118 Cute Poodle Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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The Poodle is renowned for its beautifully soft, curly hair that doesn’t shed. Many owners create some truly majestic, weird, and wacky hairstyles for their pampered pets that certainly catch the eye at the dog park. 

But how do you choose which of those amazing Poodle haircuts to give your pet? Whether you want your dog to look elegant, cute, or absolutely incredible, there’s a hairstyle out there that’s sure to grab you!

Read this article to discover 118 inspirational Poodle haircut ideas and styles that are sure to make your pup the most eye-catching pooch at the dog park! 

Best Poodle Haircut Ideas

The Poodle’s soft, curly coat gives you plenty of scopes to create some remarkable styles and looks. You can use safe, non-toxic dyes that are specially made for use on dog hair, too!

With that in mind, here’s a selection of no fewer than 118 amazing haircuts for Poodles and styles that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Summer Cut

Groomed Toy Poodle

The summer cut is one of the most low-maintenance Poodle hairstyles you can choose from and is perfect for keeping your pet comfortable when the mercury rises.

2. Ultra-Short Summer Cut

Ultra Short Summer Cut for Poodle
Image Source

This super short-haired Poodle cut might be a little too harsh for some tastes, but it will keep your pet cool if you live in a very warm climate. The Poodle has a single coat, which makes a short haircut a practical, easy option.

3. Modern Cut

Poodle On Beach Towel

Modern clips present a very elegant look that keeps the dog’s body hair short to highlight the Poodle’s body shape. The hair on the tail, ears, and head is left longer to create a fluffy, fun look.

4. Cute Cut

Cute Cut Poodle e1645717364524
Image Source

This haircut has the Poodle’s ears and legs left long and fluffy, and the body clipped short of creating a cute, easy-to-maintain style.

5. Adorably Fluffy

Adorably Fluffy Poodle e1645764482509
Image Source

This Poodle looks totally adorable with a medium-length cut, fluffy head, and tail.

6. All-Over Curls

All Over Curls Poodle
Image Source

If you like the natural curly look, you might like this medium-length cut that makes the most of the Poodle’s curls.

Other Cute Haircut Ideas

7. All White!

All White Poodle e1645765020465
Image Source

Sometimes, less is more, and that’s certainly the case with this beautiful white Poodle. The simple short cut and shaved face emphasize the dog’s natural beauty without the need for enhancements.

This haircut would be ideal for your Poodle during the summer months or if you live in a warm climate.

8. Shortie!

Portrait image of Cute puppy Toy Poodle

If you live in a warm climate or you have a very active dog, this shaved shortie cut might be the best choice for your Poodle.

9. Afghan Poodle Cut

Afghan Poodle Cut e1645770595389
Image Source

This gorgeous clip makes the Poodle look rather like an Afghan Hound with the leg hair, tail, and ears left longer than the shaved body.

Teddy Bear Haircuts

10. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut 1 e1645784028874
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut is a popular choice for many Poodle owners, and you can also use this grooming style on a Doodle and other long-haired dog breeds.

The dog’s beautiful low-shedding coat is kept long around the dog’s face to create a rounded, soft, “teddy bear” effect. The fur on the remainder of the body is cut to a short, uniform length, giving an overall cuddly, cute rounded finish.

Who could resist this huggable Teddy bear look that just screams “cuddle me”?!

11. Teddy Pair!

Teddy Pair Poodle e1645784134736
Image Source

Look at this matching pair of gorgeous Teddy Bear cuts! Don’t you think they’re just too cute?!

12. Black Bear

Black Bear Poodle e1645784838129
Image Source

Here’s a couple of before and after photographs. Adorable!

13. Beautiful Bears

Beautiful Bears poodle e1645789929336
Image Source

These four pictures show you can create a few variations on the Teddy Bear theme.

14. Beautiful Bears Again!

Beautiful Bears Haircut Again Poodle e1645790081916
Image Source

In these four pictures, you can see the whole of each dog’s body. That gives you a great idea of how your Poodle will look with a Teddy Bear clip.

