25 Cute Snorkie Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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The Snorkie is a designer mixed breed that is created by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Mini Schnauzer. 

This Schnauzer Yorkie mix is undoubtedly full of character and can make great family pets. The breed has minimal exercise requirements, has a friendly temperament, and enjoys relatively few serious health conditions. 

However, like the purebred parent breed dogs, the Snorkie has a double coat that needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good and in healthy condition. So, regular visits to a pro groomer are essential for the Yorkie Schnauzer to keep their silky hair tidy.

Keep reading to discover 25 Snorkie haircuts and hairstyle ideas that you might want to consider for your beloved pet.

Cute Snorkie Haircut Ideas

We had so much fun gathering together this collection of our favorite Yorkie Schnauzer hairstyles! We hope you love them too.

Many of these adorable haircuts are suitable for lots of different crossbreed dogs, too. And that’s why these styles are so popular.

Some of these haircuts can be carried out successfully at home, provided that you have a good pair of high-quality clippers. However, the more complicated haircuts are best left to an experienced professional groomer.

Here are a few of the most popular Snorkie haircut ideas we could find. 

Even though they are pint-sized pups, the Schnauzer Yorkie crossbreed is a lively breed that needs up to 60 minutes of exercise every day to prevent health issues, such as obesity. 

Some Snorkies like to romp in the garden or enjoy a trip to the dog park, and that can leave them looking dirty and disheveled. If that sounds like your dog, regular bathing might be required to keep your dog clean.

But did you know that you must never use human shampoos on dogs? Human shampoo is too harsh for your pet’s delicate skin, so always choose a canine shampoo and canine conditioner, ideally with oatmeal, for your Snorkie. 

Popular Snorkie Haircut 1
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Popular Snorkie Haircut 2
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Popular Snorkie Haircut 3
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Popular Snorkie Haircut 4
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2. Face Cuts

There are quite a few different face hairstyles that you can choose for your Snorkie. Most face cuts can be mixed and matched with your chosen body hair clip to suit your preference. Every dog’s face is slightly different, and you can choose a face cut to make the most of your pet’s features.

You might want to remove all the facial hair, including the dog’s ear hair, but leave the mustache and beard on. Alternatively, you could go for a completely clean face look and remove all the fur.

Here’s a selection of different face cuts teamed with different body hair cuts that you might like for your Snorkie. As with any new “do,” we recommend that you discuss the style you’re considering for your dog with a pro groomer before taking the plunge.

Face Cuts 1
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Face Cuts 2
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Face Cuts 3
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Face Cuts 4
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3. Summer Cut

Summer Cut 1
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Summer Cut 2
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If you live in a region where the summers are hot or humid, your Snorkie might be at risk of overheating. So, the Summer cut might be a really sensible choice of hairstyle for your dog. 

The Summer cut is an extremely popular choice of haircut for many dog breeds, including Labradoodles, Sheepadoodles, and many other mixed dog breeds that have thick coats. This hairstyle involves the dog’s body hair and leg hair is clipped very short all over. Many owners choose to shave the dog’s face, too, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

Lots of pet parents choose to give their dog a Summer cut when the weather begins to get warmer during the spring, allowing the coat to regrow in time for the arrival of cooler weather in the fall and winter. Of course, if your dog is extremely active or if you live somewhere the temperature is perpetually on the high side, you might want to stick with the Summer cut year-round.

The Summer cut is pretty straightforward and can be done at home with a little practice and a few training sessions for your dog so that he learns to sit quietly for his hairdo.

4. Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut 1
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Puppy Cut 2
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Puppy Cut 3
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The Schnauzer Yorkie is a low-shedding breed, but these dogs need brushing every day to prevent their hair from matting and becoming tangled. However, all that one-to-one attention is perfect for this mixed breed since these dogs can suffer from separation anxiety that can lead to excessive barking and other problems.

But not everyone has hours to spend every day brushing their dog. So, the basic Puppy cut can be a good option for you if you have a hectic lifestyle. Despite its name, the Puppy cut is not just for Snorkie puppies! Adult Snorkies can benefit from this hairstyle, too.

The short all-over Puppy cut can help to keep mats away. So, essentially, this hairstyle entails clipping your pet’s body hair to a very short length of up to around 1 inch long. You can also clip away the leg hair and opt for a clean face cut.

5. Teddy Bear Haircut

Teddy Bear Haircut 1
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Teddy Bear Haircut 2
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As you might guess, the Teddy Bear cut is designed to leave your dog looking like a cute stuffed animal! That, and the fact that the haircut is so simple to do, makes this canine hairstyle a firm favorite with many owners of this breed of the family pet.

