37 Cute Schnauzer Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Schnauzers are purebred dogs that come in several different sizes, all of which have a thick double coat. So, whether you have a Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer, or a Standard Schnauzer dog, you’ll need to visit a professional groomer regularly to have your dog’s coat clipped and styled. 

But with so many amazing Schnauzer hair designs to choose from, ranging from classic Schnauzer haircuts to the wild and wacky Schnauzer Mohawk, where do you begin?

Fortunately, we have your back!

Keep reading to discover 37 cute Schnauzer haircuts and hairstyle ideas that you’ll love!

37 Cute Schnauzer Haircut Ideas

Schnauzers have dense, wiry, medium-length coats that require a bit of maintenance to keep them in good condition, including frequent brushing to prevent mats and tangles from forming in the coat.

In this collection of Schnauzer dog haircuts, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and will suit your pampered pet’s lifestyle.

Teddy Bear Haircut

Schnauzer Teddy Bear Haircut
Image Source
Schnauzer Teddy Bear Cut
Image Source
Cooper the Schnauzer puppy
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut is a firm favorite with many dog owners of various breeds and features highly in our collection of Schnauzer haircuts.

With the Teddy Bear haircut, the pup’s body coat is clipped around ½ an inch in length all over. The Schnauzer version of this hairstyle has the facial fur clipped and trimmed with grooming scissors to create a round, fluffy look that resembles the much-loved Teddy Bear.

Although this hairstyle is relatively low-maintenance, your Schnauzer pup still needs regular brushing to remove dead hairs, prevent tangles, and keep the coat looking good. 

Summer Cut

Purebred domestic Schnauzer in park with green grass
Miniature Schnauzer on grass summer cut
Image Source
Schnauzer Clover

If you live in a region where the summers are very hot, there’s a danger that your pup could overheat. This basic Schnauzer Summer cut might be a good choice of clip for your sweet Schnauzer.

The Summer cut is a popular clip with the owners of breeds that grow thick coats and struggle to cope with the heat. Owners of active Schnauzers can also benefit from a Summer cut, as it can reduce grooming time.

The dog’s body hair is clipped short all over, including the legs, facial hair, head, belly coat, and feet. Many dog owners like to have their dog’s coat shaved at the beginning of summer when the weather starts to get warmer, allowing a fresh coat of thicker hair to come through in time for the fall and winter.

Traditional Schnauzer Cut

Traditional Schnauzer Cut
Image Source
Mini Schnauzer
Dog Miniature schnauzer

Although there are variations on the Traditional Schnauzer cut, this AKC-approved style generally sees the dog’s hair clipped short on the body and neck, while the fur on the legs is trimmed into longer layers.

The famous Schnauzer beard and eyebrows are left to grow long, and the hair is rounded at the paws.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion Schnauzer
Image Source
Cute Schnauzer Cut
Image Source

If you want a quirky, cute hairstyle for your dog, the Asian Fusion “do” is definitely something different!  

In Schnauzer grooming circles, you’ll see Asian Fusion styles that involve shaping the dog’s face into a perfect circle or cube, facial hair and ear fur that’s coiffeured to the nth degree, and legs trimmed to resemble bell-bottoms. Although you can have a go at clipping your dog at home, the Asian Fusion cut is probably best left to a professional Schnauzer groomer!

Asian Fusion Before and After

To give you an idea of how your Schnauzer could look with an Asian Fusion clip, check out these before and after photos! Amazing!

Schnauzer Asian Fusion Grooming
Image Source

Other Haircut Styles

Here are a few more ideas for Schnauzer hairstyles that you might like to try out on your furry friend.

Don’t panic if you don’t like your pet’s hairdo! Generally, a dog’s fur takes around eight weeks to grow out completely, so you won’t have long to wait too long for a blank canvas to reappear.

Of course, it’s advisable to take the advice of a professional Schnauzer groomer before you take the plunge and set about styling your dog with a set of clippers or a pair of scissors!

Stylish Pants

Schnauzer standing in green grass
Miniature Schnauzer Dwarf Schnauzer dog
Black Schnauzer

The Stylish Pants look doesn’t require as much ongoing maintenance as other clips.

This haircut involves clipping the dog’s body hair very short all over but leaving the legs long and fluffy so that they look just like a pair of pants!

