Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review – For Small & Medium-Sized Dogs

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Revol is an attractive, collapsible dog crate that is easy to set up, transport, and store. Revol’s design, incorporates premium materials and ergonomic, easy-to-use doors.

A dog crate can be an expensive purchase, so you want to be sure that you’re getting the right crate for your needs. Also, you want a high-quality product that will last your pet a lifetime.

The Diggs Revol dog crate is rapidly gaining traction in the marketplace as one of the best dog kennels you can buy. So, what’s all the hype about? 

Read our comprehensive, detailed Revol dog crate review to find out.

Revol Dog Crate – Overview

The Diggs Revol Dog Crate is designed for small and medium-sized breeds. The crate includes an adjustable puppy divider that makes the crate an excellent option for puppies that are being potty trained.

The crate’s collapsible design makes this kennel easy to store and transport. You also get wheels and a carrying handle, which makes moving the crate around very easy while it’s assembled with your dog inside. Rounded edges prevent injury to you and your dog. For easy cleaning, the crate has a removable plastic tray. 

In the event of an accident, you can quickly get to your pet through the emergency access hatch at the top of the crate. The crate has dual doors offering versatility when it comes to crate placement.

The Revol crate is made using high-quality, earth-friendly materials, which are strong enough to last you a lifetime. Unlike a traditional wire crate, Digg’s Revol crate’s thoughtful, intelligent design is in line with baby industry quality standards. The ergonomic design features extra-large, diamond-shaped mesh that prevents your dog from trapping his muzzle, nails, or paws.

This appealing crate can be used for travel, although it doesn’t have tie-downs and is only suitable for use in the cargo area of a car or SUV, not the back of a pick-up.


  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Secure, collapsible design for space-saving storage
  • Comes with an adjustable puppy divider
  • Includes wheels and ergonomic handles for easy maneuverability
  • Built using quality materials for longevity and reliability
  • Thoughtful design includes two doors and three entry points


  • Doesn’t include a crate mat

What To Consider Before Buying A Revol Dog Crate

Most dog owners like to crate train their dogs. There are many benefits to crate training, including:

  • Safe travel
  • Safety in the home
  • Safety for your dog in the event of an emergency situation
  • Protects your property from your dog while you’re out of the house
  • Potty training for puppies
  • Provides a quiet den-like space for your dog

Anyone who owns a dog should consider crate training their canine companion!

The Revol dog crate is ideal for dog owners who want a collapsible crate and a lightweight crate that they can use for safely transporting their pet and for general home use, including potty training a puppy. 

Although it’s a durable design, you should note that this crate is not suitable for air transport or for outdoor use. Also, if you have a very large dog, the Revol crate is not robust or spacious enough to cope with a super-size dog or one that’s especially lively. If that sounds like your mutt, check out our article on dog crates that are designed to take a very large dog. 

What Do You Want From A Dog Crate?

Before you commit to purchasing a Revol dog crate, it’s important to consider what you actually want the crate to do:

  • Do you want a crate for everyday home use?
  • Do you need a dog crate that folds down for convenient storage and portability?
  • Do you want a dog crate that has wheels and a carrying handle for easy relocation?
  • Is it important to you that your dog crate can be used to transport your dog in your car or SUV?
  • Do you want a dog crate that comes with a warranty?
  • How important is security? Is your dog an escape artist?
  • Do you need a puppy divider for toilet training a puppy?
  • Do you want a dog crate that has dual doors to make locating your crate easy?
  • Do you have a brachycephalic dog that needs a well-ventilated crate? 
  • Do you want an attractive dog crate that fits well with your home decor scheme?

If the above factors are very important to you, then the Diggs Revol dog crate would be an excellent choice for you and your furry friend!

However, if you want the crate to do any of the following things, then the Revol is not the best dog crate for you:

  • You want a crate for outdoor use in all weathers
  • You want a crate that you can use to travel your dog in the back of your pickup
  • You want a crate that doubles as a piece of furniture, such as an end table
  • You have a very large or boisterous dog
  • You want a crate that’s airline-approved
  • You’re working to a tight budget

What Sizes Are Available?