15. Bow Tie Bear

Bow Tie Bear Poodle
Image Source

How cute does this little Doodle look with his sweet bow tie?

16. Au Naturel

Side view picture of a poodle before and after e1645791966198

These two photographs show how you can change your Poodle’s look, simply by brushing his fur!

17. Simply Adorable!

Adorable Poodle lying on the floor e1645792062808
Image Source

This Miniature Poodle looks totally adorable, posing for the camera with his Teddy Bear haircut.

18. Fluffy!

Fluffy Poodle e1645794660822
Image Source

This gorgeous gray Toy Poodle looks as pretty as a picture with her fluffy ears and topknot. The pup’s face is trimmed to bring out the characteristic sharp features of the breed.

19. Flowergirl

Flowergirl Poodle e1645794751260
Image Source

This little Toy Poodle looks just like a cuddly toy with her flower headdress.

20. Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids Poodle e1645794887316
Image Source

Here’s that pretty little girl again, this time with her friend who looks just as cute all decked out in flowers.

21. Fluffy All Over

Red Toy Poodle puppy

This little Poodle puppy is really rocking the Teddy Bear look! But if you choose this fluffy cut, you must be prepared to spend time brushing your dog’s fur to get rid of mats.  

22. Keep Smiling!

Smiling brown poodle

This Poodle loves his Teddy Bear look. Look, he can’t stop smiling!

23. Lakeside View

poodle dog in grey background

What a beautiful lakeside view of this adorable Teddy Bear Poodle.

24. Full-On Fluffy

Full On Fluffy Poodle

Is that a real Teddy Bear or a Poodle?

Other Poodle Haircut Ideas

25. Bunches

Punky look poodle

This Poodle has a long hairdo with just his face shaved. The long hair on top of the head is combed through and then pulled up into bunches for a punky, fun look and professional finish.

26. Pretty Poodle Puppy

Miniature Poodle

This pretty Poodle puppy looks gorgeous with her face scissor trimmed to show off her cute button nose and bright black eyes.

27. Furnishings On

Furnishings On Poodle

This Poodle’s fluffy bear look is enhanced by leaving on his furnishings.

28. Longer Look

Longer Look poodle

This Poodle owner has left her pup’s hair longer all over, including on his head and face.

29. Look At Me!

Cute red Toy Poodle puppy

This super-cute little guy’s face simply says, “Look at me!”

30. Puppy Cut

white poodle in profile

This Poodle is a gorgeous, rich cream color that really suits this clip.

The Puppy cut is a haircut for Poodles that can take years off your dog! This haircut is popular with pet parents, leaving your dog with an evenly cut hair length of around 1 to 2 inches all over. The style can also be easily modified to fit with your lifestyle and preference.

31. Fluffy Head

Standard Poodle

This stunning gray Poodle looks delightful with her Puppy cut. The owner has left the dog’s head hair long on the top, giving the option to gather the fur up into a topknot.

32. Keeping It Longer

Poodle with a longer Puppy cut
Image Source

This photograph shows a Poodle with a longer Puppy cut. The length you choose is up to you.

33. Shaved Face

Poodle Shaved Face
Image Source

This Poodle is making the most of her good looks by adding a shaved face to the Puppy cut.

34. And Again …

handsome red Poodle shaved face
Image Source

The shaved face really does work well with a Puppy cut, as this handsome red Poodle demonstrates.

35. Continental Cut

Continental Poodle Cut
Image Source

The Continental haircut is a traditional, glamorous look that you often see on Poodle show dogs, and it’s a favorite choice among Poodle parents. The dog’s feed, face, throat, and part of the tail are clipped out. Full hair is left on the chest and ribcage, while furry pom poms adorn the tail, hips, and ankles. The look is completed with a banded topknot on the dog’s head.

36. German Trim

Groomed White Standard Poodle

The German trim creates a fancy haircut that’s not too over-the-top.