Puppy Cut

Standard Schnauzer
Image Source
Puppy Haircut Schnauzer
Image Source

The Puppy haircut is ideal for an active dog and is a favorite for male and female Schnauzers alike.

Schnauzers do shed a little. Basically, the Puppy cut sees the dog’s coat clipped all over to a length of around 1 inch. You can choose to keep the facial hair as it is or use scissors to blend the Schnauzer’s furnishings into a shorter face clip, depending on the look you want to create for your dog. 

Puppy Haircut Before And After

To give you a clearer idea of how your sweet Schnauzer would look with a Puppy cut, take a look at these before and after photos.

Miniature Schnauzer Black
Image Source

Shave/Kennel Clip

Dog to wait for the owner Miniature Schnauzer
Image Source
Kennel Clip Schnauzer
Image Source

The Kennel clip is another favorite Schnauzer hair “do.”

If you don’t want to spend hours brushing your dog, this super-short haircut will be exactly what you want. This super-short haircut is also very useful for dogs that have skin conditions or flea allergies, where a longer coat would make the application of topical medication difficult.

The Kennel clip is basically an all-over shave, where the hair is shaved to a length of 1 inch or less, depending on your personal preference. The head hair can be shaved off or left long for a super-cute look.

Before And After Shaved Cut

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
Image Source

If you’re wondering whether your Schnauzer would suit a shaved cut, take a look at the following beautiful images to give you an idea of how this style would look on your dog.

Natural Haircut

Miniature schnauzer in studio

Even though you might want to give your Schnauzer a sexy new haircut, you don’t have to go over the top! Instead, why not leave your pet’s coat to grow naturally and just trim the facial hair, beard, and mustache to keep your pet looking neat and tidy.  

Alternatively, you could allow all the fur to grow out naturally. However, if you decide to do that, you will need to spend lots of time on daily maintenance and brushing to prevent mats and tangles from forming. 

That said, if you have the time to spend brushing your dog, he will appreciate that lovely fluffy coat to keep him warm in the winter.  

The Mohawk

Miniature Schnauzer Mohawk
Image Source
Schnauzer Mohawk
Image Source
Otis the Schnauzer Mohawk
Image Source

The Mohawk cut is probably the most outrageous Schnauzer haircut that you’ll see at the beach or in the dog park!

This haircut sees the dog’s body and face shaved completely, leaving an upright, spiky length of head hair. If you want to, you could ask your groomer to leave the hair growing long right down the whole length of the dog’ back to his tail.

The Mohawk can also be dyed in different colors, using pet-safe hair dye, to create a truly eye-catching, memorable hairdo!

Poodle Haircut

The Poodle haircut is not just for Poodles! Many owners of Doodle crossbreed dogs also favor this style.

Most of the classic Poodle haircuts that are used for showing demand that some length of hair is left on the dog’s body, legs, and ears. A pompom is left on the top of the head and on the end of the tail. 

Wintertime Snug Cut

Schnauzer Wintertime Snug Cut
Image Source

In the same way that your dog might feel too warm in the summer months, he can also get chilly in the wintertime, especially if you live in a region where the winter months are harsh.

The Wintertime Snug cut leaves the Schnauzer’s body hair a little bit longer than with some of the other clips in this guide. You also leave the leg hair longer so that it resembles the traditional Schnauzer cut, although with a bit more fur to keep your Schnauzer warm on cold, wet days.

Short Cuts

Young Miniature Schnauzer is standing in profile

Here are a few good examples of short haircuts that would suit a Schnauzer dog. As we mentioned above, if you have an active dog that enjoys romping through mud and undergrowth, or if you live in a very warm climate, a shortcut might be just perfect for you and your dog. 

Long Haircuts

SchnauzerLong Haircuts
Image Source

Schnauzers have a very attractive coat that looks beautiful when it’s allowed to grow a little bit longer. If you prefer that look and you have plenty of time to spend on brushing your dog, you might want to allow your dog’s fur to grow.

Here’s a selection of longer hairstyles that suit this lovely purebred dog. 

Curly Haircuts

Curly Haircuts Schnauzer
Image Source

Contrary to popular belief, a Schnauzer’s hair is not completely straight and some dogs can have a very curly coat. A well-maintained curly coat looks wonderful, but you must be prepared to brush your dog every day with a slicker brush. Brushing is essential to prevent the coat from matting and to get rid of tangles.

