Dog Beds

Geometric Dog Bed

Dog Bed Ideas

If you’ve got some spare time, try making one of these unique DIY dog beds! Check out these ideas to find the perfect bed for your furry friend.

Adorable Akita Inu Puppy in Dog Bed Indoors

How Long Do Dog Beds Last?

You might be wondering how long a high-quality bed is supposed to last. Read on to find out! Plus, find a few helpful tips to lengthen the life of your dog’s bed!

Adorable shih tzu dog sucking blanket

Why Does My Dog Suck On Beds & Blankets?

Do you have a dog that sucks on beds and blankets? If so, you’re probably wondering why they do this and what you can do to stop it. While it may seem like a weird and gross habit, there’s a reason behind it.

a girl thinking choosing between dog beds

How To Choose A Dog Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn everything you need to know about choosing the right dog bed for your furry friend. From size and comfort level to materials and style, this comprehensive guide will help you find the best doggie bed that fits your pet’s needs perfectly!

White and Black Short Coated Dog Sitting on Blue Elevated Bed

Are Elevated Dog Beds Good For Dogs?

Are elevated beds good for dogs? That’s what many first-time dog owners are asking. Read this article to get the full low-down on whether a raised bed is good for your pet.