Different Types Of Dog Beds – Which One Should I Buy?

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Did you know that there are many different types of dog beds?

But does the type of dog bed you choose matter? Are round beds better for small dogs? And do dogs prefer soft or hard beds?

Keep reading to discover 16 different kinds of dog beds and see which makes the best choice for your pampered pooch!

Different Types Of Dog Beds

Types Of Dog Beds

The type of dog bed you choose for your pet depends on many factors, including your dog’s age, size, and even his sleeping style. 

There are 16 different styles of dog beds, all catering to the varying needs of our furry friends. So, which bed type is most suitable for your pet?

Bolster Dog Beds

Furhaven Chaise Lounge Bed

Bolster beds are also known as donut, nesting, and raised edge dog beds.

These dog beds have a raised padded border that makes the bed look like a nest. You can buy bolster beds in different sizes to suit all dog breeds. This type of bed provides support for your dog, as well as provides a cozy spot for him to rest in.

Although these beds come under the same heading, there are a few small differences between them.

  • bolster beds have only one or two raised sides
  • donut beds are generally round with thick, overstuffed edges surrounding the whole bed

Bolster dog beds are an excellent choice for dogs that love to curl up in a circle when sleeping in their favorite spot or like to have somewhere to rest their heads. Since these beds offer superb heat retention, they are a good choice for cooler regions.

This style of bed can be good for nervous dogs, as the raised edge provides an additional sense of security.

The Furhaven Chaise Lounge Bed is a good example of a high-quality, luxury bolster bed. 

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Bedsure Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Memory foam beds are the ideal choice of bed for older dogs that suffer from stiff joints and need extra support to keep them comfortable.

Memory foam is used in many different styles of beds, so it’s the memory foam material itself that we’re discussing here. When it comes to this material, it’s the type of memory foam that matters since not all forms of the substance are made equal.

Generally, cheap memory foam beds can quickly lose their supportive qualities and become flat, whereas those made from shredded memory foam or ground-up filling are not as supportive and can develop lumps. Ideally, you should spend a little more on a high-quality memory foam bed containing thick memory foam material slabs.

Memory Foam Bed Construction

It’s important to know that memory foam beds often have a very distinctive odor when first opened. Although that smell does gradually dissipate, many dogs don’t like it. However, if you air the bed outside for a few days, you can usually get rid of any unpleasant smells.

Before buying a memory foam bed, check its construction. Ideally, you want a bed that has a layer of memory foam on top that molds to your dog’s body shape with a more supportive foam base to keep your dog’s vulnerable joints off the hard floor.

We recommend memory foam dog beds for large, heavy dogs, as these pups can benefit from more padding and support to keep them comfortable and protected from the floor.

The Bedsure Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is a high-quality, extra-thick memory foam dog bed.

Buttercup Dog Beds

Bowsers Galaxy Buttercup Dog Bed

Buttercup dog beds are also sometimes called drawstring or daisy dog beds. These are the new kids on the block in the dog bed market, and they can be hard to come by.   

The creative design of the daisy dog bed features a round, flatbed with a toggle drawstring running around the edge of the bed. If the drawstring is left slack, the bed simply lies open like a regular bed. However, if you pull the drawstring tighter, the bed is drawn up into a closed flower shape.

Many smaller dogs enjoy burrowing and nesting in this style of bed. However, buttercup beds are not suitable for large dogs and don’t work with chewers, as the drawstring can present a choking hazard.

These beds are available in many patterns and styles but are also pretty pricey since most are only available as custom orders from sites like Etsy.

Here’s an example of a super-comfy, plushy buttercup bed that makes a nice choice for a dog that wants a warm spot to snuggle into.

Pillow Dog Beds

Majestic Pet Super Value Dog Bed

Pillow dog beds are also sometimes referred to as loose-fill dog beds.

Traditional pillow beds are the most common and basic style of dog bed! Essentially, these bed options are oversized pillows for your dog to chill out on.

