25 Stylish, Pretty, And Modern Dog Crates

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There are lots of different styles of dog crates on the market, ranging from standard wire dog crates to compact, collapsible travel crates that you can take on an airplane, and even stackable dog crates complete with divider panels.

Most dog crates are designed for practicality rather than aesthetics. However, you don’t have to let Fido’s den spoil the look of your place! So, we’ve sniffed out no fewer than 25 stylish, pretty, and modern dog crates for you to choose from.

Read on to find the ideal decorative and functional dog crate for your faithful canine companion!

Top Pet Crates Ideas & Design

Dog crates can make an attractive addition to any household. You just need to choose your favorite from the selection of beautiful yet practical dog crate options we’ve compiled for you below.

1. Taupe Gray Menzel Modern Lattice Pet Crate

Taupe Gray Menzel Modern Lattice Pet Crate

This two-in-one design stylish dog crate has an attractive latticework design that provides plenty of ventilation for your dog, as well as looking good in any lounge or bedroom. You can use the dog crate as a side table, and choose from a subtle taupe or Espresso color to compliment your decor.

The crate is built from solid pine and wood and features a secure, lockable latch to keep your furry friend safely inside when you’re not around.

2. Modern Dog House With Acrylic Door

Modern Dog House With Acrylic Door
Image Source: www.etsy.com

This beautiful modern dog house features a transparent acrylic door with a stainless steel latch, providing your pet with a light, airy environment. The slatted walls give excellent ventilation, too.

If you’re looking for a quirky, modern alternative to traditional wire crates, then this gorgeous item could be just what you need.

3. Sutersvlle Pet Crate

Sutersvlle Pet Crate

This neat and tidy wooden dog house features a removable bottom for cleaning and the top can be propped open, giving you easy and convenient access to your pet at all times.

The crate is one of our favorite decor pieces, as well as being functional and comfortable for your dog.

4. Original Dog Furniture

Original Dog Furniture
Image Source: www.instagram.com

This item of original dog furniture makes a stunning and unusual addition to any home and is an attractive dog crate option to a traditional training crate. The wooden double doggie crate is perfect for a multi-pet household, and the unusual design features plenty of ventilation for your pet, as well as looking good.

5. KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

KindTail Pawd Collapsible Crate

The KindTail Pawd Collapsible Dog Crate is available in several colors and crate sizes, and the stylish punched openings provide excellent airflow, light, and a panoramic view for your dog.

As well as looking great, this built-in dog crate can be used like a traditional training crate.

Unusually for such a solid dog crate, this one is collapsible so you can store the crate when it isn’t being used without taking up too much valuable space. 

6. Fable Wooden Dog Crate

Fable Wooden Dog Crate

If you have a small dog, Fable’s wooden dog crate could be just what you want.

The modern crate has a white, well-vented front and curved corners for safety. That means no more stubbed toes or caught clothing when you’re passing the crate, and your pet won’t hurt himself when he’s climbing in and out of the crate.

Other Great Pet Crates Ideas & Design

7. Gold Lynden Clear View Pet Crate

Gold Lynden Clear View Pet Crate

This uber-modern clear acrylic crate gives you an unobstructed view of your dog without detracting from the minimalist design of your home.

The crate has a top and bottom made from acrylic and can be used as a coffee table. All four sides of the crate feature smooth, laser-cut air vents that provide excellent airflow and a safe space for your pet.

8. Dog Room H Series

Dog Room H Series
Image Source: Happyinuself.com

If you’re looking for a unique talking point that doubles as a dog crate, look no further than the Dog Room H Series of aluminum dog crates.

The crates come in lots of different designs, sizes, and finishes, so you should have no problem in finding the exact one to suit your home and your furry friend. 

9. Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate, 42″ L X 28″ W X 28″ H

Pet Gear The Other Door Tan & Black Steel Dog Crate

This is a heavy-duty, blow-molded plastic pet crate that’s reinforced with steel inserts for extra strength. The crate has rounded corners for safety, four doors enable you to access the crate from any angle, and the integrated wheels and handy pull-handle make transport easy. This pet crate is ideal for a medium-size dog, and it will stand up to a lively pup, too.