The hair on your pampered Poodle’s head is left long, and the hair on the ears and body is cut short. That’s the perfect classic Poodle style for your pet if he’s prone to ear matting or infections and is an active pup.

37. Mohawk Cut

Portrait of a groomed red poodle

For this crazy hairdo, first create a huge, fluffy tail, a collar, and boots. Now add a Mohawk! Trim the dog’s body to a short length and create an eye-catching hairstyle by dying the longer sections in funky colors.

Be sure to use only pet-friendly colors on your Poodle!

38. Braided Style

Headshot of pure white poodle dog scaled e1645804678882

This pure white Poodle looks super cute with her neatly braided head hair. We guess that the blue bags that are used to contain the pup’s ear hair are designed to keep this lady looking glamorous before her stage entrance at a show.

39. Afro Cut

Afro Cut poodle
Image Source

You can give your dog a genuine 70s afro hairdo by leaving the hair long on the top of the dog’s head and combing it out into a fluffy style.

40. Fluffy Ears

Fluffy Ears Poodle

This gorgeous gray Toy Poodle looks as pretty as a picture with her fluffy ears and topknot. The pup’s face is shaved to bring out the characteristic sharp features of the breed.

41. Curly Hair

Two cute poodle of a light color with a collars e1645805136630

These two beauties are rocking the curly, messy hairdo style. Don’t forget to brush your Poodle’s hair to prevent matting!

42. Moptop

A chocolate toy poodle is waiting

This Poodle looks wonderful with its curly, unruly mop top hairstyle.

43. Black Beauty

curly black hairstyle poodle e1645805307206
Image Source

With his long, curly black hairstyle, this Poodle is certainly a black beauty.

44. Necktie

Shaved face poodle with Necktie
Image Source

This Poodle’s shaved face and super-curly hairdo look gorgeous when set off by a snazzy necktie.

45. Shaved Face Style

Stunning Black Poodle

This stunning black Poodle has all his coat left on with just his face shaved clean and his ears trimmed. That gives this beauty a clean-cut style that accentuates his natural good looks and glorious, coal-black coat.

46. Spots and Stripes

Poodle Parade

These Poodles are certainly eye-catching with their zebra stripe and polka dot hairstyles covering their entire body. Although these aesthetic finishes might not be to everyone’s taste, they will definitely make your Poodle the center of attention wherever you go!

Individual dog groomers have their own ideas about what patterns and clips work best together, so be sure to ask your groomer for their opinion.

47. Twinkle Toes

Poodle Twinkle Toes e1645805749147
Image Source

This gorgeous little boy looks so sweet with his neatly clipped fur and shaved tootsies!

48. Snowdog

Snowdog Poodle
Image Source

In winter, it can be a good idea to leave your Poodle’s curly hair to grow a little longer to keep him nice and cozy on snowy walks.

49. Full Hair

Full Hair Poodle e1645805867389
Image Source

Check out this beautiful gray Poodle with his smart Lion cut; gorgeous!

50. Pigtails

White royal poodle

For a fun look that’s also practical, take a basic summer cut but leave the ears long. Now, use pretty ribbons or bobbles to tie up the hair in cute pigtails.

51. Lionheart

Lionheart Poodle
Image Source

This gorgeous Poodle is show-ready in his stunning Lion cut.

52. Comb-Over

Comb Over Poodle
Image Source

This Poodle is rocking the Donald Trump comb-over look! To create this casual style, leave the hair long on the top of the dog’s head, brush it out, and pull it to one side.

53. Double Delight

Two red toy poodle on white background scaled e1645806513812

Just look at these two beautiful Poodles with their full-on, fluffy hairstyles!

54. Red Show Poodle

Red Show Poodle e1645806630112
Image Source

Wow! This Poodle is absolutely stunning in its full, fluffy hairdo. It’s showtime!

55. Shaggy Dog Story

Shaggy Dog Story e1645806754655
Image Source

If you leave your Poodle’s head hair to grow right out, you can create a fabulous shaggy dog look that’s sure to catch the eye wherever you go.

