downside to this type of pom haircut is that it can look slightly unkempt if it’s not brushed regularly. It’s a gorgeous cut that requires minimal maintenance, but will still require some extra care to keep it looking great. The good news is that it’s a very popular cut, so there are plenty of tutorials and pictures online to help pet parents achieve the look.

Slightly Scruffy

Pomeranian Puppy Dog

You know what? Sometimes, a good scruffy hairstyle is exactly what your Pomeranian needs to look its best. If you don’t want your dog to look like it’s been combed for the entire week, but still need it to not look unkempt and messy, this fun style might be ideal for your dog.

This cut is another popular choice for Pomeranians with long, thick coats. It requires a bit of extra grooming and maintenance in the form of brushing and trimming, but it won’t require you to spend hours on your dog’s hair every day.

Short and Sweet

Pomeranian Dogi in Shorts

If you prefer cute little pom haircuts that don’t take a lot of time to style, this is definitely the way to go. Who has time to spend all day in front of a mirror petting their dog’s fur into place? We’ve got better things to do!

Short and Sweet
Image Source: www.laurelspetgrooming.com

This type of haircut is also great for those that need minimal upkeep and maintenance on their dog’s fur. It doesn’t require any special products or daily brushing, so you might find yourself grooming your dog a lot less often with this style.

Unfortunately, it’s not great for those Pomeranians that have extra-thick coats of fur. The groomer needs to use thinning shears to cut the fur at different lengths to give the dog’s coat a thinned appearance. If your dog’s fur is too thick, this cut won’t work because you might end up with the occasional tuft of fur in odd spots.

Curly Haircuts

Curly Haircuts e1643812506154
Image Source: www.instagram.com

What? Pomeranians can have curly hair? You bet they can! Curly-haired Poms are incredibly adorable, and you’ll find that this type of fur is much easier to style than long or short fur. It’s also easy to maintain when it comes to brushing, but the curls require a bit more styling whenever your dog gets dirty or needs a bath.

As long as you have the time and dedication to style your dog’s fur, this is an incredible type of haircut that isn’t just cute but practical for Pomeranians with curly hair. It requires very little upkeep on your part, so you can focus on more important things in life while still looking good 24/7.

Long Chest

Long Chest e1643813276373
Image Source: www.instagram.com

We think this pom looks like a giant snowball on tiny stilts! It’s a cute look that makes your Pomeranian look even cuter than other haircuts. Instead of trimming your pom’s chest hair as you normally would, you can give your pom this fun chest scrunch to really show off its adorable physique.

This long-chest haircut is another simple style that doesn’t require much maintenance or care. You just need to keep the fur on your pom’s legs trimmed short to emphasize the length of its chest. It’s a playful look that will make your Pomeranian look like a wanderer in the wilderness or a snow angel fresh out of winter hibernation mode.

Spiky Hair Tip

Spiky Hair Tip

We think this pom is giving us a little attitude and we actually kind of like it! It’s cute and friendly, but this pom is also ready to stand up against anything that comes its way. This haircut gives your Pomeranian confidence, and we think it looks great on all types of coats.

This style will look amazing on any type of coat, but it’s also great for Pomeranians with really thick hair. It requires nothing more than trimming the fur on your pom’s face and brushing the rest of the fur in place, so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or care. What do you do with all that extra time? You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy taking your Pomeranian for walks around the neighborhood!

Rounded Cut

big fluffy snowball
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

This Pomeranian has an adorable rounded style that we love, and it’s only made cuter with those big eyes blinking at us. It screams “cute” but doesn’t scream too much like some haircuts can (looking at you, Mohawks).

This haircut is not just an adorable style for puppies, but mature dogs as well. Just be sure to brush it out after every bath or if it gets matted. You might need to make frequent trips to the groomer’s to get your pom’s fur shaped up, but it’s worth the effort. Just think of all the cute photos you’ll take of your pom with this sweet style!

Princess Cut

Princess Cut
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Know someone who always wanted a little girl? We’ll this is the perfect haircut for them! This adorable Pomeranian looks almost human with its princess-style haircut, and it’s so sweet that we can’t stop staring.

If you have a Pomeranian with short fur, this style will be easy to maintain. Just keep the fur on the top of its head trimmed short and let everything else grow out. The fur around its face should be left long to create a princess-style, but you can trim it shorter near the back to accentuate your Pomeranian’s neck.


Image Source: www.petpom.com

We know! It’s been a while since we’ve seen this pom, but it still looks exactly the same! This cropped haircut isn’t for everyone, but we love how it looks on this Pomeranian. It gives the dog a tough exterior that’s almost as cute as its mischievous smile.

The reason we call it the “ungroomed” look is because it’s basically left to grow on its own as the fur around the face and body is trimmed shorter. This is a great haircut for Pomeranians with curly or wiry coats because it gives them the freedom to look their best without requiring any extra care.

Oh, did we mention that this style looks great with all coat colors? We think it’s a perfect look for any color Pomeranian, but there really isn’t any wrong way to try out this style. If you’re feeling daring and want to give your pom a cute new look, you should definitely try this one!

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Emma Watson isn’t the only one who’s rocking the pixie cut! This adorable look is simple, fun, and perfect for your Pomeranian. It gives him bonus points in our book because it looks great on male or female Poms.

