Sheepadoodle Puppies For Sale – Your Top 5 Breeders In Texas

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Sheepadoodles are a unique hybrid breed that has become increasingly popular recently. Whether you’re looking for a playful and loyal companion or an energetic and intelligent working dog, a Sheepadoodle could be the perfect choice for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different avenues you can take to find your perfect Sheepadoodle for sale in Texas.

Finding a Sheepadoodle in Texas

Texas has several reputable Sheepadoodle breeders, including Dogtown Pups, Texan Doodles, Safari Doodles, Texas Australian Labradoodles, and Texas Castle Doodles. When looking for a Sheepadoodle in Texas, it is essential to do your research and ensure that you are choosing a reputable breeder.

If you can’t find a suitable breeder in Texas, check around to other states such as Florida, California, Ohio, or somewhere in the midwest. Some east coast breeders may have pups available, too.

1. Dogtown Pups

Breeder Details:

Location: 281 CR 5005 Blue Ridge TX

Phone: 214-474-0017

Contact Info: their contact us page.

Dogtown Pups is a reputable breeder in Texas renowned for its top-notch Sheepadoodles. You can meet the parents, studs, and puppies on their website before purchasing. They provide helpful information on caring for your puppy and other valuable tips once you bring them home.

Those living nearby can board their adopted pup at the facility. Happy puppies come with their 6-week shots, a multi-advantage application from the vet, deworming, and coccidia prevention.

2. Texan Doodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Lacoste, Texas

Phone: 210-548-2136

Email: [email protected]

Texan Doodles provides a range of puppies, including Australian Labradoodles, Sheepadoodles, and Double Doodles. Their website has all the necessary information, from helpful tips and tricks to litters, parents and breeding dogs, guardian homes, and other valuable facts.

There are plenty of pictures to view of their dogs, and if you ask, they should permit a visit to your pup unless they have safety guidelines in place (e.g., avoiding parvo). Their guardian homes are renowned for raising loving, stable, quality puppies and helping them adjust well to household noises. They also offer a 3-year health guarantee.

3. Safari Doodles

Breeder Details:

Location: McKinney, Texas

Contact Info: Go to their contact us page

Since 1999, Safari Doodles has been breeding quality dogs, such as Goldendoodles and other Poodle crosses. They do health testing on the parents for genetic diseases, and they check their DNA to ensure the health of their puppies. They also undergo OFA and CERF testing.

On their website, you can find pictures of their breeding dogs and quality puppies when available. These images give you an idea of the dogs’ condition and the environment in which they are raised. When considering a puppy from Safari Doodles, ask questions about the breed. The breeder is your best resource for any issues that may arise.

4. Texas Australian Labradoodles

Breeder Details:

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 210-393-9422

Email: [email protected]

Texas Australian Labradoodles is a family breeder that takes pride in having the best bloodlines from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia as the basis of their breeding. All sheepdogs are thoroughly vetted and AKC verified and in good standing.

Their multigenerational Labradoodles and Sheepadoodles are easy to train and get along with children and adults of all ages. With solid pedigrees in their background, they make for almost hypoallergenic companion dogs, therapy dogs, or whatever else to do with your new pup.

5. Texas Castle Doodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Houston, TX

Phone: +1 832-736-5404

Texas Castle Doodles requires applicants to fill out an application before they can view their doodle puppies. There may be a waiting list for upcoming litters, so getting your pup may take a few weeks or months. For example, when I got my mastiff puppy, the waitlist was eight months long, but it was worth it, and he was an excellent companion.

A $350 holding fee is required for puppies applied. They provide a preparation guide for when you bring your pup home and ensure they teach puppies manners, are socialized, litter box trained, crate trained, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccines, and dewormed.

They test their parent dogs for any genetic health conditions to ensure their breeding lines are of the highest quality.

How Do I Know I’m Picking a Good Breeder With Puppies for Sale?

When considering a trustworthy breeder with puppies for sale, it is essential to ensure they are reputable and offer a health guarantee. Check reviews, ask for references, and ask questions to understand their breeding practices better.

Look for breeders with the proper licensing and registrations. Some will even say they’re a breeder for boarding if you’re close enough and need someone to take care of your pup for you. Try to find breeders with excellent health warranties, at least a two-year health guarantee.