56. Corded Coat

Corded Coat e1645806842459
Image Source

This famous Poodle haircut is not as easy to maintain as you might think. The hair is left to grow long so that it forms long cords, rather like a Rastafarian dreadlock hairdo. This hairdo looks spectacular but can be prone to matting. So, don’t take on a hairstyle like that unless you’re prepared to put a lot of hours into maintaining it correctly.

57. White Corded Poodle Hairdo

White Poodle with haircut codoner

If you have the time to maintain it, this all-over corded look can work really well on a pure white Poodle, as you can see in this photograph.

 58. Cool Corded Topknot

Cool Corded Topknot scaled e1645811110821

This beautiful black Poodle has its topknot left to grow naturally until it forms cute spirals. The cords are then gathered together and drawn back onto the pooch’s head to create a casual, laid-back vibe. Cool.

59. Gray Corded Poodle

Gray Corded Poodle
Image Source

Here’s another stunning example of a corded coat. We love this Poodle’s bell-bottom style legs!

Generally, corded hair is best cared for by an experienced, pro groomer with expertise in that area. Although this hair type might look like it needs no regular attention, those dreadlocks can very quickly turn into a matted, bedraggled mess if you don’t know how to look after them.

60. Lion Cut

Lion Cut Poodle
Image Source

The lion’s mane and tail are a very popular haircut for Poodles. This white toy Poodle has a short all-over haircut with a huge, fluffy lion’s mane and tail.

61. Fluffy Lion

Fluffy Lion

Here’s another white Poodle lion, this time a super-fluffy one! Of course, that fluffy fur takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking good, and if the coat isn’t brushed out every day, mats will quickly develop.

62. Black Lion

Black Poodle Lion Cut
Image Source

This beautiful black Poodle is showing off a shorter version of the Lion cut. We think that looks absolutely stunning. What do you think?

63. Long Hair

Long Hair Poddle
Image Source

This Poodle with her delightful long hairstyle is hoping for a gift from Santa. Who could resist those big brown eyes and flowing locks?

64. My Little Poodle Pony

Little Poodle Pony
Image Source

This competitive grooming entrant has certainly not held anything back with this spectacular clip! The Poodle has been styled to look just like a cowboy’s horse, right down to the saddle with lasso attached!

The Poodle pony’s mane and tail have been created using fake hair extensions rather than the dog’s real hair.

65. Beautiful Topknot

Poodle on black background scaled e1645812144423

This handsome Poodle’s owner makes the most of his looks by pulling his hair back from his face into a neat ponytail topknot.

66. Bunches

Large black grey poodle groomed scaled e1645812265521

This beautiful gray Poodle is all ready to make his grand entrance in a Poodle show.

To keep his gorgeous fluffy long head hair tangle-free and achieve a defined or sharp-looking finish that shows off the dog’s handsome face, this guy’s owner has used a couple of bobbles to put her pet’s luxuriant locks in bunches.

67. Pretty As A Picture

Pretty As A Picture Poodle
Image Source

This sweet little lady looks gorgeous with her fluffy head and ears.

68. Fluffy Pigtails

Fluffy Pigtails e1645812520291
Image Source

This pretty little girl Poodle likes to wear her ear hair long! Has her adoring owner tied the hair back in bunches to keep it out of this cutie’s dinner bowl?

69. Full-On Lion Hairdo

Full On Lion Hairdo Poodle
Image Source

Here’s a beauty who’s all ready to make his appearance in the show ring.

70. Hair Updo

ponytail poodle

This Poodle is actually mid-way through having her hair done in preparation for a show. Nonetheless, we love the cute pink hair bobble that the groomer is using to keep the pup’s head hair out of the way.

71. Buns

Poodle Buns
Image Source

This Poodle is rocking a wacky hairstyle that combines long hair with topknots that extend right down the dog’s back. Weird, but it works!