As cute as this style looks with curly fur, it will look just as cute on a flat-coated Pomeranian. There’s not a lot of work involved in achieving this style, but you should make sure to brush your Pom out after every bath or it will get matted.

Petite Face

Petite Face
Image Source: zbenavidez.wordpress.com

This Pomeranian looks so sweet and innocent, but it’s still holding on to some of its mischievous side. At first glance, we thought we had found the floofiest pom on earth, but a closer inspection reveals that it has minimal hair on its face. What on earth?!!

This juxtaposition between its super cute style and evil grin makes this pom twice as adorable. This haircut doesn’t require a lot of effort, but keeping the fur on your pet’s face cropped so short requires a lot of maintenance. Be prepared to do lots of clipping!

Shades of Blonde

Shades of Blonde e1643817630433
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Remember when you were younger and you coveted your friend’s Barbie doll because it had the perfect style? Well, this Pomeranian is giving us major Barbie vibes with its two-toned blonde hair. We love its light-colored chest and dirty blonde head, but we think the best part of this look is how they look next to each other

There’s no denying that this style is sweet and cute, but it does require a fair amount of maintenance. Make sure to groom your pom regularly to keep its fur looking its best, and you might have to use some heat styling if your pup has curly or wiry fur.

Milk and Coffee

Milk and Coffee e1643817814723
Image Source: www.flickr.com

We’re not entirely sure what to call this style because there are so many layers, but we definitely think it’s on point. We love how fluffy this cut makes the Pomeranian look, but we’re also impressed by its unique color pattern.

This pom is a beautiful mix of brown and white fur that really stands out against its clear background. If you’re trying to give your Pomeranian a new look, this style is definitely worth trying out!

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward e1643818062441
Image Source: www.instagram.com

This Pomeranian looks very put together with its fluffy hair and cute designer jacket. We’re impressed by how healthy its fur looks despite the cold weather, but we think it’s even cuter when it’s sparkling in the sunlight.

If you love winter fashion, this chic style is definitely for you! You can complement your pom’s outfit with a cute hat or bow.

Bare And Simple

Bare And Simple
Image Source: sunshinegirl-sunshine10.blogspot.com

What feels good on a hot, humid day? We’ll tell you what doesn’t – a thick fur coat! If you want to keep your pom happy during the heat of summer, you should definitely try this grooming style.

Of all the Pomeranian hairstyles, this is perhaps one of the simplest to maintain. This simple cut will make grooming an absolute breeze since there are practically no tangles or mats hiding underneath its fur. You might miss your pup’s fluffy appearance, but there’s also be no more wrestling with pin brushes and knots!

Rainbow Pupper

Rainbow Pupper e1643819183567
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Pride month came early this year! We love how this pom has its paws and tail dyed blue, pink, and yellow, and we think its rainbow hair makes it ten times as cute.

There’s nothing like a unique style to make you stand out, and this Pomeranian definitely has that! You can try dying your pom’s paws or tail if you really want to spice up its look.

Tail Styles

Fox with a Tail

Fox with a Tail e1643820111587
Image Source: lisbdnet.com

Poms do look like adorable baby foxes, don’t they? We think this Pomeranian is absolutely precious with its majestic coat and long, fluffy tail. Coupled with its big ears that stand up straight, this pom looks like a perfect representation of its breed.

This cut is so adorable and it reminds us of the childhood movie ‘Fox and The Hound.’ Try this style if you want to go for something that looks simple, yet elegant!

Dyed Tail

Dyed Tail
Image Source: foto-basa.com

Rainbow tails are all the rage these days, and we’re loving the way these Poms have bright, fun colors on their tails.

Pomeranian with Dyed Tail e1643820356739
Image Source: www.jockington.com

We recommend using pet-safe dye when you dye your pom’s tail to ensure that it doesn’t get sick from the chemicals. Avoid dying directly onto your dog’s skin since the dye will leak and cause damage, and be sure to take skin sensitivities into consideration. Speak to a professional groomer if you require any specific advice.

Bushy Tail

Bushy Tail e1643820870954
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Shaggy cuts are perfect for poms that like to play outside and run around in the yard. Don’t let its full fur fool you, though; this pom has a super fluffy tail underneath all of that Pomeranian hair!

Keeping your pet’s coat healthy is really important if you want it to stay beautiful and clean. We recommend using professional grooming tools like combs or brushes to groom your pom. This will help its natural lines stand out!

Face Styles


Simba Haircut
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Simba was hands down the most iconic character from ‘The Lion King’ movie series – we think this Pomeranian is the perfect lookalike. Little Simba has bright, beaming eyes and a cute smile that will make you melt!

If you groom your pom to have the same smile as this cutie, it’ll definitely get an adorable factor of 10! Try adding volume to its “mane” by using heat styling tools and brushes.

Clean Face

Clean Face e1643824309532
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Last but not least, we have this Pomeranian with a very basic and simple cut. There’s just enough hair on its face and body to keep it clean and elegant, but not enough to overpower its eyes.

We think this cut is perfect if you want a pom with a crisp, classic look. Just remember to keep your pom’s face clean by giving it a good wash every day!


With their cheerful disposition and love for people, Pomeranians are definitely one of the most adorable dog breeds around. After taking a look at the different cuts and styles that Poms can have, it’s clear that they’re not just cute but extremely versatile as well.

What’s your favorite style for Poms? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our article on Goldendoodle haircuts you won’t be able to resist!

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