Cheaper material pillow dog beds are usually stuffed with polyester fiber type of material. That’s fine to start with, but the material tends to break down and clump over time. More expensive pillow beds can be stuffed with bean-bag foam beads, cotton batting, and other suitable materials.

Always choose a pillow bed that comes with a removable, machine-washable cover. That way, you can wash the cover to keep the bed fresh and replace the filling from time to time when it degrades.

One of the benefits of pillow beds is that there are many patterns and color options to choose from, and these types of beds are generally pretty affordable.

The Majestic Pet Super Value Dog Bed offers plenty of style and comfort that won’t break the bank.

Elevated Dog Beds

KH Pet Indoor Outdoor Covered Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated dog beds are also commonly called raised, mesh, or hammock beds.

These beds are designed to keep your dog raised off the ground on a tightly woven fabric or mesh attached to a wood, PVC, or metal frame. The raised surface keeps your dog cool and comfortable while protecting his joints from the hard floor. If your dog prefers a softer mattress, simply add a blanket or thin mat.

This type of bed is super-easy to clean. You simply wipe the bed down or wash it with your garden hose! That makes raised beds a popular choice for use outdoors, and many animal shelters use them too.

Hammock beds sometimes include a tent-style canopy that keeps the sun off your dog and protects him from showers. The excellent air circulation of this bed type helps to keep your dog cooler in warm weather.

The K&H Pet Products Original Indoor/Outdoor Covered Elevated Dog Bed is an excellent elevated dog bed that keeps your dog cool in summer while providing support and alleviating joint pain.

Furniture Dog Beds

Furniture dog beds are designed to save space in your home and provide a cozy resting place for your dog.

These beds usually double as pieces of human furniture, such as coffee tables, side tables, or media tables. Strictly speaking, a furniture dog bed is a kind of crate or kennel, and you need to choose a suitable crate pad to go inside the bed.

Although you can find plastic or resin furniture style beds, they are usually made from wood. Clearly, that’s no good for pet owners who have dogs that chew! Also, furniture dog beds are considerably more expensive than regular beds.

However, if you want to save space and add a touch of functional style to your home, a furniture dog bed could be the way to go.

If you love the idea of incorporating your dog’s bed into your living space, read this guide for a selection of the best furniture beds on the market.

Cave Dog Bed

Jespet Cave Covered Cat Dog Bed

Cave dog beds are sometimes called hooded or burrowing beds.

These beds are perfect for dogs that love to hide and burrow right down into their beds and can be the perfect comfort for a dog that suffers from separation anxiety.

Cave beds are designed to offer a safe, secure den-like experience to tiny dogs, such as a Chihuahua. The main downside to this style of bed is that they only come in small sizes. However, if you have a little dog that hates the cold, a cave bed is the ideal choice of a warm, snug retreat for him.

If you think your petite pup would appreciate a cozy cave dog bed to curl up in, take a look at the super-luxurious Jespet Cave Covered Cat and Dog Bed!

Sofa Dog Beds

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed

Sofa dog beds look very much like a human sofa, and their emphasis is usually on looks and style. If your dog likes to climb up onto your furniture, why not buy him his very own sofa to lounge on?

Sofa beds come in various styles, patterns, and fabrics, so you’re bound to find something to suit your home decor and get the right size bed for your dog. Many sofa beds come with integrated storage compartments to hold your dog’s toys and treats.

The main issue with sofa dog beds is that most are not easy to clean because of the high-end fabric that’s used. So, spot cleaning is the only way to clean up accidents, which isn’t great.

If you choose a sofa dog bed, try to find one that has cushions with removable covers that can be rinsed in your washing machine.

This fine example by Keet is comfortable and stylish, comes in medium and large sizes, and has a gorgeous, soft cushion with a removable outer cover for easy cleanup.

Wooden Dog Beds

Floppy Dawg Wooden Dog Bed Frame and Medium Dog Bed

Wooden dog beds refer to the bed’s frame rather than the material that’s used for the bed. These beds come with a mattress or inner pad to provide extra comfort and a soft base for your dog to lie on.