72. Drawback “Do”

Gray poodle dog getting groomed at dog show contest

This practical hairstyle is designed to keep the dog’s hair out of the way while she’s eating. You can let the hair loose once dinner is safely out of the way.

73.  Spa Day

Poodle in Robe

This cute Toy Poodle looks as though she’s enjoying a visit to the spa. But we reckon she’s waiting for the groomer to dry her before her haircut.

74. Short Hair

Short Hair Poodle
Image Source

This little guy is having a bad hair day! That said, we’ve all been there, and we think this wild hairdo kinda suits this tiny dude.

75. Superfluffy Snowball!

Superfluffy Snowball Poodle e1645813298747
Image Source

You have to wonder if this Poodle can even see where he’s going! The basic clip is a standard fall or winter cut, but the head hair has been left to grow right out. The groomer then combed and fluffed out the head hair to create a wild, wacky super-fluffy snowball.

76. Half-And-Half

apricot colored Poodle e1645813371343
Image Source

This apricot-colored Poodle looks absolutely amazing in her perfect Lion cut.

77. Classic Poodle Cut

Classic Poodle Cut e1645813448734
Image Source

The classic Poodle haircut is the style that’s most often associated with the breed. The hair is shaved short on the body with the tail, neck, and legs left longer.

78. Practical And Stylish

Practical And Stylish Poodle Haircut e1645813509914
Image Source

Variations on the classic Poodle cut are practical and stylish hairdos that can be the perfect choice for active dogs that love to run and play in the park, just like the pooch in this picture.

79. Show White

Show White Poodle
Image Source

This glamorous classic Poodle cut is all ready to win the blue ribband at the dog show! 

80. Perfect Pooch

Perfect Pooch Poodle e1645813697864
Image Source

Here’s a dog that’s experienced in the show ring. That perfect classic Poodle haircut and pristine white coat are sure to catch the judge’s eye.

81. French Poodle

Red Toy Poodle on a white background

This classic French Poodle haircut is perfect for the fall and winter.

These functional Poodle cuts leave the coat long while the dog’s face and neck are shaved. Remember to trim the hair between the Poodle’s paws, too.

82. White Frenchie

White poodle with its mouth open facing camera

Here’s another Frenchie hairstyle that looks beautiful on this white Poodle.

83. Poodle In The Park

Poodle In The Park

Although she looks absolutely gorgeous, we wonder just how long this stunning white Poodle will keep clean!

84. Short Poodle Cut

White poodle dog portrait

This Poodle is sure to keep cool and comfortable with this smart short hairstyle.

85. Suited And Booted!

Funny Poodle

This handsome dude is making the most of his good looks and smart Summer clip by adding a cute necktie to complete the look. 

86. Fluffy Butt!

Fluffy Butt white poodle

This amateur groomer has attempted the Classic Poodle clip but left more fluffy fur on the dog’s backside and tail than the norm. That said, it works!

87. Handsome Dude!

Giant poodle poses in front of yellow door

This handsome Standard Poodle shows us what the classic Summer or Kennel clip looks like once it begins to grow out.

Many owners like to have their dog clipped right out when the summer weather arrives and the mercury rises, allowing the coat to grow out again before the fall so that their dog has a warm coat ready for the winter months.

88. Chocolate Beauty

Standard Poodle Outdoor

This gorgeous chocolate brown Poodle has a traditional all-over clip that’s been kept to a medium length. That shows off the dog’s delightful curly coat while keeping him warm. The face has been shaved to highlight the breed’s sharp, intelligent facial features. 

89. Leg Warmers

Red Standard Poodle

This beautiful Poodle is rocking the 80s legwarmers look with his fluffy bootees and shaved legs.

Colorful Poodles

90. Colorful Hair

Colorful poodle

If you have a white or pale-colored Poodle, you might want to jazz up his or her hairstyle with a little color. This Poodle’s pink and purple color scheme adds a fun look that’s sure to turn heads whenever he visits the dog park or strolls down the street in his neighborhood.

