Straight Hair Labradoodle Ideas, Facts & Guide

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A Labradoodle is a genetic mix between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. Most Labradoodles have their Poodle parent’s coat, which is a curly and hypoallergenic coat. However, some Labradoodles may have the straight coat gene from their Labrador parent.

These are known as straight hair or hair-coated Labradoodles. They aren’t as common as doodles with tight curls; therefore, there isn’t a lot of information online about the process of grooming them or giving them a haircut

This article goes through a few cute haircut ideas, some facts about straight-hair Labradoodles, & a guide on how to groom their double coats.

Straight Hair Labradoodle Ideas

1. Summer Cut

Summer Cut Labradoodle
Image Source

The summer cut is a fantastic, no-stress option for the warmer summer months.

Ask your groomer to shave off all the hair except for 1/2 inch to 1 inch all over the body, including the ears and legs.

However, it is important not to cut it too short.

While it seems logical that removing as much fur as possible would keep your pet cool for the summer, cutting off too much hair coat can lead to dry skin, sunburn, flaky skin, overheating, and irritation.

This is especially true for Labradoodles with a straight coat type. 

2. Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut BrownLabradoodle

A lamb cut is an adorable option for dogs with hair coats with a lot of volume. 

In this cut, the whole coat is left a little longer than it is on the puppy cut to make the dog appear more shaggy. Then, the hair of the feet is kept longer but is lightly scissored to blend in with the rest of the body.

The hair on the feet can be beveled or rounded. This gives the illusion of the fluffy legs of a newborn lamb. This cut is fantastic for dogs with a smooth coat. 

3. The Not-So-Long Cut

The Not So Long Cut Labradoodle

While the not-so-long cut looks like the style that would need the least work, it can actually be a lot to upkeep. For the long cut, all you need is to let your Labradoodle’s flat coat grow out completely.

However, that’s not all. You also have to ensure that your dog’s fur coat stays untangled & mat-free.

Therefore, you have to brush the hair multiple times a week & clean your dog’s face and ears, which are bound to get dirty with food and mud.

Thus, the upkeep on this coat can be demanding, but it is a great option for a winter coat. Plus, you’ll definitely save some money on groomer visits!

4. Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut Labradoodle
Image Source

The kennel cut is a no-nonsense cut for busy dog parents. Keep a 1-inch level coat over the whole body of the Labradoodle. This includes the snout area and the ears. This gives your doodle a younger look, as the short fur seems a lot like a puppy coat.

However, be careful not to remove too much while requesting a kennel cut.

5. Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut Labradoodle
Image Source

The puppy cut is bound to get your doodle lots of “awwws”! This works best for doodles with a slightly wavy coat.

In this style, the body is cut fairly short (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch). The hair of the lower legs is kept slightly longer and is blended in with the rest of the body.

The face and ears are trimmed short, giving your doodle a puppy-like appearance.

The tail is often feathered, but that depends on the breeder & your dog’s anatomy.

This haircut is a lot like a teddy bear cut. The difference is that the teddy bear cut usually refers to doodles with a curly coat, and the puppy coat usually refers to dogs with a smooth coat.

6. Medium Cut

Medium Cut Labradoodle
Image Source

The medium cut is a basic cut that is bound to look great on all Labradoodles. Here, around 2 inches of the fur is kept on and the face area is trimmed neatly.

This level coat style is low-maintenance and doesn’t require very regular grooming. It looks good on Labradoodles with a straight or wavy coat texture.

7. Schnauzer Trim

Schnauzer Trim Labradoodle
Image Source

The Schnauzer trim is a very cute option to change up your dog’s hairstyle.

It is very similar to a medium cut, but the eyebrows and mustache of your doodle are kept fairly long, giving him the stereotypical Schnauzer look.

To achieve this, your groomer will likely use scissors for the beard and mustache.

8. Beard Trim

Beard Trim Labradoodle

The beard trim is a variation of the Schnauzer trim, but the eyebrows are trimmed shorter. This is a good option if your pup gets a lot of dirt and debris stuck in their eyes, which you constantly have to clean.

However, keep in mind that the long beard will get dirty when your doodle is eating or drinking. Therefore, you might have to keep a small towel handy to dry off this area.  

9. DIY Summer Cut

DIY Summer Cut Labradoodle
Image Source

As mentioned before, the summer cut is a very easy and simple hairstyle. Pet owners can do this hairstyle at home with a pair of clippers and a comb. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the metal clippers can get very hot when using them. Pet owners should own 3-4 clippers so that you can rapidly switch in between them.

Waiting for them to cool down takes a lot of extra time, so switching is a more time-effective option.