Generally, dog owners who choose wooden dog beds are looking for something stylish rather than a regular bed, and this style of bed certainly delivers that. However, there are a couple of disadvantages to wooden dog beds. Of course, if you’re into DIY, you could save some money and design and build your own wooden dog bed.

Wooden beds are not chew-proof and are tricky to clean in case of accidents.

We love this gorgeous wooden dog bed from Floppy Dawg! This solid pine bed comes with a 100 percent support foam mattress and removable bed cover made from snuggly sherpa on top and stylish dark brown suede sides and bottom.

Heated Dog Beds

Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs

Heated dog beds are perfect for canines living in cooler regions, for dogs with painful joint issues and conditions such as hip dysplasia, for sick pups that need some extra comfort, and for dogs that live outside in a dog house.

Heated dog beds can be self-heating or electrically powered. Plug-in heated dog beds are fabulous for the dog but are not suitable for dogs that chew! You also need to place the dog’s bed next to a power source, which might not be practical.

The Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs is an excellent example of a plug-in heated dog bed. This bed’s special features include a chew-proof power cord, overheating shut-off function, and a temperature setting facility.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

A waterproof dog bed is a good choice for pets that are prone to potty accidents.

For example, if you have a young puppy that is still being potty trained or a senior pup with continence issues, a waterproof dog bed could be perfect for your needs.

Most waterproof beds have an outer fabric cover that can be removed and machine-washed. The inner padding is often made from convoluted foam for optimal comfort and is protected by a plastic lining to keep moisture out.

The Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed is a high-quality, durable and waterproof dog bed.

Chew-Proof Dog Beds

HOMBYS Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad

If you have a furry friend that chews or bites things, a chew-proof dog bed could be the answer.

These beds are made from hyper-durable material that can withstand the most determined serial muncher. Materials used for chew-proof beds can vary widely, with vinyl, canvas, high-denier nylon, and Cordura being among the most popular. Double stitching is often used to secure the bed’s seams, and in extreme examples, a double-layered fabric is employed to foil your dog’s best efforts.

Look for a chew-proof bed that comes with a warranty. Sometimes, manufacturers will offer a warranty and will replace the bed FOC if your dog succeeds in wrecking it.

The HOMBY’s Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad is made from an anti-chew fabric that’s blended with fiberglass, creating a durable, strong mat that’s almost impossible to rip, scratch, or otherwise destroy. The double-layer bed is waterproof as an added bonus.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Impact Orthopedic Crate Pad

Orthopedic dog beds are specifically designed for arthritic dogs and those that need a little extra comfort and extra support.

Many dog owners buy a cheaper memory foam bed, assuming that it’s the same as an orthopedic one. However, memory foam is all about feeling cozy since it squashes down and forms a warm nest around the dog. But a dog with arthritis or some other joint condition needs some firmer support, too.

For that reason, most genuine orthopedic dog beds often have a combination of memory foam for comfort and a more structured foam layer combination of heavy-duty support foam materials. To get a bed that will support painful joints, reduce aches, and pressure point stress, look out for beds that use NASA-certified orthopedic foam in their construction.

The Impact Orthopedic Crate Pad is a fine example of an orthopedic dog bed. Check out the full details at this link. Use this discount code FIVEBARKS for 10% off!

Mattress Dog Beds

MidWest Homes for Pets Reversible Paw Print Pet Bed

Mattress dog beds are basic, flat, square, or rectangular beds that are often designed to match standard dog crate dimensions.

If you want a basic, inexpensive, no-frills dog bed, a mattress dog bed could be a perfect economical choice. You can use this type of bed freestyle or as a liner for a dog kennel or crate.

The Midwest Reversible Paw Print Pet Bed is an excellent example of a mattress dog bed. The bed features a reversible design, so you can ring the changes whenever you want to. Follow this link to read full details and product specifications.