Also, you get a fleece pad and a storage bag included with the deal.

10. Wooden Dog Crate Furniture

Wooden Dog Crate Furniture

This natural wood dog crate has a  gorgeous, distressed look that fits well in any home decor scheme. Although you do need to assemble the crate using a screwdriver, full instructions are included.

Again, this crate is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs and can be used for crate training, too.

11. Black Metal Mesh Pet Crate Small

Black Metal Mesh Pet Crate Small

If you have a small or medium-size dog, this durable, basic metal crate looks elegant and modern but is secure for your pet, too. The door opens fully for easy access to your pet, while the magnet lock keeps your Pooch safely inside his crate when you’re not around.

The crate is pretty lightweight and easy to relocate in your home when you need to without too much hassle.

12. DogPlay Furniture

DogPlay Furniture
Image Source: www.instagram.com

These beautiful bespoke dog crates are made from attractive, natural wood with a lightweight canvas roof.

This particular crate is airy and well-ventilated, and it offers plenty of space for a medium or small-sized dog to relax in comfort in a cozy den.

13. DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Pet Dog Cage Crate

DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Pet Dog Cage Crate

DEStar has produced this beautiful rattan wicker dog cage to create a really lovely decorative piece of furniture that really compliments your home. 

Despite being a natural material, rattan is very strong and durable, and the manufacturer states that the wicker will withstand chewing. However, we do recommend that you keep an eye on puppies and serial chewers if you decide to invest in one of these delightful crates. 

14. Richell Expandable Pet Crate

Richell Expandable Pet Crate

According to the product information, this expandable pet crate grows with your pet! The crate has a simple yet effective lift-and-lock side door panel, allowing easy access to water bowls and feeding dishes. The expandable floor tray keeps your floors protected from accidents, and there’s an optional divider and expandable wire top.

By means of a few simple adjustments, the crate is expandable to 11 different widths. That’s perfect for you if you’re about to welcome a new puppy into your family since you can make the crate larger as your dog grows. Also, the expandable design makes the crate perfect for potty training purposes. 

15. DogPlay Furniture Stackable Crates

DogPlay Furniture Stackable Crates
Image Source: www.instagram.com

If you have two small dogs but limited space for individual dog crates, you might want to try this unusual, attractive option that resembles a classical mid-century dog crate.

These stackable crates even come with matching steps that enable you to access the pup in the top crate safely and with ease. The crate’s doors fasten securely to keep your pets contained, while the unusual, punched metal design gives your doggy chums an all-around view of their home as well as providing them with excellent ventilation and superior airflow.

16. 22″ H x 19″ W x 22″ D Radius Pet Crate

D Radius Pet Crate

This attractive wooden crate is designed with metal mesh vents to provide excellent ventilation for your pet and to enable him to enjoy a panoramic view of his surroundings. 

The inside of the crate has a waterproof lining to protect your floorings from damage in the event of an accident. The crate has rubber legs that elevate it to protect your floor coverings from damage, and the round edge design prevents injury to your pet and to passers-by.

The sleek veneer finish adds a beautiful, stylish look to the crate that fits perfectly with any decor scheme.

17. YOPOTIKA Dog Cage


This sturdy, den-like crate is constructed from MDF and aluminum, making the cage durable and very easy to maintain. The plastic corner trims are designed to keep your canine companion safe from accidental injury.

The crate is carefully designed to enable your dog to enjoy a good view of his surroundings while he gets plenty of airflow, which is essential in hot weather. The double-door design makes it very easy to get your pet in and out of the crate, as well as keeping him contained securely inside.

You can use this excellent kennel as a sturdy travel crate, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for both of you.

18. Fancy Corner Dog Crate

Fancy Corner Dog Crate
Image Source: Foter.com

It can be tricky to accommodate a large dog in a small home or apartment, but a corner dog crate can provide an excellent space-saving solution. The modern, wooden dog crate options that you can see at the link above can be obtained in several different colors. 

