5 Amazing Rescues in Illinois for Yorkies

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Yorkies are known as companion dogs, they’re small, cute, and love to stay by your side. It’s a shame that owners give up such lovable and loyal dogs, but this article will hopefully give you the information you need to find your Yorkie friend. 

Illinois rescue centers are abundant, but we’ve selected five of the best. These rescue centers meet the absolute gold standard in selecting homes and taking care of their animals. Rescue centers must be transparent with costs, treatments, and guidance.

Too often, shelters try to shove animals out the door to get rid of them, but these rescues make it clear that they want their pets to find permanent and loving homes.

5 Best Yorkie Rescues in Illinois

1. WishBone Canine Rescue

WishBone Canine Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: 2020 Bunn St. Bloomington, IL 61704 

Website: https://www.wishbonecaninerescue.org/ 

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/WishBoneCanineRescue/

Donate: https://www.wishbonecaninerescue.org/donate.html 

What makes WishBone Canine Rescue remarkable is their ideology when accepting dogs into their shelter. They don’t turn down any dog regardless of behavior issues or medical conditions. They’re willing to spend the time and go the extra mile for treatment where other shelters would opt for euthanasia. 

WishBone Canine Rescue does a beautiful job of ensuring that every pet in their care receives the respect they deserve. Their mission is to provide every dog with a home. The information on their site is so in-depth that if you have a question, they’ve probably answered it for you. 

You can search the breed, age, and size of the desired dog you wish to adopt from their website from their site. Once you’ve selected your Yorkie of choice from their website, you can review the application process and fees.

They have digrams, advice, adoption facts, rehoming information, and anything you can think of asking. Their attention to detail shows how dedicated they are to providing everything you need to care for your Yorkie.

2. Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue

Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue logo

Rescue Details:

Location: 2303 Oak Leaf Street, Joliet, IL, United States, Illinois 

Website: https://www.hopefultailsanimalrescue.org/index.html

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (779) 206-2132

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/hopefultails/

Donate: https://www.hopefultailsanimalrescue.org/how-to-help.html

From humble beginnings, Hopeful Tails started with a group of volunteers from a different rescue. This small group wanted to make a more significant dent in their community and became a newfound rescue, Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue. 

Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue wants to make a real impact, and not only them, but they are actively encouraging everyone who can make an impact. This rescue center has an informative site that explains their operation and what they expect from you.

We value this rescue because of their passion for ensuring every dog that comes to them is well taken care of and goes to a proper family. 

3. Illinois Valley Animal Rescue

Illinois Valley Animal Rescue

Rescue Details:

Location: Industrial Dr, Lasalle, IL 61301

Website: https://www.illinoisvalleyanimalrescue.net/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (815) 224-0061

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/IllinoisValleyAnimalRescue/

Donate: https://www.illinoisvalleyanimalrescue.net/how-you-can-help.html

Illinois Valley Animal Rescue, or IVAR, has a thorough application process to ensure each animal goes to a good home. Yorkies are hard to come by, but through IVAR, you can see their direct feed of dogs available at their shelter through their website. 

IVAR believes in educating pet owners. Through education, IVAR feels they will make a difference by helping people think twice about the responsibility of owning a pet. 

Transparency is essential, and this rescue center leaves it all open for the public to see. They vet their clients extensively and expect check-ins on how your furry little friend is doing. While their application isn’t the most convenient for people wanting to adopt, it ensures that you are serious about the process and being a pet owner.

4. Wright-Way Rescue

Wright Way Rescue logo

Rescue Details:

Location: 5915 Lincoln Avenue Morton Grove, IL 60053

Website: https://wright-wayrescue.org/adoptable-pets

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (847) 440-7971

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/WrightWayRescueAnimalShelter/reviews

Donate: https://wright-wayrescue.org/donate-wwr

Wright-Way Rescue is another incredible animal rescue to help you find your Yorkie friend. Their website has anything a new or current dog owner would need. The adoption fees are higher than other rescue centers, but every expense is detailed to understand better. 

Wright-Way Rescue makes sure that your Yorkie is ready to enjoy the rest of their life with you. They train the dogs, offer lifetime support, and have a very in-depth educational origination before your dog’s adoption. 

Something else to note is that Wright-Way Rescue also offers a pet insurance option in their adoption fees. If the Yorkie you’re looking to adopt has any ongoing medical problems, this may be a very affordable option for covering any future vet bills you may have. 

It’s safe to say that Wright-Way Rescue has the most value in paying the adoption fee. When it comes to being thorough, Wright-Way Rescue does do it the right way. 