The Teddy Bear haircut sees the dog’s hair clipped to a length of around ½ an inch in length all over the body. The facial hair is carefully trimmed, and scissor blended to create a round, fluffy Teddy Bear look that really makes the most of that adorable puppy eye stare that we all love!

Like many of the shorter hairstyles you can choose, the Teddy Bear cut is an adorable hairstyle that can help to combat common health issues, including sensitive skin and irritation caused by matting. However, you still need to brush your dog every day to prevent the coat from becoming tangled.

6. Adult Haircuts

Adult Haircuts 1
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Adult Haircuts 2
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Adult Haircuts 3
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Adult Haircuts 4
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Adult Haircuts 5
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Adult Haircuts 6
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Adult Haircuts 7
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Adult Haircuts 8
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Of course, once your Snorkie puppy has reached adulthood, you still have plenty of gorgeous looks to choose from for your furry friend.

A mixed-breed adult dog can maintain a healthy coat if groomed properly and regularly and fed a high-quality diet. Also, Snorkies can face health challenges, such as dental issues and skin problems, if you don’t provide a balanced diet for your pet. 

All the haircuts shown in these charming photographs suit an adult Snorkie. It’s really down to what style you like the best and which one would look the most flattering on your dog. 

7. Before And After

Before And After 1
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Before And After 2
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If you’re still not sure what hairstyle to choose for your Snorkie, here are a few before and after pictures to give you an idea of how your pampered pet will look if you go for one of these haircuts.

Snorkie Coat Type


Snorkies are gorgeous little dogs that are full of personality. These popular hybrid puppies make fabulous family pets and, at just 7 to 12 inches in height, are perfect for apartment life. The average life span of a Snorkie is 12 to 15 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your pet.

The Snorkie has a bold temperament but loves to spend time sitting with his beloved owner. That said, this adorable pooch does have an abundance of energy and is just as happy to play fetch or go for a walk.

When it comes to their coat, the Snorkie’s fur does take a bit of care to keep it in good condition. The coat usually has a thick undercoat that you associate with Miniature Schnauzers, as well as a thick topcoat that’s similar to that of the Yorkie.

Snorkie colors depend on the dog’s parents and can be any combo of black, silver, tan, blue, or white. All Snorkies are considered to be hypoallergenic and low-shedding.



When we hear a dog described as hypoallergenic, we assume that means the dog’s hair doesn’t trigger allergies in allergy sufferers.

However, it’s not the dog’s fur that causes pet allergies; even a hairless breed can trigger pet allergies! It’s actually the dander that causes an allergic reaction.

Dander is the term that’s used to describe dead skin cells and dried saliva, and it’s a protein contained in the saliva that causes allergic reactions. So, the dog licks itself, depositing saliva on the fur. The saliva dries and drops off the dog, usually attached to loose fur or dead skin cells.

The dander falls onto the floor. When someone walks across the carpet, the dander flies up into the air where it’s inhaled by the allergy sufferer, triggering allergy symptoms, including watering eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing. A low-shedding breed is typically less likely to cause allergies simply because not as much dander is carried to the floor by the dog’s loose hair.

Hypoallergenic simply means that the degree of allergic reaction caused by that dog will be lower than with a breed that sheds more heavily.

Snorkie Grooming – Our Top Tips

As mentioned above, a Snorkie is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature Schnauzer. Both those parent breeds have pretty high-maintenance coats, so it’s no surprise that this charming hybrid breed does, too.

On the plus side, the Snorkie coat doesn’t typically shed very much, but the hair does tangle readily and forms mats quite easily. For that reason, you’ll need to brush your pet at least four times every week and bathe him every couple of months. Depending on the hairstyle you choose for your dog, you will also need to have him clipped or shaved every eight to ten weeks.

Brushing Your Snorkie

Here’s how to brush your Snorkie:

  • The best brush to use on your Snorkie is a pin brush.
  • Spray the coat with a fine mist of water before you start to help trap any dander and loose hair in the brush. 
  • Brush the coat in the direction of growth, making overlapping lines to ensure that you cover the whole dog.
  • Remove stubborn mats and tangles with a broad-toothed comb. Separate the hair with your fingers first, and use a spray conditioner to help soften the coat.

If your pet takes mostly after the Yorkshire Terrier parent, he will have a silky coat. To make the brushing process easier and less uncomfortable for your pet, use a canine conditioner.

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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our guide to all the different styles of Snorkie haircut ideas we could find out there on the web. If you loved our list, please take a few moments to share!

You might want to try clipping your Snorkie yourself at home. However, grooming is usually best carried out by an experienced pro groomer while you learn how to do it.

We’d love to know what style of haircut you chose for your Snorkie! Did you take the DIY route or go to the groomer? Tell us what style you decided to go to in the comments box below. 

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