You can also use the solid wood triangle-shaped crate to provide extra tabletop space to further make the most of what room you have in your bedroom or lounge.

19. Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Frisco Venice Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

This stylish credenza-style crate is ideal for a small to a medium-sized dog and can double as a media console or side table. The wooden crate’s frame is metallic gray, which blends well with any home decor scheme, while the metal grilles provide excellent airflow for your pet.

The sturdy locks and lid keep your dog safely confined inside the crate, and the lid can be removed for an open-air experience for your pet on very warm days. Two mats are included with the crate, keeping your dog comfy and warm in his luxury den.

Of all the furniture-style dog crates that we’ve featured in this guide, we have this Frisco crate at the top of our list!

20. FEANDREA Wooden Dog Crate

FEANDREA Wooden Dog Crate

This beautiful wooden dog crate is designed to enhance the look of your home, as well as provide your pet with a safe, secure place to rest. You can even use the crate as a side table in your living room.

The luxury dog crate has a strong wire mesh front for excellent ventilation, as well as making the crate aesthetically appealing. There’s a removable tray in the bottom of the crate for easy cleaning in the event of an accident, and your floor coverings are protected, too.

21. Aries Pet Crate

Aries Pet Crate

This beautiful, stylish wooden dog crate provides your pet with the ideal cozy resting place, as well as making a useful side table for your room.

Despite its robust appearance, the crate can be folded for easy storage when not in use, and it also comes with a removable plastic tray to catch any little accidents. The mesh interior of the crate ensures excellent airflow for your dog, as well as giving him a panoramic view of the room.

DIY Dog Crate Ideas

If you’re into DIY, you might fancy having a go at building a dog crate yourself. Here are a few ideas that you might like to try.

22. Wooden Car Crate for Dogs

Wooden Car Crate for Dogs
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Sometimes, a metal dog crate can rattle in your vehicle, making the journey less than fun. A wooden dog crate is generally sturdier and quieter, so you might want to put your DIY skills to the test by building one.

The crate featured here is relatively easy and cheap to make.

23. Modern Design Wooden Dog Crate

This is one of our favorite dog crate hacks! You can make this sleek and stylish wooden dog crate with a sliding door to replace your ugly old metal crate. The crate is perfect for crate training, too. To build this doggie crate, you’ll need a few basic woodworking skills, some tools, and a place with enough space to work.

Check out the YouTube tutorial to learn how to do it!

24. Farmhouse Barn Door Dog Crate

Farmhouse Barn Door Dog Crate
Image Source: www.shanty-2-chic.com

If you love the rustic look, you’ll adore this traditional, furniture-style crate that can be designed to include a soft, plushy puppy bed or an optional orthopedic memory-foam crate pad, depending on your dog’s needs.

This solid, well-constructed piece is pretty easy to put together by using a few basic woodworking tools and some good quality materials and can make the preferred hangout space for your doted-on dog.

25. Understair Dog Crate

Understair Dog Crate
Image Source: www.decorpad.com

Many of the larger crates that are available on the market are not the most attractive pieces of furniture you’ve ever seen. So, if you have a big dog, you can utilize the space you already have. If you have dead space underneath your staircase, why not maximize that by converting the area into a dog den to create some personal space, especially for your super-size furry friend?

All you need to do is fit a sliding door on rails with a mesh insert for ventilation. Alternatively, you could create a dog house frontage and use that to cover the entrance to the dog’s den.

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In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of 25 stylish, pretty, and modern dog crates? If you did, please take a moment to share this guide.

We’ve included some innovative and creative designs here, using veneer, solid wood, and metal materials. Many of these crates can be used indoors, outdoors, for travel, camping, or simply in your home. As you can see, a dog crate doesn’t need to be boring! Why not go the DIY route and use your imagination and crafting skills to design and build a unique crate for your pup?

What crate design did you choose? Tell us in the comments box below.

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