Always use pet-safe hair dye when adding a splash of color to your Poodle’s “do.” Human products, including shampoos and conditioners, are too harsh for dogs and may cause skin irritation. So, before you begin any form of extreme grooming, always make sure that you choose high-quality products that are suitable for canine use.

91. Think Pink!

Pink Poodle

This traditional short haircut can be jazzed up by leaving the dog’s feet, ears, head, and chest long and dying them pink! Of course, you don’t have to use pink. Simply pick your favorite color and brighten up the dog park!

92. Pink hair poodle for Valentine’s

Pink hair poodle for Valentine
Image Source

This sweet little lady has opted for a more subtle hint of color with a pretty pale, rose pink tint for her ears. Of course, you can choose from a whole range of funky colors, depending on your personal preference.

93. Rainbow Hairdo!

Colorful Poodle with Bow Tie

Brighten up this classic poodle haircut by adding some vibrant color to your pet’s fluffy head hair! This owner has gone for a rainbow look, but the choice is yours!

94. Mohawk Colorful Fun

Poodle with multi colored hair and mohawk

Despite a fair amount of controversy about Poodle styles, there’s a craze for dying your pooch’s hair in every color you can imagine.

This flashy Poodle haircut is another variation on the short, all-over clip with the addition of a fun Mohawk and a fluffy tail.

To achieve the look, simply leave the hair long on the top of the dog’s head, and let your imagination run riot with a choice of hair colors!

95. Multicolored Poodle Style

Multicolored Poodle Style e1645815668652
Image Source

There’s nothing boring about this Poodle hairstyle! This traditional Poodle haircut has been made unique by the use of a range of bright colors to highlight your pet’s features.

96. Donald Duck Dog

Donald Duck Dog
Image Source

Creative dog grooming, where groomers transform their pets into characters, is a thriving competitive sport! Who knew?!

This Poodle has been clipped and dyed to resemble a duck swimming on a blue pond, surely one of the most iconic clips we’ve found so far!

97. A Colorful Poodle Pair

A Colorful Poodle Pair
Image Source

These two Poodles look absolutely gorgeous with their multicolored hairdos. If you see these two beauties walking down the street or playing on the beach, you won’t forget them in a hurry!

98. Purple Patchwork Style

Purple Patchwork Style Poodle e1645815928945
Image Source

If you love the color purple, this quirky Poodle “do” could be perfect for you. Shades of purple and blue have been used to complement the pup’s natural gray color. An all-over shortcut, shaved face, and fluffy noseband complete the look without completely masking the dog’s lovely natural features.

99. Poodlesaurus!

Festive poodle

This Poodle has been transformed into a kind of dinosaur with a spiny back, cute pompom on the tail, and outrageous color scheme. 

What will they think of next?!

100. Tangerine Dream

Poodle with dyed coat. Dog hairdresser

This cute little Poodle has a hairdo that’s long on the top and ears but left short all over her body. To brighten up the pup’s haircut, her owner has dyed the pooch’s topknot and ears with a brilliant orange dye.

101. Extreme Grooming!

Extreme Grooming Poodle
Image Source

Words cannot describe this outrageous hairdo! Now, that extreme grooming effort is certainly going to stop traffic when this pup crosses the street. But do you think that’s a clip too far? It’s really just a matter of personal taste.

Tell us what you reckon in the comments box at the end of this article.

102. Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves Poodle Grooming
Image Source

Here we go again with another outrageous competitive grooming hairstyle!

This white Standard Poodle has been clipped and dyed to present a cameo picture of Snow White and her dwarves. We guess the other dwarves are on the other side of the dog! 

Although the hairstyle is undoubtedly outrageous and not to everyone’s taste, it does demonstrate the groomer’s creative flair and practical ability. Impressive.

103. Rainbow Poodle

Dog Painted Bright Colors Rio Animal Carnival

Judging by the expression on this Poodle’s face, he loves his bright and cheerful color scheme as much as his owner does! We’re not convinced, but what do you think?