That said, a curly coat looks stunning if you have the time to devote to looking after it.

Wavy Haircuts

Miniature Schnauzer

Some Schnauzer owners like to keep a wavy look to their pet’s coat without the full-blown curls described above. You can achieve a wavy hairstyle by clipping layers into your Schnauzer’s fur. 

Check out the pictures below for a few nice ideas for wavy hairstyles.

Tail Styles

There are several different tail styles you might want to consider for your Schnauzer.

Natural Curly Tail

Grey Schnauzer

In this picture, you can see that the owner of this sweet Schnauzer has left the dog’s tail to grow out naturally. The pretty curly tail contrasts with the neat, short body clip.

Shaved Tail

Shaved Tail
Image Source

In complete contrast, this Schnauzer’s tail has been shaved completely to match the rest of the ulta-short cut. If you like the minimalist look, then this haircut could be for you.

Face Styles

You can make a traditional haircut look a little bit different by incorporating your favorite face trim style into the look. Here are a few examples of different face styles you might like to try.

Top Knot

Schnauzer Puppy
Image Source

The Top Knot is a cute style that looks great on a Schnauzer. 

Basically, the facial hair is clipped short all over, leaving the hair long on the top of the dog’s head. You simply comb the long hair back into a “paintbrush” and secure it in place with a cute bow or hair clip.

Clean Face

Clean Face Schnauzer
Image Source

The Clean Face cut is as it’s name suggests. The dog’s face is shaved clean of all the fur, including the beard and other furnishings. 

This clip looks very smart when teamed with a very short shaved style such as the Summer cut or Kennel cut. 

Mustache Cut

Miniature Schnauzer Dwarf Schnauzer

One feature of the Schnauzer dog breed that people love is the pup’s cute beard and mustache.

You can make the most of that luxuriant mustache by allowing the facial hair to grow long and combing out the mustache and beard. However, if your dog is a messy eater, you might prefer to go with the Clean face cut described above!


Miniature Schnauzer outdoor

One of the most appealing features of the Schnauzer is their eyebrows. You can leave the eyebrows to grow to their natural long length, although a small trim is recommended to prevent hair and dirt from getting into the dog’s eyes.

Grooming Tips For Schnauzers

miniature schnauzer laying on the grass

Schnauzers have thick double coats that demand plenty of daily maintenance and special attention to keep them in top condition.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your Schnauzer looking gorgeous!

Consider Seasonal Needs

Schnauzers have thick fur that can leave your dog susceptible to overheating in the summertime. For that reason, you might want to have your dog’s coat shaved very short throughout the summer months.

The same principle applies to your dog during the wintertime. If you shave off all your pet’s hair in the middle of winter, he’ll most likely feel the cold, and that could cause health problems. So, be sure to allow your dog’s coat to grow longer when the weather turns colder, or kit him out with a nice warm doggy coat to protect him from the elements.

Also, if you do decide to go with a longer style, you must take the time to brush your Schnauzer every day to prevent the coat from matting.

Brush Your Dog’s Facial Hair

Schnauzers have gorgeous facial fur that comprises a beard, mustache, and super-long eyebrows.

That luxuriant hair looks wonderfully glamorous when it’s allowed to grow long. However, you must make time to comb the hair out every day, especially if your Schnauzer is a messy eater. 

Take Your Time!

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to take your Schnauzer puppy to the groomer for his first haircut. 

Ideally, your puppy should be no younger than five to eight weeks old before he has his first visit to the groomer. Before you go, it can be helpful to get your pet used to being brushed at home and maybe let him hear the sound of a set of clippers so that he’s not frightened when he has his first haircut.

Do you have other dog breeds? We also listed the best haircut ideas for Cavachons, Malteses, Chihuahuas, and Shih Tzus.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our comprehensive guide to all the different styles and types of Schnauzer haircuts. If you got some inspiration from our list, please remember to share!

When it comes to choosing a new look for your Schnauzer, there’s certainly plenty of choices. And if you still can’t decide which haircut to go for, we recommend that you have a chat with a professional dog groomer who has experience in the different Schnauzer haircuts and grooming styles. 

We’d love to know what hairstyle you chose for your Schnauzer! Tell us what “do” you decided on in the comments box below.

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