A good breeder should also send you home with information and a puppy care kit with their food and possibly a collar and leash. Sometimes they will fly puppies via cargo; however, most prefer a flight nanny or for you to get them yourself.

How Long Does the Process of Adoption Take?

Puppy Contract

The adoption process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the availability of the pup, preparing the breeder, and the required paperwork. It is essential to ask the breeder about the process and timeline for adoption to ensure that you clearly understand what to expect.

Is There Anything I Should Know About the Sheepadoodle?

When considering a sheepadoodle and you’re a first-time doodle parent, it is essential to remember that they are a hybrid breed and can exhibit traits from both their parent breeds. This includes their size (standard size, micro puppies, etc.), coat, energy level, and temperament.

To ensure you are getting a healthy pup, ask the doodle breeder about the pup’s health history and have them provide documentation of any health screenings or tests they have completed.

Are There Any Red Flags I Should Look Out For?

When selecting a responsible breeder, one must be aware of any red flags that could show a fake breeder with questionable practices.

These can include signs of overcrowding or unsanitary conditions; breeders who won’t provide health records, parent pictures, or references; and breeders who are unwilling to answer questions or provide information about their breeding practices.

Be wary of any fake breeders who sell their puppies too young or sell puppies without paperwork.

I have seen a puppy mill before, and the unfortunate situation is pretty bad. There have been multiple breeders across the country, and their only purpose is to bring awareness. 


How much does a sheepadoodle cost in Texas?

Sheepadoodle puppy playing with greenball

The cost of a Sheepadoodle can vary significantly depending on the breeder and the pup’s pedigree. A Sheepadoodle puppy can range in price from $2,000-$3,500. It is important to remember that while cost is a factor, you should never compromise quality to save money.

Can Sheepadoodles live in hot weather?

You may wonder if the breed can handle the hot weather of the Lone Star State. The answer is yes! Sheepadoodles are usually built to withstand somewhat warmer temperatures. Their low-shedding coats and light frames keep them cool even on sweltering days.

They also have plenty of energy and love playing outside, making them perfect for living in a sunny place. Just be sure to provide your sheepadoodle with lots of water and shade, so they can stay hydrated and take breaks from their outdoor adventures.

Are Sheepadoodles easy to take care of?

Sheepadoodles are an appealing option for many pet owners. They offer a unique take on the traditional Poodle mix, and the sheepdog hybrid will capture the hearts of all its admirers.

These playful and family-friendly pooches are relatively easy to look after. However, they need regular exercise, mental stimulation, and lots of love. Daily grooming will also help keep their coat healthy, soft, and tangy-free.

Do Sheepadoodles like swimming?

Straight “Hair” Coats Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles are quickly becoming a popular pooch to have in the house because of their friendly, intelligent, and affectionate nature. But one common question this mixed breed often gets is, “Do Sheepadoodles like swimming?”

The answer is definitely yes! Not only do Sheepadoodles love swimming, but they also excel at it because of their energetic and talented nature.

So, if you’re looking for a new four-legged companion who loves nothing more than taking a dip in the pool or playing in the lake, I think Sheepadoodles are the perfect choice for you and your family.

Are Sheepadoodles protective?

Sheepadoodle puppies are definitely beloved for more than just their sheep-like coats–they have also become popular pets. The Sheepadoodle breed is a hybrid of a sheepdog and a Poodle, and it certainly takes the best of both breeds in being loyal guardians.

They are alert guard dogs who will look after their owners, yet they remain wonderfully gentle with those they know. Whether you’re looking for an addition to the family or a devoted outdoor guard dog, Sheepadoodles are the right choice!


In conclusion, when looking for a home-based breeder with upcoming puppies, it is crucial to do your research and select a reputable breeder. Asking questions, getting references, and familiarizing yourself with the breed are necessary to ensure you get the best possible pup. With the proper research, you can find your perfect Sheepadoodle in Texas.

I also recommend you visit the breeder and the puppy before committing, as this will give you a better idea of the puppy’s health and temperament. Ask questions such as what their health guarantee covers, what food the puppy has been eating and if they are up to date with their vaccinations.

Doing your due diligence when selecting a breeder can help ensure you end up with a happy and healthy lifetime companion.

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