6 Best Yorkie Rescues For Adoption In Texas

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A Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable dog full of love, and adopting one is sure to make your home a happy place. However, instead of going through a breeder, consider adopting from a rescue. These six best Yorkie rescues in Texas (TX) will give you a chance to change a dog’s life—as well as your own!

Top Yorkie Rescues For Adoption In Texas

1. Yorkie Rescue Houston

Yorkie Rescue Houston

Rescue Details:

Name: Yorkie Rescue Houston 

Location: Spring, TX

Website: https://www.Yorkierescuehouston.org/ 

Contact Info (Phone/Email): [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Adopting pets from a rescue is better than using a breeder because Yorkie rescues have new homes needed. Getting a rescue dog can seem uncertain because you don’t know the dog’s past, and Yorkie Rescue Houston makes sure you understand how important that is. 

Their adoption application mentions that the dog has gone to the vet and is healthy, but they don’t know the animal’s past. They might have experienced trauma that makes it hard for them to warm up to people.

Going through a rescue organization means that your adoption fee goes to care for the dogs, and Yorkie Rescue Houston is no exception. They’re a registered non-profit run entirely by volunteers.

To take your new dog home from the rescue, make sure you have a good crate for small dogs. There will be an adjustment period, but if you’re unable to keep your pet, Yorkie Rescue Houston asks that you contact them first. They’d rather help find a new home for the dog instead of you struggling to find a new owner yourself.

2. United Yorkie Rescue

United Yorkie Rescue

Rescue Details:

Name: United Yorkie Rescue

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.uyr.us/ 

Contact Info (Phone/Email): [email protected] 

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Pet Relief Fund: NA

If you’re looking for a Yorkie rescue in East Texas or a Yorkie rescue in Arlington, TX, United Yorkie Rescue might be your best bet. This is a nationwide Yorkie rescue that allows out-of-state adoptions. They won’t ship the dog to you, though—you have to come to pick it up from the foster home in person.

If you’re not able to drive to the foster home, you can fly and get a special pet ticket or permit to bring your dog home with you in the cabin. However, all out-of-state options are at the discretion of the foster family. It’s best to look at the available Yorkies and see where they’re located and if outside residents could potentially adopt them.

You can complete the application online, whether you’re looking to adopt or want to try fostering first. Someone in your region will contact you if they approve your application, and then they’ll check your references and do a home visit.

United Yorkie Rescue lists its board members online with direct contact information. They’re also listed as a non-profit, so any donations and adoption fees go directly to caring for the dogs.

3. Poquita Paws Rescue

Poquita Paws Rescue logo

Rescue Details:

Name: Poquita Paws Rescue

Location: San Antonio, TX

Website: https://poquitapawsrescue.org/

Contact Info (Phone/Email): [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Poquita Paws Rescue is a Yorkie rescue in San Antonio. They’re a no-kill organization that works to educate pet owners to ensure both the dogs and humans are happy with the situation.

Because this organization is a non-profit, all donations and adoption fees go to care for the animals. Volunteers are loyal and hard-working rescue friends, so you might have to wait to hear back about your application or schedule an appointment to see a dog.

You can apply online either by clicking on a puppy listing or from the form on the main page. You must provide references, including a veterinarian. Next, a volunteer will conduct a phone interview and you can schedule a visit with the dog.

Everyone who lives in your house should come to the foster home visit—including other dogs that live with you. If you like the Yorkie once you meet, a volunteer will come for a home visit to ensure you can provide a safe environment for the dog.

Poquita Paws Rescue is serious about their dogs’ safety, so when you’re ready to adopt, you need to show up with a collar, ID tag, and leash. You’ll sign the contract and get the dog’s medical record to give to your vet.

4. Houston Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue

Houston Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue

Rescue Details:

Name: Houston Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue

Location: Houston, TX

Website: http://yasdr.org/

Contact Info (Phone/Email): Contact Form

Social Media: None

Pet Relief Fund: NA

Houston Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue is a non-profit that helps rehabilitate and rehome abandoned animals. All dogs live with foster families to get the best care and work on socialization before they’re adopted.

While other small dogs are often available for adoption, the rescue focuses its efforts on Yorkshire Terriers. They give dogs all necessary shots and spay or neuter them, which your adoption fee will cover. These fees vary with each dog, but you can find out more information after you complete the application.

Fill out the application online and wait to hear back from a volunteer. You’ll interact directly with the foster family to find out if the dog is the right fit for you. The organization will conduct a home visit to make sure you have a safe space for them. If you have young children, they won’t let you adopt a dog less than 10 pounds due to safety concerns.