10. Natural Coat

Natural Coat Labradoodle
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The hairstyle that has the lowest level of maintenance is the natural coat. All you need is basic grooming practices; brush your dog regularly and trim areas like the eyebrows and beard, just for comfort.

This is very cheap and low-maintenance. You might even find that your smooth coat Labradoodle develops waves if it gets long enough!

Ensure that you are brushing frequently to prevent matting. 

Straight Hair Labradoodle Facts

What is a straight-haired Labradoodle?

A straight coat Labradoodle is a Labradoodle with no waves or a curly coat. Instead, they have long, straight hair-like fur much like a Labrador Retriever. 

This is very common in first-generation Labradoodles (F1), which have a higher percentage of Labrador DNA. 

Breeders may use genetic testing on the parent doodles to figure out how many puppies in the F2 litter, or second-generation Labradoodles, will have a curly coat.

In these tests, they check for the Cu Locus quality, which dictates if the Labradoodle has the curlier, more allergy-friendly coat gene, the straight coat gene, or a mix of both.

Based on this information, they often breed subsequent generations with poodles to increase the chance of traits like a curly coat and less dander.

Are they double coated?

Golden Labradoodle sitting on the grass

Yes, Labradoodles with a straight coat are double coated. This means that they have an inner, softer layer and an oilier, outer layer. 

These 2 layers work together for efficient temperature regulation. This is why it is very risky to cut your doodle’s fur very short, as it can disrupt this system and cause overheating and skin irritation.

The fur should only be cut extremely short when it is severely matted & can’t be removed with a brush or scissors.

How can I tell if my doodle puppy is straight-haired?

Your puppy loses their softer, finer puppy coat at around 6 months. After that, the coarser adult coat begins to come in.

If you don’t notice any waves or tight curls, your dog most likely has a straight hair coat. It should look like a scruffy labrador retriever with wiry, longer fur. 

Do straight-haired doodles shed more?

Focus portrait of golden labradoodle

In general, these dogs seem to shed more than their curly-coated counterparts. There is a simple reason behind this.

Consider a poodle with a fleece coat. If they lose a few strands of hair, it will just get stuck in their thick, curly hair and it won’t fall out.

However, a straight-coated Labradoodle has finer, straight hair so the hairs that they lose will fall off their body immediately. 

This is why they seem to shed more than curly-coated doodles. However, they definitely shed less than a purebred Labrador Retriever.

Due to this, they are also more allergenic. Essentially, since the poodle has hypoallergenic fur, the less poodle DNA is in your dog, the less hypoallergenic it will be.

Thus, flat-coat doodles can cause a more severe allergic reaction than other doodles.

Should I get a straight-haired doodle?

If you have a choice between a straight-hair and a curly-hair doodle, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each, and compare them to your lifestyle.

For example, consider the grooming quality and frequency you can provide. How often will your dog be playing outdoors? How often can you brush them?

Pros of a flat-coated doodle

  • Less chance of matting
  • Requires less grooming
  • Some find the shaggy look very cute
  • Still have that easygoing Labradoodle temperament
  • Often sold for cheaper by breeders

Cons of a flat-coated doodle

  • Don’t have the classic Labradoodle look
  • Some people dislike the wiry fur
  • Allergenic & sheds more often
  • Must use a de-shedding brush frequently
  • Harder to find (not bred as much)

Grooming Guide

Grooming your flat coat doodle is pretty simple and doesn’t require a super complicated routine. 

Brush your doodle regularly with a de-shedding brush, especially in the early spring months.

This is because your dog will slowly shed its winter coat as the days get warmer. To avoid fur everywhere in your living room, spend a few minutes each day brushing your pup’s entire coat. 

Don’t bathe your dog excessively as their hair can easily be stripped of oil, making them prone to dryness and irritation. Only bathe them around once a month using gentle shampoo.

If they get dirty in between washes, you can just rinse them with water and rub off any dirt with a wet rag. Make sure to brush them thoroughly after bath time, to catch any loose hairs that fell off.

If you have given your Labradoodle a longer hairstyle, then you just need to get it touched up every 2-3 months. However, if you have a shorter, more shapely style, like the kennel cut or the puppy dog cut, then you must trim it every month or so.

In Conclusion

It may seem confusing to groom a hair-coated Labradoodle. This is because we are used to seeing curly doodles, so it’s hard to choose the right hairstyle for your pet.

However, straight-haired doodles are adorable, easy-to-maintain dogs that are actually more common than you might think.

Pick out any of these 10 hairstyles, based on how much free time you have and the lifestyle you lead. Make sure to groom your doodle keeping its fur type in mind; you must keep up with regular brushing, bathing, and trimming. 

If you have any additional hairstyles that you’ve tried out on your doodle, please leave a comment down below!

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