104. Happy Hallowe’en!

Halloween Poodles

If you’re off to a Hallowe’en party and your pup is coming too, you might want to try this spooky skeleton hairdo for your creepy canine companion!

105. Pink Lion

Pink Lion Poodle

A pink lion is the last thing you would expect to see when taking a stroll along the beach, but this Poodle owner has decided that would be a fun thing to do!

106. Me And My Pink Shadow!

Pink Poodle on the beach

Here’s our favorite pink lion again, this time with his cute little furry friend.

107. Poodle In Pink

poodle in pink

This gorgeous blossom-pink Poodle looks absolutely delightful, and her fur is in great condition, too.

108. Another Pink Lion!

Cotton Candy Poodle

This Poodle has been given a gorgeous lion clip that’s clearly been done by an accomplished groomer. The look has been finished with pink highlights that are sure to make this gorgeous lady the center of attention wherever she goes.

109. Coat Of Many Colors

Coat Of Many Colors

This Poodle is clearly heading off to a party, decorated in his coat of many colors!

110. Panda Poodle

Panda Poodle
Image Source

Here’s another example of extreme dog grooming. This Standard Poodle has been cleverly clipped and dyed to make him look exactly like a giant panda. Essentially, the pup’s clip is a regular fall/winter one with the legs left longer than the body hair. It’s actually the artwork that makes the hairdo unique.

111. Love You!

Poodle wearing his heart on his back
Image Source

Now, how about this for a cheeky clip? The dog groomer has clipped a perfect heart onto this fluffy bundle’s butt! That’s definitely puppy love, we reckon.

112. Tiny Toy Poodle

Tiny Toy Poodle
Image Source

Is this a real dog or an adorable Teddy Bear toy? Well, believe it or not, this little guy is a tiny Toy Poodle puppy. Ah, bless!

113. Fluffy Topknot

Fluffy Topknot brown poodle e1645817608313
Image Source

This gorgeous gray Poodle has had his coat shaved to a medium length and then scissor blended to create a look that’s almost like velvet. The adorable style is finished with a fluffy topknot and cute bunches.

114. Beautiful Button Eyes

Beautiful Button Eyes e1645817661948
Image Source

This Poodle has had his facial fur carefully and expertly scissor blended to create an angled Teddy Bear look that really works.

Before And After

It can be helpful to see a few pictures of how your Poodle might look after his haircut. So, we’ve included these before and after shots to help you decide.

115. Messy to Tidy

Messy to Tidy e1645817879712
Image Source

This Standard Poodle’s coat had grown a little too long to be manageable for his owner, but after a quick grim and tidy-up, he looks like a different dog.

116. Shaved to Perfection

haved to Perfection e1645817982779
Image Source

A quick clip was all that was required to transform this untidy-looking Poodle from a sheep to a pretty lamb.

117. Face Revealed!

Face Revealed
Image Source

You can barely see this handsome black Poodle’s face underneath that mop of unruly hair! And he surely can’t see you either! So, this guy’s owner took her pup to the groomer’s for a tidy-up. 

The groomer has shaved the pup’s face to remove that overgrown fringe, left a pretty, curly topknot for fun, and scissor blended the ear hair. An all-over body trim completes the new look.

118. Beautiful Hairdo!

Beautiful Hairdo e1645818262758
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This Standard Poodle suits his long, curly hair, but a quick trim was needed to even up the hair growth over the pup’s body. The dog’s face was shaved to reveal the smooth lines and classic Poodle features, and the topknot was combed out to create a gorgeous fluffy ball.

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As you can see, there are several popular Poodle haircuts that you can ask your professional groomer to do for you. Choose the best style to suit your dog’s lifestyle and the time of year, and ask your pro groomer for advice if you’re not sure what haircut to go for.

You might even want to try your hand at extreme grooming, transforming your pet into a movie scene or a cartoon character, using colored doggy hair dye and imaginative clipping.

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