Revol dog crates come in a range of sizes from small to large, as follows:

Small – 25L x 19H x 17W

Medium – 32L x 22H x 20W

Large – 44L x 30H x 28W

There’s also an intermediate-size crate that’s currently pending release.

Features And Benefits Of The Revol Dog Crate

In this part of our review guide, we take a closer, objective look at the features and benefits of the Revol dog crate to help you decide if this is the best crate for you.

Quick And Easy Set Up And Disassembly

diggs revol 2

Unlike many standard wire dog crates, setting up the Revol crate is very quick and straightforward. In fact, most users report that it takes less than five seconds to assemble the crate, which is far quicker than most traditional crates.

To set up your new crate, simply:

  • Pull the collapsed crate out of the shipping box.
  • Lift the round handle on the top of the crate and make a quarter turn.
  • The crate then locks into position and is ready to use.

Disassembling the crate is just as easy. Simply turn the handle on the top of the crate to unlock it, and the Revol crate will collapse again smoothly to a flat, compact size for space-saving storage and easy portability. All you need to do then is roll the crate to move it to wherever you want it.

So, if you want a collapsible dog crate that you can set up and disassemble single-handedly with minimal hassle and effort, the Revol dog crate is perfect.

One-Handed Collapse

You can collapse the Revol crate using just one hand. That’s so handy if you have a situation when you need to move the crate and hold onto your dog at the same time!

There are no reports of the Revol crate collapsing while in use. The crate is tested to 180 pounds at its weakest central point without failure. An average wire crate will only withstand 50 pounds of weight in the corners.

Also, the Revol crate has a double-locking feature that keeps the crate stable and secures once assembled. Basically, therefore, the Revol crate is superior in strength and reliability to standard crates.

Multiple Entry Points And Doors

Revol Dog Crate Wire Mesh
Image Source: diggs.pet

Again, unlike most soft-sided, plastic, and wire crates, the Revol crate’s versatile, intelligent design offers you three entry points, including two doors. 

That makes locating the crate in your home super-easy and convenient. Also, the multiple entry points make training a reluctant loader much easier.

Aftersales Support

Once you’ve ordered your Revol dog crate, you can expect to receive a series of emails giving you lots of helpful tips and links to crate training articles and videos. That’s extremely helpful if you’re new to dog ownership and are about to commence crate training a new dog or puppy.

Wheels For Easy Portability

One of the most appealing features of the Revol crate is that it comes with wheels included. The wheels make it easy for you to move the crate around your home whenever you want to.

That’s a massive plus point if you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety. For example, rather than leave your dog fretting in his crate when you move from your kitchen to your living room, simply pull the crate along with you.

Removable Plastic Tray For Easy Cleaning

Accidents happen, especially when you’re potty training a young puppy. The Revol dog crate comes with a removable plastic tray for quick and easy cleaning. That makes this crate a good choice for pet parents whose furry friend is still going through the puppy phase.

You might also like to wipe down the tray with a damp cloth and a mild antibacterial product to keep the crate clean and hygienic. The tray is easily accessible and slides out easily, unlike the traditional black crates where the whole process is much more awkward and fiddly.

Puppy Divider

As mentioned earlier, the Revol crate comes with an adjustable puppy divider included. That enables you to make the crate smaller while you’re potty training your puppy. As your pet grows, you can move the divider and expand the crate, saving you the expense of buying multiple larger crates to accommodate your dog as he matures.

Ceiling Hatch For Easy Access To Your Dog

If you want to give your dog treats or pet him, but you don’t want your pet to escape from the crate, the ceiling hatch feature of this crate is perfect.

For example, if you’re undertaking a long car journey and your pet is becoming restless in the crate, you can easily make reassuring physical contact with him through the hatch. Also, the hatch makes it quick and easy to get to your dog in case of an emergency.