Corner Dog Beds

Frisco Chambray Orthopedic Corner Sofa Bolster Dog Bed

A corner dog bed is an ideal space saver for a small home, fitting in the corner of two walls or between a table and sofa.

Corner dog beds are available in many shapes, materials, and styles and are perfect for apartment living owners and their canine companions.

The Frisco Chambray Corner Sofa Bolster Dog Bed is an excellent example of a corner dog bed. The bed provides lots of comfort and cushion for naps and lounging. Follow this link to read full details and product specifications.

Cedar Dog Beds

Petmate Quilted Applique Cedar Dog Bed

A cedar dog bed is filled with cedar chips rather than bean-bag-style foam beads or cozy memory foam padding.

The idea of cedar dog beds is to reduce the odor produced by a pooch that pongs! That said, you should always have your dog checked by your vet just in case there’s a problem. A change in his odor is often your dog’s way of telling your something’s wrong.

For example, if your dog’s breath suddenly becomes extremely smelly, that usually means he has canine periodontal disease that could be caused by a broken tooth. An overall nasty niff could mean your dog has developed a skin infection. 

So, don’t ignore a smell; try to disguise it with air fresheners or repeatedly bathe your dog. Have your vet check your pet without delay.

The main issue with cedar beds is that they don’t offer much padding or support. Sensitive dogs with allergies can also find cedar beds unsuitable.

The Petmate Quilted Applique Dog Bed is a great example of a dog bed with cedar shavings for comfort and freshness. Check out the full details at this link.

How Does Your Dog Like To Nap?

As previously mentioned, the way in which your dog prefers to snooze will influence the style of bed you buy for him.

So, what is your dog’s usual sleeping position?


The Superhound likes to sleep stretched out completely from his front paws to his back toes. That’s hilarious to the onlooker, as your dog dozes in a Superman pose.

What’s The Best Bed For Superhounds?

The best style of bed for dogs that adopt the Superman pose is a mattress bed, a pillow dog bed, or a memory foam bed.

Cozy Curl-Up Pup

Dog Sleeping Cozy Curl Up

Lots of dogs love to sleep curled up into a tight ball in a cozy sleeping spot. In fact, some of these pups tuck themselves up so completely that all you can see is your dog’s ears!

What’s The Best Bed For Cozy Curl-Up Pup?

If you have a dog that loves to sleep in a curled-up position and sleep, your best choice of bed is a cave dog bed or a bolster dog bed. Larger dogs are best suited to bolster beds.

Belly-Up Pup

Belly-Up Pups love to turn turtle when they sleep, literally with their belly up in the air.

You’ll often see dogs, and the family cat for that matter, sleeping in this position during the summertime since it’s cooler for them. If your furry friend likes to find a comfortable spot to sleep belly-up, you need to provide him with a bed that offers plenty of support for his neck and spine.

What’s The Best Bed For Belly-up Pups?

For Belly-Up Pups, we recommend a memory foam bed material that provides lots of support for your dog.

Alternatively, a hammock or elevated dog bed is an excellent choice, as the air circulation these beds provide will help to keep the dog cooler during hot summer weather.

Sidewinder Snoozer

French bulldog sleeping

The Sidewinder Snoozer is probably the most common dog sleeping position. These dogs simply flop down, roll over, and sleep anytime, anywhere, in a convenient spot!

What’s The Best Bed For Sidewinder Snoozers?

Pretty much any bed except perhaps a hooded cave bed or buttercup bed will work for these dogs. However, we recommend a bolster bed for Sidewinder Snoozers. If your pup enjoys sleeping with his head resting on something, pick a bolster bed with raised sides.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to all the different types of dog beds that you can choose from. If you loved the article and found it helpful, please take a moment to share it before you go!

There are no fewer than 16 kinds of dog beds available to suit all shapes, sizes, ages, and peculiarities of our furry friends. The bed you choose depends on your dog’s physical requirements, his sleeping preference, the space you have available in your home for the dog bed, and your budget.

What style of dog bed did you choose for your canine companion? Tell us in the comments box below.

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