5. Half-Way Home Animal Rescue!


Rescue Details:

Location: P.O. Box 494, Orland Park, IL, United States, Illinois

Website: http://www.hwhanimalrescue.com/

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/HWHAnimalRescue

Donate: http://www.hwhanimalrescue.com/donate–shopping.html

Last but not least on our list is Half-Way Home Animal Rescue. Like all the other rescues on this list, Half-Way Home Animal Rescue guides each person through the adoption process. The difference between this rescue is that they don’t have a dedicated shelter. 

Instead, Half-Way Home Animal Rescue relies on foster homes for their animals. Foster homes allow them to ensure proper care and implement practical training when they get adopted into their new home. 

The application process for this rescue is partially extensive. They require a written application, vet references, and a home examination to ensure its suitable for living. While a bit more rigorous, the security of their vetting process emphasizes how much they care about their animals.

Cost of Adopting Rescues

Cost word after a stack of coins

Most of the time, rescue centers use adoption fees to cover medical costs such as vaccinations and surgical procedures. People usually see adoption fees as a nonprofit trying to make a quick buck, but that’s not necessarily true. 

While nonprofits still need to make money, it’s important to note that most adoption fees ensure each animal is healthy and ready to go for its new owner. Vet bills are expensive, but you’re not paying the outrageous amount you usually pay with a vet when adopting from a rescue center. 

For example, every rescue we’ve listed in this article is transparent about what the adoption fee is used for and details the costs of shots, treatment, paperwork, and training. You can find all this information under their adoption tabs. If you have questions about your adoption fee, just ask your rescue center.

The adoption fees are always worth the cost over the alternative. Still, it’s also important to remember that you may start paying considerable vet bills depending on their medical conditions or necessary treatments depending on what dog you adopt.

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Why Is the Vetting Process so Intense From These Rescues? 

Cute Yorkie Haircut

Committing to taking care of a living creature is a life-changing decision. Animals need love, attention, care, shelter, food, and water, just like any other person. It’s easy for a person to say they understand this, but every pet in one of these rescues tells a different story.

The rescues that we picked have a very in-depth vetting process to ensure that these pets go to a secure home. They also keep in contact with these owners to ensure that each animal’s life continues to go smoothly. 

These extra precautions serve as safeguards for pets, not as inconveniences for you. It may take longer, and there may be a lot of questions and learning involved compared to buying a puppy from a breeder, but it’s worth it. These rescue centers help create better dog owners, and because of that, you’ll be less stressed and happier.

The vetting process also ensures that you’re informed of everything necessary to care for your new companion. It’s not just a one-sided interview. You also get a chance to interact with the Yorkie. Compatibility is very critical. Going through the adoption process and finding out you’re not compatible with your Yorkie will lead to stress on your end and the Yorkie’s. 

If You’re a New Pet Owner, Should You Adopt a Yorkie?

Cute Yorkie outdoor

Being a new pet owner is more reason to go through the adoption process. While going through the adoption process, you have access to so many resources to help you succeed in raising your Yorkie. 

Asking the right questions and being sure of the animal you adopt is imperative. For example, Yorkies are very social dogs and want to be active and playful with their owners. If you’re not going to be around the house as often, maybe adopting a Yorkie isn’t for you. 

When adopting a Yorkie, understanding their previous situation can help give you insight into how the dog behaves. Rescuers provide this kind of knowledge to you as they’ve become accustomed to the dog. 

Most rescue animals also go through basic training, so you won’t have to worry about failing to raise your Yorkie the right way as a new pet owner. Even if your particular Yorkie isn’t well trained, the recommended rescues can refer you to training programs or may even offer to help train your Yorkie. And if you still have some concerns or questions, check out our article on dog’s potty schedule.

Considering Supplies

Yorkie raised back

While the rescue will provide you with some supplies, it’s essential to consider what your Yorkie will need. For example, a dog crate is a great place to start. We recommend the fable dog crate for Yorkies as it’s small and can be made highly comfortable for your Yorkie. 

Depending on the dog you’re adopting, there are some special things to consider. You may want to consider bedding, food, and toys. Your rescue center will usually give you recommendations and help you find the necessary supplies for your particular dog. 

For example, Yorkies are very hairy, and because of this, they shed and need grooming often. You can check out our article for amazing Yorkie haircuts for grooming! Investing in a hair removal brush is also a must with this particular breed.

If you’re worried about how much your Yorkie will cost you in terms of supplies, it would be good to create a list of things you’ll be planning to buy before you commit to adopting your Yorkie. Understanding your expenses and projected costs will help you make an informed decision.


We hope this article helped you find a fantastic local rescue near you and save a Yorkie rescue. There is no picking wrong when choosing between the listed rescues, and we can guarantee that they will help you throughout your journey. 

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think down in the comments, and remember to share and like the article if you did enjoy it!

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