Rounded Corners

Unlike many wire crates, the Revol has rounded corners and no sharp edges, using only quality materials. That’s good news for you and your pet, as it means you won’t risk bumping yourself whenever you go past the crate.

Safety First

When designing their dog crate, Diggs had your dog’s safety firmly at the top of their agenda when designing their dog crate. In fact, if you take a tour around the company’s website, you’ll see a detailed crating safety guide.

The Revol crate design was inspired by quality standards set by the baby industry and uses premium materials, as well as ergonomic doors that are super-easy to use. The diamond-shaped mesh pattern is unique to this crate, and the solid, single-piece frame combines to help prevent injury to your dog’s paws and jaws.

Excellent Ventilation

Diggs Revol Dog Crate - Large

A dog crate can be a stuffy environment, especially in warm weather or when the dog is in transit. So, good ventilation and airflow through the crate are essential for your pet’s comfort. The Revol’s large mesh allows for excellent through-flow of air, which is an important consideration for you if you live in a cold climate or if your dog is a flat-faced breed.

Color Choice

Unlike most wire crates that come in a standard black color, the Revol crate is available in four different subtle shades of cream, gray, and black. This is a good-looking dog crate that looks great in any setting.


Although the Revol crate is packed with appealing features, there are a few negatives to note, too.

Crate Cover Not Included

Although you don’t want your dog to be too warm in his crate, you don’t want him to be too cold either. 

Disappointingly, you don’t get a crate cover with the Revol crate to cut out drafts. Also, your dog’s crate should be a private, safe place where your pet can chill out, and a crate cover helps to create that den-like environment.

So, if you want a cover for the crate, you’ll need to buy one separately, take the DIY route if you’re crafty, or simply drape a blanket over the crate.

Crate Pad Not Included

Although the crate has a removable tray for easy cleaning, you’ll want a snug, chew-proof crate bed, mat, or pad to keep your dog comfortable and cozy and encourage him to rest.

You don’t get a bed with the Revol, although there is a Snooz crate pad available, which is sold separately.


If you’re working to a limited budget, the Revol crate is not the cheapest option out there and is actually quite an expensive crate. Revol crates start at around $375 for a small size, increasing to $675 for a large crate.

Warranty And Returns Policy

Although most people who invest in a Revol crate are satisfied and very pleased with their purchase, Diggs offers a one-year warranty on their product. Also, if you’re not happy with your Revol crate, you will be offered a full refund and free return. 


Shipping costs are based on where you live. However, charges are quite high, so be sure to check what the fee for shipping is before you order.

Diggs ships their crates to domestic customers directly from their US warehouse via FedEx.

What Do Users Think Of The Revol Dog Crate?

On the whole, the vast majority of people who purchased the Revol dog crate and left reviews on the seller’s website are very pleased with their purchase and had no major issues. The crate looks good, is generally well-made, the locking doors are very secure, and the crate’s design is very well thought-out.

That said, there are a few negative comments, most of which seem to relate to variable build quality and defects in materials. Problems that some people have experienced with the Revol crate include:

  • The crate does not collapse smoothly
  • The crate is very heavy
  • The wheels are too small to roll the crate easily with the dog inside
  • Weak customer service engagement and slow delivery times
  • The Snooz crate pad doesn’t fit properly

However, some of the issues seem to be easily solved if you read the user’s manual that comes with the crate. Also, Diggs offers a decent warranty on their product, so you can get a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

In Conclusion

A high-quality dog crate can be beneficial for all dog owners and their pets. A dog crate can be used to keep a dog safely contained while you’re out of the house, for safely traveling with your pet, and for potty training a puppy.

The Diggs Revol dog crate is an excellent fit for those wanting a high-quality crate for home use and for road travel. The crate is collapsible for easy storage, has wheels for easy portability, and has robust door locks to keep your dog securely contained.

Not what you were looking for? Take a look at some other crate design options here.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate
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