Though the organization is in Houston, foster homes are all throughout the Eastern part of Texas, so you might have to travel to visit your dog. This rescue doesn’t allow out-of-state adoptions.

5. Yorkie Haven Rescue

Yrokie Haven Rescue

Rescue Details:

Name: Yorkie Haven Rescue

Location: League City, TX

Website: https://www.Yorkiehavenrescue.com/

Contact Info (Phone/Email): [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

Pet Relief Fund: NA

If you’re looking for a Yorkshire Terrier mix, Yorkie Haven Rescue has plenty of dogs available for adoption. Volunteers run this non-profit so all donations and adoption fees go straight back to care for the dogs.

This organization also serves as a rescue from owner surrender. There’s a form on their site people can fill out if they need to give up their Yorkie. Yorkie Haven Rescue hopes that offering this service cuts down on the number of abused and abandoned dogs.

Fill out the online application and wait to hear from a volunteer. If accepted, you’ll have a phone interview and then a home visit. The organization will contact your vet and call personal references. If you rent, they contact your landlord to make sure you’re allowed to have a dog.

Though the site has a lot of information about Yorkies and follows safe practices for adoption, there isn’t much information about them available. You can’t find the names of the volunteers or Board of Directors, just a general contact email address. If you want more information before adopting, contact Yorkie Haven Rescue to find out about the people behind the scenes.

6. Texas Yorkie Rescue

Texas Yorkie Rescue

Rescue Details:

Name: Texas Yorkie Rescue

Location: Statewide

Website: https://Yorkie.rescueme.org/texas 

Contact Info (Phone/Email): None

Social Media: None

Pet Relief Fund: NA

For people trying to find SPCA Yorkies for adoption, Texas Yorkie Rescue is the organization for you. Though the Rescue Me organization is nationwide, you can set your location to Texas to find dogs in your area. As you scroll through the dog pictures, you’ll see a location listed for each.

When you select a dog, you’ll find out more about its health and socialization. You can contact the foster parent through a form on the site, email, or phone. You’ll also see the adoption fee for each dog. These fees cover the dog’s care and medical expenses.

You might want a Yorkie rescue in Austin, Texas, but this organization is statewide, so you’re sure to find an available Yorkie rescue near me. After finding a dog you like, you’re able to contact the foster parent and allow the adoption to move forward from there.

Why Adopt a Rescue?

Yorkie standing on the grass e1646827990177

Adopting a rescue is one of the most meaningful things you can do with your life. These dogs are often at risk of euthanization, so you’re giving them a second chance at life. Since you’re looking for a companion, you’re sure to feel a strong connection with these animals who just want to love you.

When you adopt from an animal rescue, you often pay less than you’d pay a breeder. Most rescues are nonprofits where volunteers run out of the goodness of their hearts. The money they charge for adoptions most likely only covers their expenses of caring for the foster dogs.

Though you might not know the background of your new pet, you’ll enjoy getting to know them. Give them space to explore their new house and yard. Always be available for games, walks, and cuddles. Before long, you’ll have so much fun playing with your new pup and giving them adorable hairstyles.

Things You Should Know Before Adopting

Before you adopt a dog, make sure you’re ready for the commitment. You’ll have to pay for food, toys, and vet bills, so you need to have a budget for it. You also need to have the time—you don’t want to adopt a dog and then leave it behind while you travel or work long hours.

Rescues might have trauma from their past, so you need to be patient and gentle with them. If they’ll be staying in a crate while you’re gone or sleeping in one at night, make sure it’s a safe space that won’t cause anxiety. Having appropriate toys in the crate will help your puppy enjoy the experience more.

Many rescues provide medical care for the dogs before they’re adopted and give you the records when you pay the fee. Make sure you take your dog to regular vet check-ups, as well as grooming appointments to keep them clean and healthy.

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Tips for Getting Your Adoption Application Approved

Yorkie near the wired fence

When you’re filling out an online application, you’ll notice what rescues look for. They want a fenced-in yard if at all possible, so your dog can explore the great outdoors safely. They want to know that you take care of animals, so they’ll contact your vets. Some rescues even ask for personal references to make sure you’ll be a good pet owner.

As long as you’re honest on the application and are willing to learn and make an effort, you’ll have a good chance of getting your adoption application approved.

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We hope this page helped you understand how adding a Yorkshire Terrier rescue to your family will benefit both you and the dog in countless ways. And if you decide to go ahead and adopt a Yorkie, you already have a starting point to find the best Yorkie rescue in Texas (TX). 

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